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  2. this honestly makes Orton look like a demigod
  3. He barely shows up and fit the storyline. Jesus lol
  4. Hairline fracture which at least makes it slightly more believable.
  5. Flair to cost Drew the match? A well worked plan by Orton? Ehhh....Nah.
  6. Samoa Joe screaming on commentary is killing me.
  7. this is hilarious. guessing Flair is next?
  8. I hope someone picks up that phone, because I *censored*ing called it!
  9. this jaw thing is really throwing me off. dude has a fractured jaw for weeks, yet constantly gets cleared? not to mention how it is impossible to sell it beliavebly.
  10. It's a medical chair! You can tell because it's red and has a little cross on it!
  11. Gove me a run in from everyone else Orton's punted please!
  12. Bruh. He gets his Netflix show cancelled and he thinks he can come back
  13. Big Show had a mask on like he’s not the most easily identifiable person ever
  14. The most sinister match in all of WWE... an Ambulance match! No, wait... a Cage match! No, wait... Elimination Chamber! No, wait... Hell In A Cell! No, wait...
  15. It'd be dope if Orton wore something that's not a sleeveless zip-up hoodie
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