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  1. Credit: pwinsider Why change something that worked before..
  2. Since we likely won't get anything wwe2k22 related until january, I'm gonna inform the masses with the latest news on the aew Console video game and how aew are working with Martha Hart on different Owen Hart merchandise and I quote Credit:pwinsider
  3. Didn't he have the name "Steiner" on his boots too?
  4. But...but...but...but....they gave themselves more time to make a better game.. I..I..I got nothing...
  5. I can't take a face version of Big E seriously due to the "funny" New Day pancake throwing BS earlier,same with Kofi A heel Big E on the other hand..that could be fun..
  6. Sucks for Joe.. Tournament time?
  7. Can someone please sum up the GM mode? Can I make my own AEW show with it?
  8. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    According to the whole list Orange Cassidy is ranked higher than Okada..go figure.. Also Finn Balor ar #8 and Rich Swann at #10 is headscratching.. I'd have Walter at #8 and Jacob Fatu at #10 instead..
  9. The new video of Jungle Boy from the AEW game looks great.. If we get 2 quality games in 2022, I'm a happy camper..
  10. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    If there ever was a bridge to burn, Mick Foley just took out some sticks and are robbing them together to make flames.. Credit:Pwinsider Foley's 100% right,but Vince is not gonna change his ways..
  11. Vince has to realise that "everything" is a treat to him. Other tv shows,videogames,movies and don't forget monday night fotball is starting next week. Hell,he better worry about theire sponsors and investors and whatnot seeing Punk&Danielsson on aew. These people should be thinking: "Hey,wasn't this guy on wrestlemania? Isn't Punk a well known name? Why haven't they signed Punk when he was free? Wait?Danielsson chose to leave?What's going on? If I was pouring money into wwe,I'd be worried and asking questions to where these money goes! I mean, wwe's got 2 monster tvdeals that draws less and less and they claim budgetcuts when releasing wrestlers.
  12. Aew is fun, wwe is not.. Aew is run by a young visionary who listens and understands theire audience.. Wwe is run by a 76 year old surrounded by yes men who's booking team books to please Vince and not theire audience.. Aew has way more money than wwe, better booking and more hunger than wwe.. Yet theire not competition Vince? And this was before they got theire 4 latest stars to sign...
  13. One thing I'm hoping for is more logical AI when it's com vs com action The wrestlers that have either flying finisher moves or submission finishers seldom try to get theire opponent "into" position For both mentoned it's all about getting theire opponent on the ground. Nothing is more frustrating than having a highflier lock up with theire opponent and having 3 finishers stored and not "going" for theire finisher by getting theire opponent on the ground.. Been this way forever & a day..
  14. Here's hoping someone please post some bulletpoints..
  15. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

  16. I'm expecting some surprices during the womans battle royal match..
  17. Sad and depressed.. Seek help, it's not a sign of weekness
  18. 2 or 58 wrongs don't make a right wwe.. I'm not mad,I'm dissapointed..
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