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  1. Ronda could look more realistic in a 2022 video game. In fact she did look more realistic in the UFC games. All things considered though, it’s passable.
  2. Good show. Was more or less my vision of what AEW could be. Maybe it’s just my taste, but Mox vs Tanahashi could’ve happened some other time. I feel like the Okada match felt like the main event and then it was like “Oh yeah, there’s another match. Jesus.”…but still…Claudio, ZSJ, Ospreay, Okada, and more, all guys who should’ve been a part of All Elite Wrestling from the start and it was satisfying to see actual elite talents squaring off on a pay per view.
  3. This happening for everyone? I was thinking of getting back into playing the game. It’s been awhile.
  4. Seen the term “PS2 graphics” thrown around to describe the likes of Stacy in this game.
  5. Feel kinda bad for our friend. When next year’s game rolls around and we get a ton of new moves on it, Bryan Williams is gonna get all the credit as usual. Lol. I think that’s what killed my hype a bit for all the stuff we have coming this year. There’s moves I need in this game that aren’t gonna be in, but they will be in the AEW game from the looks of it, so here’s hoping that’s good.
  6. That’s an issue I’m having. I became bored with the game like 2 months ago and haven’t touched it since. Haven’t done male MyCareer, haven’t messed with MyGM, I just got bored with it. Thought it was just a personal problem or something. Lol. Not even sure what it is or how to fix that, since I actually liked the new gameplay direction a lot.
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