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  1. The cost of my preorder dropped 12 cents overnight. Good shit! Also, I stumbled onto a new way to make gold logos, presumably for championship belts. You see, I looked up one of my favorite videos: Iron Sheik Insults & Threats. The video isn't PG. But I saw his Hall of Fame shirt, and it got me thinking. When I tried to make a 1997 Commissioner Iron Sheik CAW for a custom story years ago, I had him wearing a blank T-shirt. I thought "He wasn't in the Hall of Fame yet, so what could I put on there?" I thought I'll just grab a WWF block outline logo, color it yellow", make a few adjustments for quality... and afterwards I started playing around with the logo. Let me try to remember. I use Paint.NET. 1. Effects, Stylize, Emboss. (The tricky part. I actually recommend using an opaque image for this to get it to work.) 2. Add background layer, color it dark yellow (the preset dark yellow in the palette). 3. I think I put the background layer on top, but adjusted layer properties to Glow. 4. And there's your gold. 5. Flatten layers and erase around the logo. Magic Wand tool comes in handy here. 6. Effects, Stylize, Relief to add more 3D effect. 7. Adjust the color to your liking (I can't remember whether this comes before or after step 6 ). Hue, Saturation, Lightness. I moved Hue 2 pts to the right, added a bit of lightness. 8. To rid yourself of those jaggies, add a nice little Gaussian Blur for the final touch. I like a 2 or a 3. I made a few for WCW, and a few for WWF (80s logo). I may make more later.
  2. My air conditioner broke a couple of days ago. When that happens, you start to realize everything else in life is trivial. A/C is the only thing that matters. Anyway, it was 80 F in here when it was working. Now it's gotta be 90+. The only thermometer in the house is the thermostat, and it doesn't show above 85, since it's not digital. To make matters worse, summer just happens to be the longest season of the year by far, temperature-wise. According to the "month view" forecast on AccuWeather, the outdoor temps won't drop below 87 until the end of September. Oh joy.
  3. I got an update from the IRS (coronavirus stimulus payment)! I'm gettin' money, boys!! Scheduled for deposit on June 3rd, although from what people say on the r\stimuluscheck subreddit, that's not a guaranteed date.
  4. SummerSlam 1998 seems very oddly cut. I don't know whether they were cutting around AC/DC, Insane Clown Posse or what, but something is off.
  5. I'm on August 24, 1998 and what I don't understand is why Road Dogg always gets super pissed whenever the music guy takes a even a millisecond to cut the music. lol
  6. Naturally, I've moved on to Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Beast Machines and still watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 (season 4)
  7. Thankfully I don't have the Rona. But I do have a cold. I won't be going out in public any time soon. Imagine coughing in the store and getting those dirty looks. lol But uh... it's a very, very minor cold. Sore throat phase (the least painful I've ever had) done. Sneezing phase appears to be winding down. Not looking forward to the coughing phase, as that tends to last the longest for me.
  8. I preordered an action figure on Amazon. Much to my surprise, I woke up today and not only did it ship, but the price dropped overnight, so I saved $1.50. I didn't think the pre-order price guarantee would pay off this late, but what do ya know.
  9. I took these screenshots several months ago and immediately uninstalled 2K19 after. I was going to wait and show off some new stuff in 2K20, but that game disappointed me, so I didn't buy it. I think I made the gold too red anyway. I might or might not tweak it. Regardless, who knows when the next viable WWE game is coming out. I can't take credit for that Saturday Night entranceway. Someone at WLF kindly made that.
  10. I'm currently at July 13, 1998 in my Monday Night Wars viewing, which also includes Thunder, Heat, and SmackDown!
  11. I downloaded three new demos for PS4. Trials of Mana Langrisser I & II Resident Evil 3 Remake
  12. So... Here we are in March and it looks like the modding situation hasn't really improved. Here's hoping for a good 2K21... or 2K22...
  13. When are they going to continue Until Dawn? The last video is from 3 weeks ago!
  14. Currently watching 3 TV shows, alternating: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Beast Wars Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
  15. My brother just upgraded the internet. I don't know what exactly it's supposed to be, but I just ran a Google speed test. We went from 10 Mb (7-8 average) shaky DSL to a steady 232.9+ Mb cable.
  16. This game is soooooo beautiful! Claire's facial animation is kinda off at times, but eh it could be worse. Resident Evil 2 (PS4)
  17. As I play RE2, I notice that they gave Mr. X the Nemesis gimmick (except the rocket launcher) so I wonder how they'll differentiate them for RE3.
  18. Resident Evil 2 remake (PS4) So many safes and locks, haven't found any combinations yet.
  19. I was going to buy the two digital Ace Attorney games from the 3DS eShop, but I really can't afford it. Maybe next year. I've just got so much that I want to buy right now (not necessarily games).
  20. I finally found a place that sells Digimon shirts (among other stuff obviously). Downside is I could see myself going crazy and spending $100 there. They also have a better Becky Lynch shirt than WWE has, lol. Teepublic, btw.
  21. Anybody else pumped about Black Friday? I'm only looking at one game right now but I'll enjoy browsing for more.
  22. Update. I finally talked on the phone with the bank's central office or whatever you call it. Supposedly my card is still on the way. Should be here Friday or Monday. I had gotten the message that it was ordered on Nov. 4th, and that looks like more than 10 business days to me. I just hope it gets here before turkey day, ya know?
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