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  1. The cool About this game is that it includes a free creation tool with which you can create your own: - wrestlers - arenas The creation tool can even downloaded and used for free without even purchasing the game so give it a try. They are making free updates to increase the Content and intergender Wrestling is possible in it too. They just added the tag Team mode last week and the tag moves look good in my opinion! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1072100/CHIKARA_Action_Arcade_Wrestling/ It is on sale for 7,49$ at the Moment and in Overall it doesn't cost match even if you would buy it in full Price. Asuka goes for the German Suplex against Chikaras Whisper!
  2. The fact that the game stability is around at the Bottom of the list really baffles me. Are they serious? What do they think will all the Features and modes will be if the game has no stability and it's issues are not fixed at all? These Things are top priority in my opinion and everything else comes after.
  3. Go t o the unlockables and see if most stuff is locked, then use the unlock all Option, it should be there like in previous games.
  4. You still trying??? Now you know why I quit this for months already. Seriously this was the hugest waste of Money I ever spent on anything. A Software I touched in the beginning trying to finish and upload a few models and stopped immediately after hoping for a good patch that never came and never will anymore. Since then I only loaded the game once after every patch in the hope that something works again but it never did so... why Keep wasting time and nerves on this? Just play WWE2K19 whenever you feel like playing a Wrestling game. The only bug it has is that sometimes a ref takes forever to start the Count in a match.
  5. If someone in Germany would suggest something like this they would get a huge shitstorm from all sides and more to say the least. What I meant with reading was when it Comes to a Cure or the development of a Cure or other suggestions that have t o do with the Virus or healing from it. At least the News will be accurate. Not Things About Lockdowns and such since they don't affect you.
  6. You are Right and I'm VERY dissappointed. Payed 100€ for a piece of Software I never use at all. No proper cawing possible, no universe play without glitches and Bugs possible. My two main modes of the series not playable for me so I dont even bother to load the game. The last time it was after the last patch only to see if they fixed anything. Yet I just want to hope that if they might actually put some effort into Fixing the current title since they have the time and no excuses not doing it now.
  7. Yep! He also suggested it would be very "Interesting" to put People under ultraviolet rays or under extreme heat to test if it would kill the Virus or not. One can speculate yet but suggesting to try such stuff to your People ir beyond stupid, extremely immature and irresponsible to say the least . Please don't listen to him! You are safer if you read News from Germany (MSN and so on). They post regularly News with what's going on and what they are trying out in a SAFE Environment without putting anyone in danger.
  8. Not literally, there are thousands of immigrants in EU that arrived and are in Greece, Italy and other countries waiting for their Immigration paperwork to be done. So they are considered "Guests" until their Situation is cleared and they are ready to move to a EU Country of their choosing. You are right when it comes to People that never managed to reach or are not allowed to cross the borders due to the Lockdowns though.
  9. I really believe that IF they release a 21 or even had planned to release one, they would had taken the current game, copy/paste everything and fixed the Content as far as possible by only taking out the released Superstars and adding a few others so they can say they build a new game. If they don't release a game or work on a "new one" this year then there is no excuse why they can't release another bunch of updates to fix the current game that is unplayable for many People (including me).
  10. Those are General traveling restrictions and have nothing to do with the Immigration itself. Malta was one of the first to close it's borders in around mid Marz and the other countries followed a few days later. Only People that were Living in a Country and were in a other Country due to vacations or work Prior to the Lockdowns were allowed to fly back and be in quarantine for two weeks after Arrival. We have enen traveling restrictions within Germany for everyone. You are only allowed to travel between towns when it has to do with your work and you have a Job that can't be done in a home Office setting. Otherwise everyone stays in their towns and homes.
  11. Trump should had reacted much earlier then he did but he was busy downplaying everything feeding the People with false informations from "it is just like a regular flu, nothing to worry about" to "we already have a Cure, np" stuff he spread around from the end of january to whole february making things much worse then they could had been by doing absolutely nothing to stop the spread. Then when things got worse in Marz he thought that everyone already forgot what he said and did at the end of january and the whole february so he contradicted himself and blamed others for his doings. Not only thousands of People lost their lives because he and his goverment reacted way too late but he was and still is more busy worrying about making money then saving lives in overall. Now he even uses the Virus as a excuse to stop the immigration he wanted to stop all the time anyway. Knowing so many people from the USA through real life, gaming community, projects and these very Forums it makes me not only sad but most of all mad that you guys have to endure such a selfish and most of all ignorant president. He keeps ruining your Country in every way possible and instead of looking in the Mirror for ONCE and say "Hey! Let's Change our way, let's do our Job right!" he lies and does as he never said what he said and never did what he did. Erdogan is following Trumps ways and waited until now before he even went on lockdown. Who knows how many People already died down there and nobody knows about it because he will just do as if nobody was affected until now giving wrong numbers in the hope to fool everyone aswell. I'm really happy I get to live in Europe and most of all in Germany. We have one of the best (if not the best) healthcares in the world and our goverment at least looks after us.
  12. Well if you manage to ban Trump and Erdogan that would be a start!
  13. Really hope they will fight through it and will be safe and sound again very soon! As a sidenote: The Lockdown in Germany was Extended until the 3rd mai-11mai. Starting from Monday next week everyone will have to wear a mask when they are at work, grocery store and so on... Big Events are not allowed until the 29th August The Stores are allowed to open again but only small stores that are under 800 Meters big and even these have to have stuff built in that reduces the distance between People like Markers, Steel Bars and stuff to Prevent People from being too near to each other. Only a certain amount of People will be allowed to be in the same store at the same time which means that it can be the case that we will wait like 1-2 hours or longer and that's no matter if they limit the time we are allowed to be in a store or not.
  14. Unfortunately not resigned. She is supposed to just make another appearance or two as a free Agent. :( Her appearance on yesterday raw was even cancelled but she might be in next weeks raw. Also Maria and Mike made a announcement that they will start a Wrestling podcast that will involved several companies. Since both have many years of experience in the Industry and Maria has helped indy companies before it should be good.
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