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  1. Yesterday
  2. Drew 1 all away at accrington, onto Barnsley home next Saturday. Our Fa cup tie with Arsenal is on the Monday night. National humiliation for the Gunners I can dream!
  3. Im gonna be so ticked off if 2K23 still has this garbage grapple system and refuses to bring back things like start of match collar and tie ups or letting us finally use finishers from more positions like inside springboards. I mean hell, they vastly improved springboards in my opinion in 2K22, so now is the perfect time to make that happen. also, give us the old submission system, even if just as an option like pin got..
  4. Title says it all. I'm new to WWE 2K, just bought WWE 2K22 and I'm looking for really good CAWs and Creators. Thank you for ANY/ALL help.
  5. Looking for a Rick Rude CAW can't remember the creator. One of the requirements to download it was unlocking Andre the Giant. Anything helps. Thank you.
  6. Looking for a Rick Rude CAW I found and lost. One of the requirements to download him was unlocking Andre The Giant, it had two versions one with mullet and one with short hair. Anything helps. Thank you.
  7. Can I just say...I hate the phrase "in the drop zone". That was a brainbuster, Cole.
  8. Open the forbidden door...Tegan Nox vs Kris Statlander. Knee brace on a pole match.
  9. I hope Tegan is done dressing up as Captain Marvel while wrestling. I don’t get why they couldn’t let Tegan run the heels off. Even though it was brief, the heels getting the upper hand against her just made look her unnecessarily weak. It’s her return, let her kick ass.
  10. Oh okay, hey Tegan welcome back
  11. Tegan bout to blow her knees out in like two weeks.
  12. GUNTHER, teach this man how to respect the ring.
  13. Wait...we're building a romantic relationship between Moss and Emma like one doesn't already exist? A kiss on the cheek? Shit is absurd. Lol
  14. I want someone to be making matches and putting heels in line when the occasion calls for it. Regal should be exactly what he was in NXT.
  15. Sami is face. Owens is heel. Change my mind.
  16. Last week
  17. Muur

    Football Thread

    stoppage time 1-1 draw, we sure do that a lot miss of the season from charles when he was 1 on 1 and hit at the gk. was harder to miss than score like damn shouldve beat bristol rovers with our record against them of something like 6 wins i a row. they hd one shot too and scored it
  18. Reminder that tonight's SD is on FS1, Fox has the Pac-12 Championship tonight.
  19. They have a really solid roster on paper. Plus, they have access to the RoH roster. AND they have the "forbidden door" stuff with a bunch of other promotions. - It's just wild how we end up seeing the same matches over and over, and nothing is really inspired at all. Orange Cassidy with the All Atlantic title is NOTHING. I've never seen a championship used as a more blatant accessory. The FTW title (which is not even officially recognized) is a more prestigious title at this point. Granted, they're doing this thing where OC nonchalantly defends the belt against whoever challenges him. But that really does nothing to help the situation. You'd think that having a defending champion would mean something...but it all ends up feeling very much like an afterthought. It's honestly the same problem that I have with Jade. It's like...you went out of your way to make secondary titles, so your roster would have something to actively compete for on television...and then you put the belts on people who never actually lose the titles. The entire point of the smaller titles is to have them frequently change hands. - I maintain that Cassidy should have lost the All Atlantic title to Shibata, who could have defended it in NJPW for at least a few months before losing it to Juice Robinson or something. - This would have made the title legitimate in the sense that it is actually an international championship (the entire point of it existing). Anyway, I'm ranting now...but, AEW has a lot of fat to cut, and all the potential in the world if they could just figure shit out. Also...RELEASE JERICHO. HE IS A CANCER.
  20. The only role I really have any interest in for Regal, is getting Butch to break away from Brawling Brutes...reminding him that he's Pete f'n Dunne. Regal is literally the perfect person to come in and say "You're going around calling yourself bloody Butch?" Honestly...I just don't care for authority angles in WWE in general. There has been an extremely unbalanced ratio of poor GMs over the years compared to good/great ones. Regal was a good one...but the whole thing still feels a certain way to me. I just tend to prefer the storylines when there isn't an authority figure constantly directing traffic. I mean...look at the whole Bloodline story. The greatness of it lies entirely with the legitimate feeling that Reigns is in full control of the entire show. If you had a GM constantly challenging him, it would be nothing. - I enjoy simply knowing that HHH has full control, and the wrestlers basically just do their thing (unless things get REALLY out of hand). Having Regal back as an authority figure would mean that there would be regular appearances of an authority figure on the product. Which means that they would need to write for that authority figure to be...asserting his authority. It just mucks things up.
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