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  2. I *censored*ing knew Punk and D-Bry would derail Page's storyline.
  3. Today
  4. Jeff Jarrett was employed by WWE? Lol
  5. Wait...is he making a joke about deathmatch wrestling. Or...?
  6. Smh don't even have the energy to speak my mind on that. I'll sound like a broken record at this point
  7. Generations

    WWE Drama

    This salty mofo just retweets everything Alberto posts. Where is he getting off starting shit with anybody?
  8. Fight Me.

    WWE Drama

    Just reposting here cause this trampoline heat is *censored*ing funny.
  9. JR when it's been 2 mins since the last headlock.
  10. I thought it was the Switchblade Conspiracy lol Well whatever, still cool!
  11. JR was indeed justified. The match just didn’t click pacing wise. Of course weapon spots hide shit the same way they did with the HIAC match with Foley and Taker. Classic for certain reasons but sloppy in other ways. Not a bad thing but JR’s commentary now makes sense because even watching it live I was like…..he can’t be bothered. He was calling shit but he was like ehh, phone it in time. The pairing also just didn’t do much. Idk.
  12. Ok I don’t want to be a closed off can’t have a conversation dick so let’s chat I guess. I’m a huge Jericho mark. So even when I made(I still stand by my post) that statement I was still speaking from a non mark standpoint believe it or not. Jericho is indeed in his 50’s, he’s indeed “past his prime” as many say. He did indeed lose the AEW title. Shit happens. I’ve never heard of him losing any other title. It happens. And when he lost it it’s not like the title even had prestige or meant anything in the moment. It was a brand new world title and yes that’s how all titles start or started but had he lost it now if he was champion at this current year then I would definitely get your point. Now, I said it was below him because even though he said he wanted to do a deathmatch, even when he was in ECW it didn’t come off sloppy. As a match and execution wise, it was sloppy to me. And that’s my opinion. And again, that’s ok. I just found the match sloppier than post prime Jericho standards. Story wise, I love the program with MJF and even moments in the deathmatch I liked. Overall though, outside of story I feel it’s below him past his prime or not. Again, some bias but not complete bias. To me, it was below Jericho. If it does in fact lead to his retirement maybe my opinion will change. Because at that point the grand scheme is different. You know?
  13. Dude's apparently in pain all the time. Hate to see it. But glad he's at peace with his retirement.
  14. https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1246889-kurt-angle-turned-down-offers-from-aew-and-impact-wrestling-plans-to-make-a-non-wrestling-return?fbclid=IwAR0FCvPlhptVbZD9NYnf9wWe-DWSV0ldpp5WMeYjm64ksJh_sqExLgdd1G8 Good for Kurt. I thought he might be one of the final labors for Jericho...but it sounds like he's definitely slowing down now. Take it easy, champ.
  15. I honestly see Mark being almost as annoying as Big Show on commentary. You already know that Punk would be a fantastic fit. Excaliber and Tazz are amazing. Schiavone is solid. If Eddie Kingston wants to retire from the ring, then I think he would be amazing as well. I just don't know if Henry and Wight are worth keeping on. They seem like guys who should just be coaches or something. I'm giving Henry the benefit of the doubt until I hear what he offers...but I have a funny feeling.
  16. We wanted Toni Time and got Boss Time instead.
  17. Sasha hit Bianca with a Backstabber and refused to get stabbed with the vaccine
  18. One day the 205 roster will be big enough to have an intro again. It's so weird seeing serious Drake Maverick again after the whole Dain run. The people are behind him too.
  19. Sasha should make friends with Pfizer but she turned on it like it was Bianca
  20. that Pfizer shot couldn’t protect her from the Bank Statement
  21. Another good Smackdown! Gotta love it.
  22. well i missed the first hour of the show but the hour i watched was good television
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