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  1. Love it. Great stuff. Can we see previews of the rest of the roster?
  2. After seeing that IG template....I am very interested in how VanDiver turns out.
  3. New characters? Interesting. Any names for these new ones?
  4. It is. Saber Interactive (developed NBA Playgrounds) is working on it. Visual Concepts has zero to do with it. At least the 19 servers will remain open for now, so I can gladly skip this dreck.
  5. I want Stan the Man Stasiak!
  6. There is no 2k21. Officially announced at the investor call today. Wow. https://twitter.com/WONF4W/status/1253444902534500353?s=20
  7. dang that Gloria revamp looks incredible.
  8. It's only April. The announcement of a new game happens close to or around May, when they announce the quarterly earnings to investors. I think, for what it's worth, the truth seemingly lies in-between. Probably, and this is my guess here, 2K21 isn't going to even sniff a fall 2020 launch date. Will most likely miss it entirely, and be released next March, in time for Wrestlemania. 2K probably just ports a mobile game to console to meet the contract stipulations and buys time to get 2K21 actually done (if possible). Won't be pretty but I think that's the most realistic idea in play.
  9. Keep it up. Digging it. Small request, can you please upload Trina Garcia, Holly Jade and Jodi Quinn? Thanks in advance
  10. Hey, I just downloaded Eliza Black, small problem... Her face photo and chest logo didn't download.
  11. awesome. downloaded nora earlier today. not sure if you take requests/if you're entertaining that, but could you consider adding Eliza Black and Bianca Norrie? thanks in advance.
  12. I was about to say... Two weeks since and no upload. Still waiting for it.
  13. Oh that's cool. Personally I would just upload em today and do the whole preview later on, IMO. But that's just my opinion.
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