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  1. Agreed. The beard is a sign that one should not be messed with under any circumstances.. And on a related note, @Oz70NYC, are you going to upload Tanden (that red-head in that match vs Helena) eventually?
  2. @Oz70NYC, any chance you're gonna upload the final members of the N1 roster? Been waiting on it for a hot minute or two.
  3. word. do it this week then! i def want to see em! probably not the only one
  4. These new characters are coming along pretty well. I'm digging the afro stylings of kairi. And the other match with Tanden was dope too. Any chance these new/ characters get uploaded in the future or are they still in developmental?
  5. Wowzers, badass. I guess there's a couple more updates on the horizon, essentially the CAW 2K20 versions... Nice job
  6. Ichiro looks amazing. This is great stuff as always.
  7. That new redhead looks really good. Love the design.
  8. Love it. Great stuff. Can we see previews of the rest of the roster?
  9. After seeing that IG template....I am very interested in how VanDiver turns out.
  10. New characters? Interesting. Any names for these new ones?
  11. It is. Saber Interactive (developed NBA Playgrounds) is working on it. Visual Concepts has zero to do with it. At least the 19 servers will remain open for now, so I can gladly skip this dreck.
  12. I want Stan the Man Stasiak!
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