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  1. Another problem with MyFaction stuff is that it's mostly half assed... like this entrance here is just The Game
  2. I downloaded the MyFaction Hulk Hogan from Status (the one with the combover hair) and he is so much better than the 2K20 one they ported over for the main game. I mean he's still got the 2002 entrance and all, but he looks better without the beard. Kinda weird though... Modernish face and mustache + that 1983 Hogan hair but I'll take that over a forced bandana any day.
  3. Well. Here we are at patch 1.12 and... custom championship nameplate bug, still not fixed. create a show referees Smackdown 09 and Indie Circuit Ref still not fixed.
  4. It would be a bit of a game changer for sure.
  5. Ehh I thought they said they were adding MyFaction characters to the main game
  6. 20. Raw Is War 1998 21. SmackDown! 1999 22. WCW Monday Nitro 1999 23. WCW SuperBrawl V 24. WCW Clash of the Champions 32 (XXXII) I just get these whims sometimes, man. I see something and I'm like "You know what? I bet I can create that." Raw Is War 1998 I wanted to make use of my Heat arena. Again the Titantron doesn't work. In order to make it work, I would need to have the WWF logo playing videos during entrances as well. And I don't want that. For the aprons, like with SmackDown!, I looked at real life video for inspiration on sizing the apron logos. I've felt that Yukes' recent aprons for Raw Is War and WWF SmackDown! were too small to be realistic. You know what this arena is really missing? A big black curtain behind the stage. It would look more realistic and bring everything together. SmackDown! 1999 This one makes me nostalgic for the first 2 SmackDown! games on PlayStation. I went the extra mile on all of the little details. The SmackDown! banner is actually a THQ/Yukes texture, but I edited in the WWF logo. The WWF.com logo on the apron has "Download This!" instead of the plain red line it had in WWE 13. And in the second screenshot, you can see the little UPN logo light projection that I tried to make work. Honestly, it looks good in entrances. Just not so much when the lights are off. The canvas has that signature blue tint, and the ropes are a light blue, just as in the PlayStation games. WCW Monday Nitro 1999 This one was a lot of fun, but if Necromicon hadn't made such a killer stage logo and floor mats, I probably wouldn't have bothered. I could've made it with plain black floor mats tbh but the stage logo I originally made myself for 2K17 or whatever wasn't quite on this level. If only Sid Vicious was in this game, or Sting... Memories of WCW Mayhem on the PlayStation, with Mean Gene Okerlund as the ring announcer. WCW SuperBrawl V I probably should've made the video screens taller, but eh. Maybe next year. Fun fact: There is not a single "SuperBrawl V" logo on this arena OR show, only "SuperBrawl". This could replace my SuperBrawl VII in future games. Maybe. If only I had Big Van Vader to show off this arena! WCW Clash of the Champions 32 (XXXII) I was curious about Miss Elizabeth's WCW debut, so I looked it up, saw this arena and was like "I can do that! I have a big curtain!" I really wanted to get that blue and yellow Caesars Palace sign in there, because it's so prominent in real life when you watch the show. I probably could've used the "small studio" venue, because that arena looked pretty damn small in real life. But this is the Clash of the Champions. I also discovered that venue size 1 is the only one in the game where they let you delete the ringside announce table.
  7. Despite the fact that my SuperBrawl VII arena is better than ever before, I'm thinking about replacing it in future games potentially with SuperBrawl IX or SuperBrawl V, which I've just discovered actually had a mat logo similar to Uncensored 97's. And now the arena's I'm most excited about are old school WCW arenas with the giant curtain: SuperBrawl V and Clash of the Champions XXXII. As for SmackDown!, I was thinking about doing the light projections of the UPN logo, but that idea didn't turn out so well on Uncensored. For some reason, partial transparency and gaussian blur don't show up that well in these games. And note to self on old WCW arenas: use generic crowd to get rid of nWo shirts I might be able to fix my Halloween Havoc. The starry background, I mean...
