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  1. It would be fun to see her either in the second season of world beyond maybe (making a cameo with the kids?) or in Fear the Walking dead.
  2. It starts in 7 Hours from now! Hopefully more infos about the console game. AEW Games 2.Show Hosted by AEW World Champion Kenny Omega | Episode 3 - 04/15/21 - YouTube
  3. I was SO shocked, pissed and sad at the same time! This stupid little.... you know what!
  4. The model looked great, the movement was a bit out of sync but for a very early alpha and work in progress it was good. We all have seen worse after all.
  5. What I found great in the interview is that they will be selfpublishing. So no company like THQ, 2K or similar ones will have a say in the product at all. This way Yukes and AEW can put everything in they want to without restrictions.
  6. I too think that the male models look too bulky. Would like a more realistic approach.
  7. The casino game is not for me and the mobile game looks too basic but I'm totally excited about the Next Gen game for sure! Knowing that yukes is behind it I'm partially totally happy because it will probably have a caw editor that gets me into cawing again but on the other side I'm a bit afraid of all the bugs we had to endure in their earlier games for sure. What I already love are the graphics and the intergender matches that seem to be possible!
  8. Thanks for the link! Since I didn't saw it into the "Current & Upcoming Games" section I thought there is no topic about it.
  9. Anyone checked the games they are working on? The Next Gen Game they are working is is created by Yukes! :p It seems that intergender Matches will be possible and I like it.
  10. Huge congrats guys! I'm very happy for you and from what I read so far the whole germany is too!
  11. If anyone is interested to participate in the Bless Unleashed Beta on PS4, I have 2 keys for you guys (first come, first serve sorry!). I'm playing the game casually on pc through steam and it's a nice mmo with many features. The code will work only in th following regions: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia, Uruguay and Nicaragua! If you are not from this region then please don't use it so someone else has the chance to play! Thank you! Congratulations on your beta key for Bless Unleashed on PS4! FIRST KEY: X2MX-QNN8-FBTE SECOND KEY: QKFF-CFNH-BN7L How to redeem your key: Step 1: Create an account on your PlayStation system or at store.playstation.com (or sign in to your existing account) Step 2: Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS4 syste's Home Screen. Step 3: In PlayStation Store, select "Redeem Codes" at the bottom of the menu. Step 4: Enter code and select "Continue" Step 5: Select "Download" to download content. Step 6: Select "Continue" to complete code redeption on the PS4 system.
  12. I really hope that, she is great on commentary and can also wrestle which is good since it could make for good storylines if they take advantage of it!
  13. Saturi

    WWE Drama

    The person mentioned in the articlie and the person he wanted to kill is Mandy Rose. She was sleeping at the ground floor in a room while Sonya was upstairs. When he though she run upstairs and went up, she actually run into Mandy room on the ground floor, waking her up so they can flee together while he was upstairs looking for them. Really happy they were able to leave cause no matter how good you can fight, you never know what a psycho like him can pull off.
  14. The main problem with Bea and Saddie wasn't their absense because of Covid-19. Shanna, Emi, Yuka, Riho and other signed talents can't do shows in the usa due to the traveling restrictions either. The main problem with saddie and bea was that they were more commited to their stardom contracts then on their aew contracts so even before the pandemic they could barely book them for aew shows and now even worse. Bea had to vacate her stardom tag title together with jamie due to Covid-19 last month aswell but she is still signed there. I'd rather have them sign ivelisse, diamante, tay conti, rache channel, rachael ellering instead since they are all fully available already and pure freelancers at the moment. This way they can fully commit to aew and hopefuly get some storylines going cause thats the main thing their womens division is greatly lacking since the beginning.
  15. Sure thing! Hope you will have fun with the game!
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