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  1. Well they did say we were getting new moves with each pack so depending on how many moves we get we may have enough all together that would equal getting a moves pack or more.
  2. I was so in awe by the match card graphics that I hardly paid any attention to the poses lol but you got me on that one, personally I missed how you would see a little animation by said wrestler during the graphics. Yes I know NXT has this but it feels different then how it would be back in the day.
  3. To be fair aren't most of the match card poses in real life boring and stagnant, outside of NXT.
  4. I guess his voice can get irritating in long videos or so but I like Smacktalks he's pretty consistent (most of the time) and gets to the point a lot faster then other You-tubers , the ones I find annoying are Pulse and Denkops due to them whining about arcade.
  5. Samoan Slaughterhouse?LayCool? I forgot about Nia and Tamina, maybe also a Divas of Doom entrance.
  6. Hopefully we get some more female tag team entrances So far I see three new ones being: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross ( I could see this being patched or added if not in base game) Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville The Kabuki Warriors Maybe as a bonus they could have a Boss & Hug tag entrance thrown as well.
  7. So far no early access, as for a seasons pass I did see something called a "backstage pass" so that could be the season pass or something new.
  8. Kevin Owen's avalanche fishermen buster and a pop up sit out powerbomb. Also can we get a new helluva kick with a pinning animation or one where he falls on the opponent.
  9. A kinshasa to back of head and tho I'm not sure if Rollins has ever done it but a diving curb stomp from top or middle rope or something that resembles it. Also can we get re animated version of the grounded curb stomp where he runs the ropes before hitting it.
  10. that hasn't been the case for atleast 6 years... Isnt it usually around that time or so? We usually get the roster reveal in August tho last year they started later after SummerSlam but it feels like that's when things start to pick up.
  11. Normally I'd agree with having patience with the marketing since we don't usually get the big dump of info till SummerSlam or so but the fact we don't even have a logo for the game at this point is somewhat concerning.
  12. I can't say I am currently, not that I'm completely uninterested it's just more of a meh feeling till we get some real info and the cover star or pre order bonus doesn't really do it for me.
  13. I'd like an Avalanche Styles Clash maybe as a reversal or a OMG moment, a corner version of the curb stomp, and a super kick from the kneeling position.
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