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  1. Happy to hear EA is not touching this. If they can build on the (mostly) great changes in listening to fans as they did for 22, 23 should be an awesome game.
  2. MyRise superstars finally about to be unlockable? Shawn Michaels is also renamed to Shawn Michaels ‘05.
  3. It’s kind of bizarre that Bianca Belair’s entrance defaults to a (very) generic one when she’s in an alternate gear, and not even her previous one that worked with alternate attires. Hopefully that can be fixed.
  4. Importing attire parts with logos crashes the game for me, at the moment on PS4. Fine pre-patch.
  5. Import parts crashes the game for me now, on PS4. Was fine before the patch.
  6. The bruising is a cool feature but it seems a little heavy handed. Superstars don’t typically come away from matches looking like they’ve done eight rounds with Mike Tyson. It could use toning down.
  7. Render workaround for alternate attires.
  8. I would really hope Dijakovic and the Goddess Bliss etc aren’t tied to the mode. That would really suck, when the models are in the game.
  9. .jackkk

    Women of WWE 2K22

    Pretty cool we have an alternate Nikki Cross model. Also the Oblivion is in, but seemingly not able to set as a finisher.
  10. .jackkk

    Women of WWE 2K22

    Unfortunately there’s no advanced entrance anymore, so we can’t fix Sasha’s lighting. Everyone looks great so far though.
  11. Light and Heavy Attacks are still shown as options in the moveset separate from the combo chains, so I don’t know it it’s entirely combo dependent like Smacktalks said.
  12. .jackkk

    Women of WWE 2K22

    From lugey’s video we can see Mandy’s Royal Rumble 2020 attire as we suspected, Nia’s gear, Tamina’s gear, Peyton’s one piece and another Alexa gear, this time her pink dress from the playhouse days, which would match up with her long pigtails in the first trailer. Seems like she has three models.
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