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  1. The bug probably came through the latest update because I did it before twice and it worked.
  2. After the last patch I went into the GM mode, created me against 3 CPUs, did the draft and right after the draft was done for everyone, the game crashed. I restarted, went to load the saved GM mode and it crashed again. -.- Frustrating! CORRECTION: GM Mode works if you set the Game Difficulty and AI Difficulty on Easy! If you select AI Ease and Game Difficulty Normal then it crashes after the Draft is done and the Hall of Fame Page with the Infos appears.
  3. Marti Belle Updated and Released. She comes like all my caws with (as much as possible with the in game moves)accurate moveset, 2 Attires, Entrance and Victory. Hope you guys will enjoy.
  4. Never mind, I just checked and the mighty Molly in the game is her royal rumble appearance one, not the original so she doesn't have the long blonde hair but rather the same the current molly has. Since we can't change hair in in game models you can't switch them with a more fitting one either. Unfortunately not. They gave her two - three different arm wringer/breaker combos instead (standing and ground).
  5. Midnight looks great! Mona Madness (later only Mona) is actually Molly Holly so you could just take the unlockable mighty molly (can be unlocked through my rise and has the hair you need for mona already) and use her as mona from wcw by changing her attires to the ones she was using as mona.
  6. After two other Attires I was aiming on for Marti failed, I went with one of her classic ones from the indies I hope you guys will like.
  7. Brooklyn von Brown face and attires updated, her moveset from WWE2K22 (except of two regular moves that I had to change because they are not available in WWE2K23) created! Her original entrance and theme are included. I hope you will enjoy.
  8. Tnx Tried to create the red attire of marti since I ripped the images from pictures but they just won't budge with a appropriate top at all and look akward and off. So I will probably go with a classical look from her indy attires in the past. Working also on Renee Michelle and two more caws.
  9. Anyone else is annoyied to death with the favorite creators appearing on the list even after we deleted them like 20 times? Most of all about the fact that they are only in the list as a name that if you select them to see their creations they won't show up and it will load the main page with all creations instead?
  10. So even I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue Emma since there are tons on cc in the meantime and one or two of them are looking good. Was also undecided and dropped quite a few of others even I had a very accurate Sasha (as example) in the works since I would rather focus on women we don't have on cc or at least there are none accurate enough there (many are adding the real life portraits in front of basic caws unfortunately to lure people to download their stuff ). Anyway, since the My Rise characters are not unlockables this year I thought I'll give them a try so here you have a preview of Brooklyn Von Braun with two attires (one from the game and one from me). She comes with her real entrance, titantron and music from the game. Same goes vor Ava Moreno. Also a preview of Marti Belle and her first attire. I struggled with her for a while due to the hair because I wanted to give her a other one but this unfortunately is the most accurate to her real hair so I stuck with it after all. Hope you guys like them! Have 2 - 3 other My Rise as also a couple of real life wrestlers in the works.
  11. Yes, she is one of 3 caws I'm currently working on. I wish I could be faster but work and private life are eating most of my time. Aww, thanks a lot. Really appreciate it. I think I could had done even a better job in some of these though cause I'm not entirely happy with some. Hope you still enjoy them.
  12. Allysin Kay second Attire. Entrance, Moveset finished and uploaded on cc. Hope you will enjoy!
  13. Welcome back and good job on your caws! It's great to see that the indy girls are getting some love too. :)
  14. Thanks a lot. Just updated the facial structure a bit and changed the eyebrows and make up too. Currently working on her second attire and additionaly on 3 more caws that I will have some previews this week depending how much overtime I will have to work. x_X
  15. Try to delete the actual Caw and see if the picture related one dissappears too or if it then appears under the caws, so you can delete it aswell. The reason why it takes a slot but doesnt appear might be overlaping.
  16. Tnx. I did what I could do. I think the eyes could had been a bit better but oh well. I just released Serena Deeb. After trying around a lot I ended up giving her one of her straight edge society attires but with in ring boots. That's the entrance version of it.
  17. Saturi


    someone Probably changed the divas title with the editor to be held by men.
  18. Yeah. To me it seems as if they extra locked these attires so if someone manages to unlock the characters and puts them up, people can't download them because the items asked for can't be unlocked by playing. I was hoping that maybe they are unlockable and I just missed them somehow but after I did the legacy twice and went through both ways it seems that they are just added as "must have to download" to block us from getting the characters. I wish I knew how to unlock them myself. BTW: it seems that they only locked justine, ava, josie and such characters from download. Real superstars with other attires like alexa, liv, shayna and so on can be really downloaded after someone unlocked and uploaded them.
  19. They said in a interview that it is not "technically possible" right now but they hope to be able to increase the amount of images we can have "in the near future".
  20. Hi Guys! I found the models of Ava Moreno and Justine on CC and wanted to download them. However, the reason I wasn't able to was because in Justines case asked me to unlock her green in ring attire and in Avas case a outfit with a top and a skirt. My problem is that I played the Legacy through twice: - once as a face with the legends on my side at the end - once as a heel with the future stars at the end on my side but I still never came across Ava wearing this outfit or being able to unlock it nor justines full green attire ever unlocked. All I got in my first run was a jacket, two different green pants of justine and all 3 mollys (maybe another thing that I might not remember) In my second run I additionaly unlocked the goat head after doing Beckys storyline which was the only one I had left out in my first run. At the end it unlocked the same things like in my first run again. Do anyone of you know how I could unlock the things needed to download the models or if it is possible at all? Thanks a lot in advance!
  21. Thanks a lot! Great to see you again. Leva Updated and uploaded. you can find the hashtags in the first post. More updates soon.
  22. Hi Joshistar! Nice to see you again! Thanks a lot. Just updated Levas face and created a second attire for her. Wanted to create one of her cosplay ones at first but at the end I decided to give her the blue pants one she used on NXT in her short run with the wwe back then.
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