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  1. Well, I say it's now a 65% complete game after all the patches. Still plenty of glitches around, but it's at least playable. Like I've always said: Underneath all the bugs & glitches,there is a great game..
  2. Seems Ripley's work visa has expired,should explain why she lost her title .
  3. Ryeedee has also uploaded a great Taya Valkyrie caw on cc..
  4. Regarding the Riplay/Flair match,which was my favorite match of both nights: Sometimes you elevate the loser in a match and not just the winner,here both Riplay and the nxt title got elevated. Kudos to the one who laid out the match backstage - would've been better with 80 000 peeps there though..
  5. Rating for RAW is under 2 million viewers - the last Raw before mania that's not good for Anyone...
  6. And Samoa Joe has yet to make his mania debut, even after all these years..
  7. Kinda surpriced if Ricochet isn't on the show at all...
  8. Unless this was shot some time ago, shouldn't he be in quarantine when they taped mania? I'm half kidding of course....
  9. They did the same thing to KO a few years ago.. Got him red hot, gave him the title and jobbed him out to Goldberg right before mania.. rinse, repeat...
  10. Read on twitter that due to wwe wanting to restrict how many are in the ring at once the Mania Battle royals are NOT on the card this year.
  11. Wonder if there'll be any 205 live matches on the card - they deserve it. .
  12. Damn great show, might be theire best yet..
  13. If it ends up we're getting Liger as a pre order for wwe2k21, I' ll jump for joy...
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