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  1. Oh also Cross Platform Community Creations should be a thing by now yes it was requested heavily but now's the perfect time to introduce it when you get talented creators busting out great creations like the work Omegaman and Iconic are putting out on the green side and the great projects the blue side has like ECWLives WCW Project and INDPspirit it's kinda obvious really
  2. Adding to what you said: Drew McIntyre : Raw November 16th 2020 Roman Reigns: Head of the table Black T-Shirt from 2020 Sheamus: His return look in 2020
  3. Seems like the edge model here might be from backlash 2020
  4. So this is interesting TLDR not every released star will be removed from the game unless told otherwise
  5. Omegaman is an underrated creator you should showcase his stuff he's perhaps the 2nd most active creator on XBOX after iconic also I'm pretty sure this is for 2K19
  6. WALTER and the rest of Imperium Ilja Dragunov Head of the Table Roman Reigns Io Shirai Johnny Gargano and the rest of the way Bronson Reed MVP and Updated Lashley Edge Karrion Kross and Scarlett Shotzi and Tegan Nox
  7. About time someone made a Jason Jordan on 2K20 on either console
  8. Someone said it best in this thread Iconic2K is the one creator who's making me jealous of the XBOX Side because my god his creations gets better and better each day I remember how when we first started showcasing his creations and now he's one of the best creators on XBOX
  9. Updated Escobar btw
  10. I just found the video that they used for bronson's sit out axe guillotine driver skip to 2:09
  11. Still MisterFiendX but now by Popular Demand here’s Bobby Lashley at the front And Here’s One Including WALTER
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