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  2. So has 2K shut down because of the coronavirus or are game developers/publishers considered essential business? Which wrestling game has been announced for PS5? Damn exclusives again like Fire Pro
  3. Today
  4. Face texture ain’t showing up for me on the updated Edge, new body morph & everything looks great though.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Just a little FYI, but this forum is for people showing off there Created Superstars. There is a forum specifically for requests.
  7. Some of these police charges folks getting in trouble for is pretty funny, yet sad. Like you got fighting over tissue on your record now
  8. 7 RAW matches, 7 SD matches (if we count Otis vs Ziggler which hasn't been made official yet), 1 NXT match
  9. Yeah course you can. If i come across any i will inform you
  10. I like that a lot! They're perfect together
  11. NiceTwice

    WCW Project

    Have gone back to 2k19 in the last few weeks. Found your work on cc while I went back. Came here to see if I found a thread for this to give major props for how well done this work is and playing looks just like wcw
  12. Thank you both friends. Your opinions are highly appreciated. Since some of you guys add some advice and feedback on my original Edge caw, I've adjusted the original Caw's face structure and body morphing. Is it any better guys?
  13. So I thought I would have a crack at Suzume from TJPW - feedback would be appreciated. love poems growing old together
  14. Single play exhibition with In game wrestlers... fine., it works now. Universe mode, Big buggy still. Lack of alt attires or random original DLC attires being used can be jarring. Caw Mode works, but feels broken still, CAA works but too little too late. Custom titles are still garbage, call names don't work and lighting makes them look like Toy belts in game Community is dead, bar a few great guys on here. But if you wanna search thousands of pages for caw's that are broken you'll be deeply frustrated. But.... it is playable. Worth a go for Cheap £/$ 25 max for Deluxe is worth it! Especially seeing as this might legit be the last WWE game for a long time now.
  15. The EPA has also slashed regulation entirely for industry during the pandemic, citing that these companies are understaffed and shouldn't need to be concerned about the environment. This is a *censored*ing science fiction novel...I swear.
  16. Chicago Fire - A Chicago Welcome
  17. Right, what I mean is are they still airing it next week or did they bump it up sooner?
  18. I believe they were done Wednesday and Thursday.
  19. If matches were all taped, is this happening tonight then? Or are we still waiting for next week?
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