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  1. The Usos Cody Rhodes Seth Rollins LA Knight Trish Stratus Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler Gunther
  2. Brock Lesnar Bloodline Bianca Belair Rhea Ripley Seth Rollins Theory Bad Bunny
  3. Would be happy enough with just 2K22 models of Mia, Candice etc as free updates with the DLC packs.
  4. Night 1: Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus Rey Mysterio Seth Rollins The Viking Raiders Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn Rhea Ripley Austin Theory Night 2: Brock Lesnar Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler Edge Bianca Belair Cody Rhodes Gunther
  5. Johnny Gargano Schism Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn Carmelo Hayes Gallus Wes Lee Roxanne Perez
  6. Has anyone found a workaround for the custom movesets in universe mode glitch? It seems to affect some superstars but not others.
  7. Seems to work for some but not for others - very odd.
  8. When I edit a moveset and save it to my universe mode also - this doesn’t register. The movesets remain default - is anyone else experiencing this?
  9. They look awesome! Gutted their awesome tag finisher isn’t in. Also kinda odd they’re not in matching gear, but not the end of the world in the grand scheme of things.
  10. Molly looks awesome! I hope the Mighty Molly model is blonde. That would be perfection.
  11. Molly looks AWESOME. She’s apparently got a third Mighty Molly look too. Really hope it’s blonde!
  12. Hoping with Molly playing a role in MyRise we’ll get a more current modern day pixie cut version of her. Pipe dream of having blonde 00-01 Molly too!
  13. That was kinda low-down to be fair. Why were there two clues for Eve alone? Bizarre.
  14. I’m a little disappointed we’re not getting Candice, Emma, Mia, Tegan etc as DLC. But on the whole, I’m very happy with the roster this year. We got some legends back that shouldn’t have been removed and a brand new one in Eve. I think this is our largest women’s roster ever? So excited for the women’s entrances today!
  15. apparently there’s 187 unique superstars in the game, with only 185 accounted for. Hoping for Mandy and either Naomi/Sarray.
  16. It’s funny to me how some of the largest images on the map are the ones we aren’t sure of - the Zeus, the wolf etc.
  17. I do actually enjoy these guessing games, I think it’s fun. But this could’ve been done earlier. At this stage, we should know the full DLC to make our decisions on pre ordering deluxe.
  18. Bron Breakker & The Creeds Joe Gacy Jacy Jayne Dijak Roxanne Perez
  19. Surprised the clues don’t seem to hint obviously at Candice, Mia, Tegan, Emma etc. I was fairly confident these returnees would make up the DLC along with a few NXT stars and legends.
  20. I get that it’s a thing outside of 2K too, but I think it’s so wild they put out an option to pre-order DLC without knowing what the hell it is you’re paying for.
  21. Edge & Beth Phoenix Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns Asuka (Elimination order: Carmella > Natalya > Nikki Cross > Raquel Rodriguez > Liv Morgan) Theory (Elimination order: Montez Ford > Damian Priest > Bronson Reed > Johnny Gargano > Seth Rollins)
  22. Any DLC pack predictions? I’m always shit at them but I enjoy others takes lol
  23. I hope they ramp up the DLC content this year with more superstars per pack than usual. I want an actual full five packs of wrestlers too. I hope one of them isn’t the already revealed ruthless aggression pack.
  24. No Sarray is surprising and disappointing. She’s been AWOL for so long, I wonder if she’s done with WWE. Hoping Mandy is in at least and they’re just not announcing it. I would’ve thought she/TA would be apart of My Rise.
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