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  1. I know as a consumer it's rough, but one would imagine and/or hope that, when there’s silence, it means they've got their heads down and are in the trenches working on this thing. We've been burned before so I can certainly see where some people are questioning whether it will ever come out or if it's just another too-good-to-be-true project that lacks the funding and manpower necessary to really get made and be a competitor in the market and have replay value when all is said and done. It seems such a project is always in place from generation to generation. When I was highschool or so, Pro Wrestling X was in that spot, and that ultimately went nowhere. This game feels so special and I really hope they see it through and it actually gets made and released within the next year or so.
  2. I didn't delete them, but the server glitched and only a few of them pop up when you search my creations. It takes some searching but if you search specifically for the name of who you want, they should be there. Who were you looking for?
  3. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t have fun playing a wrestling game that wasn’t 2K20. I expect to enjoy this release for what it is and what it’s worth. What’s the worst that can happen? AEW: Fight Forever will not go down as a worst-case scenario, I don’t think. Everyone is hung up on the graphics and mini-games and I understand that, as a detail-oriented creator. However, I trust that the people at the very top in charge of this game have settled on a gameplay style that will be a competitor with WWE2K, and competition is a very good thing in the wrestling game genre that’s been starving for variety for decades.
  4. They could just get Ospreay himself to do the Hidden Blade, but I suppose it depends on what they need mocapped and if Ospreay would fit the bill for a hundred different uses that year that would necessitate flying him out again. It’s also increasingly difficult I’d imagine to find good indy talent that hasn’t been picked up by AEW. I wish they’d bring in Gringo Loco, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Ninja Mack to mocap their stuff and because I think they’d be all-purpose sort of talents but it’s yet to be seen. Seems especially hard to find a good big man before WWE does.
  5. Streets saying there may be a shadow drop near All In. Still plenty of time to work out kinks in my estimation but video games aren’t my field so I dunno how long things take. All I know is that Murphy’s Law applies..
  6. Time for this game to have a section on the homepage..
  7. Nothing that really sets the world on fire but if it’s a new move, I’ll take it for sure. Did new moves for the game peak with the Double Rotation Moonsault?
  8. Got a banger theme song out of it. Wonder how it affects the Revel With Wyatt Pack for 2K23, if at all. Wyatt is box office at the merch stand and I don’t mind his matches. He just doesn’t seem very good at working the supernatural angle. He was highly entertaining in the role that was cultivated in NXT, the maniacal Southern preacher. Wish he’d go a sort of “Rob Zombie’s take on the Manson Family” route and give some of the NXT kids something to do on the main roster alongside him. Give them the rub, so to speak.
  9. For springboard 180 corkscrew moonsault from apron I will also accept this from Zoey Stark. She busted it out in her Raw debut and I don’t recall seeing it in the game..
  10. Judging by the render used it seems I shouldn’t worry but I’m curious what era of Harley we are getting. It’ll be nice to have a proper texture of his tattoos for a change going forward too. When I would create Harley, I used the action figure for my tattoo texture needs. Same with Raven. The peacock is especially a difficult one to find a non-blotchy reference for.
  11. Had the thought a few days ago that I should update this topic regularly leading to the next game by highlighting all the moves in green that make it into the game from the list. There very well could be a move or two that makes it in before next year in one of the DLC packs.
  12. I’m hyped about the 52 new moves spread across 5 wrestlers in an upcoming pack and the aforementioned unique move. Haven’t touched the game in about a week but it’s not because it isn’t a blast to play and create for.
  13. I haven’t really liked a single thing Triple H did in his time in charge of WWE, from signings and returns to the new belt. I’m happy people have steady jobs and all, but WWE as a business is gonna be fine without any and all of the people that were released that he brought back imo. Bray Wyatt was the only one that could really draw money and asses to seats, and he handled that poorly as well.
  14. Anyone else here play Champions? This is the latest event and people who are now available. Could be something to the rumor after all, could be nothing…
  15. Proof that a legitimately hot crowd can really make a show must-see. If the same PLE had happened during the Thunderdome era, I doubt we would be talking about it a month from now.
  16. It’s a wonder I have to keep asking for the apron cannonball every year. I just saw Jacy Jayne do it as well some minutes ago. So many people in WWE do it. Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, Johnny Gargano, Akira Tozawa, et cetera. It’s almost like a generic apron ringside attack at this point.
  17. I suppose it would, but yeah, I’m looking for a crazier sell than just a back bump for Wilde. Every time I would see him hit it back in the day, the opponent would always do a flip sell for both the regular and inverted snapmare drivers.
  18. Just figured I'd post one of these since they're likely working on the next game already. Post moves you wish to see in 2K24. Bonus points for videos/links. Andre Fury Punch Apache Lock STF Apron 450 Splash Apron Cannonball Senton Apron Destroyer through table Apron Dragon Suplex Apron Half & Half Suplex Apron Side Effect Apron Sliced Bread Apron Sugoi Driver Axe Guillotine Driver Black Fire Driver Blazing Arrow Cartwheel Knee Drop Chair-Assisted Springboard Moonsault Christo Coffin Drop Corner Belly To Belly Suplex Corner Leg-Trapped Corkscrew Destroyer Corner Spin Kick Corner Turnbuckle-Assisted Hurricanrana Corner To Corner Crucifix Powerbomb Cross-legged Fisherman Suplex Deadlift Delayed Vertical Suplex from grounded position Diving 360 Splash Diving Destroyer Double KOD Double Spike DDT to kneeling opponent Feinting Skull Kick Flashing Elbow From Lust To Dust Snapmare Driver Golden Triangle Moonsault Gringo Bomb Hangman's Knee Strike to top rope opponent Hidden Blade High Angle Bridging German Suplex Hyndrangea Octopus Stretch Inverted Dudebuster Inverted Snapmare Driver IYO SKY Warm-up Taunt JML Driver Last Of The Dragon Middle Rope Face Wash Combo Middle Rope Spike Hurricanrana Missile Front Dropkick Moonsault Coast To Coast Moonsault Double Knee Drop Moonstomp Mone Maker Ninja Special Repeated Forearm Strikes Righteous Kill Rolling Romero Special Rolling Romero Special/Dragon Sleeper Rope Assisted Hip Drops Roshambo Running Hip Attack to apron opponent Sable Bomb Sasuke Special Slingshot Hurricanrana to ringside Sol Snatcher Snap Piledriver Springboard 180 Corkscrew Moonsault from apron Springboard Coffin Drop Springoard Front Dropkick to top rope opponent Springboard Moonsault/Leg Drop Combo Springboard 180 Moonsault Springboard Moonsault to outside Sugoi Driver Tequila Shot Tiger Spin Drop Toe Hold Tightrope Elbow Drop Tilt-a-whirl Corkscrew Tombstone Piledriver Tombstone German Suplex Whirling Candy Wrap-around Leg Capture German Suplex Wristlock Hurricanrana 720 DDT
  19. When do you think they get mocap going? Should we bother trying a New Moves wishlist topic in the event that there’s a Moves Pack?
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