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  1. Strange thing is I've downloaded patch 1.05 but when I start up the game and get to the ce a screen it says "version 1.04"
  2. Have you submitted a ticket to 2k? I think this patch is also planned a long time ago..
  3. Another +8 GB update for ps4 Second +8gb update in a row..
  4. Remember to voice your opinion to 2k with various things that needs patched..
  5. I'll look for it asap, thanks Chief..
  6. Love this topic.. Who made the MJF in the picture?
  7. Which caws are you guys using for the myrise mode? Haven't tried the mode so far, I'm torn between Kenny Omega and Jericho currently.. But others on my list are Hangman Page (if his finisher makes it in), CM Punk (can't decide which version I want) and Jack Evans (Waiting for someone to make a great caw of him)
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