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  1. I never understood why they never use bulldog’s actual theme in the games?
  2. Zaddik’s Nash Carter is out now alongside a matching attire for Wes Lee
  3. So who do you think has the best Nash Carter caw on cc atm I’ll drop some caws and you have to tell me who has the best one This is KingEmpire345 This is Iconic2K Dre41 is also making one This is a WIP from Zaddik and There is one by someone called beautifulhouseparty
  4. Finally some good pretty deadly caws
  5. You cannot trust me even Io Shirai cannot be selected for anyone I tried using Io Shirai’s template on a caw it’s not there this also goes for other exclusive entrances like WALTER 1
  6. Sadly they took it out in 2k20 so we’re stuck with the wwe version
  7. If they have to change it because of that then I hope it is to czar’s horseman and not march madness for reference this is march madness and this is czar’s horseman
  8. I forgot to mention that but apparently Yokozuna has both a championship entrance and a championship victory in the game
  9. The title entrance is honestly the difference maker for me which is why I would pick status but defract is nice too
  10. Yeah Adam Cole was supposed to be in the game at some point before going to AEW hence why they updated his motion and even gave him a title motion on top of that so I can understand that
  11. I just looked it up It was The Price of War for Malakai
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