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  1. Being mad at actors/voice actors for doing their character just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Man I already photoshopped the logo from match cards for the OP
  3. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/07/kairi-sane-reportedly-returning-to-japan-soon-672066/
  4. Jeb ★

    Creations Archive

    I have all the DLC and I downloaded the CAW when it was uploaded back in March, it works perfectly for me. Not sure about the MyPlayer Kickstarter, I got the deluxe edition of the game so Idk if that's already included
  5. There's leaks/spoilers coming out for next week's title match so beware
  6. Oh yea I just want a WWE version with Asuka Maybe I just want Asuka in black leather
  7. We finally got Asuka and Io in a WWE ring together I love Dexter as well, shame that program with Dream probably got dropped indefinitely because yknow
  8. Ultimate Alliance 3, almost done with Chapter 10 and then ima complete the DLC gauntlets
  9. Black Lotus Triad or nothing. ___________________________
  10. I watched Jacksepticye play through this game. It's visually one of the best looking games I've seen in terms of environment, lighting design, etc. As far as gameplay goes the stealth looks phenomenal but I'm gonna have to see how I feel about how the story played out.
  11. Happy birthday to us @Ziggy Vercetti I'm now legally able to drink in the U.S.
  12. yeah Deleter of Worlds Bray ain't there
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