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  2. Never seen Priest look as strong as he did against Drew
  3. In probably going to bring him back, just not sure if i am going to keep him with his same look. It will be a few weeks before i have time to get back to work on him and more creations.
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  5. You said no Laurant this year? Or is he still a possibility? *sidenote I would love to have him back lol*
  6. Yeah I just watched a video from a guy analizing the whole thing and it's just Gable.
  7. Date: 6 July 2024, 7 PMET/4 PMPT Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Venue: Scotiabank Arena Theme: NAV - Tap ft. Meek Mill Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match 6-Man Ladder Match Jey Uso vs. TBD Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match 6-Woman Ladder Match IYO SKY vs. TBD World Heavyweight Championship Match Singles Match Damian Priest (c) vs. Seth "Freakin" Rollins
  8. https://x.com/WWEgames/status/1803119843824247048?t=aVVoVfGPo6dSZaGcjhgeWQ&s=19
  9. Gunther hasn’t been on TV since end of May I think everyone except Gable is random crew who just happened to look like certain wrestlers in the dark angles
  10. They established with Status that rules are rules...unless you're popular enough in the community. I'm not surprised at all that people are trying their luck.
  11. Last week
  12. Im a little sad that double knee moonsault is in a positon that makes it unusable as a finisher.
  13. I wouldn’t say they buried them. Silly? Hokey? Yeah. Burial? Nah. We’ll see how things go with the booking, but I don’t see any of these guys losing their standing on the roster. Worst thing I see coming from this is guys I like will have to waste time with these people for a little bit.
  14. good stuff but putting DLC moves that aren't even live for most players in there is kinda asking for trouble IMO. if they complain about getting banned from 2K, well...maybe don't put moves that aren't even released to the public in your movesets then.
  15. My issue is that I worry about the implications this Wyatt stuff will have on many of the things you just listed. Like I said...Gable pretty much buried last night. Gunther also part of the attack (why?)...
  16. Cody/AJ was good. Cody/Logan was good. Drew/Priest was good. Punk/Drew is good. Heel Chad feuding against Sami is good. LA/Logan is good. Gunther KOTR has been handled well and we got a superb match out of it (Gunther/Orton). Heyman struggling with the new Bloodline has been good. I have my issues with some booking but there’s been plenty to like for me.
  17. More HIDDEN moves uploaded to CC ! (NOT MY WORK) Go to CC,downloads and move sets. Search for Tags: MEOW69420
  18. It's just remarkable to me how many bad decisions WWE has made in record time. Some of it is injuries and other unavoidable things...but, other things are contract disputes or just plain lazy booking. Like...that was the greatest Mania season, probably ever. And if you told me we'd be here now, I wouldn't have believed you. Lol Hoping they save this angle, because I want to like the new Wyatt stuff.
  19. Wow, hats off to whoever mocapped that, they put the work in to get DDPs mannerisms down.
  20. https://x.com/b7eeeee/status/1803073447331061892?t=mH8m3oXTXolE-_e4ZCpk2Q&s=19 Ddp moves that comes with his dlc model
  21. I really hope not. Creatively that’s bad because it would be rushed like you said. But also professionally that would be bad for Jade because she still needs smoke and mirrors (like being in a tag team) to hide her greenness.
  22. I highly doubt this is an alternate reality thing. And if it was, then that would make the segment even less tolerable to me.
  23. I think you mean re-signed - resigned is what he kayfabe did last night.
  24. It will be interesting to see if they claim this was a "vision" or an "illusion"...and if so, how do the people who were shown react to being part of it? Do they say "I already left the building. I don't know what that was that we saw!" - I guess that's the best possible scenario...because, just causally having people like Gable and Gunther laying there (yes, they murdered Gunther of all people)...that is just a really fast way to ruin your show. So, now they have some considerable saving-face to do. I liked the returns. I liked the visuals. I liked the look of all the characters. - I didn't like the murder-scene. It wasn't needed. They could have just had those same characters appear on stage and be like "We're Here" and that's it. Same point made without all the awkward implications, and the back pedaling that will need to be done to explain any of it. I need to rewatch it again in a bit...see how I feel about it a second time. See that they show the camera go through the Wyatt door, or at least do a better job of making it look like you're entering an alternate universe. Still not for me...at all. But, there are things that will make it more tolerable if they were done reasonably.
  25. I didn’t like the Wyatt angle. Not one bit. I feel some guilt for saying this since this is Bray’s legacy — but this stuff is exactly the stuff that I don’t want to see in wrestling. Wrestling isn’t cinema to me. It’s not this thing that’s totally separate from our reality. It’s extension of our reality; it’s part of our reality. So you can’t do masterly composed shots of this unexpected event where you carefully show off the over-the-top bloody mayhem as you reveal the people who committed these acts one-by-one as they pose for the camera wearing their new professionally made masks and costumes. Maybe there was a way to do this that was rooted in the kind of wrestling reality that I like where you don’t need fake sound effects, fake blood (ugh), fake pyro effects like smoke and sparks, and carefully composed and timed shots. But that didn’t happen. What we got instead is the glossy, over-the-top WWE presentation, which makes things look and sound really fake.
  26. The way I see it's just that Triple H knows that everyone knows WWE is an entertainment, fictional show, and he's getting unserious in some aspects. Just like Kenny from South Park gets systematically killed and then somehow revived every now and then, we're seeing people graphically injured and then we'll just see Gable next week just fine. The show to me was fine and the Wyatt 6 segment was good. It made the point intended, which was present them as creepy psychopaths and at the same time pay homage to Bray. I'm not as worried for the "dead" people thing as I am for their direction going forward, though.
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