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  2. Took a break just to tell you guys the game is a lot better than it looks
  3. That’s equivalent of what I miss from ps4. Having folders lol
  4. Meh...it was fine. The Buck was never laid on the glass, and he never positioned himself on it either. He was merely standing in front of it, and got pulled out of the way. It made enough sense to get a pass. One could argue that Darby set it up to use later, but saw an opportunity when the opponent was standing in front of it...but he misjudged and ate shit himself.
  5. Just pre-ordered the WM edition and am installing everything now. Pinned the game on my Xbox dashboard and knew the standard cover would show again!
  6. H They did react! Listen again closely and the was a pop going but yes definitely very dumb for so many reasons!
  7. Today
  8. Yeah .. sorry for being negative but there's a very high chance Darby will actually die, be badly injured or suffer some kind of health complications! If he goes through with this, I will be shocked if there isn't some kind of headline news about some kind of tragedy by the next day.
  9. https://www.ringsidenews.com/2024/03/04/darby-allin-reveals-date-for-mount-everest-trek-after-2024-aew-revolution/ Darby Allin is climbing Mt Everest on March 27th, and I honestly think this is how he dies. - This isn't something you can overcome by sheer will of mind over matter. It isn't the typical "car crash" resiliency that Darby is used to. People die there. There are hundreds of bodies on the mountain that people step over when they climb. People freeze to death, they run out of oxygen. Darby weighs 175lbs and I don't think he has any sort of conditioning for doing such a thing. Furthermore, if he does die up there, he will likely be left there...because it risks other people's lives to bring people down. Darby is a risk taker, and the Mt Everest climb is the exact opposite of that. You cannot take risks. You need to do that climb perfectly, by the books.
  10. Mega deserved. Can't wait to listen to his speech.
  11. Unless the MyRise original characters come with new moves or add parts like hair to caw mode, I don’t see the big hubbub with having them in the game. The more , the merrier though I suppose.
  12. Mercy, the cats in AC: Valhalla are damn near the size of a raccoon... 578614016_AssassinsCreedValhalla_20240225111025.mp4
  13. His acceptance speech will sure be interesting. Expecting him to mostly be in character
  14. I’m surprised Heyman accepted, he seems like someone who hates praise, especially while still active. But I think even he knew he had to go in this year in Philly.
  15. So you unlock items somehow during matches in MyFaction and get rewards such as Shield Seth!? Interesting but really depends on the objectives
  16. Yeah blatant false advertising. The MyRise characters were to be unlockable to use in other modes, not MyFaction only. I want to use them in Universe Mode!
  17. Are those 5 things on the side CAW Unlockables? Also Shield Seth appears to be a Persona Card
  18. the only sad thing about this game is that this is the first time Gargano isn’t going to have a banger entrance theme RIP I’m Coming Back for You and Rebel Heart
  19. Alright my game will start in 30 mins, see you all next year
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/1b6e3r4/fyi_original_myrise_characters_only_unlock_in/ It seems The MyRise originals can only be used in My Faction, what crap. I want to use them in Universe Mode.
  21. You dont have to uninstall it because even if you did install it you still have to manually go to the shop and press square to unlock everything, so you can just not do that
  22. I have a question I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. The game just finished downloading now, I got the WM edition, what is the unlock all feature called? I’d like to uninstall it because I enjoy earning my unlockables the manual way. thanks, can’t wait until midnight tonight! update: it’s called supercharger I’m assuming, I’ll be uninstalling that first thing.
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