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  1. EA doesn't really make any strives to advance their games either. But even ignoring all of that for a minute the main issue with having someone else is that we'd be starting from scratch all over and probably lose a lot more than what we could gain in some cases, it sounds like a lose lose situation to me.
  2. Still don't like grappling lock tbh, but not having tired finishers sucks, I wonder if there's a way for them to patch that back in or so along with chain grappling.
  3. That's been a thing tho for years not that you aren't right.
  4. Not having Bron Breaker is kinda odd but I guess he'll be a selling point for 2K23 if there is one, also I would have rather Bad Bunny then Logan Paul but meh.
  5. I saw on Twitter there's some arenas you could unlock in Myrise like the Mae Young Classic, and the Evolution arena for example.
  6. Seems like tired finishers aren't in which is kinda a shame as I really loved the sweet chin music tired sell.
  7. I heard showcase stuff is locked to that mode and I think MyRise as well.
  8. Yeah for some reason the titles for the women seems to be bigger so they look a little out of place.
  9. EA can't even make their Football and Soccer games good, and don't even get me started on Star Wars. I heard UFC isn't that good either.
  10. I mean EA is one of the most despised and hated companies out there, loads of people wouldn't buy any games with the EA logo on it. But ignoring that even if EA were to make a decent game out of it, we'd be still be starting all over, moves, entrances, animations, every mode would either be gone, stripped away so that it's bare bones, or worst locked behind some paywall and yes knowing how EA is this would include the current roster base.
  11. I'd rather have to be forced to play 2K20 again then have EA and no I'm not exaggerating.
  12. This is clearly the worst possible timeline, keep EA far the hell away from wrestling games thank you very much.
  13. Advance custom entrances no longer being available along with the grappling lock up.
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