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  1. oh god. twitter and instagram will be insufferable.
  2. There is a workaround. Close the game, Uninstall it (just the game, not the save files), reinstall it and make sure it's updated to the latest version. Heard that works. EDIT: Also worth a try, clear the ps4 cache (assuming you're on PS4) before you try the reinstall trick, saves time over re-download.
  3. AEW:FF should be treated as a early access beta with most of it's bugs squashed. The second game will be when/where that creation suite rounds into shape. And from there, we can fully judge it. But first game is going to have a lot of unrealistic expectations assailed against it, ranging from the pipe dreams to the totally impossible stuff.
  4. I had actually turned Crystal heel in 2K19 and had her and Emma form a tag team. End result: multi-time tag champs, virtually unstoppable UK tag team.
  5. I was JUST about to ask about Heather and then you post that stinger at the end of the description. I am digging the potential evil seduction angle for Ashley....kinda a two-woman powertrip alliance in the works.
  6. ugh. this game had 2 years, and the results feel like they wasted 1 year, 10 months, 6 days, 22 hours, and 40 minutes of it not working on the game. while i will give props to the character models, finally getting the game to a point where even the slightest glare doesn't crash to home, and a (misguided) decision to change some things...this game is a bad sign of what's to come. this combo system is here to stay, myfaction is here to stay, content being shaved off for aforementioned mode is here to stay, and a shift away from "wrestling game" to "twisted simplified mishmash of strikes and grappling with little depth" is here to stay. at least 2K19 isn't victim of these changes. guess i can enjoy that whenever i harken back to when 2K/VC actually tried.
  7. great, so this game will be archived forever with a glitch that cripples universe. and how many years did 2K/VC have again to make this game? 2? get new devs. pls.
  8. My problem with 2K22 is multi-faceted. The system change, while not a good thing at best, it did give me some really interesting setups for moves (3 strikes into a kneebar for example) BUT it made the game more linear and less free-flowing. Create an entrance being sacrificed for stability, further straight lining the game into a more linear, less free flowing experience. MyFaction shaving off content for MTX. Showcase also being linear as hell. See what I'm getting at here? A linear game that flies against what we knew and loved in years prior with seemingly no end in sight for probably the next console gen. It's bad.
  9. ooof that gutted roster for 2K23 will be one for the history books. and we still got probably more releases to come before launch. good chance AEW might have a bigger roster at launch than 2K23 will, lol
  10. not to mention the AI is going for the top rope...3 MOVES INTO THE MATCH 2k22 is both a good game and the worst straight up wrestling game i've played in years. It's not wrestling, it's a sports-entertainment simulation, and it stinks! SAVE_US_Yukes.22
  11. Yup. So in the end, this guy killed the series completely. It's no longer a wrestling game. It's a game for people who hate wrestling but love sports entertainment. In a way, it's the game that perfectly emulates WWE. And now our only hopes are in an AEW game that will be undercooked for the first iteration, and an indie game that feels more like the "send Veer" promos; it's hyped and hyped and doesn't make a dent. Truly dark times ahead.
  12. you gotta be kidding me. he talked all that talk, turned the series upside down and now he's ejecting? either the return of Bryan Williams was big enough he got big league'd out of 2K or that rumor of EA getting into the action is a lot more real and he left before he lost his job....?
  13. And the attire. Might be good for CAW creators who need a few more tools to work with, if those parts are in CAS (I assume they are)
  14. Multi time champion, undefeated at Wrestlemania, booked incredibly strong...all because she got "the look"
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