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  1. Wish I had the kind of hard drive that would allow me to play The Sims, that’s all
  2. Yeah having less moves is what kinda kills 2K19 for me at this point. I find myself watching the 2K20 Mew Moves video compilations every now and again, wondering where it all went wrong....the game had so many great new moves. 2K19 had a damn good run but it’s almost over, if it isn’t dead already. No point in continuing to create for that game but I’ll support those do. I liked 19’s controls; I just wish they could’ve given us the option to select more moves via move modifier button. I mean, as far as I know, the “move modifier” button does nothing, when it could give us an additional 5 Strong Strikes, a second running corner attack, and things of that nature.
  3. Gao JIngjia from OWE China can do a diving double foot stomp where he clears the top rope. Unreal. Might've requested this last year as well but it bears repeating.. https://twitter.com/ChinesePWGIFs/status/1093649899785240576?s=20
  4. It'd be cool to have an Owen Hart entrance or a Keiji Mutoh entrance
  5. I won't be surprised if we don't hear anything about the game (or from anyone to do with the game) until the shareholder meeting where WWE officially announces that there'll be a game. It's tough to have patience considering what we got with 2K20 for our patience, but it is what it is......I'm sure he's around somewhere....lurking....from the shadows...shaking and baking... Apron running somersault plancha: I think even Kevin Owens does it. Surprised it hasn't made it in yet.
  6. Can't wait to see Io Shirai's updated entrance....also interested in seeing the Karrion Kross/Scarlett entrance to see if it actually looks like she's mouthing the words.
  7. We already know a certain someone lurks here every now and again. He started the moves topic last year so I have to think he will find this topic of interest.
  8. rotating frog splash: https://twitter.com/narukiroy/status/985325967357988865?s=20
  9. Business is about to pick up if this means what I think it means! 8 women from Japan?!
  10. Papi Chulo is the only wrestler I remember from Super Astros. lol. WWE is so desperate to recapture it's Latino fanbase, I wonder why they don't have a show on one of the big latino channels these days, like Telemundo or Univision. They've definitely got the latino talent to make a damn good 30-60 minute show.
  11. It just became too limited for me, after awhile. Here I was, ready to see how much more they expanded upon this feature, only to discover they'd removed it completely. I didn't use it a lot....only when something was missing from a wrestler's moveset that I could actually make in the mode....but who am I to tell the thousands upon thousands of people they're wrong when they refer to CAF as one of the most beloved features in series history? They're right. It was fun and great to have available. I hope a refined version of it finds it's way back into these games. Fire Pro is already doing custom finishers/moves and custom music. I'm just tired of the excuses as to why WWE games are so behind where they should be, y'know?
  12. I dunno, brother. We're supposed to have come a long way, as opposed to the regression that's happened ever since 2K officially took the reins. I think your memory of what CAF was is nothing like it would've been today if they kept working on it this whole time. What's that one guy say... "Never remove, only improve". Someone would've created that move the second they saw it. I'm almost sure I'm gonna see it on my Twitter feed that someone created it for Fire Pro, and these 2K games are supposed to be the cutting edge of wrestling games. 2K22 is gonna be a real 'put up or shut up' moment for them.
  13. Looks like something that could've been made in Create A Finisher tbh
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