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  1. Sick detailing! Sweet job with the patches. Love being able to recognize the bands.
  2. With all the updates made to CAW mode, I went back to revamp a few of my previous creations. I plan on revamping a few more. Hope ya'll like the V2 of Ashley, Sharmell and Nidia.
  3. Tried my hands at another male caw, this time - Test! Been working on male caws to expand more. Also, updated my Lita face model and created different attires for her. I think this might be my best Lita yet.
  4. Haha. Finally finished Jackie(Jacqueline). Not to get confused with Miss Jackie .
  5. Big updates! Been working on a lot of other creations, such as; male caws and arena creations. Hope you all enjoy the updates! COMING SOON: Scotty 2 Hotty Might Molly Interested to see who you want to see next? (even male as I'd like to try and get better.)
  6. The Rated R couple making their entrance.
  7. Ivory has been uploaded with 4 attires. Lita, with a new face model has been uploaded with 4 attires. Terri Runnels and The Kat are next on my list. I am open to hearing other divas people want to see.
  8. For those who couldn't wait (like myself) I have uploaded my Doudrop!
  9. Melina has been uploaded! Includes 2 attires, move-set, entrance and victory.
  10. Thanks! I always wished she made it in the games. She gets harder to create each year since there are no HQ photos of Shaniqua. I should actually have Melina done today 5 PM PST
  11. Torrie Wilson, Shaniqua and Queen Sharmell have been uploaded! I also added previews of Candice Michelle and Doudrop!
  12. Forgot to mention I uploaded my Heel Lita (which consumes of her 2007 RvS attire and her WM22 attire) UP NEXT: Torrie Wilson, Queen Sharmell, Shaniqua and Melina.
  13. I always loved that character. I miss the mole lol. I just had a last minute urge to create Ashley as she liked my creation of her back from 2018. I recreated the same attires from that game. 2018 Version:
  14. Wow! I'm gonna be downloading a lot of these to match with my WWF divas. I suck at male caws so this is awesome!
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