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  1. The new moves isn’t all that to be hyped about like yes they’re great personally I like all the new entrances we get every year more so than the new moves
  2. I’m Thinking either the Tajiri Match from 2004 the Cena match from 2003 or the tag match between Batista and Rey vs MNM from 2005 Heck Even the match against Brock from 2002 wouldn’t be out of the realm
  3. Speaking about the fist I wonder which match will we get of Rey that unlocks it
  4. Oh turns out Takeover Orlando wasn’t the only time roode wore that gear so Bianca’s gear was from 2021 prior to Wrestlemania Dana first wore that gear in 2019 this was one of Sasha’s various gears from when she and Bayley had all the titles from 2020 interestingly Shotzi started wearing that gear from early 2020 Shayna also had her mania 36 gear when she faced Becky
  5. Here are pictures of the gears I guess from that picture we can confirm Dana Brooke MITB 2020 gear and I don’t know if I know where is the Bianca gear from and Naomi’s attire is from February 14th 2020
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/WWEGames/comments/s8tvu3/incase_anyone_was_curious_here_are_the_current/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  7. According to Reddit Seth Rollins Has a 2nd attire which is his Wrestlemania 37 attire from 2021 Rhea Ripley also has her Summerslam 2021 attire Sasha Banks Attire is from Backlash 2020 Asuka has her Royal Rumble 2020 attire Shotzi’s attire is from NXT November 4th 2020 Shinsuke Nakamura has his white gear he uses now which he started wearing from June 27th 2021 And this one might shock you Robert Roode’s Attire is his WWE 2K18 attire from NXT Takeover Orlando from April 2017
  8. I feel like the Carmella and Sheamus Attires might be a bit too obvious Carmella’s Attire seems to be from November 13th 2020 the one seen here as far as Sheamus goes the attire is from January 2020 as seen here
  9. So I was looking at the IMDP page for WWE 2K22 which has a list for voice actors in the game and it is extremely interesting not sure if they’ll change it but it’s right here https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13080372/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm
  10. I Believe Kay Lee Ray's attire seems to be this attire although i don't know Raquel Gonzalez seems to wear her blue and black gear as seen here
  11. I think Liger and RVD might still be in the game due to the hall of fame and besides i don't think they will say no to making appearances but i don't think liger will have ikari no jyushin unfortunately i think they might give him his wwe theme from 2015 which is honestly not bad
  12. Another addition I want to see in community creations is letting us see advanced entrances formulas that caws have instead of downloading the caw and see it for ourselves like see which theme they used the trons the motions lights pyros etc I feel like that might be good
  13. You can also see Karrion Kross's Shirt in there too Nia was a part of his group so that means the recent releases from 2 weeks ago are safe like keith lee and mia yim and ember moon
  14. Wait this means we might get legend killer randy as that's when rey won the world title i like it might also have his rumble 2006 gear as well
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