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  1. I’ll be happy with what AEW’s selling.
  2. These games are all I cared about. There was nothing spectacular about the trailer that made me say “wow” except the release date, and it was the wrong kind of wow. 2K20’s gameplay trailer was ass and this was even more underwhelming. The delay isn’t a good thing because the game is still gonna have the same bugs it always has; it’s just coming out later now. I lost all respect for this team after 5-7 years of taking a dump on the one thing I love. So the relationship is over..
  3. That was a wack ass trailer on top everything. Y’all enjoy your wait. Lol
  4. WWE 2K is absolutely gonna sell more than AEW, but that doesn’t mean AEW isn’t gonna swipe a big ol’ chunk of potential 2K buyers from under them.
  5. Look, people have been betting against AEW since the very idea of it was brought up. I don’t bet against them anymore. Their fan base is more rabid.
  6. So they’re going up against an AEW game with names like CM Punk. Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, maybe New Japan names, maybe April Brooks comes back to wrestling by then….they’re screwed.
  7. Yeah, everyone whose word I would believe in the situation is saying it’s delayed til Wrestlemania. If so, I’m sorry but I won’t be buying the game. Their silence has lost my trust and loyalty.
  8. The Chinese Democracy of wrestling games
  9. Welp. There goes any bit of hype that was left.
  10. All this talk about Danielson, meanwhile I’m over here looking at AEW’s women’s division and thinking….
  11. That’s even longer than Wrestlemania’s merch lines and there were like 3 floors of them lol AEW’s definitely generating a milli just off tonight.
  12. If there hasn’t been a single more memorable promo than the Pipebomb in the last 10 years, I think it’s safe to say Punk’s reaction is another thing that’s gonna stand the test of time.
  13. I’m hyped for Wednesdays, hyped for Fridays, hyped for AEW. But the question remains now….who’s gonna be the preorder for 2K22? Anyone other than Punk is anticlimactic.
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