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  1. Sarray’s debut was what it was. It isn’t worse than Santos Escobar’s debut where he had this long, grueling match with Jack Gallagher for some reason, instead of beating him in like 5 minutes. Sarray doesn’t really do anything spectacular or out of the ordinary, but she has a lot of passion and fighting spirit I guess. She was a weird signing. Asuka was this unbeatable killer with swag, Kairi was a great come-from-underneath wrestler with a unique elbow drop, Io can fly all over the place, and then there’s Sarray, who doesn’t really do any of that. I wish her much, much success though. Hopefully she transforms into something cool and amazing the way Io did, because I don’t see her current form being something that takes her to the top.
  2. Dynamite is just missing something in my opinion. I watch every week but I’m not really as into the product as I wish I was.
  3. Man I wish Ronda went somewhere like Stardom before she worked for WWE, but I'm proud of her and everything she's accomplished and overcome in life and she deserves to just chill on her farm if she wants. Congrats to both of them.
  4. I always thought they were ribbing him with the “ordinary man who does extra-ordinary things” line. The money is in him as The Demon and he never even does that anymore.
  5. I effin love GYV pre-match promos. Gibson is the only one who I mouth the catchphrases along witn
  6. Why do I feel like LA Knight’s time in WWE isn’t gonna go well? Lol
  7. Whenever I see him I think of this
  8. I hope they finally give Vince McMahon a new entrance. The one they’ve had all these years looks like a caricature of how he really walks
  9. What's Ashley Flair doing in Daily's Place?!
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