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  1. She'll be in. She was on TV constantly in 2020 up til she got hurt so if anything she'll be there.
  2. Yo Oz, any more updates for past characters coming down the pipeline? Just wanted to ask.
  3. fantastic work with these redesigns
  4. That sounds fantastic. I really want to see these revisions. As for Deja, I think that she doesn't need anything more, if her gimmick is intimidating take-no-crap, then simple one color outfits with no logos works, at least to me.
  5. Deja looks like an all-caps MONSTER. And the Diamond revision is stunning. Would love to see those on CC eventually...among others.
  6. yo, terry ryan is fantastic. DL'ed him a few weeks ago and he has a great moveset and look. hoping there's a few more in the wings
  7. here comes the months of speculation regarding why "X isn't in this game, but he/she was scanned!" and all that discourse. not a dime on this game until I see confirmed, close-to-launch, gameplay. actual gameplay.
  8. Bumping this because it was on my mind recently....any update on those CAWs you said were in the works @Oz70NYC?
  9. So i gotta say, the revised Helena Troy is phenomenal. Got anymore updated versions of your CAWS in the wings @Oz70NYC ?
  10. Yeah, blame it on being a down year with no new game for us CAW makers and that. But at least 2k19 is still alive and well.
  11. Agreed. The beard is a sign that one should not be messed with under any circumstances.. And on a related note, @Oz70NYC, are you going to upload Tanden (that red-head in that match vs Helena) eventually?
  12. word. do it this week then! i def want to see em! probably not the only one
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