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  1. Thanks a lot for the praise old good friend. Happy to see you again in the community. I want to improve 2 - 3 of them facially cause I'm not 100% happy but right now focusing on finishing the ones I have in work. Hope you enjoy WWE2K22 so far.
  2. Thanks! Moveset, Entrance and Winning animation finished and released.
  3. Another face update and the second attire (Strong smile).
  4. Here the first attire for Rachael: It is a attire she was using in Stardom down in Japan. Unfortunately due to the many pieces I run out of layers (60) so I couldn't give her the entrance T-Shirt with the "one in a million - Rachael Ellering" Logo. Also couldn't make the belt look as good as I wanted to because of the lack of the layers. Hope you guys still like it. Also Updated her eyes, chin, head, cheecks, jaw to make her look more accurate. Unfortunately I had to give her this lipstick to cover the part of the picture I used because otherwise it looks as if she is walking with her mouth open.
  5. Great to see you are putting some effort in your original caws, making them look unique and special. Keep up the good job!
  6. Allie looks great! :) Claudia needs a less width head, less width on the lips and reduction on the width of her nostrils(is it the right word , sorry if not?). Try also to increase the height of her head a tiny bit and see if it looks better. :) Candy looks great, just increase the height of the middle side of her jaw (not the back side or front, the one in between) by a point or two so the jaw can have a almost straight line from the back to the front (at least it looks like that in the pictures I saw :p ).
  7. Just a small Update on Rachael Ellering Face. :) Still need to work on her eyes, jaw, cheecks and more but just wanted to show you that I refined her look, skin color and so on so far.
  8. You could make the hair color a bit more white since her hair is more "platin blonde" then grey. :) Would suggest you to try a few different tones and compare with her pictures.
  9. The Name us Dibiase I think? (Typo). Heather looks great!
  10. I tweaked her face a little bit again and I think I messed up when I go and look it right now cause she looked better before. Thanks for the love anyway.
  11. The hair is good, the face morphing needs a tiny bit tweaking. In particular the head height and jaw. I gave mine two of her classic attires so it depends if you wanna go the "winter" way or katie lea way or katharina waters way(Indies). :)
  12. Tenille Dashwood finally updated and uploaded on cc.
  13. So here is her second attire. Also changed her skin tone to give her the tan she mostly had.
  14. Thanks! :) The face texture is from a picture on which she didn't had a tan. That's why she is in her natural skin tone. Will see if I can do something about it without the face looking off. :) Her second attire is like the first but in blue and with blue lipstick on her lips.
  15. Tenille Dashwood Update posted on the first site. Here her first Attire:
  16. Thanks. Just updated her face more and changed the hair and partially make up too.
  17. There we go. This is my Rachael Ellering without a face texture. Hope you guys like her so far. Also working on Tenille Dashwood as also want to attempt Madi Wrenkowski. More Updates soon!
  18. I can't stand all these random crashes. It happens partially in MyGM Mode which leads on having to delete the save and start a new one or in my faction after I picked the reward of the day sometimes (not daily). Then on Universe, in the creation modes.
  19. Great job on all of them! they look awesome.
  20. Great job! This are some awesome Caws you put out there. :D
  21. Sure thing. :) I tried out the texture of Rachael I had and it just doesn't work because she is smiling. Checked around for proper pictures and found only two of somewhat good quality on which she doesn't grin or smile. Tried both but they don't work either. I know I created her in the past by pure morphing her but I'm not sure if it will turn well enough with what the editor gives us. Gonna still give it a try without texture though. :) I might be also creating Tenille next since I couldn't find a good one on CC so far.
  22. There is a good grace one on CC. Gonna see what I can do about Rachel. She was on my list actually but I ended up not having a good face texture to work with so far and the friend that used to create textures for me is not really active anymore. BTW: the one I downloaded is from Dre. Just use the Hashtag Dre41 to find her.
  23. Just wanted to drop in and say that you are doing an amazing job with your caws! It's very refreshing to see that we still have people in the community that are putting some thought and a lot of work to create detailed caws. You giving your caws life and a personality which is greatly appreaciated and awesome to see.
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