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  1. I downloaded the beta yesterday evening and got a second code to share with a friend! :) It is for the PC Version and the beta goes until the 16th. If you wanna play here is there code (first come, first serve): VETECA-536-FAFUZU-233 To redeam it please go to square enix site and login (if you have no account create one and go back to login and redeem the code): https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/redeem/login?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_AKzrg9nwaZgtvRVBOhXc2W5yD-Jwym4MPXe8bR0sLs_V0MuqXfU9pgB5mXgjL4HK4zNAA8HTK4gXG9y4P7ueEWU7sVA&_hsmi=93280105&hsCtaTracking=fa0fb038-4087-49a4-b505-f3d40c06c78f%7C0b6563c3-93fc-49f9-86e9-644bcac03905&utm_campaign=Avengers_FY20&utm_content=93280105&utm_medium=email&utm_source=hs_email&version=1 The redeaming will give you a STEAM CODE. Go to your steam account, select under games ->Activate Product, add the code you received in the field and activate it. From there you will be able to download the beta and play right after. :) The game is fun so far, the graphics are really good. Had only a very small lag once when I was playing with Hulk.
  2. The new Mutants first few minutes and newest trailer! Can't wait!
  3. The wrestlers all remained. Only the games name was changed. They changed the editors name two-three days ago too. :)
  4. Why not? They just renamed it with the latest update to AAW (Action Arcade Wrestling). :)
  5. Currently only playing casually Dead Age 2 and Tem Tem on pc as also The Walking Dead No Mans Land on my mobile and tablet.
  6. Yeah I already checked it out and I'm totally excited for it! :D 100 Characters to recruit sounds amazing and brings backs memories from the first two games. The base building, crafting, farming and so on and the graphics look beautiful. Don't have the money to back it at the moment but will definately do. Last time I checked it was by over 1,5 millions already and it kept going while I was checking the site. :) BTW: Anyone here excited about "Little Hope"? I loved Until Dawn, Enjoyed hidden Agenda but only watched my partner on playing Man of Medan. I'm most of all excited about the multiplayer aspect of A little Hope since we can play with up to 5 people offline and co-op with 2 people online too. If anyone is interested and grabs the game we could even play online together! :)
  7. Body Cam with Mary J Blige
  8. I LOVED Suikoden 1 & 2 and played them a few times both to be able to get all the Goodies, Secrets and stuff. Suikoden 3 was unfortunately only released in Japan back then and Suikoden 4 was more ok. Suikoden Tactics was fun but too hard and cumbersome at parts with all the perma death stuff and Suikoden Spirits (as far as I remember it was called like that) for Gameboy Advanced was fun again but was lacking the amount of characters I loved to have in the first two installments. I REALLY hope we will get something similar to Suikoden 2 from the creators cause I'm pretty sure I will be all over it again!
  9. Thanks for posting, it was a great episode and it was great seeing her in her happy times. At least she got her dream of being in NY come true and enjoyed her time there. Will definately miss her in stardom. A huge loss for the wrestling world and beyond. Kind souls like hers have become rare in this world!
  10. Whatever happen or didn't happen might be a lie from the one side or another but as a fact remains that they were together at the date Candy said and the pictures prove it.
  11. Yeah as a part timer then since Riho is in stardom too. This way she gets to wrestle for both promotions for the last year she wants to wrestle. Would love to see her in AEW for sure.
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