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  1. The whole female myrise storyline is SO repetitive. Everytime you think you are friends with someone they always find a reason to become your enemy showing that they don't really put any real effort to write something decent but rather typical generic stuff. Anyway, when we have to face liv morgan 1vs1 after her entrance when the match is about to begin, my caw all of sudden was half in the ring while her legts and bottom part of her body under the ring. Then when I tried to move her she glitched next to the ring so I could at least enter the ring and do the match. In the match of my caw with john cena as my partner against liv and the miz, when at one point liv tried to pin me both men enter the ring and then cena got stuck inside the ring facing the corner until the ref count him out and I lost the match. At least I was able to restart this match and finish it the way it wanted me (cena pinning the miz) which is something that unfortunately wasn't possible in the other cases I had posted before.
  2. same shit with psycho sally vs gigi dolin. I beat her to a pulp only for her to stand up hit a finisher, go into a slapping contest and immediately hit another finisher because her empty bar got filled up immediately. Utter bullshit and a good way to ruin our myrise experience by giving the opponents unfair advantages. I would understand it if it were a story driven defeat that doesn't leave me a other option because it serves the storyline but thats not the case. The only reason they did it is to force people redo and replay myrise like countless times in the hope they will overcome this cheating somehow and unlock something by winning a match or be able to continue what would had came next after that instead of getting cut. Seriously? Keep it! This isnt challenging, it is frustrating.
  3. Unfortunately not. Another thing is that we can create sign but can't delete them at all. On the top of that if you want to delete a superstar by selecting the option to delete them with all their custom images included the game crashes.
  4. My Rise bug with custom entrances for the women, the announcer keeps repeating the introduction of the wrestler from the ramp to the ring and never stops. Also difficultywise EVERYONE is always faster then you and even totally dead opponents all of sudden "raise from the dead" and defeats you through fastness and power even if you have a full green hp and they have eaten like 2 - 3 finishers from you. It goes for the fight against fanny on nxt as also the fight against justine. The first fight in the womens myrise howerer is the most frustrating because odyssey Rift (or however she is called), keeps destroying the tables or kicks them down so the fire extinquishes making you need another 2 finishers loaded since you need one to put the table on fire and another one to put her through the table which I never accomplished because in my case there were no more tables in the under the ring so the condition changed to just defeat her which is stupid cause I don't know if putting her through the fire table would had gave me a different outcome and after 3 tries I was happy that I had been done with the fight in the first place.
  5. The WWE Games did change a lot in the last 5 years and brought back features we didn't had for many years like the GM Mode. The GM Mode that you know can play with 3 other players (4 in overall) and have more titles and match options then ever before. The universe mode kept getting upgraded for a few years. we didn't had 100 slots for caws since the start, it came overtime. The My Faction mode also first came like 3 games ago? Yeah they are flipping around the creation modes and also change the button combinations, pin and other stuff almost everytime like some other games did or do aswell. IF they would finally manage to get rid of all the bugs and issues with the series then the game would be actually very good. The game creation companies changed almost on the fly aswell which is something the other games didn't had. They made a huge mistake a few games ago continuing with the series when they weren't ready after yukes left but it was also because Vince wanted a game to get released. After the game bombed greatly and the general reviews became critical, he got it and let them pause for 2 years before they came back with a new software and newer game. MK never has "Huge" changes. Expect if you mean then switching around the friendship, babalities and brutalities or the unlocking way to be a crypt or not that are in some games and aren't in others. The "Cameos" they added in MK1 are definately fun and gives them the opportunity to include more characters that otherwise wouldn't make it into the roster but having a "striker" it's nothing new in fighting games either. It's rather VERY old and goes back to the King of Figthers series of the 90s. Even Street Fighter used it in some of their games beginning with the one that was in 3D for PS2 when PS2 got released. The main new thing is that the Cameos now assist in the X-Ray moves and have their own fatalities you can trigger. Kenny said the part, I just meant that the several customization options was also mentioned by others (I think it was the developers themselves) and that's the part I don't quite remember. Fact is they didn't delivered what they said and calling me dishonest for calling them out on that shows that you support their behaviour, yet bash the wwe games for the same very reason which is dishonest in itself. Also considering only the modes you like and want to get changed instead of the whole WWE2K23 its not ok either. Anyway, it is what it is now and no matter what we say to each other we can't change it anyway. So it doesn't make sense to argue about it anymore. Have a great sunday!
  6. once again, if you get only the DLC pass then you pay 80€ for both games. In series games like that, the following game always or for the most part still contains tne things the game from the year before had. Its the same with the NBA and Fifa games aswell. Do you want them to completely cut out the universe or the GM mode and add something else so you can feel you get your moneys worth? All these modes were expanded and partially also changed through the years by adding more features to them. You really think that aew figth forever will be any different? They will do the same and just add more modes as also expand their roster. The main difference will be that they will probably raise the price for a ultimate Edition like 2k did with the NWO stuff, Cena stuff and so on. It's the street fighter, king of fighters, mortal kombat and all the other beat em up games not practically "the same" game with a different pricetag everytime? Nope, its not "low" to call kenny out on what he said because he never said you will be able to create a custom wrestler from predetermined pieces. He said you will be able to create your own wrestler and that there will be many customization options (or maybe some others did, dont quite remember anymore). So, WHERE are they???? I agree that im also annoyed with the bugs and crashes wwe2k23 once again has and the little 2k does against them though.
