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  1. F'n coward keyboard warriors.. RIP..
  2. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    What is this twitter "war" between Mark Henry and Lio Rush? Some twitter headline said Mark Henry will sue Lio Rush.. What's up?
  3. Damn fine caw ! Not sure if it's for the 19 or 20 game though..
  4. Rachael Ellering was also released from some time ago,she's now looking for bookings.. Felt like she never really got a chance..
  5. Credit:pwinsider - Regarding Becky Lynch Read.only if you want to be spoiled
  6. The ladder matches reminded me of a bad SNL skit.. Some of it was entertaining whilst most were cringeworthy..
  7. Don't forget to let 2k know how you feel about the next game with the feedback survey.. https://forums.2k.com/forumdisplay.php?844-WWE-2K20-Feedback-Project
  8. I saw some video on youtube,but thanks for the heads up though..
  9. From reading the latest news,I'd rather turn my attention to the Chikara game when it's out on ps4..
  10. NOW would be a great time to send out another one of those feedback projects and what we liked and didn't like about wwe2k20..
  11. Which part of the press release container the "exciting news" part? I fail to see anything noteworthy except the part about wwe2k19 servers..
  12. Thanks for the twitter handle,I'm gonna send him a Message to get better tester and the let the caw creators be heard..
  13. The youtuber that broke the news that wwe2k21 was cancelled says the wwe2k19 servers are going to be open at least til the end of the summer.
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