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  1. Yeah still gonna have to request ATLEAST remappable face buttons....that shit don't fly with me. If you're gonna try to attempt some pseudo Platinum Games/Arkham play scheme, then A,Y, and B are gonna have to be switched; doesn't work for me brother. Hopefully on Steam we can get that controller profile menu (Like Tales of Arise, or American Truck simulator).
  2. Mo...ther...*censored*er....
  3. Yeah if I can aleast get re-mappable face buttons ( Namely heavy attack to Y, grapple to A, and reversals/dodge to B) I'll be a happy camper.
  4. Please tell there will be remappable controls....it boggles the mind why every game doesn't have this. You don't *Censored* with muscle memory...
  5. Entrance and match video for Okano
  6. Bringing back an old character: Shoji Okano ...well technically he's already up, but don't have a proper showcase yet.
  7. New gear for Rex Payton
  8. While I do have to cut people, to make the 100 caw limit; I'd much rather have more attire slots, before we talk about caw slots.
  9. Working on a new look for Isiah Briggs :
  10. Working on a new Attire for Brandy Jackson:
  11. Naw haven't gotten around to them yet; not really sure if I will before March.
  12. If I even finish this, probably gonna just shoot down the list alphabetically (the march release killed my hype for porting). Working on Aria Stone tonight.
  13. Jamie Reed, Sonya Cruise, and Traci Warren are up now.
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