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  1. I reckon it's out in about 4-5 hours..
  2. Not to impressed with these moves...
  3. WWE2K22 Patch Update 1.15 – 06.27.22 Hey, All– Patch 1.15 is now LIVE including stability and balance improvements, and much, much more. Thank you for playing, and keep the feedback coming via our social channels! GENERAL Various adjustments to Superstar attributes Addressed reported concerns about crashes occurring when using the News tile to navigate the game Addressed reported concerns where Superstars entered the Royal Rumble in the wrong order GAMEPLAY Addressed the ranges of select moves Various adjustments to address incorrectly assigned moves to certain Superstars Added moves to various move categories Addressed reported concerns of the ladder falling down during ladder matches Addressed reported concerns of players warping and popping up after a match ends Addressed reported concerns of tag team finishes and attacks not occurring during matches Addressed reported concerns of the AI not performing their running signature/finisher against corner-seated opponents Addressed the alignment on various animations so that they connect better in-game Adjusted the damage of several moves to ensure the correct amount was being applied to opponents ONLINE Improved stability within Community Creations CREATE Addressed reported concerns of shirts being tucked in when not intended Addressed reported concerns of a soft-lock in the game when editing CAS Addressed reported concerns of infinite loading when editing a saved video on PS5 UNIVERSE Stability improvements when using Custom Superstars
  4. I'm "always" here..lol Been a fan of yours for years and years,so I'm happy your still creating for us. Looking forward to whatever you got up your sleeve..
  5. Claudio is damn solid in the ring, Looking forward to more from him.
  6. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Found on reddit https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2022/06/vince-mcmahon-accused-of-rape-by-first-female-wwe-referee.html?utm_campaign=nym&utm_source=tw&utm_medium=s1
  7. Only 1 new move for Doudrop? No new Michinoku Driver for her?
  8. This...is...one...heck...of..a ...Great.. collection..of..caws ! Love each & everyone of them, you got them skills.. Thank you for your hard work & dedication..
  9. Piper will be one of those I play as the most,she looks good.. Hopefully 2k and our friend here has included some new moves for her... And we're still missing the damn Axe Guillotine Driver...Damn it..
  10. What started out promising... Why am I looking more forward to Forbidden Door (Not a fan of that phrase) 2, What could've been..?
  11. I'd love to see some video packages of the guys coming in to wrestle,but that ship has sailed.. Not everyone follows njpw and such like aew thinks..
  12. The show that could've been something.. Now it's a Snakebiten show..
  13. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Not sure if/how legit, but claims Rosa Mendes could be the woman in question http://www.wrestlingepicenter.com/news/2014//657397140.shtml
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