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  1. New OC's Jamie Reed: and Lucy Nagata's enforcer, Shiyoka
  2. Vicki and another new CAW in brief action:
  3. Thanks; 2 other new characters Luchadora CrazyCat And the Street Kid, Vicki Nunez
  4. Full OC Roster Rundown
  5. Scratch that, Teli has a new revamped face/attire:
  6. Teli Rossin new default:
  7. The final batch ( atleast for a while) Felicia Ortiz Lady (Deranged Adrenaline junkie) Shelly Parker
  8. New caw entrances plus a new arena:
  9. Final version of Molly:
  10. Last batch for a while; repeating too many archetypes lol. Ignore the Daria char, kinda just a placeholder.
  11. Jossing around with a human version of Voltha (stickler for realism, I guess) Kinda made the orc/dark elf for the sake of it. GIGI sporting a new hair; mostly influenced by a reference...sort of...(don't ask)
  12. The full deal is up; works well with the Gloria Dark elf caw. https://imgur.com/a/tBGCxNF
  13. Heading back to the fantasy realm with some Orc loving...
  14. Thanks; here's everyone we've made so far: https://imgur.com/a/6W1kW0K
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