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  2. I didn't care about rankings, when I played online? I did it because I wanted to play with friends and have fun. 2K14 was my favourite game for playing online. Never ran into spammers, and I played online from it's release date til 2K15 released. Aside from some lag issues? My online experience was lots of fun with 2K14. I'd love to have that experience again in the future.
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  4. We completed Night Stalker on Netflix over the weekend... kinda forgot how Ramirez's string of murders had this country terrorized during the mid-to-late 1980s. The biggest shame was remembering how he stayed on a death row sentence until 2013, when cancer eventually claimed his life.
  5. My concern as well. It took them a really long time to add all of those classic episodes of Raw, SD, WCW, ECW, AWA, etc. Plus the indy stuff they just started adding. Progress, Evolve, etc. Not to mention, if streaming actually works. Just look at the UFC situation. ESPN+ is gaining a notorious standing for being a broken piece of shit. Peacock better be prepared to handle the server strain that is going to come with airing live WWE shows. Somehow, I doubt it.
  6. As long as the entire library transfers over then I guess...?
  7. Been wanting to update Ruby. Billie next.
  8. Ah yes, Mdickie games...what fun they are, the more people you play with. XD Saw a few reviews and while i understand where they are coming from, many reviewers dont seem to take in account the circumstances and all. They give indy games, simplistic games a lot of leash but here they seem to be incredible harsh. The Mdickie games were never meant to define wrestling games or so. They are created by literally one person to be dumb fun...and on that they never failed. Sadly currently im not able to get this since i dont have a switch. Im hoping he makes enough money to port this to the PS4-ps5, i would gladly pay money to support him. They may not be the greatest wrestling games ever, but there is a lot of thought put in developing them, and they are hilariously funny.
  9. Never got the fun in any of that, but im not playing online so i never really saw that. But its annoying to see those super weird caws in CC constantly. I dont really remember the choke of doom, i know it was a move that made tons of damage, but thats it...i remember the CAF move that had the constant gut kicks and ending with the Trouble in Paradise that was super strong and many used to get an advantage online. But i never really understood move spamming and cheating in the wwe games, nobody remembers any ranking and who was the number 1, so why doing it.
  10. so by not playing online, I seem to have dodged a bullet it seems.
  11. I'm on the UK with a US account. I have no idea what to do with this information. I'm probably going to end up getting a UK subscription in case any problems come up.
  12. American Gods - Ashes and Demons
  13. Flashbacks of SVR 09 with those shitty hooded CAWs with the CHOKE OF DOOM! Hated those *censored*wads! But the move thief ability was my best friend....BWAHAHAHAHA!
  14. My first match with my brother, we just tried to have a 2 out of 3 falls match but we also picked an invasion storyline. We did not know about 30 wrestlers were going to come out and be apart of our match. We also set weapons on max...it was just half an hour of madness.
  15. Shida. Who dyed their hair purple? Peyton?
  16. They also added this today, I'll check it out tomorrow but I heard it's good.
  17. that might be true mani, but atleast I would be able to upload stuff to either 19 or 20 instead of being screwed out of either, as on 20 not even half of my roster from 19 got uploaded due to 20's problems.
  18. And CAWs with neon hair and attire that spam the shit out of spears and superkicks online.
  19. Well, at least one thing is still consistent about the series. CC is still filled to the *censored*ing brim with edgelord CAWs.
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