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  1. I don’t like most ex-WWE names in AEW because it defeats the purpose of the movement, but I suppose I can look at it from the standpoint of being happy for those who could find work elsewhere. Kinda like wrestlers doing stint in other territories. Saraya just seems like a “surprise” for the sake of a surprise, which is no bueno. That hot crowd would’ve given that reaction for almost anyone, I feel. Love Saraya to death but yeah..
  2. Gonna be real ugly when 2K23 rolls around and Sasha and Naomi are DLC
  3. When Jim Ross became head of talent relations in WWE, one of the first things he did was eliminate the separate locker rooms because it wasn’t good for the overall backstage environment. So I’m adding that to the list of Tony Khan’s mistakes. No reason everyone can’t dress in the same locker room. No one person is above another when it comes to that.
  4. Punk having his own locker room was always gonna be a problem. There can still be a hierarchy but you dress with the boys. If Punk specifically asked for his own locker room, that was red flag #1.
  5. Been a great weekend of wrestling. AEW events have a habit of going about an hour longer than they should but this was All Out after all I guess. Not really mad at it as a fan. Great crowds all weekend made for great events, along with the extraordinary efforts of everyone involved.
  6. I think people who don’t follow social media, namely Twitter, or the dirt sheets and haven’t seen Braun in a while are gonna be super happy he’s back. I’m travelling pretty soon, and where I’m going there’s a CYN show going on in a few days time, and I almost thought about going just to see Braun up close, so his drawing power is still there if you ask me. They can make him a special attraction like they were going to. I thought his Last Man Standing match against Lashley was great.
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