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  1. Here is a new creation i just finished working on. The "Bone-Collector" Yusuke Sunako. Founding member of the Agents of Chaos (inspired by Njpw BulletClub). His strikes are on point, but his frog splash is a work of beauty.
  2. He should be downloadable in the next few days. I cannot wait to see what kind of matches you can make with him.
  3. Same here man. keep up the good work, you are killing it here with the fresh content.
  4. I gotta say you do some great work...if you don't mind me asking what programs do you use for your vdieos?
  5. Now before you start throwig stones about my newest creation...He is HIGHLY BASED OFF OF MITSUHARU MISAWA. who i find is one of the greatest pro wrestlers i have ever watched. i give to you...GENKO KANASHII Standing in at 6'0"- weighing in at 256 lbs. He is the heart of ProWrestlingMayem and what pro wrestling truly was meant to be. Former Amateur Greco Roman Wrestling Champion before coming to the squared ring of professional wrestling, He is a man of few words, but let's his skills do the talking. I will have more updates coming for him and custom videos in future posts.
  6. Looks like a lot of work you put into it and can't wait to see what you have in store...really enjoying the original content here
  7. "The awakened Evil" Yoshiro Matsuda. Coming from under the training of Tatsu Muta, Matsuda is a beast at a stance against the roster of pro wrestling.
  8. Time for the Chaos to reign down on the wrestlimg world. I present The AGENTS OF CHAOS. Starting from left to right "Bullseye" MOTADA, "The Elite Player" CASEY KAZARIAN, and CHEN
  9. Some awesome matches you been putting together.
  10. New PPV arena PRO WRESTLING MAYHEM "HARDCORE HANGOVER" inspired by Extreme Championship Wrestling
  11. UPDATED ATTIRE FOR "THE GENUINE A$$HOLE" MATT VEGAS Currently the PWM INTERNET HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and INTERIM PWM INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION (1st attire inspired and based off of Matt Cardona's Ghost busters attire this past June. 2nd attire is a custom mayhem death match themed pants attire.)
  12. Some new championships i ban working on recently. PWM internet Championship(YOUTUBE. Inspired by defiant wrestling internet title) PWM Women's Hardcore Championship
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