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  1. I would like to see the One Final Beat and Willow's Bell DDTs in the game now before you say yes they are in the game as apron moves but they cannot be selected as finishers
  2. OK this is a different thread that I'm doing and it's inspired by BrendanX's Moves thread but this time it's for entrances What Entrances Do you want to see getting added as Preset Entrances Next Year Personally I would like to see More New Japan entrances like we had Okada in 2K20 at the time omega when he was in NJPW in 2K18 and Tanahashi in 2K17 so how about we get Naito and Ibushi This year as well as having entrances like Darby Allin and a bunch of AEW stars in the game as preset entrances
  3. Mr155551


    Celebrating the essence of independence and innovation. A mini project from the team that brought you ECW Lives. The first pack is already available to download and it features The X-Division in TNA and contains the following 1- "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles 2- "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe 3- "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels 4- Amazing Red 5- Chris Sabin 6- Alex Shelley 7- Low Ki 8- Jerry Lynn 9- "The Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams It Also Features Arenas and Championships from TNA's Past like 1- The NWA/TNA Asylum Arena 2- The TNA IMPACT! Arena 3- The Against All Odds 2005 Arena 4- The Lockdown 2005 Arena 5- The Slammiversary 2005 Arena 6- The Unbreakable 2005 Arena 7- The Bound for Glory 2005 Arena 8- The TNA X-Division Championship All you have to do is type in INDPspirit on the PS4 Community Creations Hashtags and you will find them.
  4. Did you check under the playstation store? It might be there Also I See the ECWLives project has made you consider going back to '19 Right
  5. Man it's insane how lucky XBOX peeps had it this year Us PS4 players barely get shit this year which is funny because in original games it used to be the opposite
  6. Mr155551


    In Case you've been following this project you would know this is the 3rd pack it's actually pack number 2.5 because it's called the international stars pack and here are the pictures
  7. Speaking Of 2K19 Defract NickBreaker and a Bunch of Other Creators have launched An ECW Project there on PS4 I Did Make a Post on It in the 2K19 Forums if you want to check it out
  8. For Me It'd Have to be the Kinshasa Because It Desperately Needs a New Animation Including a New Corner animation It Infuriates Me How We Haven't Gotten a Decent Corner Kinshasa That Isn't Named The Strong Style Knee Strike So Basically You're Forced to Use That If You Want One from The Corner
  9. Mr155551


    A Bunch Of Your Favourite Creators Have Done This Project To Give You An Extreme Feel to the Game, Recreate ECW From The 90s in Your Game And Be Sure To Support This Project.
  10. The name is Officially The Wrestling Code
  11. Been listening to this banger 3 times now ever since it got released today after looking for it since last wednesday
  12. Now you can see my problem when downloading characters that have a certain DLC attached to them even after i already bought it
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