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  1. The above creator have made a lot of damn great caws for both wwe2k19 and this game.. Deserves more attention and downloads..
  2. What a charachter ! I was a believer.. RIP...
  3. Hard to see the models and the moves with the "effects" around the charachters...
  4. Just checked google,thanks for the heads up Chief. Are they still using theire "chikara names"?
  5. Man, I miss the not live crowd...
  6. Trailer: https://wwe.2k.com/battlegrounds/buy/ Release date is sept 18th Edge is pre order bonus
  7. From 2k's Facebook page Yokozuna !!
  8. No way this gets released on ps4 now..
  9. glennsoe

    LuchaCaw 2k20

    Amazing work Chief ! I know what I'm gonna be doing now for quite some time ! Thank You.. What's your Twitter handle so we can make sure the powers that be at 2k sees your great caws..
  10. Chikara shuts down..
  11. What has Dream done?
  12. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    I need to read up on twitter tonight, can't say I'm shocked at all. Poor women..
  13. Watch Orton win the match in 3 minutes claiming as a heel that the match is the greatest match ever since he won it..
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