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  2. Rematches Demanding title matches without earning Championship Contenders Matches But it's a 'New Era' though right? Lmfao.
  3. Today
  4. Just read that Walter Smith (former Rangers manager) has passed away. Will never forget his stint as our Manager in the 1990s. RIP Walter.
  5. Mani-Man

    WWE Drama

    Yup, for as awkward as it was...it was in my opinion what should happen. Not some "here buddy, good luck with this title" kind of thing. Because they fight for those titles, there is story behind it...just swapping them and being happy, is god damn stupid. Charlotte should have talked to Becky and Sonya about this instead of acting like a brat. Wrestling above all else, relies on teamwork...if you arent a teamplayer, it hurts everyone.
  6. There was a Veer vignette? Lol
  7. I saw Reggie on SD, but I don't remember him getting drafted over there lmao
  8. am i tripping or were there no 24/7 shenanigans tonight?
  9. Keith 'Bearcat' Lee.. That's too much of a mouthfull,I bet next week him simple goes by 'Bearcat' Lee.. Knowing Vince I mean...
  10. When the Rumble comes around, I’m not going to know who is coming out with these theme changes
  11. I was kinda expecting Edge to Spear Seth, but I guess things are done between them. It's been fun hanging out here. Its good to be back. To everyone here, have a peaceful night.
  12. Schreiber interviewing Rollins lmao
  13. Oh shit, oh *Censored*. Damn, I can totally see Big E having a short reign unfortunately. Especially since they already blew their load with Big E/Roman and New Day/Bloodline before the Draft even.
  14. Seth vs Big E should be great. It has a great backstory as well
  15. Guess we’re getting Rollins vs. Reigns at Survivor Series
  16. Kevin is going to be sore tonight
  17. Did Corey call him Kevin Steen lol *Censored*
  18. That's true. It was just a thought. That John Woo kick never gets old
  19. i don’t think that’s a move he can do to everybody, especially now with more hosses coming
  20. Yeah. That was actually pretty cool. It's a shame he stopped using it. I think the move I was talking about is in 2k20.
  21. back to back fire spots from Rey
  22. Surprised he hasn't used this in a while lol
  23. do they improvise table spots to please the crowd?
  24. Maybe it's me, but Kevin using the Stunner has kinda ran it's course. Maybe use a Package Piledriver, but have it end in a Powerbomb? I think Mia Yim used it in NXT.
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