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  1. Guess we'll have to wait for the next video to perhaps see something new.. I'm not sure what I want to see really,like if they'd show us Walter I'd likely get my hopes up for many other new charachters. But at the same time,the longer we have to wait to see something new the more impatience we get. Heck if I was yukes/aew games I'd show of a little of what I get in my game..
  2. The fan base are hard to turn around, 2 short videos showing little new and nothing revealing isn't the way to go though..
  3. Remember it was Cody who said they're not going to book to new fans and only rely on theire hardcore fan base..
  4. Blood blood blood.. And that's before the main event that was built on, "promised" and depended on what..blood... Tone it down and you'll do better or you'll take years of the wrestlers careers for basicly nothing (looking at you Darby)
  5. Aew is gonna throw mad money at Bryan..
  6. I'll email them and ask.. Thanks for the reply..
  7. So walking dead is on disney+ I can't find fear the walking dead, isn't it supposed to be on disney+ too?
  8. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Wow, Meltzer is still a damn pig. Time to keep personal opinions to yourself.
  9. 2 roll up finishes in 1 show is 3 too many..
  10. Maybe we'll get the "gingerly" frog splash he did in aew..
  11. I'd love love love for the muscular bomb to be in the game. They almost had it when they put the Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver in some years ago
  12. 2k should make a twitter account where we can post moves we want included in the games
  13. If Piper Niven is in, I'm fist pumping everyone I see..
  14. Thinking of the roster spmetimes, I Wonder if: 1. We're getting Samoa Joe in the game,but only as an announcer 2. How many and which versions of Alexa Bliss are we getting 3. How many from nxt uk are we getting. Walter & his crew should be a given Anyone else have any roster thoughts?
  15. Joe vs Jacob Fatu could be something..
  16. Damn, wwe2k22 is outdated already
  17. Love to see Joe & iconics in impact or aew
  18. Damn it, Joe was one of the highligts in all of wwe.
  19. Aew is following closely.. James and green could make waves there..
  20. Saw on twitter that aew games have planned an announcement of some sorts tomorrow Could we get a release date from aew tomorrow? If so I imagine 2k/wwe games will follow suit and give us a release date too..
  21. Msk and taya as dlc at best?
  22. As long as they expand on the wwe2k19 create a wrestler mode and ignore the wwe2k20 version we're on a positive path already..
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