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  1. I might be taking a good long break. Going to delete the game and play some others, like my insanity run of Mass Effect Legendary Edition (for the trophy).
  2. This grapple shit is a regression. We got rid of that 20 years ago.
  3. I've been trying to figure out where the hell Big Show's "walk over opponent" ground move is, but I can't find it in create-a-moveset. I used Andre's moveset as a base when creating my "The Giant" CAW, and he used it on me in a match, so I KNOW it's in the game. But where?!
  4. You're supposed to delete the game, not the save data... But yeah this game is a mess. I'm on PS4. Sometimes I'll freeze when going to upload custom content. Sometimes I'll freeze when trying to download my own logos. Sometimes I'll freeze in CAW mode. Shit's feeling like WWE '13 but without the cool roster to make up for it.
  5. I hate to say this, but the current solution is to delete and reinstall the game. I did it myself.
  6. Come to think of it, I've never actually used my finisher in this game... never finished a match, lel. Maybe one day. I just hate trying to do suplexes etc.--you know, real moves--and just kicking and punching instead. It's like we're back to WWF Wrestlemania on NES. The first one.
  7. The controls in this game are so bad. At this point the only way they could get me to buy a future wrestling game would be the return of create-a-story.
  8. I'll just leave this here https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4389374-Infinite-loading-screen-bug&p=15349660#post15349660
  9. I BET they haven't addressed the Smackdown blue shirt referees not working in create a show. Yesterday I submitted another bug report for the nameplate glitch in create-a-championship. We'll see if they fix either.
  10. I remember asking a while back about a lifting choke hold... Just found the perfect one. "Elevated Vise Grip". Just like the move from WCW Nitro.
  11. This gameplay is confusing the hell out of me. It's a real struggle to do grapple moves.
  12. One thing that slows down 2K22 is all the damn pop-ups, especially in CAW mode. It's a pain to try to just get a blank slate default CAW.
  13. So, belt creators. I want to know the best technique. If your plate design doesn't fit the shape of any of the in-game plates, what do you do? I tried putting a logo on the leather, but it just looks flat. What I'm doing, is covering the center plate when a black design and putting my logo over it.
  14. WWE really has trons on the ceiling now?! Gross. I bet they're chomping at the bit to figure out how to make LED ropes.
  15. Best Hurricane = short green hair, or maybe the ECW one with long hair
  16. Did somebody say yapapi, brother?
  17. Working on my "The Giant" CAW. 1. Is there a head size option like 2K19 had? Head Size: Normal or Large. I can't find it. And by the way, I'm having difficulty with the body morphing. Sorry bro, but 2K19's system was better than this shit. 2. Is there a Big Show entrance of any kind? I might use Diesel or something...
  18. Another problem with MyFaction stuff is that it's mostly half assed... like this entrance here is just The Game
  19. I downloaded the MyFaction Hulk Hogan from Status (the one with the combover hair) and he is so much better than the 2K20 one they ported over for the main game. I mean he's still got the 2002 entrance and all, but he looks better without the beard. Kinda weird though... Modernish face and mustache + that 1983 Hogan hair but I'll take that over a forced bandana any day.
  20. Well. Here we are at patch 1.12 and... custom championship nameplate bug, still not fixed. create a show referees Smackdown 09 and Indie Circuit Ref still not fixed.
  21. It would be a bit of a game changer for sure.
  22. Ehh I thought they said they were adding MyFaction characters to the main game
  23. So did they add 80s/90s Hulk Hogan or not?
  24. I don't understand it at all. This might be my last WWE game. They're making some seriously predatory moves now, and I don't like it.
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