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  1. If it's on Syfy and good it will be cancelled after 1 season
  2. I preferred the books ending but everything else was great
  3. So I saw my first Ingmar Burton film, The seventh seal, great film but might not be the best film to watch during a quarantine
  4. So I had I really weird dream. I trying to get a enough to stab a lemon. I was warned that something bad would happen if I did (but really wanted to). Eventually, I couldn't resist I got the knife and stabbed the lemon (To see what would happen). The lemon turned into some random person that I stabbed. I don't know if he died or not as I woke up before that.
  5. For me Toy Story 4 was the weakest of the series, I felt like they should of stopped with 3 (which was my fav).
  6. I actually didn't like Toy Story 4. Also Disney requires they do a certain amount of sequels, for merchandising purposes. both Toy Story and Cars sell a ton toys. I would love to see a bug's life sequel but I'm afraid it wont happen. I will say about Onward it's more about their Journey/Adventure then it is about comedy. The person working on it, drew from his own experience of losing his father at young age. I would say it's not my favorite Pixar film but no were near the worse. Also have you seen the How to Train your dragon franchise? probably my favorite Dreamworks
  7. Sorry but the posters make me think Power rangers turbo
  8. That could be more protective gear for riding a bike
  9. I like it, if I'm not mistaken for this film it's his second year of fighting crime. so everything should be kinda basic. his still trying to figure out what he needs
  10. I really enjoyed Sonic probably one of best movie adaptions of a video game
  11. I don't think Toy Story 4 deserved the Oscar
  12. Scott Eastwood

    WWE Drama

    I was pointing out that it's not uncommon for someone to lie like that. But I was half awake and didn't do a good job
  13. Scott Eastwood

    WWE Drama

  14. Scott Eastwood

    WWE Drama

    somethings kinda fishy with his story (although wouldn't be surprised if it did happen) Look at the follow-up tweets. He also claims the cop immediately left when Rodriguez asked for his badge number. So a cop went from brutalizing and pointing a gun at a driver, to leaving the scene, just because the person he stopped asked for his badge number? Shit, why didn't Rodney King think of that? Rodriguez also states that seeing the name "Jesus Rodriguez" on the license caused the cop to switch gears. I have no idea what that means. Is he saying the cop is such a big wrestling fan, he recognizes the real names of guys who used to be in WWE (but doesn't recognize their faces)? Several people have asked him exactly where this happened. Rodriguez is silent on the issue. He also said "they let me go the moment I told them I was filming them." Well, which is it? Did asking for the badge number make them leave, or was it telling them you were filming them, or was it the name on your license? I think he deleted some of his response because while the part were he says he video taped no longer shows but people reference it
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