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  1. Yeah it was botched. Heyman took a long time removing Roman's handcuff. The replacement Ref did not even count him out.
  2. If they are scanning all WWE/NXT Superstars, finally we will be getting a great looking Edge. Hoping there will be no original DLC. Hated 2K20 more because of that. If they are giving us additional attires for CAWS just include it in the DLC packs.
  3. Nice one man, Luckily I was able to get a Otis Swarm card in the Fusion. Will be playing this weekend since I'll be off work till Tuesday. Might try to grind on this game.
  4. That support is pure BS right? hahaha. It just helped me unlocked the achievement regarding Bio Mechanical Card Pull.
  5. Saving all my money in Superstore for the next highest prize. Riddick Moss is not worth 30k for a pro. Hoping Next refresh will give a better card if not will wait for another refresh hahaha. I currently have 36k currency after the convert and 970+ Tickets. There is a free QR code in Supercard FB and get a Bio Mechanical Support Card.
  6. Maybe for No Mercy, it was time constraints too. Since the ring entrances are in the game you just need to use Gameshark. I agree with TNA, the game is fun but it lacks so many things to make it a great game. Hoping AEW we will see so much content in gameplay and entrances. Considering AEW Roster is not that big they have a lot of time to focus on other aspects of the game. This just crossed my mind. Since Yukes is developing the game I hope all the moves from WWE 2K games are imported to the AEW game. They still did most of the mocap in the past so there's a chance that they still have those assets and have it in game and there's no copyright with moves only the name. It would be cool to see a lot of moves incorporated in AEW's first game to be used for CAW and Wrestlers in game. Also, if there is a PC game there is a huge chance we could extract wrestlers model and import it to previous Yukes WWE Games or vice versa. Unless they change the format. We'll just have to wait and see. And of course, I would not mind sharing the textures again here when the game is out.
  7. Same, would like to sign up for the virtual fan for Survivor Series, only problem is that since I am from the Philippines, WWE PPV are early in the morning and on a Monday. Too early for me to show on cam and also I have work. I already saw myself on RAW last October since I was placed in the Front row during the show. I think I am good for now since my face is already immortalized in WWE programming lol. Agree with the final farewell, I hope it is just a farewell without anything. Maybe just a final tombstone piledriver and pose on the stage or every wrestler paying tribute to him while he is on the ring and everyone is on the stage clapping. His retirement/send off is perfect and no more matches should be done.
  8. Watched the video of the event and I'm happy they are pairing up with Yukes and the No Mercy director. Hope they create a great game so that 2K will have a competitor that will make them create a better WWE game which is a win win for us wrestling fans. I just hope they don't do the No Mercy entrance route like TNA Impact did in the past. It's already 2020 we need full entrances. Also happy to see intergender matches. Hoping this makes WWE reconsider that in videogames again (but I really doubt it). And I also noticed that they used the same Jericho Fake tattoo textures in WWE games in there. Nothing wrong with it, just something funny to see. I hope this game gets released same time as WWE 2K games, to put pressure on 2K to create a better game. But I hope it will not be released next year, since rushing the game might cause this game to have lots of bugs like 2K20. If they are going to release it on 2022, have it released same month as WWE 2K23.
  9. @Fight Me. The train up enhancement cards are used to level up the Cards in the game. No need to use it as enhancements for any cards. I got tired of the Game after grinding with the Undertaker Fusion Cards. After how many fusions I was able to get only one SS20 Undertaker card. Was not able to get another one for pro which sucks. Now I am taking a break and just waiting for Season 7 and saving up all my credits in MITB, PVP, Weekly challenges as they mentioned that they will combine all stores.
  10. You're welcome @Fight Me. Man will not be able to get a 2nd Otis card for Pro in the store since the War Event will end after the card refresh. Need that PVP Points reward so that I could buy him. Will just save the points for Season 7. @Lunchbox I tried googling it in the past and some working QR codes are showing up.
  11. i hate this kinds of event in Supercard, You save up as much tickets/cards for you to get a high tier card but when you spend it they always give you the lowest tier possible. To get rid of the exclamation point click on the 50/50 matches to level up the equipment card. Then do the same once you reach 100 matches.
  12. What do you mean by not showing up? I tried downloading random names from your list and the links still works. You need .dds plugin in photoshop to open up the files or download other programs to open the textures. The textures in the archives are complete, just try what other members posted here on how to open the files.
  13. I have uploaded the wrestler textures in a new thread, you might wanna check it out.
  14. @Jonathan Olivas please use google to search. I have no idea regarding chromebook. Edited the main thread. Added WWE 2K Battleground textures link.
  15. Hi all, Same as WWE 2K games I'll be sharing the official wrestler textures of the game here. Don't know if I will be able to extract the DLC wrestlers but will try to do it once those are released. Will be sharing the Folder link in mediafire, just use the search function of your browser if you are looking for specific wrestlers. All files are in .TGA format, Adobe Photoshop could easily open those. Did not bother to convert it since it is time consuming also did not delete the bump textures, just delete those. Note that not all have alternate attire like Edge, all alternate attires of wrestlers who have it are inside the folders. Enjoy the textures.
  16. @Petey_the_Clown this is noted will try to upload all this weekend.
  17. Yup I saw that, but I doubt they will include all the wrestlers hidden in the game files. I just hope they prove me wrong. as for how to unlock character and attire. Yeah, I hate the MT of this game. Just like the NBA Playgrounds game you need to grind like you don't have any other things to do in life. BTW since I was able to explore and open game files. Anybody interested with the Wrestler Textures of this game. Like this lame tattooed Undertaker texture?
  18. Man I just noticed that this game has a lot of removed wrestlers in the game. I understand some of them were removed from the final roster since most of them were fired and are now in rival promotions but for the legends I don't know why they did not push trough with them. Surprised that Gregory Helms was planned to be in the game and even young Mae Young, Ric Rude, Jim Duggan, Kurt Angle and many more. Also, Noam Dar is in the base game but I don't know why he is not selectable or even listed in the Final Roster.
  19. Wow I too feel so old, been a member since 2007. I remember most of the site's look, actually this account I am using was not originally mine it was from my brother. I was more active in GamingRing until that site went down. I remember when I was first introduced to this site, me and my brother will write CAW formulas in yellow pad paper and will take days to create wrestlers in SVR2007 and 2008 (fun but agonizing process). Also, downloading caws saves for PS2 were the best. 13 years sure passed by so fast.
  20. I agree, played a bit of it and it was fun arcade game. But since I play alone I might get bored with it fast. This game is better played with friends or family.
  21. By chance any of you guys who bought the physical game don't need the Supercard QR Code would like to donate it to me hahaha. Can't buy the physical version of the game because of the pandemic which sucks.
  22. Yes and download the dds plugin. There are other programs that can open dds files. I think some are mentioned in this thread.
  23. As Always Gamevolt delivers. Thank you for not giving up with 2K20.
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