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  1. My final batch of stuff Id made before the patch is now up. Enjoy!
  2. New stuff is up - hopefully it's all in working order. Enjoy.
  3. still glitched Ive re-uploaded the lace logo and hopefully fixed it, and shes been reuploaded... again. Lets hope its third time lucky. Sorry about this, guys.
  4. I was informed of this and shes been reuploaded. Hopefully that fixes things!
  5. Just a quick update - my first uploads are up. Due to the patch so helpfully resetting everything and glitching the logos, I'm working on fixing the other stuff I have made, and that should be up soon. Hope you guys enjoy.
  6. To be honest Id have taken a roster updated copy of 2K19 at this point. At least it worked. Im hopeful that after a couple more patches this can be something decent. Theres definite potential buried down there.
  7. These aren't uploaded, due to the logo misplacing glitch, but I figure an update of what's (hopefully) coming is better than nothing.
  8. It's also near impossible to copy attire parts/attires across separate superstars if they have logos, since it registers the logos on any one clothing piece as body tattoos and the game crashes when you copy whatever has them on. Really frustrating as a creator.
  9. Custom logos dont go into incoming either, its really hit and miss and sometimes takes 4, 5 even 6 uploads of the same image to get it, and Ive had to restart my game to even download quite a few of them since the download stalls and you cant exit out of it.
  10. Yup this happened to me too, really frustrating.
  11. Finally image uploader is working, for me to spend a couple hours making alternate attires only for the custom logos to not sit in the right places during gameplay - only thing fixing that is yet another patch in who knows how long. This game is honestly a joke. One step forward, two steps back. I really dont know how much longer Im interested in playing it - which isnt even true since its been near unplayable since launch. So disappointing.
  12. Hey guys. This is really a placeholder thread for now, but once again I'll be uploading alternate attires and stuff here (when the game is finally up and running, anyways). All my logos are ready to go, so I'm hoping to get stuff out quick. Hope you enjoy the stuff as it comes in - I'll keep the thread updated as much as possible Alternate Attires Peyton Royce - Wrestlemania and Purple Gear (Tags: Peyton Royce, IIconics) Billie Kay - Wrestlemania and Purple Gear (Tags: Billie Kay, IIconics) Peyton Royce - Teal and Australia Tour Gear (Tags: Peyton Royce, IIconics) Billie Kay - Teal and Australia Tour Gear (Tags: Billie Kay, IIconics) Peyton Royce - Elimination Chamber 2019 Gear (Tags: Peyton Royce, IIconics) Billie Kay - Elimination Chamber 2019 Gear (Tags: Billie Kay, IIconics) Peyton Royce - Summerslam and RAW 2019 Gear (Tags: Peyton Royce, IIconics) Billie Kay - Summerslam and RAW 2019 Gear (Tags: Billie Kay, IIconics)
  13. Its still in. https://twitter.com/revelleution/status/1183789526814253061?s=21
  14. .jackkk

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Im holding out very little hope considering the fantasy theme of the Originals packs, but well have to wait and see if anyone sneaks in. Im pretty disappointed that Trish (and I can assume Lita) arent updated.
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