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  1. Kinda weird they had Barrett signed to NXT instead of having Nigel come back but
  2. Jeb ★

    WWE Drama

    can we pretend Forgotten Sons never debuted on SD and put Ever-Rise there instead
  3. Here's all the suits you can get in-game without microtransactions. Tbh there's only really a handful of good suits for him https://youtu.be/ewHASRI87fI
  4. MVP really revived 3 careers with the Hurt Business
  5. Bobby Roode is still stuck in Canada huh?
  6. Dijakovic really attacking Keith like that
  7. Bruh I thought Keith just wore the singlet under the sleeveless top, either go topless or with the top lmao
  8. Oh shit Keith with a singlet lol
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