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  2. WWE 2K22 had a thing where the wrestlers could lock up and there was a mini game right? Will 2K23 have that and if so I wonder how exactly do you activate it because the whole time I was playing 2k22, I would always just grab them or do an attack hit when the bell rang.
  3. Wow, and it confirmed another thing, did you notice closely how it reads "Signature" below Cody before he hits his cutter? This confirms that we have a new position for Signatures and Finishers in 2k23!
  4. Damn that looks perfect, so great to have in ring springboards as sigs and finishers.
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  6. He’s active on another site with a bunch more members. Like I referred to in an earlier post, this site is mostly like the same 10 of us, mostly everyone has moved on to YouTube, Reddit and mainly Twitter. This site doesn’t feel like the priority anymore with how the game should run, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t come back, or comes back very sparingly. He still works on the games.
  7. just came across this on twitter, it's from a 2k22 Vs 2k23 comparison finisher video on YouTube
  8. NXT Vengeance Day Scoreboard: PaperThinWalls - 26 She-Wolf - 26 BestInTheWorld614 - 17 Jeb ★ - 17 Oresama - 17 Ziggy Vercetti - 17 Overall Scoreboard: PaperThinWalls - 147 She-Wolf - 137 Oresama - 134 Jeb ★ - 130 Ziggy Vercetti - 127 BestInTheWorld614 - 100 T-Hell - 72 Muur - 61 DamienScott2006 - 53 Winners' Scoreboard: PaperThinWalls - 4 She-Wolf - 2 Oresama - 1 BestInTheWorld614 - 1 DamienScott2006 - 1 Jeb ★ - 1 Muur - 1 T-Hell - 1 Ziggy Vercetti - 1 Congrats to PaperThinWalls and She-Wolf.
  9. Exactly, It'd be nice to know his thoughts on this year's game.
  10. Speaking of this move,that move and the other moves... Where's our buddy on this site been ? Lurking around and picking his spot or doesn't he work on the games anymore?
  11. It’s not (and thankfully glad it’s not) going to be like HCTP at all. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
  12. There was a time he did Raw and Sonia Deville did Smackdown. But since she went back to wrestling he seems to do both shows. There's sort of a draft split, but on Smackdown there was a fatal four way for a spot in the Raw women's championship Elimination Chamber match. Imperium was Raw 30, there's a bit of a crossover but not as bad as the Raw "Supershow" like in 2011. In 2019 (I think) there was a rule brought in that a superstar could appear on the opposite brand like three times a year. I doubt that still a rule though.
  13. Adam Pearce juggles BOTH shows? O_O They still have the roster draft splits right?
  14. I’ve not bought a WWE game for years, I’m thinking about picking this up. Simply because I’ve skipped so many that it might feel fresh. That said if the AEW game comes out close to 2K23 I’d buy that instead. It’s reminding me of HCTP, and that’s all I’ve wanted WWE games to replicate for years
  15. Interviews like this are so pointless "Well i know you can't say anything we don't already know but lets do an interview anyways and talk about stuff we already know for 7 minutes"......Nothin new learned, and a waste of time. Dude wouldn't even say what happens in showcase if Cena wins the ECW ONS match does the crowd riot? and we already know what happens, cause we saw it on upupdowndown ffs they played the ONS match and Cena won, nothing happens, Cena wins and leaves holding the title up.
  16. I think the gut kick is fine for when it’s performed as a Signature or Finisher. It would’ve looked fine Pre-2K22 as a Medium or Strong Grapple as well. When it’s preceded by a Collar and Elbow or a clunky Combo though? Looks bad. Regardless it’s nice to see a new one, the old animation was from like what SvR2010? 2011? It was super dated. Only alternatives were the Apron Grapple or the Panama Sunrise. I think a faster paced Running animation would be cool to see as well (this theoretical one without a gut kick obviously). Make it as if the opponent is trying for a Back Body Drop sort of set up
  17. Idk I think certain moves having a gut kick to the animation is okay like Triple H pedigree, some animations don't really need it but for those I tend to use them as sigs or finishers. I do agree with Cody on having gut kick grapples being a part of the combo system or have some as heavy strikes as well.
  18. The new Canadian Destroyer itself looks great, but yeah, adding gut kicks to grapples is completely unnecessary and actively makes the moves look worse -- and oftentimes more inaccurate (the gut kick before the cravate submission is especially egregious). If I want to do a gut kick before a move I can do that on my own.
  19. i can't believe they are still adding gut kicks to animations........knowing that they made a whole system that requires you to do a strike combo before a grapple. so instead of this being a move you can do after 1 strike ur gonna hit the 1 strike the animation will play and u see a 2nd strike. THEN the grapple move. when you could've just had the Gut kick as the opening strike to start the 2 hit combo. the evidence that these ppl don't know what game tney are making is mounting to at least above a mole hill
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  21. NXT is HBK and Raw and Smackdown is Adam Pearce. I'd love them to give us a playable Adam Pearce though.
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