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    Aliester Blacxk
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    Demon, Hunter FFAK, WATG
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    working class
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    nxt, tna
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    anything spicy
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  1. Such awesome talent shown here. Keep up the good work
  2. The true King Of Hell HEIN HARNAGE He has been waiting in the shadows to make his debut again. Without the help of his followers of MISERY from 2k20. He is coming for the Pro Wrestling Mayhem Heavyweight Championship, no matter the cost. His book has been opened and there is no where to run or hide. He see's all the evil and now it is time to redeem the world of wrestling by bloodshed of all unrighteous puke of the race of men. Bow before The King Of Hellfire and pray for his mercy.
  3. Creating is what I'm passionate about and love. Thank you much appreciated. I
  4. New Faction NOTORIOUS UPRISING Bishop Black, Markus & Morris Jones
  5. Need a name for these guys as a faction 1st one's name Bishop Black 2nd one's name Markus Jones 3rd one's name Morris Jones
  6. "BIG MOE" MORRIS JONES (Attire not finished...any feedback or improvements welcome )
  7. The Smoan Pitbull TARYN TONGA (2nd attire "singlet version" w.i.p.)
  8. "The Queen of Mayhem" Tiffany Myers. The sister of Adam Myers and wife to Mayhem Mercer. She is tough as she is gorgeous.
  9. Thank you for the support here...It is a struggle to find tome to do all this stuff, weeks go into it to get everything looking just right and correct....More to come very soon
  10. newest edition to Pro Wrestling Mayhem The Heartless Witch from Scotland IVY BLACKWELL (based her gimmick off of Isla Dawn from nxt uk) finished product will be done and ready to download by the weekend
  11. Thank you,,,you are too kind. You have some amazing creations and work in all your work in the past wwe games...much appreciated
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