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  1. https://twitter.com/rosenbergradio/status/1383139021971464193?s=21
  2. Jessica McKay and KC Cassidy. Those names sound really similar lmao, no wonder they're soulmates I saw someone say Billie should show up in AEW with her resume thing, but I'd be fine with the Iconic Duo just debuting together.
  3. I'd love at least Thunderdome versions of RAW and SmackDown, and a CWC NXT. Those arenas with screens were most of 2020's product so they might as well put them in, the rest can be normal with crowds
  4. Good luck getting Gronk back in your shows with Mojo gone lol
  5. ^ Mysterios, Damian Priest. I'm not sure if Metalik and Dorado are still main roster. I think Bayley is considered Latina as well
  6. All the main roster superstars in 2K20 that probably won't be in 2K22:
  7. Wow. I wanted Iconic Duo to reunite, but not like this
  8. The fact that Joe didn't get even a short world title reign sucks. He should've gone over Brock for the Universal title and/or AJ for the WWE title during those feuds
  9. ^ they released the other 2 Forgotten Sons but not Ryker LMFAOOOOOOO
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