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  2. I think it was the only thing that truly grabbed my attention and made me feel something. That ladder match I thought was a total joke. The epitome of fake, stunt show bullshit that cares more about creating stupid, contrived OMG! moments instead of telling a natural, logical competitive-story in the ring. The amount of times that ref grabbed that damn ladder... So egregious. Absolutely awful. That should tell you how dumb and impractical your spot that you devised is. But of course, far too many don’t give shit about those kind of things anymore and rather create shallow spectacles. Cody trying to be like a crappy bootleg Cena who tries even harder to get people to boo and cheer him is lame, too. Not interested him now.
  3. Ok,looking ahead into the future and I'm gonna ask the "CM Punk question" "What's next"? Do they go back to a november release for wwe2k23 or do they stick with a wrestlemania season release? If it's the former,that means they've likely worked on 2 games at once. Normaly I can't see them doing it,but they've had more time than usual after the piss poor wwe2k20 fiasco so who knows.
  4. WE WANT DIVAS. GIVE US DIVAS. WHERE ARE THE MOTHER*censored*ING DIVAS??????? Their Twitter replies are in hell.
  5. Today
  6. They’re being cryptic and having their fun with the community so the cards they’re holding have got to be good ones.
  7. Working yourselves into a frenzy on ifs and maybes is not going to change or fix anything.
  8. I just feel like its drawn out. like every week is "OK WELL NEXT WEEK"
  9. T-Bar pinned Roderick Strong. It was cool seeing LA Knight too, even though he had no chemistry with Cedric Alexander lmao I hope they're smart enough to debut him as a heel though, they are with Dunne so far.
  10. Prove that it isn't 2K20 and I'll pre-order. They haven't done that so they don't get my money yet. Not even close. To me, the only people they seem to have convinced are the hardcores in the fanbase that were gonna get this game regardless. It's gonna take more than an AMA promising change and a handful of YouTube opinions for me to actually believe that this game is worth my money.
  11. 2K20 was bad. We get it; we all played it. Just kinda tired of hearing about it. I’m looking to the future and thinking there’s no way it’s ever gonna be that bad again because the hardest part ( breaking off from Yuke’s) was already done, resulting in said bad game. I gave them the hardest time when they didn’t release in October but I fully support the VC team and think they’ve got something that’s gonna wow us. What’s honestly the worst that can happen? I think we just went through that with 2K20. Things will be fine.
  12. Nothing will ever be as bad ass 2k20 for awhile. 2k22 at worse will be a 2k20 that atleast works.
  13. While this is true, they've never had to follow up on such a disastrous release and it's totally fair for fans to feel frustrated. As I said, I don't expect the full roster, gameplay etc tomorrow because I like the build up of media to release date but some transparency would be nice. I know a lot of people complained last week that they announced an announcement but I'd like that again, knowing some sort of schedule to reveals would be nice.
  14. Exactly. Everything will be fine.
  15. Look. Guys. I will be furious if this turns out to be a 2K20 repeat. Absolutely furious.. but I think some people are just looking for excuses to be mad at this point. They have NEVER been quick and forefront with their marketing. This is not a new concept.
  16. Yesterday
  17. And rightfully so as the trickle of information is reminiscent of WWE2K20 and fans are apprehensive, add in the fact the social media accounts been teasing Roster Reveals and announced three people who everyone had already seen and then gave nothing today without any reason. I'm not saying give us everything, I understand the drip feed tactic of info but give us a roadmap, give us some dates to look forward to between now and release date because right now it's purely selling on the fact that it's the first new WWE game in years.
  18. It’s a unique situation they’re in, releasing during Mania season and all. I wouldn’t leave any scenario off the table but I do hope they got something in the can for us already. People are gonna shit all over them either way no matter what until there’s gameplay.
  19. So the plan is to record something that probably wouldn't' be ready to release until three weeks before release? Even earlier if you include the early release date for the more expensive versions? Really doubt that to be honest. They've had plenty of time between the original push to March and now to get something made for roster reveal.
  20. We are lucky enough to get custom renders but hopefully we can use logos as backgrounds or at least the default in-game background so it won't just be custom renders with all black or white backgrounds
  21. It’s difficult to do and keep up to date when everyone keeps getting fired. They have alot of people to sneak in through the backdoor this year so filming something at the Rumble ensures they’re as up to date as possible with whomever has been released.
  22. Five weeks out and still haven't got everything recorded and filmed? God that would be so sad.
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