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  1. Status update. I'll be taking a good long break. There are just so many better games to play.
  2. I might be taking a good long break. Going to delete the game and play some others, like my insanity run of Mass Effect Legendary Edition (for the trophy).
  3. This grapple shit is a regression. We got rid of that 20 years ago.
  4. But where is it in create a moveset?
  5. I've been trying to figure out where the hell Big Show's "walk over opponent" ground move is, but I can't find it in create-a-moveset. I used Andre's moveset as a base when creating my "The Giant" CAW, and he used it on me in a match, so I KNOW it's in the game. But where?!
  6. You're supposed to delete the game, not the save data... But yeah this game is a mess. I'm on PS4. Sometimes I'll freeze when going to upload custom content. Sometimes I'll freeze when trying to download my own logos. Sometimes I'll freeze in CAW mode. Shit's feeling like WWE '13 but without the cool roster to make up for it.
  7. I hate to say this, but the current solution is to delete and reinstall the game. I did it myself.
  8. I managed to take a comparison between my Stacy and 2K's. They're actually pretty close. The textures on those PS2/GC/Xbox games were pretty damn good! But everybody in 2K22's CAW mode has this dead look in their eyes... well most of them. First of all, I reuploaded my Rey Mysterios after changing the arm bands and improving their pelvic area logos to blend them better with the tights. I think you'll find them more realistic. More importantly, one of my proudest CAWs. I don't normally include Twitter handles, but I did this time. I couldn't find a single Madusa or Alundra Blayze moveset on community creations, so... I used a template and tried my best. Attire 1 is 1996. Attire 2 is 1997. And if you're a Blayze fan, she's just a few clicks away (pic included for example purposes). Weird thing is, I couldn't find her 2K16 hairstyle anywhere... Madusa CAW Upload Slot 1: Red/Black (Rey Jr.) Slot 2: Blue/Yellow (Rey Jr.) Slot 3: Greyling Slot 4: THE GIANT Slot 5: Madusa
  9. One of my biggest pet peeves from past games has returned: gender-specific jackets. In 2K17, I was not able to use the Freebirds white jackets with the tassels for female CAWs. That was rectified in 2K19, but it has now reared its ugly head once again. I can't find Michael Hayes' jacket nor The Hurricane's cape on the female side, although there seems to be a generic cape.
  10. Come to think of it, I've never actually used my finisher in this game... never finished a match, lel. Maybe one day. I just hate trying to do suplexes etc.--you know, real moves--and just kicking and punching instead. It's like we're back to WWF Wrestlemania on NES. The first one.
  11. The controls in this game are so bad. At this point the only way they could get me to buy a future wrestling game would be the return of create-a-story.
  12. I'll just leave this here https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4389374-Infinite-loading-screen-bug&p=15349660#post15349660
  13. post Actually, this might be better suited for the bugs and glitches thread Pretty much everybody in CAW mode always has this "dead" look in their eyes.
  14. Chokeslam 2 isn't new... Remember the thumbs up one from SYM or HCTP? Thought they'd put that one back in.
  15. While I admit Stacy is a strange choice over somebody like, you know, 80s Hogan, I'm pleased just to see her in a WWE product again.
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