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  1. I bought the slandered edition but those other editions look like they were cancelled
  2. So I saw Shang-chi this past weekend and I will admit it's probably one of the few I will actually re-watch
  3. Feels like that one actor is trying pretty hard to be like Laurence Fishburne's character. Don't know if that was the intent though
  4. Titans is a favorite of mine, it's actually one of the few superhero shows I watch
  5. I tried contacting them again and they said that the issue might be that the episode might have been corrupted and they would tell the tech team to re upload the episode when they could. They would send me an email when they did it. That was day ago and no email. I'm guessing because it's the weekend it won't be done until the weekday.
  6. So I know this isn't exactly on topic but I was hoping someone could help? I have a firestick and I'm having issues with Hulu (No ads if that matters), I went to watch the latest nine perfect strangers episode, we get mid way through the episode the sound seems to cut out and then it goes to black screen and it happens in the exact same spot, and it's only that app. I've checked to make sure both app & firestick are updated, I've reset it multiple times, clear catch & data, uninstall and reinstalled app, what else can i do?
  7. Actually DC has had some solid films. I just don't care for them doing their own MCU (As I don't care for a majority of MCU films). I just prefer the dark knight trilogies overall.
  8. I think it was OK, I didn't care Cena's character at all. One thing I dislike I won't share do to spoilers
  9. I saw The Green Knight, enjoyed the film. If your going in expecting lots of action from the trailer, well there really isn't any
  10. Disney really needed to renegotiate contracts (Warner did, when they did this with HBO). I actually thought Mark Walhburg would sue Paramount+ (or whoever) for releasing his film directly to streaming. If roles were reversed they would be going after Scarjo for not honoring the contract, so I can't blame these ladies. It's not like Disney would be hurting if they loss. As she's only asking what she feels she is due, and not extra
  11. So I saw Mortal Kombat, I loved it. It wasn't perfect but I wasn't expecting an Oscar caliber movie. I love the fatalities, and it's well casted my only complaint So the new character needs to be fleshed out more ( I enjoy the actors other work, he also does his own stunts). This would be problem for the likes of Sonya but with years of content in video game format it doesn't effect her much
  12. I think this has to do with their plans for their MCU like verse same reason Blue Falcon was in Scoob
  13. I loved Kong Skull Island and I don't really enjoy these types of films
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