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  1. Current match order according to pwinsider - Spoiler tags for those who need it..
  2. Mjf isn't clicking for me as champ, should lose the title soon..
  3. What do we think of the blood from the upcoming AEW game? I think it's a tad much but it fits the consept of AEW
  4. For next game they should åut some attention on the refs.. First and foremost the refs AI needs to be adressed, no more running for 5 secs before getting into position for a pin count. Next they need to do something about the refs during the matches,usualy they just stand still and rarely move before they "have" to.. Lastly they HAVE to have a "create a ref mode".
  5. The Liger Bomb looks great..
  6. Going out of the country on a amusement park vacation,looking forward to feedback on the new moves and new bugs that come with the dlc..
  7. Not sure, think it's exclusive to her though..
  8. Both the hair and move on her model looks of..
  9. I think the dive onto multiple people will be in the next game
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