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  1. Naw haven't gotten around to them yet; not really sure if I will before March.
  2. If I even finish this, probably gonna just shoot down the list alphabetically (the march release killed my hype for porting). Working on Aria Stone tonight.
  3. Jamie Reed, Sonya Cruise, and Traci Warren are up now.
  4. Same day one platforms as usual probably. Why would that change? (PC/PS4-5/Etc.)
  5. Music Test for some of the newer caws:
  6. There went my hype for this shit. So tired of creating in 19...
  7. Don't care, hopefully he's wrong this time.
  8. I'll believe it when I see it; never even heard of fightful until today.
  9. This; gonna call bullshit on that release date.
  10. New facework for Traci
  11. Jamie Reed is now up.
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