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  1. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Really happy that Liv and Sarah have single theme and minitrons this year, great news for Universe Mode
  2. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Great to see Rhea in alongside Toni Storm, they will be great additions in my universe and I hope that considering they used a current render of Maria, we can play with her current self this time around
  3. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I also can't do screenshots but it seemed different hairstyles can come with Showcase attires too. Charlotte has a laid back style in her Raw match against Bayley and Banks looks like she has blue hair along with finally her Boss rings. Also looks like Bliss will directly get a second attire since she wrestle in her shirt this time But great news and great trailer. Game is looking good
  4. Considering the last article, I got some ideas from my Universe Mode. Having PPVs that can host up to 3 shows will make me put more of a focus on 205 Live, making it available to all cruiserweights of the main roster so be the wildcard show. Will come in handy to book the Women's Tag Team title or if I want to book some special title matches and both wrestlers are on different brands As for PPVs, I'm planning on 10 matches for regular PPVs and 14 for the Big Five.
  5. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I know they skipped the entrances last year for the showcase but I hope they take the time to include Sasha's entrance from Brooklyn or Bliss from Backlash
  6. I will go with a realistic universe, following up Wrestlemania 35 and the Shake-Up that happened in real life, without NXT or 205. Only change I will make is having the Cruiserweight title be cross-branded on the main roster like the Womens Tag Team Title
  7. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I'm not a fan of that DLC thing since I'm not into all that crazy jazz but if I wonder how much they worked on those skins and I think it might be interesting in the end. Like, if they have new entrances ( with music and trons), new moves or else. Asuka with a creepy facepaint would be really cool. As a whole, I'm not gonna buy the Season Pass directly like every year but I will keep my eye on it and see if something cool comes out of it And for Showcase, I really hope they have Old Becky because her attire is simply impossible to create and looks cool ( Plus, darker hair for her and Sasha could make for interesting creation in Universe ).
  8. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I don't think new Io Shirai will be in the game or that her entrance would be updated since entrances added in 2k19 were just after Wrestlemania. Summerslam is too far away. But I think Emma's entrance if it's in should work out for her And that roster would be cool, especially being able to do a match with the two Four Horsewomen
  9. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I could be wrong but I think legends can appear on 3 games ( one where they are DLC and then 2 other games ) since 2k19 lost quite a lot of 2k16 DLC in the roster so Jacqueline and Ivory might leave. Alundra I think will stay since she didn't leave and Beth will probabl stay in with a updated look maybe Lana and Zelina, I can see be playable as they wrestled last year and with the mixed tag team in, having natural mixed tag team would be good for 2K I guess
  10. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    While it would be cool to have more NXT women, I doubt Career Mode would do that as it is very storyline-driven now. Last year, only new guys from it in NXT were The Undisputed Era and they were a given I do hope though that 2K would include some women from the Evolution PPV even if I doubt it
  11. A little screenshot of the Batmobile, tried to make it looks like Batman in the Animated Series where he is in the dark and you only see his white eyes^^
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