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  1. Probably not much if we're being honest, we usually get very little NXT UK talent as it is.
  2. crazyjk4

    WWE Drama

    I'd at least throw in Samoa Joe in there too, he's injury prone but he still could have been a asset in other ways to the company and it still felt like a lost when he got released. Claudio could have been a bigger deal but they mostly wasted him tbh.
  3. Still not feeling the graphics to be honest, getting barbed wire deathmatch and 40 weapons is cool. Hopefully we get thumbtacks as I've wanted that in a WWE game tho I doubt we'll ever get that.
  4. I feel like they'll probably add advance entrances back in for the next game, I had a feeling Rey's showcase was going to be limited or underwhelming since Rey's early 02-05 years didn't seem doable, I assume they couldn't get Kurt Angle in because I don't think he has a legend contact with WWE anymore or maybe since he's a part of the wrestling code game they couldn't get him in, I have no idea why his Royal Rumble win and his match with Orton afterwards isn't in but maybe they didn't want to have that story line in without his Mania match. No idea where the gameplay aspect may lead us to for next year but I'd be content if they brought back chain wrestling and tired finishers back.
  5. Yeah not looking forward to having a gutted roster for 2K23, not to mention outside of Cody, Bron Breaker, and a few other NXT guys there really isn't anyone else to look forward to at the moment.
  6. With some of the comments I've seen so far it kinda makes me glad I'm not as big as a wrestling fan as I used to be and and don't have too much of a need or want to buy or watch wrestling products as a whole.
  7. EA doesn't really make any strives to advance their games either. But even ignoring all of that for a minute the main issue with having someone else is that we'd be starting from scratch all over and probably lose a lot more than what we could gain in some cases, it sounds like a lose lose situation to me.
  8. Still don't like grappling lock tbh, but not having tired finishers sucks, I wonder if there's a way for them to patch that back in or so along with chain grappling.
  9. That's been a thing tho for years not that you aren't right.
  10. Not having Bron Breaker is kinda odd but I guess he'll be a selling point for 2K23 if there is one, also I would have rather Bad Bunny then Logan Paul but meh.
  11. I saw on Twitter there's some arenas you could unlock in Myrise like the Mae Young Classic, and the Evolution arena for example.
  12. Seems like tired finishers aren't in which is kinda a shame as I really loved the sweet chin music tired sell.
  13. I heard showcase stuff is locked to that mode and I think MyRise as well.
  14. Yeah for some reason the titles for the women seems to be bigger so they look a little out of place.
  15. Advance custom entrances no longer being available along with the grappling lock up.
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