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  1. Hitman III My first Hitman game lol. It's really cool that the game lets you transfer progress if you played the first 2 but it sucks that I haven't lol
  2. ^ yeah Heyman said the night it was announced that the winner of the Chamber would face Reigns on the spot... but then WWE themselves didn't make it clear enough, they just said winner will face Reigns on the same night.
  3. Could be both, leaning more towards them trolling lol
  4. Summerslam this year, if anything
  5. Drew better not cost Lashley. After Lashley beats Miz? Go for it
  6. Okay so Nia's pinned both the RAW and SD women's champions in two days
  7. They can't show footage from his SNL appearance?
  8. How many times does Lashley have to destroy Braun
  9. I wish Miz would intentionally carry the title upside down lol, the side plates aren't enough
  10. The sooner Lashley gets the title from Miz the better
  11. Angry Miz Girl's response when asked a while back how she'd feel if Miz cashed in again lol
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