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  1. Credit:pwinsider - Impact related..
  2. glennsoe

    WWE Drama

    Roman towing the company line..
  3. What can really "save" wwe2k22 from being another wwe2k20 fiasco other than: - caw mode based on wwe2k19 caw mode - GM mode based on previous universe modes - increase in caw slots & logo limit - Cross plattform caws - meaningfull dlc, real wrestlers not fantasy
  4. https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/report-recent-wwe-releases-ruined-dlc-plans-wwe-2k22
  5. Will there ever come a time when wwe "let's" us fully change the in game charachters? I'm talking about hair,tattos and such.. We sure could've used it when Cole,Danielson and Riot went over to aew. But perhaps that's the reason wwe keeps shaking theire head to this?
  6. Too many roll ups, it's like theire trying to protect everybody..
  7. Next weeks show is gonna be 30 minutes later which means the last 30 minutes will compete with the first 30 minutes of aew rampage. Tony Khan on twitter says bring it on wwe Will aew showcase Brian Danielsson and cm Punk or not the first 30 minutes?
  8. Can't believe Toni lost.. She's got money written all over her..
  9. Who are the one's that will benefit from the Draft? I'm putting down the pipe and saying Ricochet and Piper Niven could have a chance..
  10. Semi interested in Ricochet to smackdown,if booked right...
  11. I think I have well under 50 aew wrestlers in my universe,with 2 world championships and 3 arenas yet still I have to delete wrestlers to PERHAPS get enough space to download 1 caw Currently I'm "maxed out" at 922/1000 logos..
  12. 200 caw slots and "unlimited logo limit" would go a long way to please the demanding fanbase..
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