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  1. That *censored*ing Wrestlemania match with Charlotte and Ronda. I was so close to finishing but the match started glitching like SHIT so I had to reset it. I was so pissed
  2. Glen Coco

    WWE Drama

    Reby didn't lie at all lol. Sure her maturity is questionable, but she made several points. Jeff keeps getting away with this because people keep enabling him. It's sad
  3. Pulling for Candice or Bianca
  4. I refresh everyday expecting to see Dan Matha
  5. Glen Coco

    WWE Drama

    Always been annoying as *Censored*. Not surprised he's a piece of shit too
  6. She'd probably break it. But all jokes aside, she aged like wine
  7. I'm surprised Sable hasn't made an appearance since Brock's return
  8. I didn't think she actually wrestled, she was only ever a valet from what I remember. She had some matches. They weren't very good, and too far in between, but she was legendary in FCW! Check it out!
  9. Some footage from Rosa's return match. Looks like she's hopping on the superkick train
  10. Is she trolling lmfao. The way she comes out of the woodwork replying to random fans who aren't even talking to or about her
  11. http://www.wdrb.com/story/37861829/lacett-former-wrestler-now-ref-recalls-training-in-louisville Damm she didn't age a day.
  12. The Joy Giovanni Memorial Battle Royal
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