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  1. https://deadline.com/2022/11/the-sandman-season-two-netflix-dc-comics-1235161722/ Sandman official getting a season 2
  2. I feel like Netflix just tried their luck at ordering a Hemsworth from Wish
  3. I went to see Bros (liked the Co-star). The film isn't bad but more forgettable (no real funny moments). The story line while relatable, I just couldn't get into it, partly because I just didn't like Billy's character
  4. watched See How They Run, great film reminded me of Clue
  5. Interview with the Vampire has already been renewed for a season 2
  6. I'm really enjoyed The Sandman I can't wait for season 2, loved everything about it. I bought the first 2 books in the series
  7. I think to many people would be upset not even have him recognized, in that regards they couldn't win
  8. So I have 2 questions the first has to do with a PS5, I downloaded the game and it says I have both the PS5 version and PS4, can I remove the PS4 version I don't even get why it downloaded to be honest? Second question I'm looking for someone to create Jacob Elordi (Aka Nate Jacobs from Euphoria) and Robert Pattinson (doesn't need to be his Batman look). In fact I did look at caws that said The Batman or Pattinson tag and they don't look like him, just used it to get more views I believe. That or creating is now harder
  9. So I saw the outfit today great little flick. Dylan O'brien gave a great performance
  10. is their a thread were we can request certain caws?
  11. They did that once before and got sued
  12. His really good, this is actually a really good cast. But he def. does great job in making the character his own. And I can't wait to see his series
  13. I saw The Batman I loved the film, probably the best since TDK, maybe better
  14. I'm happy to see Andrew Garfield nominated (but I feel like Will will win, although I haven't seen that film), and another note I feel like Nicole will Win but I don't think deserves it, but I do think J.K. Simmons should for his part in Being The Ricardos
  15. So I saw The King's Man today, this film started good but quickly went to crap.
  16. So their doing a sequel for A Christmas Story for HBO Max, I already hate the original, but I don't think this stands a chance. Might be better then the home alone sequel
  17. I'm not surprised he has several cartoons that are of various success, which might be benefiting it
  18. So I saw Shang-chi this past weekend and I will admit it's probably one of the few I will actually re-watch
  19. Feels like that one actor is trying pretty hard to be like Laurence Fishburne's character. Don't know if that was the intent though
  20. I tried contacting them again and they said that the issue might be that the episode might have been corrupted and they would tell the tech team to re upload the episode when they could. They would send me an email when they did it. That was day ago and no email. I'm guessing because it's the weekend it won't be done until the weekday.
  21. So I know this isn't exactly on topic but I was hoping someone could help? I have a firestick and I'm having issues with Hulu (No ads if that matters), I went to watch the latest nine perfect strangers episode, we get mid way through the episode the sound seems to cut out and then it goes to black screen and it happens in the exact same spot, and it's only that app. I've checked to make sure both app & firestick are updated, I've reset it multiple times, clear catch & data, uninstall and reinstalled app, what else can i do?
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