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  1. Just saw the Paige segment and "action" The way she was protected when exchanging "punches" to theire shoulders gives me little to no hope Paige will "wrestle" many matches in aew..
  2. File size is too small to "really fix" things?
  3. Credit:pwinsider Nxt call ups
  4. It helps to be pals with the boss...
  5. 3 years in and perhaps and at best they've had "good" 8 months of tv.. The rest..not so much..
  6. Hire Eric Bishoff to run the backstage area..
  7. Is this twitter "war" pure storyline or are they working themselves into a shot.... Brother?
  8. Legit remember that Paige was a decent promo, this was cringe worthy at best.. Oh..and she shoots on the company that paid her to get healthy and looked after her...
  9. Page started ir,but the problems started and should end with the Booker of the year..
  10. Word is that the former Paige is not cleared to wrestle yet.. Let's hope the Booker of the year avoids putting her on weekly gimmick matches..
  11. I read that over 350 000 viewers turned of last week when Yuta & Garcia main evented.. AEW strugles to keep viewers in theire last tv hours continues..
  12. Y2j over Claudio? Y2j looked every bit of his 51 years old in this match, he blow spots including his finish.. Claudio was pushed for 5 minutes, rarely seen at times and lost to a soon to be 52 year old. He lost his mojo quick in aew. Y2j as ROH Champion reminds me of Vince McMahon as ecw Champion.. It's that headscratching.
  13. Quality pop for the debut, let's see what the future holds..
  14. Lot's & lot's and lot's of rumours/talks of debuting tonight.. If true expect plenty of caws for the wwe2k22 game too.. Oh..and rumours of Captain Insano too..
  15. Is it too late to get this match in wwe2k23? I think so..
  16. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Could be something, could be nothing... Credit:pwinsider
  17. Would be damn funny if wwe sent a legal letter to aew about the supposed Elte reach out..
  18. More from Meltzer,found on reddit
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