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  1. Like the pwinsider article stated,vince was likely not the driving force behind the release The order of release came from those responsible for the numbers being in the Black and not in the red. Theire focused is on not going red anywhere these days. I bet the conversation went like this Khan: vince,we're gonna release Wyatt Vince: wait why? Khan: Hardly on tv,makes a boatloat of cash sitting home doing nothing Vince: well,if it saves money - then fine
  2. But can we use the created refs in the game modes AS refs?
  3. Create a ref or commentator would rule.. Iconic2k made these caws
  4. Credit; pwinsider Spoiler on a return tonight
  5. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Vince is so damn arrogant I hope it comes back to bite them in the a**.. I really hope that the companies behind the newest tvdeals, raises theire fists and demand a better product.. I've been a wwe fan for 40 years,but this attitude is turning fans against them..
  6. Isn't Punk the "bigger" star of the 2? Isn't it him the hardcore fans are gonna loose theire minds over?
  7. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Credit:pwinsider From wwe latest media call Are they planing on firing more wrestlers soon??
  8. Haven't seen the show yet,but read online that it seemed JR wasn't fond of the Jericho/Cage match and it was clear during his commentary.. Also Juvi next week? Been a fan of his for many moons.,so I'm looking forward to the match
  9. Off topic. But still The wrestling code game will have 1000 caw slots and each slot could have 3-4 sub slots for alternative attires According to a tweet from those who makes the game it's because it's not meant to be a yearly released game
  10. Haven't seen smackdown yet,did Toni Storm have a good showing/debut?
  11. Read speculation on twitter yesterday that the game could play and feel like the no mercy game from many moons ago..
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