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  1. Mr155551


    In Case you've been following this project you would know this is the 3rd pack it's actually pack number 2.5 because it's called the international stars pack and here are the pictures
  2. Speaking Of 2K19 Defract NickBreaker and a Bunch of Other Creators have launched An ECW Project there on PS4 I Did Make a Post on It in the 2K19 Forums if you want to check it out
  3. For Me It'd Have to be the Kinshasa Because It Desperately Needs a New Animation Including a New Corner animation It Infuriates Me How We Haven't Gotten a Decent Corner Kinshasa That Isn't Named The Strong Style Knee Strike So Basically You're Forced to Use That If You Want One from The Corner
  4. Mr155551


    A Bunch Of Your Favourite Creators Have Done This Project To Give You An Extreme Feel to the Game, Recreate ECW From The 90s in Your Game And Be Sure To Support This Project.
  5. The name is Officially The Wrestling Code
  6. Been listening to this banger 3 times now ever since it got released today after looking for it since last wednesday
  7. Now you can see my problem when downloading characters that have a certain DLC attached to them even after i already bought it
  8. Finally a good rick rude think you can tackle the other members that got removed from 2K19?
  9. Unfortunately no Although I Was able to unlock Wicked Aleister Black Corbin the Gatekeeper Ali Fortune Fighter and Grand Champion Batista without having to do the objectives
  10. You kinda remind me of the guy who made custom titantrons for cruiserweights all the way back in 2k17
  11. I Still haven't found the best graphics for seth but maybe Jerry the King Lawler for the Apron Wall and Ribbon and Mandy Rose for the stage
  12. Chris Hero AKA Kassius Ohno has been confirmed as part of the roster
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