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  1. Love him or not, TK did right by Jay.. Oh...and I'm not crying, you're crying...
  2. Credit: Pwinsider for these potential spoilers
  3. Wargames could be a mess or it could be damn fun.. Not getting my hopes up "year 1" for the match though..
  4. and you can even taunt with a weapon This is a feature I've wanted for years !!
  5. When are we getting our "own" WWE2K23 section here? lol...
  6. Just when I thought I was gone, they pull me back in...lol
  7. https://www.polygon.com/23564646/wwe-2k23-release-date-preview-wargames From the article:
  8. Wait..hold the phone..the press and my wig ! We can download caws from CC and use them in the myrise mode?
  9. According to the pre order site,we're getting 5 dlc packs. Wonder if @RickyBobby can share some light on weather we're getting a moves pack dlc..
  10. Ruthless Aggression Content • Playable Prototype Cena • 1x Prototype Cena MyFACTION Card • Playable Leviathan Batista • Playable Young OVW-Era Randy Orton • Playable Young OVW-Era Brock Lesnar • John Cena Legacy Championship Belt
  11. Here comes the bugs that shuts down the game..
  12. This "leaker" is all over twitter saying his sources have bailed on him after being proven wrong. And he's pissed.. Quite amusing to read..
  13. https://www.amazon.com.au/2K-GAMES-WWE-2K23/dp/B0BSKRCRHS
  14. More war games for next gen only talk on twitter.. But my paranoid mind fears there's a chance we won't get cross plattform caws due to all the "trouble" that came out of it..
  15. Roster wise.. Is it too late for Emma and Bronson Reed to be in? Even as dlc??
  16. The Rey showcase was hindered by Liger not being in and the fact that he had just about the same moveset in every match ! Young Rey had more diverse moves than older Rey, that's for sure.. So my fear is that who ever is featured will have the same moveset despite it covering his entire career....
  17. More from the "leaks".. Always remember to be sceptical around these days..
  18. From one of the "leakers" on twitter.. Remember..Grain of salt...
  19. Lots.....lots of rumours/leaks on twitter.. War games for new gen Fight pit for old gen Iron survivor challenge to be patched in the summer Edge showcase 120 caw slots.. I know...I know..."leakers" is not to be trusted..
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