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  1. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Really happy that Liv and Sarah have single theme and minitrons this year, great news for Universe Mode
  2. They will be booked as the top underdog team of Smackdown Live and will get some title run here and there Mia Yim
  3. She will keep into a manager at first for Andrade before introducing a muscle like Belair and starting to evolve as a single competitor and being one of the top heels, maybe getting a title Mark Andrews
  4. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    Great to see Rhea in alongside Toni Storm, they will be great additions in my universe and I hope that considering they used a current render of Maria, we can play with her current self this time around
  5. I will introduce Henry as the manager of The Authors of Pain to bring them back up in the card and give them Henry's theme. Keith Lee
  6. I'm one who doesn't like unrealistic stuff, the whole Matt/Balor/Wyatt thing I hated playing but this one is actually cool. A New Day arena isn't that crazy and looks very cool visually while being something that could happen. More stuff like this, original, while belng likely, is perfect in my book
  7. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I also can't do screenshots but it seemed different hairstyles can come with Showcase attires too. Charlotte has a laid back style in her Raw match against Bayley and Banks looks like she has blue hair along with finally her Boss rings. Also looks like Bliss will directly get a second attire since she wrestle in her shirt this time But great news and great trailer. Game is looking good
  8. I don't think it necessarily means NXT UK isn't in. On, the rivalry page, it doesn't seem that Friday or Saturday are greyed out. Maybe the Calendar just doesn't show more than 3 shows and NXT UK is on one of those spots along with Main-Event
  9. Heavy Machinery will be a tag team that gets good matches but always get beat down in the end until at least a year where they have a big babyface feel moment where they finally win the big one Ali
  10. Considering the last article, I got some ideas from my Universe Mode. Having PPVs that can host up to 3 shows will make me put more of a focus on 205 Live, making it available to all cruiserweights of the main roster so be the wildcard show. Will come in handy to book the Women's Tag Team title or if I want to book some special title matches and both wrestlers are on different brands As for PPVs, I'm planning on 10 matches for regular PPVs and 14 for the Big Five.
  11. Seems like it is mostly small changes to make life easier which isn't much but still is something. PPVs finally being over 7 matches is really a relief. Otherwise, if we can get promos that feel more real and less goofy and actual storylines, that could be a great addition. Though, this is a promise that has been made many times before Otherwise, not mentioned but from what I see, Power Rankings seem to be gone which I would love. Didn't really worked and messed up the stats of the wrestlers because of that
  12. Rhilgus

    OMG Moments

    The biggest problem I have is that it seems 2K doesn't really know what to do. At first, they used for big spots like Cesaro's Superplex ( which is its own apron move now ) and then, they used it for Suicide Dives ( which they stopped doing for just simple moves ) so I think the priority would be to decide what are OMG Moments in the first place, what are the things that truly can't be done through gameplay If I had to do it, I would put a focus on things like WWE 2K14 where Undertaker could counter a pin into the Hell's Gate. I think that kind of counter from the ground could fit the idea.
  13. Will be part of a tag team in The Planet's Savior with someone like Kassius Ohno and be booked pretty strongly Sami Zayn
  14. Rhilgus

    Women of WWE 2K20

    I know they skipped the entrances last year for the showcase but I hope they take the time to include Sasha's entrance from Brooklyn or Bliss from Backlash
  15. My guess is that they needed a Becky match to fill in for her main roster run until the heel turn and there weren't too many choices where she won
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