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  1. I don't know why people started taking overalls seriously, or why 2K started taking those people seriously.
  2. I've gotten this kind of sickness a few times before in my life. I hate it. Looking it up online, I can only assume it's the flu. First it starts with days and days of fever (and always when it's some brutally cold polar vortex going on, because *Censored* me, eh?) and brutal fatigue. All the while a slight hint of a tickle in the throat, which is foreshadowing... Then one afternoon, the fever finally breaks. I should be healthy soon, right? Wrong! As Count Dooku says, this is just the beginning. Immediately after the fever ends, the sore throat becomes worse and worse every day. More and more painful. I remember one time I had this, I ended up getting laryngitis and could barely swallow anything for a week, the interior of my throat was so swollen (which also caused me to snore and drool all over my pillow, I was a mess). But enough about the past. I don't think it'll get to laryngitis this time, but aside from fever and vomiting (which I haven't done since elementary school, knock on wood) sore throats are my most hated symptom. I am on day 5 of this illness. And the thing I hate about it is that unlike the common cold, there doesn't seem to be a feeling of forward progression at all. Like when I get a cold, my symptoms change over time (throat -> nose -> sneeze -> cough) and it fades out. But this? It just hurts like a bitch the exact same every day. No less. And what's hilarious is that I don't get to set my sleep schedule. If I wake up, I'm staying up, because that shit hurts. Why is "first thing in the morning" always the most brutal time to be sick? I had been taking ibuprofen every morning for the fever, but now I grab that orange bottle of Dayquil. That stuff has got some bite, if you will. Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of cold & flu medicine, as that shit wears off in like 5 minutes anyway. Another point for the common cold... I could've just taken Zicam and gotten rid of that in a snap. Now why did I do this whole long writeup just because I'm sick? Am I just a big baby? I don't know, dudes. I haven't been feeling up to talking much lately (or anything else!), even on the internet. Maybe it means I'm starting to turn the corner, eh? Feels nice to vent.
  3. Brutal. Probably a bunch of obvious shit like "John Cena is in the game." before we get to anything decent.
  4. Roster reveal will help a great deal for me. I would imagine Royal Rumble, but who knows.
  5. Halloween Havoc '97 would be an amazing arena to have. 1997 are my ideal WCW PPV arenas for the most part. But I hope we get more WCW matches in showcase mode. If the Starrcade '96 Rey becomes available for PS4 at a later date, that's great. But if not, I need a WCW Rey without the full phantom suit.
  6. Sadly it might be June before I figure out whether I buy this game and what version. I liked it better like WWE 13 and 14 where they would show you a DLC trailer and you can actually see it. Likewise with the roster reveal. And the showcase match list is kind of important.
  7. Do you guys think Randy Savage's face will be improved at all? Hard to tell with the glasses :)
  8. Aged up? They need to DE-AGE. I hope that's what he meant.
  9. Yall going to be posting screenshots this year? sorry i should be in bed Also, this website has audio now?! I need to turn that off pronto.
  10. It would be cool to get graphics that were as good as 2006. Faces, I mean. The PS3/360 era was full of cartoony graphics for some reason. And Yukes was phoning it in from 2K15 onward.
  11. I haven't been on CAWs.ws very much since the redesign. Something about it... anyway... since the Wrestling Legends Forum is long extinct, I am here. I've been working on championship belt plates for custom belts. Well, WCW belts. But my big gold is going to look better than ever. Assuming that myself and the community as a whole don't skip another game like 2K20, that is. We shall see.
  12. Like I posed on the 2K forum I get so much joy out of being a creator for these games. In my time, I've done a lot of research on championship belts, for accuracy's sake. Despite being a major title held by a litany of big name superstars (except Prince Iaukea ) the WCW World Television Championship hasn't been in a video game, or even on television since the year 2000. There have been replicas made, but I think they're mostly cheap things made with questionable legality. I think Figures Toy Company might have made an official replica, but if so, it was a very long time ago. I speak of the late 90s design. It has been theorized that WWE doesn't own the rights to either design (NWA, early 90s WCW, or late 90s WCW) of the television championship. The reason I bring all this up is because Mattel recently revealed a Ricky Steamboat action figure with the late 90s WCW design of the TV Title belt. I honestly have never been a fan of this design due to the very weird WCW logos on it, but I'd love to have it in the 2K games for historical accuracy. I'd also like to have the early 90s WCW version (don't need the TBS sideplates, for obvious reasons). And this is unlikely due to last being seen in a Japanese promotion, but the extremely rare WCW Women's Championship...
  13. The cost of my preorder dropped 12 cents overnight. Good shit! Also, I stumbled onto a new way to make gold logos, presumably for championship belts. You see, I looked up one of my favorite videos: Iron Sheik Insults & Threats. The video isn't PG. But I saw his Hall of Fame shirt, and it got me thinking. When I tried to make a 1997 Commissioner Iron Sheik CAW for a custom story years ago, I had him wearing a blank T-shirt. I thought "He wasn't in the Hall of Fame yet, so what could I put on there?" I thought I'll just grab a WWF block outline logo, color it yellow", make a few adjustments for quality... and afterwards I started playing around with the logo. Let me try to remember. I use Paint.NET. 1. Effects, Stylize, Emboss. (The tricky part. I actually recommend using an opaque image for this to get it to work.) 2. Add background layer, color it dark yellow (the preset dark yellow in the palette). 3. I think I put the background layer on top, but adjusted layer properties to Glow. 4. And there's your gold. 5. Flatten layers and erase around the logo. Magic Wand tool comes in handy here. 6. Effects, Stylize, Relief to add more 3D effect. 7. Adjust the color to your liking (I can't remember whether this comes before or after step 6 ). Hue, Saturation, Lightness. I moved Hue 2 pts to the right, added a bit of lightness. 8. To rid yourself of those jaggies, add a nice little Gaussian Blur for the final touch. I like a 2 or a 3. I made a few for WCW, and a few for WWF (80s logo). I may make more later.
  14. My air conditioner broke a couple of days ago. When that happens, you start to realize everything else in life is trivial. A/C is the only thing that matters. Anyway, it was 80 F in here when it was working. Now it's gotta be 90+. The only thermometer in the house is the thermostat, and it doesn't show above 85, since it's not digital. To make matters worse, summer just happens to be the longest season of the year by far, temperature-wise. According to the "month view" forecast on AccuWeather, the outdoor temps won't drop below 87 until the end of September. Oh joy.
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