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  1. Thanks; I went with a different face this year.
  2. Mari and Zoe Reynolds are up now. Gonna try to get a 20 person rumble vid up, tomorrow.
  3. Nearly there for the Panteras/Hooligans; gotta finish Mari's moveset.
  4. thanks; I can't say for certain that all of men's division is gonna return ( due to how taxing the women's division is). but I might do more this year. Jeremy Tsung is the only one uploaded, due to the lock myrise.
  5. Really loving the universe options; feels like a mini story editor mode...which will probably lead to it's return next year.
  6. Starting the Hooligans (or as I've been dubbing them , Las Panteras), shortly. Trina will be up in a bit; Mari and Rachel may come this weekend.
  7. Love to see the comradery : Also here are the Riveras' entrances in action:
  8. Nice, that's pretty cool. Thought about pairing the two younger ones together, but Stacy has been teaming with the Selina Troy character for so long, that it's kinda just commonplace for me. Might switch up some teams, in my universe, this year.
  9. Ahh well, heads up, before you set up your league, I've gone with a different template for the Riveras, and have re-uploaded Jackie: And their face map (Kelly and Jackie anyway) came from Kitana herself(MK11), Kaprice Imperial: Figure we'd use her as a base, since she's Blasian in real life.
  10. Yeah i kinda noticed that too; not super intentional, but I kinda dig it for my vets.
  11. Working on getting a Belle face update uploaded...which is one of her old faces. Think I'm gonna up the saturation a bit, and fix a slight 5 o clock shadow. Thoughts?
  12. Sorry bout that; I changed it last year, but i forgot to reupload the new version.
  13. These four are currently up; Brandy Jackson, Jenna Jordan, Veronica Paige, Vivian Rose: Also bringing back a certain high flyer for my "lock" playthru: (If anyone remembers this guy)
  14. Really solid work; Think Hawthorne might be my favorite, for the trunk design alone.
  15. Thanks gonna have a preview up later tonight, of both her and Vivian. Jenna will get one too.
  16. Kiyori is up, alongside a rookie from last year; The younger sister of Brandy Jackson, Donna. She's up early due to being a main My rise character:
  17. All I got in me today; Kiyori and Jenna maybe tomorrow:
  18. Finalized versions are up; also you can spot a WIP version of Kiyori Toda:
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