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  1. Good succession of big dudes onscreen there. Gunther, Priest, McIntyre, Braun. This is the WWE I love.
  2. Not gonna lie; I already wasn’t playing the game with the hair hack. Without it, I legit think I’m done playing this game until around when Muta comes out. I appreciate the effort they’re putting in since 2K22 but I dunno….might just be a case of being too old to care anymore. See y’all for 2K25 maybe, if anything.. I have no reason to play this game.
  3. Shame the DLC looks as great as it does; I haven’t felt like playing this game in a good while now.
  4. Now Smackdown is a great show and it’s just getting started
  5. I mean I’m glad CM Punk is here and I heard he’s got some things to address tonight, but it’s not….I dunno. I wanna really give people a show, y’know? Woods vs Gunther, Reed vs Zayn, Maxxine vs Candice, I’d leave early if I weren’t front row and if I didn’t have Punk to look forward to.
  6. It’s always a bit embarrassing when a big name celebrity like Patrick Mahomes is on hand for such a mid show like Raw that no Wrestlemania type huge names are on.
  7. is there a proper kneeling Ganso Bomb in 2K yet?
  8. One down. Might put him on the launch roster or DLC pack 1 now but he’s in there.
  9. Gonna do an early 2K25 DLC prediction for fun that nobody should read into:
  10. So the patch completely neglected anything to do with online or the server or some caws not downloading?
  11. Standing/Jumping Sunset Flip: https://x.com/raion74_/status/1774074145153642916?s=46&t=Rgw9JjhzoMWL2xM_XJmLgQ A proper bridging Anchor for Kairi when she comes out: a Destino from Corner vs Grounded Opponent position would be sweet: and I can’t stress enough….Whirling Candy! https://x.com/nmsnpwz/status/1774346421095088327?s=46&t=Rgw9JjhzoMWL2xM_XJmLgQ
  12. I'm not giving up on this topic and I hope you all don't either. Here's some more moves I wish to see in an upcoming DLC pack somehow, if not for 2K25... Step up spinning heel kick: German Suplex into turnbuckle: Triple Jump Diving Crossbody: GUNTHER's Sleeper Suplex: Springboard Destroyer: Apron Cross Rhodes: Twisting split-legged moonsault: Apron Destroyer:
  13. It’s cool to have a long memory and all, but at what point do you just…..move on?
  14. I just browse through my moveset on 23, save and upload the clip to Youtube privately and use it to copy onto 24. It’s some work but if it needs to be done, oh well.
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