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  1. Speaking of WhatsTheStatus he found a way to enable the voice taunts during entrances and victories
  2. rn I use 80’s 3 for bray but you could probably find something better as far as Crazy Nikki Cross try Say Cheese
  3. Status’s version also includes his hidden victories and hidden crowd signs too
  4. I forgot was it treybaile or divadadde who did her but it’s one of them
  5. Peyton Royce for Toxic Attraction as their theme is basically like a remix of Peyton for Gacy you can try either money in the bank or clash of champions
  6. For Queen Zelina Use Royalty can also work for King Woods
  7. It’s actually 7 Sarray Xia Li LA Knight Azeez RVD MGK and Logan Paul
  8. I compiled a lot of theme suggestions mostly from reddit but here it goes beware though this list is really long For the The Fiend Happy Song actually syncs well with his title entrance but Say Cheese is also decent For Adam Cole Trent Seven actually sounds really good for him it’s perhaps the best option you can find For Darby Allin Try I Don’t Wanna Be blind For Andrade El Idolo Money in the Bank is really good For Bryan Danielson Nikki A.S.H is oddly fitting for him For Rebel Heart Johnny Gargano A-Kid sounds the closest to that theme For Chris Jericho Iron Fist works For Cody I’m using NXT Takeover 31 but you can probably find a better song And Lastly for CM Punk use The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)
  9. I never understood why they never use bulldog’s actual theme in the games?
  10. Zaddik’s Nash Carter is out now alongside a matching attire for Wes Lee
  11. So who do you think has the best Nash Carter caw on cc atm I’ll drop some caws and you have to tell me who has the best one This is KingEmpire345 This is Iconic2K Dre41 is also making one This is a WIP from Zaddik and There is one by someone called beautifulhouseparty
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