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  1. In addition to that Onikabankz does have a pack of Lyra attires on cc you just have to import your favourite attires on this Lyra https://x.com/onikabankz/status/1781009154280137204?s=46&t=2vbE6gJV0ylVd6AnrQr7dw
  2. If you want to use Lyra Valkyria right now instead of waiting for September Divadadde got you covered https://x.com/divadadde/status/1785357588348932566
  3. Championship entrances there’s three brand new title motions Dominik Mysterio Rhea Ripley and a brand new Roman Reigns Champion entrance which is literally just the Roman part from the aforementioned Bloodline Champion Trio Entrance
  4. Tag and Trio Entrances Tag Adult Rated Couple- Edge and Lita from 2K23 The Brawling Brutes Briggs and Jensen The Chosen Ones- Ziggler and McIntyre Gallus Tag Gold Standard Team- Benjamin and Gable Latino World Order Tag Los Lotharios One Hit Wonders Tag- Hit Row Peak Masculinity 1 2 and 3- Maximum Male Models Tag Star Client and Manager- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Super Snake Bros- RKBro Trio Entrances The Bloodline Champion Trio Briggs and Jensen with Henley Chase U trio Disputed Age Trio- Undisputed Era Trio was hidden in 2K22 and 2K23 but it’s selectable now Judgment Day Stable Latino World Order Trio One Hit Wonders- Hit Row Peak Masculinity 1- Maximum Male Models
  5. I know I said I wasn’t gonna post this thread now but seeing as I have a lot of time I couldn’t resist making it so here it goes Singles Entrances Austin Theory 1 Axiom Bianca Belair 1- Exclusive The Big Deal- Titus O’Neil new entrance Boujee in the Moonlight- Aliyah from 2K23 Bro- Matt Riddle with Scooter Bron Breakker 1 Bronson Reed Brooks Jensen Chad Gable 1 Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo Chelsea Green The Cleaner- Kenny Omega yes Alpha Omega still exists Commandant- Commander Azeez from 2K22 Cora Jade 1 Dance Off- Shanky from 2K23 “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio- That’s The Heel Entrance he also has his face entrance in the game Disruptor- Mustafa Ali Heel Entrance from 2K22 Duke Hudson Fallon Henley Finn Balor 1 Freedom Bro 4- Terry Gordy was hidden in 2K20 it’s selectable now Future Franchise- Titus Alexander Gallus Single Generic Superstar 9- Mustafa Ali from 2K19 Generic Superstar 10-Mustafa Ali from 2K20 Generic Superstar 11-Matt Riddle from 2K20 without Scooter Generic Superstar 12-New Madcap Moss Entrance Generic Superstar 13-Shelton Benjamin from 2K20 Generic Superstar 14- Brock Lesnar from 2K22 Generic Superstar 15- Brock Lesnar 01 from 2K23 Generic Superstar 16- Mr.McMahon Gold Standard- Shelton Benjamin from 2K19 Heathers- Southpaw IIconics Hell Lion- Leviathan Isla Dawn JD McDonagh Jey Uso 1 Justine King Of The Cruisers 3 Last Laugh- Madcap Moss from 2K23 Lita Loose Change- Top Dolla from 2K23 Maxxine Dupri Moonstruck- Sandra Moon New Genesis Punk- Mace Retribution Nikki Cross Nocturnal Wildcat- Rick Boogs from 2K22 Opportunist- Edge from 2K22 Peak Masculinity 1 and 2- Maximum Male Models Singles Powerbomb Shell- Dana Brooke from 2K23 Queen Xtreme- Queen Zelina from 2K23 Raquel Rodriguez Samoan Werewolf- Jacob Fatu Sanga Show Off- Dolph Ziggler Southern Belle- Lacey Evans 1 Star of Arabia- Mansoor from 2K22 Stardust Strikeout- No Way Jose “Superstar” Billy Graham Thea Hail This is Perfection- Dolph Ziggler 09 Tiffany Stratton 1 Tongan Giant- Juicy Finau Trish Stratus 1 “Undashing” Cody Rhodes Walk With Me- Elias from 2K18 Who Got Next?- Goldberg Woman’s Right- Lacey Evans 2 Wrecking Crew Zeebo- Zeus from 2K23 Zelina Vega
  6. Sadly I’m not going to do the preset entrances post this year because I would be here all day talking about it so this is the least I’ll do
  7. Zelina Vega- Backlash 2023 Trish Stratus- Payback 2023
  8. Correction about Cody Rhodes he did in fact wear that exact combo on RAW May 8th 2023 Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley also has their Wrestlemania 39 attires as well
  9. Well if you want to post in the thread it’s available rn but it’s your choice
  10. Now that 2K24 is here here’s every attire shown in screenshot and where is every gear from Cody Rhodes: Royal Rumble 2023 Tights and Wrestlemania 39 Jacket Bianca Belair: Royal Rumble 2023 Rhea Ripley: Payback 2023 and Wrestlemania 36 Asuka: Royal Rumble 2023
  11. As if I couldn’t hate MyFaction more they’re now locking certain CAS parts in that mode don’t believe me this picture proves it
  12. It appears they fixed Umaga’s theme and they gave Eric Bischoff his I’m Back theme in the game https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/11q6xcw/umagas_theme_has_been_updated/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  13. My main problem with the Rolling Stunner is how could Waller do that in Royal rumble Steel Cage Hell in a Cell and by extension war games as well since you can’t roll to the outside there? Are they gonna give him the whippersnapper because that would be lazy if they do
  14. So One Final Beat ObLIVion and Willow’s Bell can now be set as finishers good
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