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  2. Eh...I think it's just kind of an unspoken thing with past Bullet Club members to make their own spin-off groups. Also, maybe because Juice is still in Bullet Club, he "reinitiated" Jey? I don't know. But, yeah...the simple answer is just that everyone is "Bullet Club 4 Life"...so they carry that with them whether they've been kicked out or not, IMO. Guys like Finn, Styles, and the Good Brothers are considered Bullet Club aligned, despite the years and years away from the parent faction. (It's just something that stays with former members). - I kinda have similar feelings about Billy Gunn. Like...he still feels like a DX member, which makes Acclaimed feel kinda like DX Jr. by association. Just how I feel about things, personally...people don't need to agree with me, but I have my personal head-cannon when it comes to the branches of the faction tree. I think the Bullet Club format borrows a lot from the Yakuza lifestyle. Like...a Yakuza member can dishonor their faction, have fingers cut off, be excommunicated, etc...but they are still a Yakuza at the end of the day, and they can go on to build their own stable from the ground up. Being kicked out of one family is not necessarily the end of your tenure in that role. - You're not good enough for the main family...but you still have the tattoos, the kill count, the clout. You still carry that with you to the next place you go.
  3. I can’t stand Bullet Club. It’s so old and tired. It feels like late stage NWO when Jarrett was in the group. Genuine question: how is Jay White still associated with Bullet Club? I thought they kicked him out?
  4. I will say...I feel pretty good about Gunn Club being added to Bullet Club Gold. - Not only does it make sense based on the name association and the gimmick that goes with that...but, I will give the Gunns credit for actually becoming a decent team. They put the work in and have improved a lot. Could be a fun run for them if AEW doesn't book it like absolute garbage. - Also think Toni Storm should leave the pointless stable she's currently in, and shack up with Juice in BCG...because heels who have the hot chick obnoxiously supporting them are always a big hit. Also...I think this has potential to be the best that the Bullet Club has looked in a long time. - I don't think NJPW has done a good job handling the name at all. - The OC and Judgement Day in WWE, I do consider to be part of Bullet Club extended family. And Bullet Club Gold goes alongside with them for a truly impressive current lineup when all things are considered. Also, heel Hangman...that would be an ideal lineup for me. 'The Switchblade' Jey White 'The Hangman' Adam Page 'The Gunns' Austin and Colten 'The Wildcard' Juice Robinson 'The Storm' Toni Storm One of those stables that could feasibly hold all the gold at once. - Even if they want to keep the AEW title on MJF for a while longer, they could put some of the RoH belts on them. Gunns with the RoH tag belts. Jey as RoH world champion. Toni as AEW women's champion. Hangman as TNT champion...Juice with a secondary title like ROH television or AEW International. - Not saying they would or should have all those belts at the same time. Just saying, it's a solid stable where they could potentially do that.
  5. I swear, people gotta stop with the "should have used that space for something else" comments every time a game doesn't have something they want, or has something extra that they didn't ask for. - Obviously, when the size of the game is only 25gb in size, they didn't run out of space. - It was a development choice to do things the way they did them...for one reason or another.
  6. Generations

    WWE Drama

    Thought this was an old picture...but it's from a couple days ago. This dude is literally dead to me.
  7. Why is Joe randomly paired with BCG for this Collision match? Hopefully they give Joe some promo time to smooth things out at least. I hope Nigel will do the color commentary on Collision. Statlander without the alien gimmick is such a big improvement. Get in the *censored*ing ring! Wtf?!? Ok, who produced this match? This is beyond ridiculous. How can they allow this shit?
  8. Don't you dare give them ideas. He's insufferable enough as it is.
  9. Nah Cole, MJF’s material was strong (perhaps too strong), it made you look like a loser. Cole’s promo is bad. Weak material. Poor rebuttal.
  10. There are ppl who actually think OC has a brilliant mind for wrestling. This match exemplifies yet again why he does not. He has no clue on how and when to end a match. Absolutely no clue. Terrible wrestler. Jericho, Tony, and Cole himself failed to get Cole ready for MJF.
  11. See this is why i hate the record keeping, if OC is on a 23 match win streak why hasn't he gotten a world title shot?
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  13. Corbin looking like a hardcore dude kinda works for him, Thea was 100% the best choice for a womens title match.
  14. God damn it, he WAS a great heel and entertainer.. R.I.P Bubba..
  15. Here is an update on Reggie’s build and face - happy with the progress so far.
  16. Oh shit.. This one caught me by surprise.. RIP legend.
  17. who dumb idea was to add mini games to a wrestling game maybe better use of the space would be full entrances for wrestlers
  18. Really not looking forward to AEW’s programming being spent on building Forbidden Door for the next few weeks. I don’t care about “dream matches” and “bangers.” Many of these guys won’t be here after the PPV anyway, so little of this will ultimately matter much. At least there’s Collision this year, so hopefully that show won’t be derailed by this crap.
  19. Yusuke Sonaku and T.K.O. are available for downloads. Zenetisu cannot be uploaded for some reason atm.
  20. https://www.ringsidenews.com/2023/06/07/the-iron-sheik-passes-away-at-81-years-old/ This one blows. - I absolutely loved his tweets. Guy really found a niche even when he could no longer perform. True legend.
  21. Upcoming - The Immortal Jason Phoenix, "Cowboy Chaos" John Conway and Battle Ranger X
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