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  1. Well....this guy is a talkative dude, holy crap. Not even past 90 days and already on Busted Open. And I think they might not make it in as DLC because despite being "too late" as of now, post-release content is a variable. That is, they can easily say "nah take him or her out of DLC" and it happens. Daniel Bryan was supposed to be DLC for SVR 2011 and then...a necktie came into the picture and he was cut from the company and DLC was scrapped.
  2. Well two things, as a lucky PS5 owner... 4K/60fps max output (PS4 might cap at something under that) No load times thanks to SSD. I would assume that might be the extent of it.
  3. Careful with that. We got fooled badly when rumors of the IV Horsewomen being in an earlier game off t-shirts started to float around. Didn't wind up happening. A lot of people were trying to make sense of that and were very confounded about how the theory imploded....so yeah, the shirts most of the time don't indicate.
  4. yeah i fully remember that mode being weirdly closed off, with so many people who were mysteriously ineligible...made sense Benoit was integral to that mode...too intergral.
  5. Well it's def not that drastic. The Benoit situation was a necessity because it was a horrific incident and no one wanted or should have wanted to see him in that game and being used by edgy kids for sick pleasures. I think the game being content complete (in my uneducated eyes) will make any removal of anyone very hard, if not impossible...but with day 1 patches, it's really possible this game could have a gutted roster and a lot of assets are laying in the code, dummied out. Hope not. (a game is the least of the worries, best luck to those fired. especially during the holidays)
  6. okay so we saw actual gameplay, and a lot of features...actual details for once. holy crap. the hype train is...slowly resuming...? (gimmie the roster please)
  7. MyFaction = MyTeam. It's the MTX feature.
  8. Sadly, this is how gaming is in 2021. Game devs/publishers have rationalized that making 59.99 and then making more and more is better than 59.99 and stopping. This was inevitable, with how much money 2K makes from NBA mtx and GTA mtx and RDR2 mtx. WWE missing two game cycles made this an easier choice. Hopefully if it's just restricted to a mode with no bearing (i.e. myPlayer) or a card game like myTeam, then it can be ignored. That's how I handle it in NBA 2K. MTX? Just don't play the mode with MTX. Simple.
  9. Welp, seeing as we're stuck with 2K19 for another 6 months....maybe some of the CAW roster could use an update, IMO?
  10. EA would at least up the graphics under Frostbite and presentation (commentary and V/O) would be at least improved seismically. If anything, with the way they handled UFC 4, they did the same to a WWE/EA game in terms of DLC (new fighters and modes at least 2-4 times a year for free) I'd be just peachy about it. However, EA has done bad in terms of MTX. Very bad. Madden and FIFA and NHL have suffered immensely over the move to MTX heavy modes...leaving legacy issues in it's wake. So yeah, no EA...give it to a smaller more hungry publisher, they would do a better job in 2-3 years time.
  11. Yeah that would not change. Most every publisher is aiming for PC now alongside Xbox and PS. With Switch being an outlier. A very low powered outlier.
  12. We ARE back to silence, no more info until January 2022.
  13. They packed a 20k stadium with no matches announced and mere speculation on who would show up. On the first day.
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