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  1. I'd say Big E's Big Ending, it's far too slow and has that dumb taunt at the start of the move, yhe Curbstomp more so the grounded version of it, it should have Rollins hit the ropes first and then hit it. Orton needs a new Punt Kick badly, a new corner and a grounded version of it too.
  2. As much as I would like at least one more patch or so for 2K20 I don't see it happening, seems like it's dead in the water which sucks because we have wait another year plus with broken game and yeah the option to back to 2K19 is there but that feels even more outdated unless you get the PC version.
  3. I did kinda like the Roman Regins story tower tho I wish they would have gone fully into it with arenas and attires for each match and stuff but I wouldn't lose sleep on Towers being gone along with Orginals tho I wouldn't mind keeping the format of how Orginals were and having that for traditional DLC packs. I'm somewhat hopeful they'd be able to fix all of the glaring issues wrong with 2K20, my worry was more so of them putting all of the focus on GM mode and prob Career mode that everything else gets little to no attention on.
  4. Beats me but looking at the feedback results, I could see towers, and 2k orginals being cut for next year's game prob road to glory as well. My concern is that they may just add in GM mode and call it a day also.
  5. I think they mean updates to create an arena tho that should prob should fall under creations in general.
  6. Been playing Mugen on my computer for the past few days, I ordered me about 7 to 8 ps4 games I never got around to playing so I should be busy for a bit hopefully when they come by the end of the week or so.
  7. That and all of the championship entrances from 2K20 tho I have no idea how to mod it sounds complicated.
  8. I've seen quite a few of them but I'm not sure all of them are on there.
  9. I got some new PS4 games as well as a brand new limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle. Games I got: Crash N Sane trilogy Crash Team Racing NF God Of War Anthem Red Dead Redemption 2 currently playing Crash trilogy.
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