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  1. Credit:pwinsider is slated to be at tonight's Raw, PWInsider.com has confirmed.
  2. Found on reddit Meltzer says William Regal's WWE return has been discussed. He's under a 1 year deal with AEW: "I would just say that when his contract is up, it would not surprise me. Tony can make him a better offer and all that. It is certainly something that has been discussed. I will just say that."
  3. I felt the Paige match expossed both of them as being better at promo's and bad workers..
  4. WhatsTheStatus has uploaded caws WITH hidden taunt audio from plenty of wrestlers not in the game. Adam Cole, Sting,Pauge,Rusev and Matt Hardy among others
  5. Found on reddit... Another 2 hours of "ain't my booking great" masturbation time.. Nick Hausman: “I just got word that AEW will have media scrums after Full Gear! Thank you to @TonyKhan for continuing to do them. I’ll be there on behalf of @WrestlingInc. Let’s have some fun!”
  6. Credit:pwinsider Spoiler on mens war games teams
  7. How do you mess up Brian Danielson?. Wasted potential,but there could still be time.. Oh,and please oh please stop the chair fetish - I can't believe Danielson was involved with a chair throw angle knowing his health issue.. Another case of the Booker of the year not Caring for his wrestlers..
  8. Another strange cringeworthy Paige promo.. Didn't people say she cuts great promo's I've yet to see it in aew..
  9. Sure hope doud..eh Piper Niven is on one of these teams too..
  10. Looks like another patch has been released - 1.19
  11. The aew game that comes out whenever got some serious rumour talks going today https://www.wrestlezone.com/news/1328262-aew-fight-forever-to-release-day-one-on-xbox-game-pass Is this a good or bad thing? I'm a ps4 guy and clueless what the game pass means (Other than it could reach many gamers)
  12. And it looked way better and fluid than Page's !!!!
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