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  1. the rumor was they wanted Naomi to pin Sasha tonight so Naomi gets a title shot vs Belair, a match she obviously would have lost. the issue: it takes focus away from the tag division they're trying to build.
  2. the logos disappear if you're at 999 logos on your system, they don't tell you you're over the limit when downloading anymore, so that's why it's happening. it's not on your end @Oz70NYC as a creator
  3. True that. Combo system is a monster to get used to, especially with move sets. Feels less like wrestling and more like fighting with wrestling elements. It's fun, but please just give me a wrestling game that understands momentum and actual match flows instead of doing a dang springboard moonsault 5 moves into the match. That said, def looking forward to the ladies, any new names in the pipeline or just the same ol' stable?
  4. he's bacccccck.... alrighty, looking forward to the rest of the roster, whenever that surfaces
  5. FWIW, Take 2 Interactive has had a bit of a contentious relationship with modders dating back to 2005 when the Hot Coffee scandal broke out because of modders and dummied out code. So to see this happen to the modders now is not shocking, it's how Take 2 has operated, especially when there's real world money in the mix. Same thing happened with GTA V on PC.
  6. Yeah 1.09 added a bunch of hairstyles for female CAWs
  7. they haven't. ever. dating back to the 360/PS3 days, the only time they added something as a patch for free was Kane (Masked) in WWE 12. I like it though. Good form by 2K/VC here.
  8. I mean, a second season would be fantastic. Best of both worlds. We keep the current roster, add a ton of new moves, get Cody and others in the game and don't have to wait a full year potentially for a new game.
  9. downloaded Evie, her logos didn't make it over. none of them made it over. just an FYI EDIT: nvm, game apparaently bounces logos once you hit 999 downloads
  10. Hey Dr Fumbles, small request, are you going to make Tricia Garcia and Bonnie Brooks this year? Would love to see them this year if possible
  11. 205 Live arena crashes the game to Home on Xbox Series X. Can't select it without immediately shutting the game down.
  12. you and @Oz70NYC are the reason why these games get played a lot, your creations have been holding it down for me for years, so excited to see what you guys can do this year with this game
  13. Awesome stuff as always. And even better it's cross platform CC this year so I can play your characters on Xbox. BTW, can I politely ask if you can bring back Eliza Black please? She's one of my favorites.
  14. yeah all of this is true. i fully agree....but, i think WWE might see the positives of working with EA, and there are a lot. From EA's promotional muscle, to their ability to be constant and get a game out year after year, and the other part is how EA is part of Xbox Game Pass. There's a lot to love on the surface. But anyone who's played EA games over the past few years can tell you, it's a world of broken dreams and promises and gameplay. Now I will say, if they wind up going with the UFC team, it would mean perhaps a base game that gets free DLC at major intervals. UFC 3 got a ton of fighters and new matches over it's lifespan for free, so that's a positive. The negatives: starting all over, EA pushes MTXs heavy, and personally for me, no shot at another EA Sports Fight Night boxing game ever (what? I like Fight Night!)
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