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  1. They're saying there are 9 victims now This whole thing is tremendously heartbreaking I've been watching the NBA since I was 7, so I've been exposed to Kobe Bryant from the time he was 18 years old to each of his countless on-court accomplishments, to his amazing retirement, to his even more amazing post-retirement ventures, to him congratulating LeBron James on surpassing his career mark just last night. If you'd have told be a month ago that "Kobe Bryant would be trending in the news on Sunday, January 26th" my only thought would be that it's because of LeBron surpassing his mark. You just don't expect 41 year-old "basketball dads" of his renown to die so suddenly, and so tragically. Still, he accomplished a tremendous amount in his relatively brief life and those of us who are hardcore sports fanatics will never forget him. It's just so incredibly sad that (at least) two young kids will never get to make their mark on the world, including his 2nd daughter who was on her way to following in her dad's footsteps. Being reminded of our own mortality through incidents such as this is harsh
  2. I've been watching the Chiefs for almost 30 years. I've endured a LOT of playoff heartache in that time. Seeing them bounce back from such a dreadful start to dominating was truly special and something that we Arrowhead faithful will remember for a very, very long time. I sincerely hope that our "A Game" shows up against Tennessee this Sunday and that I can see them play in the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. I'm truly indifferent on what happens in the NFC, a song as my team makes it in. That would be pretty nrat but sadly, that fact would be lost on most people and they'd only comment on the fact that those two teams' starting QBs have done commercials together for State Farm Insurance. It's already started without the SB finalists being determined.
  3. So yeah, I can't even start MyPlayer now without the game crashing. I think this is the part where I delete the game and hope they have their shit together by the time that I buy the next one on sale (no more Day 1 for me, not with this series).
  4. I like the new controls. I mean the old ones were fine but I think the new ones work very well, once you figure out how they've moved things around.
  5. Out of curiosity, which women's teams have tag finishers? I haven't really paid much attention to that division.
  6. Oh, I'd definitely agree that there's a good, fun game in there somewhere but with the multitude of bugs across all game modes, it's pretty easy to not really care about that at the moment. I'm mostly enjoying the silly little MyPlayer/Career mode but I'm still seething about the fact that I'd rather be making my CAWs. I'm not a particularly irrational person but I'm honestly paranoid that even putting logos on the MyPlayer characters will bork the mode. That's how dodgy this mess is.
  7. What platform? PC? My game sure doesn't look that good lol I noticed that immediately. There are certainly several factors at play for this abomination of a launch but with the focus on the Horsewomen in showcase mode and (FINALLY) reintroducing playable female CAWs into the career mode, it's rather dubious that the same game would have so many glaring issues. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that it was more than rotten luck. Thankfully, I think that I do lol.
  8. I'm also getting the thing where I can't download my logos. I know that I'm uploading them properly since I can see them in the game but when I try to download them to the local system, I am unable to actually do so. I get the "download in progress" notification but it lasts far too briefly for any actual downloading to occur and the images are nowhere to be found in the local images section. I even checked to see if I could just use them on a CAW (as if maybe the local image manager was bugged) but nope, they just didn't download even though I can clearly see them and click on the prompt to do so.
  9. Yeah, this happened to me as well. Everything was working really well last night including in matches but now the faces are completely gone. I understand that it's early and "things happen" but this is kind of ridiculous. The only thing I can think that happened between last night when I successfully had all logos and photos working properly and today when they weren't is that the "WWE Live" thing updated. My faces were pretty well perfect (for my skill, anyway). It'd be a real shame to have to do all of that slider finagling again. edit: FACEPALM! I think I figured out what I did. I thought that I was innocent but as it turns out, I made one critical (and stupid) error that I should have known not to make. My mistake was that I messed around with the pre-set face templates AFTER doing literally everything else with my character's face. Unfortunately since I liked how one of the templates made the character look, I saved it and it was after doing THAT that I started experiencing trouble with the face photo showing up properly in matches, entrances, and victory scenes. So yeah, in case you didn't know (and quite frankly, someone who's been at it for as long as I have should have known this) CHOOSE YOUR FACE TEMPLATE BEFORE DOING THE FACE PHOTO. I'm almost entirely certain that altering the template after doing the photo is what caused it to "vanish." I managed to "fix" my error by copying my CAW to a new slot (in case my attempts to fix it resulted in something worse than before; I also changed the copy CAW's hair color from the original in order to distinguish the two from the menu) and setting the face to DEFAULT, then I chose my template and built the face back up from scratch. The result was that the reset and re-application of the photo resulted in this new, alternate CAW having the proper face during in-ring scenes! Just passing it along in case somebody else made this error and would like to try to fix it.
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