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  1. I still just can’t believe it.
  2. I have no words. Goodbye for now, my love.
  3. I’ve heard she’s been responding to wrestlers who have been DM’ing her, so that’s good. This is a scary situation.
  4. It is my belief/opinion that the games of today have far surpassed anything No Mercy was able to do. We are just at different times in our lives. I suppose you can’t not be influenced by something that is considered the GOAT, but we’ve come such a long way from it. I’d hate for any developer to look at that game and say “Yeah, our game needs to play exactly like that!” I’m open to anyone’s take on a new wrestling game...but that’s just it...I wanna see something I haven’t seen before. I think Virtual Basement has the tools to achieve this and I’m as excited as you are for what is to come. I’m excited for the new Yuke’s project too!
  5. I’d rather they go with something similar to what Midway did with TNA iMPACT. Gameplay-wise, the game was solid...there just wasn’t much to do compared to WWE games. Going with No Mercy-style gameplay in 2020 is a mistake, even though the irony is that TNA iMPACT developers and wrestlers cited No Mercy as an influence.
  6. I’d put Flash Morgan Webster in the cruiser weight division asap. He’s got a cool gimmick that I think would appeal to the masses.
  7. Been really into Kota The Friend for a minute now.. Can’t wait for the album!
  8. Sea Stars are gonna be on there. That should be fun. I’m a fan.
  9. They definitely got my attention with Mondo!
  10. I can’t get into wrestling games where you have to grapple before you do almost anything. FirePro was an exception and I even got bored with that. We gotta face it...ever since WWE games borrowed Midway’s concept of seamless move initiation, it’s been the best gameplay out there. For example....the example I used back when I first started bringing it up....you shouldn’t have to grapple before doing an arm drag; you should already be going into the animation and are hopefully close enough to the opponent to complete the armdrag successfully. It’s like people are nostalgic for a style of gameplay that just won’t fly nowadays. This is why I’m hoping Virtual Basement isn’t another one of those.
  11. Otis is the man. Also ASUKA WINS! Maybe she needs a third warrior to help insure a lengthy reign this time.
  12. Cesaro R-Truth Bayley Braun Drew Forgotten Sons AJ Styles Shayna Baszler
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