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  1. It’s crazy because you would think on paper that Io and Candice would have insane chemistry. Io in general hasn’t been anything special to watch on the main roster and she’s my favorite wrestler in the world so it sucks to admit. She doesn’t wrestle like the Stardom ace who was head and shoulders above every woman in Japan for years. I don’t know what’s going on with her.
  2. Only downside to the combos for me is having to pause the game every match to see what buttons to press to get the move I want. Reminds me of War Zone/Attitude in that way. But overall, that’s just me and my memory issues and I love the way the game plays now. I genuinely do. I mainly create Stardom girls and the matches I have with them are so much fun….atleast when they aren’t overly easy.
  3. Haarper- Nothing Is Forever Bass Drum Of Death- Say I Won’t
  4. I’m kinda looking forward to it but I really just wanna see the new moves and I doubt anyone had time to capture them all.
  5. Streets are saying Cody Rhodes 2 in CAE is the Codyvator entrance. Why wouldn’t they just show us that one first?
  6. I wanna see Bianca, Ronda, and Asuka in a triple threat but I know it’s not going down like that. For some reason they’ve kept Ronda and Asuka apart ever since Ronda debuted and I really wanna see it. Never been a Rhea fan but I’m happy for her success. Always seemed obsessed with Charlotte Flair her whole WWE career so it makes sense.
  7. Asuka comin for dat ass hopefully
  8. I dunno I was just expecting this cinematic masterpiece pyrofest of an entrance and instead it’s just a typical type of 2K entrance. Could’ve been mocapped better but I won’t hold it against them because, to them, I’m sure it was just another day at the office and Cody’s entrance was no more important than Ali’s or something.
  9. Probably getting the Deluxe in a few weeks. I have no real interest in having the OVW and/or ‘02 versions of people on day 1, as cool as having Leviathan might be. A new moves video might speed up that purchasing process from me.
  10. American Nightmare- Self Check-Out
  11. Our friend is kinda getting an earful elsewhere about some things from 20 years ago not only not being present but not being worlds better in 2023 and it’s hard to disagree, no matter how different the team and tech is.
  12. They were shooting Ratings Reveals. I expect it to be something along those lines.
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