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  1. every time i download one of these dumbass patches the infinite loading screen comes back. ofc
  2. what were the moveset updates that the patch notes was talking about? did anything get patched in
  3. i ran in here for the patch notes thinking we were getting something new
  4. of cours after they delete my data the infinite loading bug rears it’s ugly head again when i’m trying to download my caws back and edit them
  5. this is the first time this has ever happened to me. I had multiple caws that aren’t even on cc anymore this is *censored*ed that they never addressed this or provided any type of solution. they dig themselves in a hole each and every year. I was in the middle of editing my movesets and entrances and now everything is just gone
  6. and now my save got corrupted and deleted every thing lmao not playing this piece of shit game ever again ✌ going back to 2K18
  7. does anyone have a list of the unassigned motions, moves and etc.? I’m finally fixing things now that everything is available and I want to make sure i don’t miss anything
  8. it’s over see y’all when 2K23 gets announced
  9. well sheit since tonight is Rey’s anniversary is tonight and 2K keeps posting about it are we at least gonna get the starcade version of rey on old gen? maybe a surprise new moves pack with his canadian destroyer?
  10. i’m not really familiar with Heenan’s in ring work, but i downloaded him from cc and was wondering did he actually have a moveset ? or atleast some finishers or sigs?
  11. am i trippin or was madcap going to be dlc? idk why but i vaguely remember him being announced for a pack
  12. i looked at MGK attires on cc out of curiosity and goddamn it i wanna download them all now and I hate this guy with a passion
  13. yesssir. i’m playing now. downloaded it from my phone
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