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  2. Gotta say Julius Creed is really fun to play as, dude has a ton of great new grappling moves and throws, and a really good amount of simple moves like his aggressive ground punch, i love his finisher, feels like every move i used as him was new. They really nailed his moveset. I never planned on making him a big singles wrestler in Universe but i really wanna make him NXT champion after playing him, he's too fun to play as to be kept in a tag team, tbh a match type i don't find very fun.
  3. I used face textures this time for my most downloaded CAWs from 2K22. My version of the Job Squad. Once I finish movesets I will upload them. Mike Carpenter Terry Russell Wayne Parker
  4. Gargano Schism Alba & Isla Carmelo Gallus Wes Roxanne WM Night 1 & 2 Damage CTRL Rey Rollins Profits Owens/Zayn Rhea Theory Brock Ronda/Shayna Edge Asuka Gunther Cody
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  6. Some people that have gone up over the last week:
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  8. Sheamus brogue kicking tf out of the female referee during one of my matches glad it wasn’t an automatic DQ. I wish they would do this with the mixed tag matches i’m tired of getting accidentally DQd
  9. Keiji Muto's twitter is currently an absolute treat, with him just enjoying the Mania buzz and posting pictures with people in the US. You love to see it... https://twitter.com/muto_keiji
  10. As my brother alluded to in a couple of his latest YT streams, we're relying HEAVILY on AI as far as newer design work and face textures. In most cases we're using older assets, but in cases like Dru, Evan, Jay-J, Primo, Simon and Timoa...all of their face textures are new and created using the AI art program Midjourney, as was Simon's new skull & cross logo.
  11. hi can someone who knows how to mod in game superstars hair please make 99 Undertaker with the correct hairstyle please and upload to CC.
  12. selecting Charm City as a victory animation crashes the game
  13. Just announced on the WWE2K Discord channel: "The Damage CTRL trio entrance will be added in an upcoming patch update"
  14. i also love the fact it isnt the same game just remaster a lost of stuff was added and changed
  15. Thanks bro. Yes he's available, they all are. Just search Marvelous77
  16. I will say, I'm enjoying My Rise this year. And surprisingly....tag matches aren't too much of a problem, still hate doing them though. Why can't we have a singles career option? That needs to be a thing in 2K24.
  17. The game is really fun to watch. - I would be completely stressed out if I was trying to play it...but, I love watching it. Just watched part 4 of MaxmillianDoods playthrough and saw all the mine cart stuff. Just really entertaining. It's definitely interesting to see how they developed certain parts of the original game into bigger or more meaningful sections in the remake. It's also crazy to me how good people can be at games like these. Just the reaction times and quick aiming and very accurate headshots and stuff. Always blows my mind, because...well...I guess I'm not that coordinated. Lol.
  18. Small Updates: - Wrestlers up to Bret Hart are now finalised after various passes trying to balance my attribute workings with how they are done on game. - "Recent Update" and "Next Update" have been added to the sheet so you can see if anything has changed recently.
  19. 2K20 was literally unstable and unplayable half the time for some it was most, 2K23 outside from what I'm hearing outside of Create an arena being a mess at times, some issues with create a entrance, and universe mode having the same bugs as it's had in previous years seems to be in a better state. There's crashes and freezing but that's been the case for these games since 17 maybe even earlier for some.
  20. That's cause reviewers just toy with whatever the hot items being pushed are. Let a reviewer who knows universe mode in and out get their hands in this and know this was an issue ahead of time. They would've save me some money. Just because it may not be a big issue to people who only play exhibition doesn't make.it any less of an issue overall. Especially when its6been in the game for years. And then they dont bother communicating that it's not in until players find out for themselves AFTER they have their money and find out the hard way. Cause they're gonna repeat the same cycle of adding in another game and packaging it like it's a brand new feature (advanced entrance editor I'm looking at you).
  21. Yeah I follow him. I just knew something about this year was too good to be true. I have at least 6 trios/factions as is. With a couple of alliances thrown in there and sure there's ways around it. But I cant truly transition from universe mode in 22 to universe mode in 23 because of this. So to say that I'm frustrated is an udnerstatement
  22. Maybe, if you get into the nitty gritty, but minute to minute to works a lot better than 2K20. I mean I don't think many reviewers are going to care you can't select trio entrances in Universe Mode, and even if they noted it they're hardly going to think it's a major issue.
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