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  1. They're saying there are 9 victims now This whole thing is tremendously heartbreaking I've been watching the NBA since I was 7, so I've been exposed to Kobe Bryant from the time he was 18 years old to each of his countless on-court accomplishments, to his amazing retirement, to his even more amazing post-retirement ventures, to him congratulating LeBron James on surpassing his career mark just last night. If you'd have told be a month ago that "Kobe Bryant would be trending in the news on Sunday, January 26th" my only thought would be that it's because of LeBron surpassing his mark. You just don't expect 41 year-old "basketball dads" of his renown to die so suddenly, and so tragically. Still, he accomplished a tremendous amount in his relatively brief life and those of us who are hardcore sports fanatics will never forget him. It's just so incredibly sad that (at least) two young kids will never get to make their mark on the world, including his 2nd daughter who was on her way to following in her dad's footsteps. Being reminded of our own mortality through incidents such as this is harsh
  2. I've been watching the Chiefs for almost 30 years. I've endured a LOT of playoff heartache in that time. Seeing them bounce back from such a dreadful start to dominating was truly special and something that we Arrowhead faithful will remember for a very, very long time. I sincerely hope that our "A Game" shows up against Tennessee this Sunday and that I can see them play in the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. I'm truly indifferent on what happens in the NFC, a song as my team makes it in. That would be pretty nrat but sadly, that fact would be lost on most people and they'd only comment on the fact that those two teams' starting QBs have done commercials together for State Farm Insurance. It's already started without the SB finalists being determined.
  3. So yeah, I can't even start MyPlayer now without the game crashing. I think this is the part where I delete the game and hope they have their shit together by the time that I buy the next one on sale (no more Day 1 for me, not with this series).
  4. I like the new controls. I mean the old ones were fine but I think the new ones work very well, once you figure out how they've moved things around.
  5. The *Censored*? I've blue screened less than a dozen times since release. Is your storage near full capacity? I've known games to perform poorly with limited disk space available. It just doesn't make sense to be that random, where some people get lots of them and some people barely do. There has to be some commonality besides owning the same game.
  6. So, I think the problem might have been going for the "attack the opponent 5 times with the table" badge or whatever. I'd done that every time and it crashed after getting to the victory cutscene. On a whim, I decided to ignore doing that and it finally let me advance to the results screen. What a weird friggin bug.
  7. In case anybody was curious about whether the latest patched fixed the tower glitching out after beating Breeze in the table match....... lolnope >_>
  8. Not sure how we went from 1.03 to 1.06 but w/e. I just hope the damn thing doesn't bork anything that wasn't bork and at least fixes the most pressing issues that have plagued the game from the start. It's live on PS4 so I'd presume that it's available for XBox One as well. Not sure about PC.
  9. Rematch for the other 3 major HW belts just ended. It went entirely as expected.
  10. "Deceptively powerful is Shorty G....." REALLY? Just *censored*ing look at the dude. That physique screams "I throw *censored*ers around for a living"
  11. Oh what in the weakest of *censored*s? Walter out already? BOO!
  12. I'm not super fond of seeing Taker (one of my VERY long time favorites btw) wrestle every year but if he's game, I'd love to see them run a program with Bray's newfound superpowered alter ego definitely be a different story from their match at WM31 or would it be?
  13. It would be pretty amazing if Rey got the win over Brock but they'd never let that happen, steel pipe, piano wire, or hand grenade be damned
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