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  1. ^indeed the really dodgy thing is that Hurricane is the ONLY light heavyweight DLC character thus far (RVD should be as well when he drops) so it's even more annoying because it gives the appearance that they did it intentionally they certainly could have been less rigid but "technically," he's in the correct weight class per what's defined in the game
  2. I think A-Kid is the first wrestler in a WWE game that I've ever gone "who the actual hell is that?" I don't watch NXT UK but I still knew who Dragunov and Kay Lee Rae were before they came stateside. This fella? Bupkis. Hopefully he has some fun moves. I agree that Stacy is a wasted slot but I don't really care enough about it to bitch. Hurricane is the prize here for me. Just hoping he has some nice Hurrimoves. Wonder if he'll get his own vertebreaker (Kudome Valentine). I don't think they NEED to give him a unique one but that just means it's more likely that they will xD
  3. I've wanted this for years The unfortunate truth is that it would never be good enough for some people and they'd still get hate for not including Ludvig Borgia's theme or something likewise obscure. I actually don't mind playing through MyFaction but I'm on the "all models, all models" train as well. It's absolutely silly to lock those behind any mode, and worse still to do so behind their gacha BS.
  4. I think it's pretty awesome that Bianca Belair has a unique strike attack that uses her ponytail as a whip. Here's hoping she doesn't lose it at wrestlemania, thus making that part of her in-game character outdated. Also, the MyFaction thing is the first time that I've had ANY interest in a card game. Unlike sports sims which can be a slog to play through, these matches are always fun to work through and having different objectives keeps it "somewhat" fresh, provided you don't try to kamikaze everything. I don't play it every day but when I do, I usually play it quite a bit (by my standard, anyway).
  5. I don't like that they removed the Earthquake Splash and the Cradle Lift Samoan Drop (Ryback's shellshock). The last one is especially egregious because the 2 person version in the corner is still in the game. WTF? I'm sure there are many other missing moves but I've gotten around to making my CAWs who use those and well.....
  6. I feel like I also remember this being a thing that was "fixed" by going in and manually repositioning the logos on the CAW. Might be misremembering but I really do feel like that was a thing in a previous 2K game.
  7. It's the most fun I've had actually playing a wrestling game in a long time. I was wary (not really freaking out like some people were) when the new control scheme was revealed but it really works well and has a "flow" that's frankly unprecedented. Yeah it sacrificed chain wrestling and transitional grapples (outside of carry moves) but I actually prefer how this plays to any other Yukes/2K game in the last decade. I'm just starting in both MyRise and MyFaction and I'm liking what I'm seeing from both, i.e. they both offer lots to do and you're not "punished" for avoiding the MicroTransactions.
  8. ^Hey, yo Dude just had a cool charisma to him that was completely genuine To this day, I contend that NOBODY has ever had better "mannerisms" as a wrestler. He was a character but it was just so natural seeming for him and that made him awesome. Oh yeah, he was a pretty great in-ring guy too! You can always say "what could have been" given just how exceptionally talented he was but even with all of the stuff that he struggled with and eventually overcame, he still came out as one of the most memorable performers during a time when pro wrestling was absolutely "must see." *flick's toothpick* RIP Bad Guy
  9. Yeah, it's definitely worse. Not completely broken to that point that it can't be worked with but it's frankly insulting that they made one of the franchise's signature features notably inferior. They've cited issues with clipping as the reason that they've removed body morphing but it's still very much there even with the defaults. It's crazy that if I don't want my main CAW to be a stick figure, I have to give her a "medium:" body type which sets her as a light heavyweight, thus screwing up her attributes. I'm certainly no programmer but I wouldn't think that clipping issues would prompt them to give us inferior versions of face photo and custom images; the former is just "off" and worked better even in 2K20 while it's inexcusable that we can't select materials for the latter after having been able to do so for the past couple of games. It's frustrating, to say the least.
  10. So I have an issue where long coats used as entrance attires apparently stick to the back of CAWs legs. I don't know if it's just my specific CAW but I've tried 4 different coats and they all do the same thing. It literally has the back of the coat/robe split and attach to her legs as if they're pants. She's been wearing coats like that in her entrance since friggin No Mercy. I've certainly seen other glitches with entrance gear over the years but this particular one is a new flavor of cringe.
