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  1. YES. Or a proper feud.Hopefully this also leads to Sandow growing back his beard and.....Cody bringing back the stache!!!
  2. So we're finally gonna get a Rhodes Scholars reunion?
  3. Remember when Wade Barret was over af as BNB?
  4. Lmao. Heard that too. And supposedly he turned down a 3 yr/1.5 mill deal.
  5. Kosovo won thier first medal in their first ever olympic competition and it was GOLD.
  6. Anybody knows where you can get that old Damien Sandow shirt, the blue evolution one.
  7. Has Cody ever fought Kurt?
  8. DOPE

    Youtube Channel

    I have a ps3 currently. But by the time I make my YouTube channel I'll have a ps4. And share option? How do you do that?
  9. DOPE

    Youtube Channel

    Hey guys I'm trying to make a YouTube channel. But does anybody know how to capture HD gameplay without having a capture card. Like a software.
  10. I'll be home for Christmas
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