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  1. Hey, I just downloaded Eliza Black, small problem... Her face photo and chest logo didn't download.
  2. awesome. downloaded nora earlier today. not sure if you take requests/if you're entertaining that, but could you consider adding Eliza Black and Bianca Norrie? thanks in advance.
  3. I was about to say... Two weeks since and no upload. Still waiting for it.
  4. Oh that's cool. Personally I would just upload em today and do the whole preview later on, IMO. But that's just my opinion.
  5. Here's my take on it: MTs in a WWE game, no matter how you spin it, would decimate the already thinning base this series has. People do not take kindly to MTs in any game, and especially in games not needing MTs or having MTs implemented. The series, after 2k20, is at the worst it's been ever. Something I can't believe I'm saying. If they got MTs and went live service it would be a huge stink at the worst possible point. YouTubers would tear the game a new one. The last thing they need are bloggers like Jim Sterling and YongYea (sic) telling people "hey this game ain't it". While I do see the good of it, specifically new cosmetic only updates and the game going into "Seasons" like Tekken and Street Fighter...I'd rather not have a firestorm of controversy clouding the games.
  6. Re-basing Cleo off Qimmah was a masterstroke of genius. Absolute genius. And while we're talking about it, do you have any pictures of the final 5 women or is that coming with the upload? Just curious.
  7. Cora Pendleton, Rachel Royce, Skylar Troy and 2 new girls, Ana Munos and Lori Stiel. Wasn't really feeling Teresa, so I've scrapped that character. Many of the elements from her I put into Olympia Marstorius. Got it. Kinda bummed Teresa didn't make it past a year but Cora coming back and these two new girls...very interested in seeing this come to fruition. I was already amazed at how much you did with the last batch...so color me very intrigued about these two new characters.
  8. Simply stunning work. I assume the last 3 uploads will be Skylar, Rachel and Teresa, right?
  9. Oh yes! That's awesome, so we don't have to wait for trickles of content. This is so cool. Looking forward to seeing it
  10. I'd welcome it. Loved your work on PS4 earlier, and would be more than excited to possibly see it again.
  11. Cool stuff. Any idea who is a part of the next upload? Outside of the STARLIGHT remakes.
  12. Well that's a welcome surprise. Good luck with it, i think the 2K19 image uploader is offline but here's hoping there's a way NVM, it still works, as long as you don't accept the EULA for 2K20 you're good. Here's hoping for Tamra and Cleo again. See you back in 2k19 land.
  13. Well... So far the matches have been great. The fact the in ring action has been solid without sliders is a positive. Might give this game a wait and see approach. Essentially... They got til the royal rumble to fix the issues in my book. And I'm hoping the CAW scene doesn't die because it would be a shame. But yeah 2k, VC ya done screwed up. Get it together.
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