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Women of WWE 2K22

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The game also have all those alternate attires already in the game, they just don't assign them. I know one of the first things I do is look into the creation suite and see all the alternate attires I don't even need to create like NXT Big E or Alexa Bliss or the Shield gears.

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Expect to see Lita in her white top with the olive green pants again. :(

Also Nia Jax Picture was on the trailer of the GM mode today when I watched it on PS5.

Wondering if we can use our own created brands for the GM mode additional to the custom GMs 

we will be able to create. :)

Also it seems as if we will be able to use our Caws in the GM Mode aswell os it would be great to be

able to include a whole brand along with it's roster.

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Lots of news coming out of the updates, so I’ve listed everything @revelleution posted. She was only able to play as 21 models, and certain stuff was locked away (like Shayna having two looks for instance). It wasn’t the full game, so there’s tons more still to learn, like the possibility of alternates, new moves etc. I’ve listed everything she’s tweeted so far.


-New entrances for Alexa, Asuka, Bianca, Candice, Carmella, Chyna, Dakota, Io, Lacey, Nikki A.S.H., Rhea, Shayna, Sonya. 

-Mandy Rose has long blonde hair and her WM37 gear, with the I’ve Arrived theme. 

-Dakota has dark brown hair, and her Captain Kota shirt. 

-Carmella has Tredici and does the silhouette entrance against the titantron, no curtain. 

-Kay Lee Ray has a title entrance. 

-Maryse and Stephanie were the same models as last year, but tweaked. 

-Tamina has her green/pink render attire. 

-Sonya in her WM 34 look, but also a blue suit as GM.

-Io is in her red and yellow bodysuit.


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Yeah, I would think that Lita's return was something they'd talked about well before it happened so hopefully they have a modern version of her. It would be a funny troll if we ended up with Essa Rios era Lita for the lulz.

Ronda not being in would be weird indeed. They could literally just re-use what was in last game and be fine because outside of some different attire during her return, she looks and moves exactly the same. (you know someone will cobble it together on Day 1 anyway).

She's kind of "Lady Brock" so her absence would be pretty jarring.

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Modern and classic versions of legends would be ideal. With us being able to update their attires it’s not the end of the world either way now. 

We’ve seen Alexa & Stephanie in the same attires with different hairstyles now. I wonder if it’s just where they’ve been updated or if there’s some kind of option to choose a hairstyle. That would be dope. 

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Yeah it would be cool to get modern versions as well as, rather than instead. Then everyone is happy whether you prefer classic looks or modern day.

Modern day legends is always something I prefer, especially when people like Trish and Lita have been super active the past few years. 

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