  8. Current projects Raw Is War 1998 SmackDown! 1999 Nitro 1999 Circus arena from WCW Nitro PSX Trying to figure out what to do about the championship belt bug. They must be made at some point. Various CAWs and/or attires Why? I thought I wasn't going to do any WWF stuff. Well, these ideas just pop into my head. I'm sure there's a dozen SmackDown! and Raw's, but I like to try my hand at things. But I'm in no rush. Busy with other games and so on. Currently playing some Fire Emblems and The Sims, watching Attitude Era wrestling on Peacock, etc. I made a lot of headway with my logos tonight, though. Speaking of which... I'll glad when I find out the differences in the Smackdown Fist arena. What year did the apron change from silver to black, or is it vice versa? And what year did the entrance change from stage+ramp to being on the floor? Not that it matters, I suppose... because 2K still hasn't fixed the bug that doesn't let you select the blue Smackdown referee!
  9. I don't understand it at all. This might be my last WWE game. They're making some seriously predatory moves now, and I don't like it.
  10. Looks like some problems https://twitter.com/walkwiththedogg/status/1520382517194412034/photo/1
  11. Got locked out of my Instagram account, cannot log in, had to use an alt account which in itself was a hassle. I managed to guess all but 4 of my old follows, but can't remember the rest. Maybe a roster list somewhere can help jog my memory...
  12. upload slot row 4 16 Bash at the Beach 97 17 nWo Souled Out 18 WCW/nWo Halloween Havoc 19 Sunday Night Heat Big day today! Rounding out the 1997 PPV's is WCW Bash at the Beach 97 Well, there's not much that I can do for props other then to blend them into the titantron... nWo Souled Out I highly recommend using the World Class Referee! It's no nWo shirt, but it gets the basic aesthetics. I can't do transparent logos on certain trons this year, so that kind of bites. WCW/nWo Halloween Havoc You'll never see one more authentic, unless some very talented artist really goes to work on a custom stage. Using "Light For Construction" for the screenshot, so you can see the floor and props and colors. Sunday Night Heat 2K must've messed something up, because the Titantron will only play minitron videos. And it's linked to the big WWF logo. So, I have disabled its video playing functionality during entrances. Instead, it will look like it does here. Also, that's as black as the apron goes. It still annoys me. I thought "should I use WWE logos to blend in with the wall signs?" but I decided against it. As long as I have to upload a custom logo anyway, it might as well be WWF! Next on the docket, I think, may be Nitro 99 and Raw Is War. We'll see. I still haven't gotten through 1999 in my rewatch, so I would need to skip ahead for research. But I could also take another break. Custom championships are out of the question until 2K fixes the nameplate glitch. CAWs will be made eventually.
  13. Yeah... This is kind of a bummer. The OG Titantron can't even play Titantron videos! It plays minitron videos. Soooo I just decided to set it to Custom. What's weird about this is that it worked fine in previous games.
  14. Finally an appropriate use for Hogan's smoke... Actually, it's STILL a bit much, even at Halloween Havoc.
  15. Anybody who has tried to create Raw Is War, I have a question! Is it possible to set the bottom to be the WWF logo and still have the top play Titantron videos? It doesn't look like you can set them separately!
  16. Patch 1.10 Logo transparency seems to work in CAA mode now? Or at least certain parts. Not sure about CAW mode yet...
  17. It seems Bash at the Beach is just about finished, but not uploaded yet. Since Souled Out is so different from the other WCW arenas, that might take a bit more time.
  18. I was just trying to figure out why this year's DLC is so bad.
  19. I think I've finally figured out why certain things go untouched for so long. It's not a lack of caring or lack of effort. Take Two simply doesn't allocate enough budget to the WWE team. I actually believe THQ was willing to spend more money on a wrestling game, because WWE was THQ's bread and butter. They needed us to stay afloat. Take Two doesn't need us; the WWE games are low risk, low reward, steady income.
  20. Downloading MyFaction stuff is one thing, but DLC? That's just asking to be banned by 2K
  21. Mustache is too thick for the early 90s, but the face looks so much better than 2K15's and 2K20's that I could possibly work with it, IF it's possible to make custom attires with it.
  22. Here I was expecting to enter this thread and see everybody talking about the one screenshot of Yokozuna. lol There's a lot more, I see. I'm glad they finally gave Rikishi a babyface entrance. Last time they gave him the most generic entrance ever: walk to the ring, no gestures, nothing.
  23. Still? They added it to create a show... I will probably make my versions anyway, though.
  24. Upload Slot #15 (end of the third row, just so I can keep track) is... WCW Slamboree I had another look at the arena on Peacock. Slamboree '97 is an extremely unique setup for WCW PPV's... There's nothing else like it. It doesn't resemble other Slamborees, or even other 1997 PPV's. Very strange. But I love what I did with the entrance lights.
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