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  1. From what I read so far it will be next gen only.
  2. Cool! They should grab Holidead too so we can have her and Thunder Rosa as a Tag Team again!
  3. Can't wait! Still miss watching her in Stardom!
  4. I LOVED the hikaru vs penelope match! Really hope they will keep up with the womens division and gives us more storylines and character development now cause the biggest critisism most people have about AEWs womens division is the lack of characters and storylines.
  5. They won't get a chance to shine her because she is going back to japan to be with her husband. She wants to wrestle for one more year and retire after. So I see her going back to stardom and getting a proper retirement ceremony after she is done with wrestling through them.
  6. Wow! That's really saddening! Hope the wrestlers involved will remain in the game. Also hope they will keep upgrading the game more. Even the graphics are not a match against wwe2k and other games, the gameplay is good and the customization even it is different, it still let us add any wrestler we want in the game.
  7. The graphics look great but I think that Brian needs a bit tweaking face and Bodywise.
  8. Well it seems that Rolfe lost his Job and he will be prosecuted for murder.
  9. It's probably only for storyline reasons since they are on their way to split because of Allie. She might even cost them the match and do as if it was Brandys or Dustins fault to make QT leave them.
  10. Rather incompetent on his Job when it comes to the Officer that was "Specialized" on DUI cases. I think I can safely say that everyone on this Forum would know that a drunk person would turn into a frightened person when you all of sudden put them cuffs and try to stop from being capable to freely move. You don't have to be a specialist to know that. The guy was cooperative the whole time and like others already said, the officers could had called his girlfriend or Family to pick him up and drive him home instead of putting him cuffs on and Shooting him dead after he was afraid for his life and reacted a way he shouldnt had because of it.
  11. Well since this is a Bodycam recording you can Imagin why the Bodycam didn't record the rest.
  12. During the anniversary of the pulse Shooting and during the pride month non the less…. Unbelievable! On the top of it they cleared all officers that fired around saying that their Shooting was justified.
  13. Black Lives Matter Demo in Berlin Germany with 15000 People and one in Munich with 20000 People! Up to 800 Police officers followed and supported the Demos being only there for just in case some People do anything bad. 98 People were arrested and 28 Police officers hurt because some idiots just thrown bottles and stuff at them even there were no Problems with the Police at all. More Demos happened in Stuttgart, Manheim, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln and many other towns with also up to 20000 or more People per town (Limitations)! All the others had to join online with the Hashtag BlakcLivesMatter, Hashtag SilentDemos! We love, appreaciate,support and fight for you guys! In the News they also showed canada, uk, France and other lands supporting! A LOT of critisizm in the german News towards trump to say the least! Some Pictures! Berlin Munich
  14. That's the Thing that hurt me watching the most. A 75 years old is bleeding from his head on the street and they all just passing by ignoring it. Most of all when their own colleague was responsible for the injury! Irressponsible and disgusting behaviour in my opinion. If such People that are supposed to help the community are acting like that then you can let the thugs and mafia do their job. The only difference would be that they won't be in a uniform after all.
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