  11. I haven't used anything like that yet in in 2K22 but it was certainly present in 2K20. That's a damn shame that it's still there but sadly unsurprising.
  12. ^thought it was just me with the cheek morphing I think middle cheek morphing still works to some degree but upper and lower sliders didn't show a difference, at least that I saw I had a random crash when I accessed movesets for the first time. I had gone from CAS, to CAE, to CAV, and on to movesets when the latter crashed. A report and restart later and it worked fine. Don't know why it would have done so but I hope it doesn't happen again. I hate movesets enough without having that added discouragement lol.
  13. For those who have the network issue with Community Creations (or the uploader), I was having the same trouble and decided to retry building the database on my console (PS5; it's also an option on PS4). Lo and behold, it actually worked and I've not had any problems with CC since *knock on wood* Just thought I'd mention it as it seemed to do the trick for me. A couple of observations about creation: They ruined my CAW's signature hairstyle. (well, signature as long it's been in, since like 2k17 or so) It's the long twin tails hanging over the chest with the ribbons. Well, you can't color the ribbons to match the gear this year. As I've mentioned elsewhere, it's not the end of the world but it REALLY throws off her look and I'm debating whether to just use another one. >_< Definitely going to miss having different arm/gut/leg textures for CAWs in the body morpher. It's easy enough to manipulate what they have but the lack of control over the musculature is unfortunate. Oddly, they kept in veins and nothing else (I'll still use them, just weird that they literally took every other custom body option out). All of the combo stuff in CAM is a bit daunting but that's probably because it's new. Movesets were always my least favorite part of the process (it's boring is why) and it's going to take some time parsing through to get my CAWs to have the moves that they're supposed to have. Just got a bit overwhelmed with all of the Xs, Os, and [ ]s lol.
  14. I dislike that I cannot alter the color of the ribbon in my signature CAW's hairstyle. Been able to do that for a couple of years but now, nope. Nothing like a hair-colored ribbon (and it's not like a tie, it's a full-on "this is obviously not hair" accessory). Not the end of the world but super annoying and makes my character look more plain. Definitely something that could theoretically be patched but I'm sure their priorities will lie elsewhere.
  15. Sadly, that's unsurprising given both the precedent of their being launch day issues with this AND their ambitious goal of making CAW content accessible across all platforms. It sounds amazing on paper but in practice......we can only hope that whatever issues may be present are addressed sooner than later lol so true
  16. Just 5 and a half hours. Screw it, I'm going to sleep lol
  17. I like that it's more organic, as in there's no mini cutscene for it to happen I hate that the impact looks off and that the opponent doesn't actually breach the barrier but instead bounces off of it hopefully the other OMG moves left in work better The wrestler specific ones (Bayley's sliding DDT, Roman's Drive By, etc) probably look just fine if they're in but I wonder if Braun and Andre can still break the ring with a superplex.
  18. That's pretty damn neat. Personally lost on me since I only make original CAWs but most CAWs are based on real people so this is a huge boon to those creators.
  19. I can only hope I can't say that I'm a huge fan of 2K but they at least TRY to keep building a better product each year (a specific disaster aside). We wouldn't even get that much with EA Sports. They'd make one game and give you nothing but roster updates for like a decade. But hey, you can spend more $$$ on card games that tie into every other game mode! To be honest, I don't really like the speculative nature of that. It's tabloid nonsense that gets some people worked up over an uncertainty. Just say it's happening.....or don't say anything at all....but I guess that doesn't get clicks does it?
  20. I could swear they've never had a pinning version before, which was always very silly. It didn't have the knee strike either IIRC, as it was just a corner springboard move. Glad to see a new animation and that it has a pinning animation
  21. I can't wait to see that Yokozuna model. Hopefully they do him justice as his immense size and unusual proportions are frankly unique to anything we've seen before from them.
  22. Ah, Got ya. Played the hell out of that one but it's been like 15 years or better lol
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