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  2. properties coding has been found in the game files for online
  3. Yesterday
  4. Many thanks for the love and feedback you guys. Jtown I don't do requests, but name your desired wrestlers, if someone will strike me fancy I might give it a shot down the line.
  5. Just added Eddie kingston to my roster. My dude amazing work. I might have clear some more space for what else you got coming. If I may...can i make a request for a few if it's not to much trouble...just curious
  6. Oh Scotty! If you doing his debut White S"uperstar" Singlet That would be different and new! hardly anyone has been able to texture that
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/_SlayZelinaSlay/status/1292220687717982212?s=09
  8. received_1153325281714829.mp4
  9. cool! very nice, i contact you if i´m ready, but first a little preview pic of who will come next:
  10. Interactive/QTE horror thriller game with Tales From The Crypt vibes!
  11. They didn't choke Corey Graves with a tie so nah
  12. Why not just hold it in Florida somewhere then near the beach? Florida openly lets them run so why not stay
  13. When you reach RVD Hit me Up... I'd love to work with you on Him.. Got attires loaded and ready but can't nail his face
  14. Thanks man! Next i want to do is dudleys, dx, hardyboys, rvd
  15. One of them did sound like Carmella. I would be cool with Ciampa being like the leader but I don’t want him being one of the ones running around like that
  16. Does someone have Phil Anselmo's tattoos? Wanna create him in the game but can't find the logos. Also would appreciate tattoo logos of heavy metal artists
  17. My Jaw just dropped! those are insane! kidman and jericho HOLY HELL
  18. I can’t say I was a fan of the angle last night. We’ve had so many invasion angles like this over the years — I’m kind of numb to them now. It was also a bit stagey for my liking.
  19. The last I saw Rey was sticking with WWE because they offered him more dates.
  20. Good for AEW, Rey would be a HUGE get for them.
  21. Thank you! I made the same attires like in 2k19 for jerico maybe that's why.
  22. My girlfriend said it’s AEW invading
  23. Damn that Retribution thing was pretty wild. I’d honestly say they caused more chaos than the Nexus tbh. My biggest pet peeve though is they look like a bunch of high schoolers lol. They’re sooooo short. I honestly have no idea who anyone is though.
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