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  1. Better late than never; I'll see if I can make my men's roster (atleast the 2k19 men's roster) Starting out with the Vargas brothers:
  2. NP and Thanks; always love to see the characters in other leagues.
  3. Thanks; I'm pretty sure Kiyori needs the Stand back DLC, because of the Kiebler top.
  4. No they're still a team; I kinda don't like doing team breakups, unless a good story warrants it.
  5. No; they're just Reed&Warren right now. Not too good at coming up with tag team names.
  6. Thanks; working on another one of my original arenas; the gaming based - Critical Hit
  7. Georgia gets a new batch of ring gear:
  8. Tell me about it; been on and off all day.
  9. Finally done with my Women OC's; debating on how to showcase the last batch: Kareena Dalavi, Annika Feras, Sofia, Lady, Daria Lopez, Lindsey Meghani, and Gina Mendoza, are some of the last few (and most of them are uploaded). Here are some preview shots: Plus a shot with Demi Walker doing MGK's entrance, which unsurprisingly fits -
  10. The hair is not new, and has been there since 16 or so. Not sure who this person is, but she is the base face for Traci:
  11. Traci Warren Returns, can pair her up with Jamie Reed:
  12. Probably coming tomorrow Jamie Reed's Return (some slight revamps regarding color) Traci Warren will follow soon later this week.
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