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  1. Anyone think it’s funny that the winner of the “Million Dollar Challenge” was the first one shown in that ring announcer competition? I’ve got my eye on them.
  2. I thought the crowd would be more hype for the main event but it was mostly crickets, I don’t get it.
  3. The way they presented Summerslam was as being “bigger than Wrestlemania”. That would’ve meant Lashley vs Lesnar and Becky being in the women’s title picture. They’ve already got Cena vs Reigns in the works so that’s good. They dropped the ball on everything else, it’s looking like.
  4. Always gotta have some barbed wire under the ring just in case
  5. Know who should be managing Andrade? Salina De La Renta
  6. The more game making and game history documentaries I watch, the more I wish they’d give us a 30 to 60 minute look behind the scenes at the making of this game and everything they were up against, to really appreciate how far they’ve come in these 2 years, with the reviews for 2K20, covid rearing its ugly head into things, etc. It’s been a very documentary-worthy 2 years for the team, from the sound of things.
  7. Been wanting this move for Andre for years
  8. Isn’t Smackdown gonna be at Rolling Loud? And that’s when Toni debuts? Wait til they get a load of her work rate.
  9. They’re already advertising this game, in name only. Hope they’ve got something close to a finished product on their hands.
  10. That’s the most WWE thing I’ve read lately. Also having Keith Lee come back just to lose in his home state. They could’ve chose literally anyone else for Lashley. And then we got Goldberg. BACK TO BUSINESS is right.
  11. The Roman-Edge match was the best thing I’ve seen on WWE television in quite some time. They didn’t show anything but the WWE 2K22 logo alongside the Summerslam logo. Im still banking on something from early to mid August, info-wise.
  12. I don’t like NBA 2K cover art style. Hopefully WWE 2K22’s does a better job of appealing to its fan base. So long as we agree that new info will be coming in August, that’s all we need to know. It’s a month away. If they don’t drop any info in August, then, by all means, let ‘em have it.
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