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  1. Aja Perera. She was a standout wrestler on the indies. She is beautiful.
  2. Speaking of call names, it’s annoying that you can’t preview call names in Caw mode anymore. I want to know what the call name is going to sound like before taking it in-game. Its not that it’s unplayable...it’s just a poor release. Maybe the worst since Just Bring It. 2K19 set the bar high and this did not live up to any sort of expectations; definitely not Visual Concepts’ expectations either...unless their expectations were to draw new audiences of people talking about how bad the game is. I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and just call this game a bad day at the office, because of the issues with Yuke’s, but I can’t recommend this game to anyone. Wait til the next one...you’ll be glad you saved your money.
  3. Honestly if you can hold off til 2K21, then do that.
  4. Dinosaur Pile Up- Back Foot
  5. Boldy James feat. Vince Staples- Surf & Turf
  6. I was so excited to finally go to a Wrestlemania and all this happens. Oh well.
  7. I’m just saying I would pay for a DLC Liger with his own entrance, ring announcer intro, commentary lines, stuff like that. Would be an awful good excuse to have streamers too. Streamers added to ring pyro alone is worthy of buying DLC. I see no reason for him to be in the base game, but DLC? Easy money. Check the CC numbers every year on Liger caws and translate that to cold, hard cash.
  8. Liger would be a good DLC seller. He’s a must-have in everyone’s caw rosters every year since who knows when.
  9. If I can continue suggesting things Shotzi Blackheart with the tank entrance would be nice. She also does a Brazilian kick (“Question Mark Kick”) which would be super nice. And now that Liger is officially in the Hall Of Fame......
  10. Lil Uzi Vert- Celebration Station https://youtu.be/XLNbskqZml0
  11. These games were like the one thing I had in this world, and they made me hate everything about it. That’s how powerful my feelings toward 2K20 are. I’m tired of everything to do with these games...I just want them to make things right for other people. If they can’t do that, I can’t and won’t be putting any time or thought into the product or anything associated with them any longer, and that’s a promise.
  12. As 2K21 has to be underway, I can’t help but feel positive about what we are going to get, because they have never suffered such a backlash before. I mean everyone was talking about 2K20....careful what you wish for I guess, because it was for all the worst reasons. I refuse to believe the games that came out when we were kids are as good as wrestling games will ever get. That’s bullshit and based purely on nostalgia. Visual Concepts, now that you know better, let’s turn the wrestling game genre on its ear. Less wacky, this time.
  13. Duke Deuce, Lil Jon, Juicy J & Project Pat- Crunk Ain’t Dead (Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=srK2_Buu7hc
  14. Joaquín Wilde is the man. I didnt follow any of his DJZ run but I was a huge fan when he was Shiima Xion. I look forward to seeing where this part of his journey takes him.
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