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  2. Yeah, by then newer models will be out, and more games available etc.
  3. Another day, playing another Act in the storyline...
  4. Well I would LOVE single player DLC, but I don't see it happening. They promised that for GTA V and it didn't happen. I would have atleast wanted another Undead Nightmare for Red Dead 2
  5. Very cool... I'm also waiting several months before I pick up a PS5, so yeah.
  6. Odd timing on this announcement, consider how far down the rabbit hole it has traveled since its inception. Back to Ghost of Tsushima for me. *shrug*
  7. people actually liked that dude?
  8. Today
  9. So, I just ordered a Seagate 4TB Game Drive for PS4. £100, but I have over £1,800 saved up lol. I can happily wait til around June or longer for a PS5.
  10. Oh damn that's awesome! There needs to be a movie Liu Kang and Kitanna pack too!
  11. Yeah same here watch the Lillian Garcia podcast on the network felt really sorry for her glad to see that she kept going and dindt let it pull her down and let them win A**eholes Nero
  12. Would be cool, im a fan of the wrestler specific Showcase modes...they are a cool idea. It gives you so much nostalgia and stuff. A Undertaker showcase is a must, and yeah it should be about his most memorable matches and not just the streak.
  13. I know they did the Streak mode with Undertaker in recent years (I think)...but next year's Showcase has to revolve around Undertaker, right? They don't even need to make it all about the streak. Just his best matches that covers all eras and hopefully get better models of all his retro gimmicks.
  14. Shotzi Blackheart had a rough childhood
  15. Or maybe some decent singleplayer DLC? No? Okay..
  16. I don't respect no man that gives out spoilers.
  17. LET'S GOOOOOO Nevermind, it's CFO$ so they'll replace it
  18. Samus is in my xbox one caws on 2k20. I'll put out Bowsette next week! Xbox one gt: wes19er
  19. From the Snl Christmas skit Sump'n Claus,played by 90's dude Keenan Thompson. I have a storyline where Bill Cosby tried to have drinks with BeefySupreme, one of Sump'n Claus' Ho,ho,hoes! It was a tough "pill" to swallow...uh,nevermind. Also I have the Fiend Hallowicked Arena available too!! Xbox one gt: wes19er Sumpnclausvid4958-ac3c-9e1836e3db13_1.mp4 Cosby58-ac3c-9e1836e3db13_1.mp4
  20. Sorry y'all, AJ is gone.
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