  7. Actually if you get only the DLC Pass and preorder for WWE2K23 it costs the same as AEW Fight forever with DLC Pass and Preorder which is 80€. So you are getting 25% - 30% of content for 80€ from AEW . The extras of the highest version of WWE2K23 has only extras that AEW Fight Forever doesn't have and doesn't offer in the first place.
  8. First of all the price tag of 120€ it's the price tag if you want to have the extras and that's something I never pay so saying that EVERYONE pays as much is incorrect to even start with. If you want the dlc pass and the unlocks you pay as much as fight forever costs with their same dlc pass so it's the SAME price with like 25% of the content the WWE2K23 offers. Yeah they have a different style but Kenny said "you will be able to create your own wrestler in the caw mode" while the actual truth is you CAN'T because you have predefined pieces that you can't pass. So yes, he did lie when it comes to it. I never expected both games to be the same but I at least expected him to keep his word when it comes to the caw mode and that's not the case at all. Also doing as the wwe games are "all the same" and don't add anything is incorrect aswell. Yeah they sometimes switch people depending on the contracts and if they were gone in between from the company or not. Yet they also add new people that werent in previous games because they were just starting down in NXT and had no game contracts yet, nor was there interest to include them yet since it was unsure if they will be even still there after 6 months to a year. We as fans demanded stuff from 2K for sure and they also delivered some while left some out due to techinical difficulties OR because they couldn't get the green light from the WWE OR wasn't in their schedule so they didn't do it. I have personaly worked in games and you are right that animating per "hand" is partially harder then motion capturing (even you have to work on these recordings afterwards aswell). Yet it doesn't justfy the lack of content and the half assed caw mode with 4 different faces and like 20 attire parts as a whole to say the least.
  9. You really can't compare the amount of content of the two games cause even WWE2K23 has its problems, it has tons more features and modes as also much more and much better customization options and by that I don't only mean the caws but also the arenas, championships, entrances, and so on. Yeah the game stands much longer then AEW Fight forever but honestly, Yukes was the developer of the WWE Series so everyone expected a much better experience and a much better content. Yeah kenny omega wanted to be "different" then what the wwe games are to avoid the comparison but even one can't compare the looks or gameplay, one for sure can compare the caw mode, the lack of customization and the amount of content if you consinder that they cost the same. I agree though that there were always people that said that no matter how much one wwe game suck, they still buy it because they always did but I doubt it is the same people that complain about fight forever right now.
  10. Ok I tested it after I came back home from vacations and I must say the caw mode is atrocious, VERY generic, VERY limited when it comes to customization. They even went there and kept names from wrestlers that used to be in AEW as selectable names for the caw mode but no face can be edited to match original wrestlers, the body customization is laughable to say the least and the parts are almost not existant. All of that along with lack of tons of content and a limited roster for over 100€ if one wants the pass and matt hardy. That's a rip off right there and even if they add more parts of the caw mode, it won't make much difference since the lack of customization still ruins it to say the least. Then you have the "everyone has the same moveset" because of the lack of tons of moves in the game while you are supposed to unlock signatures and finishers to have more slots that you at the end can't fill with moves because there are no moves that fits the wrestlers you are using in the game. In overall a VERY lacking experience and the gameplay doesn't make up for it since you always have to enter the grapple mode before you do a grapple move, which reduced and interrupts the speed in the process. I wish I could refund it already but unfortunately I had preordered for PS5 so it's not possible as far as I know.
  11. The comments about the outdated roster are out of place since we always get an outdated roster in the wwe games aswell. It is normal since the development takes several years and Sometimes even the talents are not with the company at the time of the release either. However, I expected to have at least a great caw editor and from what I read so far it seemscto be lacking big time. Thats definately an issue.
  12. The bug probably came through the latest update because I did it before twice and it worked.
  13. After the last patch I went into the GM mode, created me against 3 CPUs, did the draft and right after the draft was done for everyone, the game crashed. I restarted, went to load the saved GM mode and it crashed again. -.- Frustrating! CORRECTION: GM Mode works if you set the Game Difficulty and AI Difficulty on Easy! If you select AI Ease and Game Difficulty Normal then it crashes after the Draft is done and the Hall of Fame Page with the Infos appears.
  14. Never mind, I just checked and the mighty Molly in the game is her royal rumble appearance one, not the original so she doesn't have the long blonde hair but rather the same the current molly has. Since we can't change hair in in game models you can't switch them with a more fitting one either. Unfortunately not. They gave her two - three different arm wringer/breaker combos instead (standing and ground).
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