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  1. Will have a new post detailing this caw, Bit inspired by Faith the lioness...
  2. Belle has been reuploaded with a face update, and Georgia Harris might be uploaded today.
  3. Alright so I finally figured (somewhat) this streaming thing; will occasionally have OC Universe streams up on twitch: twitch.tv/ponkeymasta probably will have to cut the entrance music out though:
  4. Belle also gets a face lift:
  5. Not to report, but will probably start some new men's faces. couple that new some re-tweaking. Reggie's is first:
  6. I have nonstop Avengers music playing in my head now...
  7. Hmm, this place doesn't seem to be as poppin' as before...
  8. Lina Gallo revamp again: Two new chars: "Polynesian Princess" Sadie Tau "The Klutz" Annika Feras
  9. Up today is Katie(formerly Petra) Gladwin:
  10. Ok hopefully I can be more active on this one, so it doesn't shut down. Gonna make a serious push to get my original 60 female caws, before 2k22. The same people form the previous thread are up, but we're starting off with a certain former track star (complete with a gear design revamp) As always, the main tag is akira19 Angela White - Anchorage, AK Jodi also gets a new smoother face edit (monitor issues). Also due to that opacity bug here is her logo work (for those that want to download her): https://imgur.com/a/ICBJjI2
  11. Angela sporting a new ring gear design.
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