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  1. Credit pwinsider Spoiler on possible title to be vacated..
  2. I'm a huge cm punk guy,but I've said from day 1 of the famous scrum heard around the world the EVERYBODY involved should've been fired,Punk included. That's right, fire the Elite and everyone that entered punks locker room.
  3. Not sure if this is a case of trying to save face or hide from it all
  4. I can't see how the footage was anything but a HUGE egg in the face of aew. 2 things I'm repeating when it comes to aew.. 1. For aew to be successfull,the following should've been FIRED asap. Cm Punk, Young Bucks,Adam Page and Jack Perry 2. Why the F does aew continue to WASTE theire most valuble asset, theire tv time, on wwe and the people there. Makes them look Bush league..
  5. Judging by the video,this company is done.. It proved 2 things, Punk was right and Tony feiring for his life was a joke .
  6. Not my caw,I'm nowhere this damn Great.. I found it on twitter..
  7. https://x.com/DarioAbtonio/status/1777478911422578929 DRAGO !!
  8. Samdman or Terry Funk victory scene?
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