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  1. Roman’s the only person to call Brock a dumbass to his face and walk away untouched
  2. I love troll drip god Rollins
  3. Can Sonya beat me up in a suit too?
  4. Gonna have to get back into the game now lol
  5. Damn, that's where he's returning to? —————————— a clothesline to a seated opponent is a weird finisher
  6. Styles is the best at avoiding the RKO yet Orton always gets him anyway
  7. Kofi vs Woods was such an easy booking man wtf lol
  8. My small concerns about Hit Row are B-Fab still being green (from the two matches i saw her in lmao) and their promo style not really translating well over the main roster audience, even after toning down the freestyle rhyming. I like watching them though, just a surprising decision to call them up already cause they barely formed the faction a couple months ago
  9. Edge should’ve showed up to Seth’s house as a babysitter oh HIAC, wonder if we already had a whole PPV about that this year
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