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  1. Found on reddit,not sure if it's been posted before
  2. Brian Kendrick,one of my favorites has asked for his wwe release.. Could be his last game..
  3. Credit:pwinsider More on the possible spoiler earlier
  4. Lots and lots of Talk on twitter and reddit today..
  5. Jinny is perfect for nxt uk,such a great heel..
  6. Love to see a short 20 sec clip of the reveals finishers and signatures though..
  7. You know what I'd like 2k, it's a quick little overview of what each dlc pack consists of.. Instead we usualy gets radio silence from 2k about said packs and the leaks starts coming out and 2k are furious about the leaks !! Impress me this year 2k,be ahead of things..
  8. Why do I get the feeling we're getting some type of cards and a few superstars as dlc's?
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