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  1. Full Stream with a full gameplay Video Kenny vs Adam. http://(76) AEW GAMES FULL STREAM FROM GAMESCOM 2022 | AEW Fight Forever - YouTube
  2. First Trailer AEW: Fight Forever | Showcase Trailer - YouTube
  3. Hi You can take a look at Amanda Schmidt on CC if you want. Hashtags: Dumeka, WWEAEWIMPACTINDY, OriginalFemaleSuperstar
  4. Yeah, I read that they had extra rights down there for a while already. Didn't knew it, that's why I thought it was something new.
  5. Xia Brookside already mentioned that they are allowed to do indie shows outside of the wwe now. This is something that Vince would had never allowed!
  6. Do I appreaciate that Vince continued his fathers work and kept the wwf and later wwe running? Yes! Do I appreaciate that he kept using the women as sex objects, had people running cliche and cookie cutter gimmicks while letting his disgusting goons like Kevin Dunn be sexistic, unfair and respectless towards the talents? No! Do I appreciate that he let Bill Dermott bully the males and females he were supposed to train and even made sure some of them were let go because they stood up for themselves for so many years before he was forced to let him go after he got a huge shitstorm about the matter when talent spoke up about the situation? No, because something like that should had never happen under his watch if he were seriously interested on treating talents with respect. Do I appreaciate that he always kept destroying the mens tag division and used the women as "Divas" for several years restricting them to death? No! Do I appreaciate that he kept ruining ppvs and shows by changing things within a minute? No! Do I appreaciate that he fired Triple H after depowering and destroying everything good he had created down in NXT? No! Even I was never really a fan of Stephanie, did I appreaciate that he throwed out his own daughter after she did everything he wanted the way he wanted after so many years and even shaded her on social media? No, because she really didn't deserve this treatment! Do I appreaciate that he was forced to "Retire"? Yes cause I really hope that Triple H and Steph will bring the WWE to the future and create a watchable, entertaining product for every fan out there again! Do I appreaciate that Brock Lesnar left after his feeding hand left the building? Yes! Now they can take all the millions they wasted on him and invest them into the future of the wwe.
  7. You are doing a great job no worries. :) There are only some tiny details on some that might need improvement but other than that your caws are looking great. The latest ones are really awesomely done! :)
  8. Great to see you are putting some effort in your original caws, making them look unique and special. Keep up the good job!
  9. Allie looks great! :) Claudia needs a less width head, less width on the lips and reduction on the width of her nostrils(is it the right word , sorry if not?). Try also to increase the height of her head a tiny bit and see if it looks better. :) Candy looks great, just increase the height of the middle side of her jaw (not the back side or front, the one in between) by a point or two so the jaw can have a almost straight line from the back to the front (at least it looks like that in the pictures I saw :p ).
  10. You could make the hair color a bit more white since her hair is more "platin blonde" then grey. :) Would suggest you to try a few different tones and compare with her pictures.
  11. The Name us Dibiase I think? (Typo). Heather looks great!
  12. The hair is good, the face morphing needs a tiny bit tweaking. In particular the head height and jaw. I gave mine two of her classic attires so it depends if you wanna go the "winter" way or katie lea way or katharina waters way(Indies). :)
  13. I can't stand all these random crashes. It happens partially in MyGM Mode which leads on having to delete the save and start a new one or in my faction after I picked the reward of the day sometimes (not daily). Then on Universe, in the creation modes.
  14. Great job on all of them! they look awesome.
  15. Great job! This are some awesome Caws you put out there. :D
  16. Just wanted to drop in and say that you are doing an amazing job with your caws! It's very refreshing to see that we still have people in the community that are putting some thought and a lot of work to create detailed caws. You giving your caws life and a personality which is greatly appreaciated and awesome to see.
  17. - going to my uploads, checking my uploaded model in the preview - tapping circle to go back and the game just empties the preview, the background effects keep going but I'm stuck in this screen: Two options are there: either get out of the game by closing it OR wait around 4 minutes so the message "the W2K22- Server is not available at the moment, please try later" appears so you can use X for OK. - then it shows the same message a second time and after the second confirmation by using X, it goes back to the creation modes.
  18. I can't stand the bugs and crashes that occur after every patch. It's frustrating when you had a difficult part to create on a superstar that needed like 10-12 logos and then the game just crashes before you could save. It eats A LOT of time. Same thing with all the MyGM crashes and the fact that the IQ opponent gets higher ratings with normal matches and opponents that doesn't even match as classes while we go with a perfect balanced card and still are left behind in the normal and hard mode. Also that we don't have the tag belts in the easy mode, it doesn't make sense to have them. We should had been able to unlock all the MyRise characters instead of putting them out as if they were "special free" DLC.
  19. Make sure you delete the custom draft you obviously created. After you deleted it you will be able to delete him aswell. If you don't have a MyGM Save, just start a new MyGM, select custom draft, then when you have to pick, delete the draft and leave the MyGM mode.
  20. It was available a few hours ago in germany too.
  21. It was the same with Mia Yim when she played the game as herself and as reckoning. She was baffled at some of the moves. She even said in one of the moves "that's Shaynas move!!" then "well the last time I did this was like 10 years ago..." and so on. The easiest thing would be to either sit down with the wrestlers and ask them which moves they are doing (in case they don't know them or don't even bother to watch wrestling themselves) OR at least ask them to write their moveset down and send it in. I'm pretty sure that no wrestler would be against it or make problems because of such a thing. They are happy to be featured after all. How in the world are the models "ruining" the MyFaction mode???? They have nothing to do with it after all, nor do they appear on it. Seriously out of place here. I guess he wanted to prove that "whatchthesmoke" means he smokes something and a lot of it.... -.-
  22. In Francines case you need to reduce the width on her mouth and reduce the distance of her eyes to each other. Everything else looks quite good so far. In the case of Allie Katch/Allie Kat you need to reduce the width of her mouth aswell and chance the shape of her eyes. Also needs some work on her jaw.
  23. Loved Dr. Strange! There were 1-2 Things that bothered me a bit but not THAT crucial. A very enjoyable watch!
  24. Great... it looks so as if the last patch either messed up my almost finished caw OR it messed in general cawing cause no matter what image I'm trying to apply, it becomes transparent so one can always see the attire under it. Really bad!
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