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  1. Yeah, don't know why they did not have him record a more relaxed environment. Even having no shirt on. To me maybe he is not yet contented with the product but was forced to have the game released. I like some of the things they showed during the reveal. I just hope they reveal more as the game is nearing it's release. Really want to see how the creation modes look for this game.
  2. Don't know why Kenny does not feel excited with the game being released. Maybe he feels that the game is rushed to be released and their marketing is worst than 2K as others mentioned. Well at least it's only 1 month away. Hope the game gets positive reviews. Will be buying the game on release. Edit: I think it's time to have a section for this game along WWE 2K23 and Wrestlecode.
  3. Oh I thought 2K14 has that. Sorry about that. Just checked they just have the abbreviated company names WWE own like ECW, AWA, FCW and etc. I might have mixed out the Wrestler Call names where we could use Single letters as call names.
  4. They should bring this back. Past games has it. And in real life the announcers don't usually say the full company name during championship introduction. Really have no clue why they remove it.
  5. Brock's blood was accidental. When he hit the exposed turnbuckle you could see that cut him. Brock's head skin sure is thin. He gets easily cut when he gets hit unprotected.
  6. Well to be fair WWE does this all the time. Break our hearts because this wrestler did not get the win but as the story progress it becomes clearer and clearer that they made the right decision. I am sad Cody did not win because I'm rooting for him but we'll see how the story unfolds as the days pass by. But for Asuka's match. Don't know why Bianca won that. Hope the crowd does not turn on her like how John Cena was in the past.
  7. There's no other event if Roman will lose the belts but Summerslam. 2nd biggest event for WWE but still Cody should have won earlier. We'll just have to wait and see what they come up with. Hoping RAW after mania tomorrow will be good with surprises.
  8. man this match....Roman really is the final boss lol
  9. They should have really put a quick open challenge for Bobby Lashley.
  10. I agree, Finn Balor should have won that match.
  11. WWE 2K23 removing The Demon Finn, hits hard....
  12. Man I'm confused hahaha was Shane legit hurt or it was a work. Lol
  13. Man Titus should have not been allowed to do commentary on this match. He should have been put in the women's showcase.
  14. What made it even sweeter is that Sami did the pin on Jey to win the match.
  15. Man almost cried with that win. So much emotion in that match.
  16. Just noticed no pyros for The Usos' entrance.
  17. Pat is not undefeated right? He lost to Vince last year right?
  18. Loving the show. All matches are a hit so far.
  19. Well if they can't add Ronda Rousey's theme in jukebox. I have no faith that they will do the same for Cody. And f*ck 2k for not getting the rights for Edge's tights. And f*ck myfaction!
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