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  1. New wwe figure of Mr T in a ref outfit... Wwe2k24 bound?
  2. Special ref including caws = WINNING Special ref without caws = meh..
  3. https://x.com/PrinceMartyM/status/1707516675023614199?s=20 1999 was a bad year for The Rock when it comes to facing The Undertaker in his famous gimmick matches. youll be able to re-live them with RAW 1999(Casket match) and SmackDown 1999 (Buried Alive match) which are apart of the #AttitudeEraPack #RAWisWARPack #WWE2K23
  4. If signs with aew,I could see wwe having him removed from the wwe2k24 game..
  5. The need to "fix the table" - they tend to break too "easy"..
  6. Matt Riddle also released - 50/50 shot at being in the wwe2k24 game.. His chances improves if he's involved in storyline in various modes..
  7. They'll likely throw in more legends to fill out the roster, which is a good thing..
  8. Teagan Nox's name was thrown around yesterday, did I not see an official tweet or something or were peeps just wishing for her release?
  9. This is just TOO damn fun !! Booker T vs Austin in the supermarket ! https://x.com/PrinceMartyM/status/1705024950854128005?s=20 https://x.com/PrinceMartyM/status/1705050538457399494?s=20 https://x.com/PrinceMartyM/status/1704977138938499430?s=20
  10. I fear we're looking at another 1-2 talent cuts before the wwe2k24 game comes out..
  11. Mansoor, Mace, and Dana Brooke have also been released per PWInsider. https://www.pwinsider.com/article/175594/three-more-wwe-releases.html?p=1
  12. Regarding the next talent, I fear for someone like Indi Hartwell General those rarely on tv are picked out..
  13. Wwe2k24 is likely outdated again... But most of the released are of the rent, don't buy bunch...
  14. Wwe2k24 will once again have plenty of released talent in the game..
  15. Ses tweets that Shelton Benjamin is gone too
  16. Add Riddick Moss and Top Dolla to the list
  17. Ali,Emma and Aliyah released from wwe..more to follow.. Rick Boogs also gone..
  18. Fenix+Knox = Injured Mox # 2 promotion in the world ONLY in the head of the Booker of the year and his crew.. This was about as amateur hour as it get's. Would be damn funny if Mox went after the snowman and knocked some monitors onto him..
  19. Credit pwinsider for the update on the former aew star..
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