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  2. I couldn't make it through the whole show last night. Kept trying to watch No Mercy and Collision at the same time, but was not really paying attention to either as a result. Eventually chose Collision in the second half. But, I will probably go back and watch the women's title match. Seems like it was very good.
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  4. I grew up as a wrestling fan during the late 90s/00s era. WWE, ECW and etc... In my spare time I will occasionally go on YouTube and watch old videos of WWE and ECW, sometimes I will watch old matches, promos, backstage segments and even watch interviews from some of my favorite superstars reflecting their time in pro wrestling. Lately I have been watching old videos of promos from ECW. I have been watching old stuff from Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Dawn Marie and Raven.....Honestly? I forgot how INCREDIBLE these superstars were at portraying their character personas, cutting promos and mic skills. I grew up during this era which means a wrestler that knows how to truly portray their character and got skills on a mic is a must have for me as a fan. I mean absolutely NO disrespect to some of today's superstars in wrestling but I seriously hope that these wrestlers are watching old ECW videos and old WWE videos because these guys and girls deserve oscars for their abilities. I will continue to use Youtube as a platform to look back at some of the best wrestlers we had in history. Now that's not just the coolest....That's not just the best.... that's JUSTIN CREDIBLE!!!!
  5. I 100% want a great career mode in WWE 2K24 badly. I am literally anticipating it. In other news when WWE 2K Developer Bryan Williams was being interviewed about WWE 2K24, someone had asked him about are we getting Special Guest Referee back? Bryan's reaction was like "Oh ya don't say?" Based on his response I STRONGLY believe that the special referee feature is coming back but to be honest I am not fully focused on wanting that feature back. I am hoping the gameplay gets updated with some new stuff during matches.
  6. We have been seeing a lot of WWE releases in September and one superstar that I have always liked who has not been seen on TV is Cedric Alexander. He posted something on his social media page teasing a return to NXT but I don't know if that means he is preparing to return to NXT or he is asking if he can start working again? I am hoping that Cedric is still in good standing with WWE and that him being possibly released in WWE is not even a possibility. Cedric has packed on 220 pounds of muscle and if WWE still has an interest in him, I think that would be great. I just hope he can still do his high flying moves.
  7. I haven't been keeping an eye on the table either. 8th now, I think, but it doesn't mean much, we're only nine matches into the season.
  8. Danhausen and Hook are a lot of fun to play...but thats it. Im currently finishing my last Road to Elite run and then im sadly done with the game. There is just absolutely nothing to do anymore. I squeezed everything out of this game i could. And just 1-2 matches every few days are simply not enough for me to keep playing, as fun as the Gameplay is. Its super sad, this game could have run so long on hype and updates...it could have easily run 4-5 years with constant content updates. But the reality is that it cant even hold on 1 year, and that is super sad. Because like i always say, there is not much wrong with the game. It plays well, feels good and works nicely. It has a good foundation that has potential. The game just mainly lacks content...and that sucks. Like, i could deal with it if it would just be a bad game that dies fast. But its not bad, its fun and i enjoy playing it. Its just that there is not much to play in there for long.
  9. Becky lowkey shines in weapons matches
  10. Melo vs. Ilja not main eventing?
  11. Name: El Puerta Signatures: Somersault Unprettier and Romero Dragon Sleeper. Finishers: Middle Rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb and Constatin Special Location: Vega Baja Puerto Rico Entrance: Ultimate Finesser
  12. Faction: The Nikita Family Names: Lilith Nikita. Oliver *smaller of the two* and Kurt *the big guy* Location: Former Soviet Union Kurt Signatures: UFO and Doomsday Saito, Finishers: Soviet Crab and Running Pounce. Oliver Signatures: Never Wake Up and Middle Rope Guillotine Leg Drop, Finishers: FIsherman Neckbreaker 3 and Kamigoye. Lilith Signatures: *same as Kurts* Finishers *same as Olivers*.
  13. Name: Ahmed Sheik Location: Bagdad, IRAQ Entrance: Veer's Music with Gulak's 2 animation Signature: Atomic Drop W/ Splash, Atomic Bomb Finisher: Kneeling Atomic Drop
  14. LOL every time I see Reggie oops I'm sorry "Scrypts" get all Thug-a-nomics? I'm like boy if you don't pour me a glass of Rozay and get the back flippin!
  15. That's good, are you in and around the play offs? Not really keeping an eye on the Championship table
  16. Since when did Reggie get gangster all of the sudden? Seems like yesterday he was sippin' on that fine Chardonnay wit Carmella
  17. Yesterday
  18. I had a very enjoyable afternoon in Preston. After 0-0 draws each of the past two weekends, I was hoping to actually see some goals today, and I got two in each half, plus another clean sheet, against a team who had won every previous home match of theirs this season - it could not have gone much better.
  19. Good win for us today, went a goal down they are obviously managed by Steve Fatty Evans lol We play Shrewsbury at home on Tuesday Good win for you against Vale
  20. The No Mercy game throwback video is fun...but also kinda annoying that they don't feel compelled to make an actual game like that. Lol.
  21. I always found Road to Wrestlemania to be kinda mid tbh, some were pretty good like Jericho's one I think back in 10 or 11 but a lot of the other ones were pretty forgettable. I find it funny how fans seem to flip flop on what they want most of time, after a bit of having RTW, some were wanting back a story/carrer mode back and now that we've had one for a few years now they want RTW back.
  22. At 90 hours, just finished my first playthrough of Starfield. Now entering the New Game+ stage of things.
  23. Goldberg / DDP / Roddy Piper / Rick Steiner / Sting / Randy Savage / Lex Luger / Bret Hart / Scott Steiner / Bam Bam Bigelow Booker T / Chris Jericho / Eddie Guerrero / Chris Benoit / Rey Mysterio Jr. / Dean Malenko / Raven / Wrath / Fit Finlay / British Bulldog / Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
  24. Fans are saying for WWE 2K24 they want Road to Wrestlemania mode back.
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