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  1. Apart from those already listed: Miz should've beaten Shane at WM 35 Cena should've lost to... - Cesaro for the U.S. title Summer of 2015 - Bray Wyatt @ WM XXX - Wade Barrett for the WWE title in 2010 And this is just selfish for me cause I was there live, but Bryan should've beaten Lesnar @ Survivor Series 2018
  2. What if Miz wins and cashes in on Drew... or Orton again like he did 10 years ago lol
  3. I wouldn't mind if he brought back the five count? Would be kinda awkward in the ThunderDome though even when they pipe in chants lol
  4. Elias Otis Sasha Banks Randy Orton Roman Reigns second and last *censored*ing time I predict Orton beating Drew for the title lmao
  5. I know the HIAC match with The Fiend last year was controversial but he better make some appearance at the PPV this Sunday lmao
  6. Ayo not the hand on the abdomen
  7. Or course JBL would get bribed
  8. Eric Andre got a concussion from that bump, F
  9. Jeb ★

    Creations Archive

    I use GoncaMarcos18M's MVP, it's like the second most downloaded one on CC. MVP now looks older irl but I couldn't find a good enough one for his current age lol. I also uploaded Big Righteous' moveset for him on CC This what it looks like with Gamevolt's attire (basically an accurate version of that Black Panther attire that's on the CAW)
  10. Jeb ★

    Creations Archive

    To complete your Hurt Business attires
  11. Ugh we're getting closer to the UE implosion
  12. So Dream is fine with KUSHIDA winning with the cast cheap shot, that means the feud is now with Ciampa?
  13. VD's shirt is kawaii. I just noticed the purple cast lol
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