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  1. I think to many people would be upset not even have him recognized, in that regards they couldn't win
  2. She had a small feud with Trish, I think it ended with a paddle match
  3. I think The DLC is simply underwhelming in so many ways, like why remove Rikishi to make him DLC (again). That just doesn't make since, and wasn't Vader also in the game at one. And really they removed 3 female legends for 1 that wrestled only on occasion. (as I recall Vince wanted to put the woman's championship on her, but she refused because she didn't really want to be wrestler to begin with)
  4. So I have 2 questions the first has to do with a PS5, I downloaded the game and it says I have both the PS5 version and PS4, can I remove the PS4 version I don't even get why it downloaded to be honest? Second question I'm looking for someone to create Jacob Elordi (Aka Nate Jacobs from Euphoria) and Robert Pattinson (doesn't need to be his Batman look). In fact I did look at caws that said The Batman or Pattinson tag and they don't look like him, just used it to get more views I believe. That or creating is now harder
  5. So I saw the outfit today great little flick. Dylan O'brien gave a great performance
  6. They also kept there crowd signs in
  7. See my issue is I would like 2 famous people but don't know who would be interested in creating celebs
  8. is their a thread were we can request certain caws?
  9. They did that once before and got sued
  10. I heard Lita's entrance isn't even in the game, it just seems like they took a lot of things needed to create her out is that true?
  11. His really good, this is actually a really good cast. But he def. does great job in making the character his own. And I can't wait to see his series
  12. I saw The Batman I loved the film, probably the best since TDK, maybe better
  13. I would rather have the outdated roster, if they remove my favorite wrestlers I like to play as, because their no longer in the WWE then I wouldn't want to play. WWE is just a brand it's really the talent that gets people watching.
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