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  1. I would temper expectations on that for now. I remember one year they said Paul Heyman helped with a lot of universe mode storylines and everyone lost their shit and in the end it was really nothing.
  2. Jey screwing Sami in Montreal is the move
  3. They should’ve never gone supernatural with him. The ‘Red State’-esque maniacal televangelist meets Manson family gimmick was really his bread and butter. The Fiend gimmick sold a shit ton of merch but I can’t remember a good match to come from that version of him. I’m convinced even I would sell a shit ton of merch if in the WWE system. Lol
  4. Never say never. Until I literally see them go into Create a Moveset and run down the list of new animations, I’m not buying anything else as a true new moves video.
  5. Yeah that ain’t the new moves video we’re waiting for.
  6. Yeah they make a pretty big deal out of MyRise when the time comes. Expect a MyRise trailer in the coming weeks.
  7. I could’ve sworn I read something about selling specific body parts this year, which I haven’t seen in any video that I can recall. I’m aware that I would be on a gov’t watchlist if I were talking about anything other than wrestling with a sentence like that..
  8. After watching every War Games video (I think), my only real criticisms are that it looks like a blast, or atleast that it would be a blast if matches didn’t end so quickly after the official start of War Games when everyone is in there. Everyone is already damaged and going for pins on one another, instead of sticking around for awhile and causing a little more chaos while they’re in there altogether. I feel like every video I’ve seen except for the NewLegacy one, the deciding pinfall happens within 5 minutes of everyone being in the ring, instead of that being where the party starts. Just my thoughts.
  9. Being able to flip logos (especially custom) vertically/horizontally would go a long way for me in saving custom logo space. Being able to view Custom Videos fullscreen would help any content creator. Not sure why they did away with it in the first place. A search bar in Create A Moveset, like if I wanna look at every piledriver, I can just type in ‘piledriver’ and see them all. Being able to preview call names in Create A Superstar again to hear how it’s gonna sound. Again, no idea why they did away with that. Being able to see my created superstar in Create A Moveset when practicing my moveset on the red/green guy. Not bothered by the inevitable loading screen; I just wanna be able to see my creation and see whether a move looks right for them to have, in the moment and not after I exit the mode and test it out in-game. Several more Sia-style hairdos that we are able to use a scissor tool on to cut to our liking. Being able to see a superstar’s overall AS I’m messing with their attributes instead of tinkering with it and seeing the result after I save and exit. Then, if I don’t agree with the overall, i gotta go in and adjust everything again, instead of just seeing the overall while I’m adjusting attributes. Would make life easier for customizers. Such are even more small upgrades that would go a long way in customer satisfaction, creation suite-wise imo
  10. I thrived in 2K22 with my creations so another 2K22 with an updated roster and a bunch of new moves is up my alley. If only there were someone who could assure us that new moves is something worth looking forward to.. I mean how could it not be..?
  11. It’s a shame he never reached the heights that his brother did. Lanny was an incredible athlete in his day and did some crazy high flying stuff too for the time but Randy was just too iconic to surpass. I forget who all was managed by the Genius but Manager might be his only shot at making a game.
  12. Chyna still looks like hot garbage. Shame she’s probably gonna be another “3 and done” legend model that they don’t do anything to improve in all that time (see: Alundra Blayze)
  13. Hate to nitpick but Roman comes out too quick in his double title entrance. Let the intro happen, let the moment breathe, and THEN the Tribal Chief comes out when the piano part starts playing. And I’m guessing no special entrance where Heyman hands him the title? I love the way he does it.
  14. Couldn’t help but notice the part where Seth did a diving elbow and the whole game slowed down. Hopefully we aren’t looking at another slow motion situation like we had a few years ago. Like 4vs4 all CAWs War Games could crash the game or something. Maybe I was reading too much into that little moment.
  15. UpUpDownDown War Games video goes live in 60 seconds!
  16. Feel like we aren’t gonna get a new moves video quite yet. Maybe in 3 weeks or so. Bummer. They only had so many people they could play with, so I doubt they were able to venture off into Create A Moveset this time around..
  17. If they can somehow get an updated Asuka in the game via MyFaction, then Status might enter God Mode this year.
  18. Bayley looks a lot better than she did in 2K22. Love to see it. I love the look they went for with Becky. I’m sure there will be versions of her without the extra makeup coming out of MyFaction.
  19. My thoughts getting a good look at the gameplay trailer: Cena looks really good Roman could be better, especially when you have people like JoeMashups absolutely nailing likenesses with his mods. Same can be said about Cora Jade. I get that modders like JM have the luxury of being able to pick and choose who they wanna make and when they wanna make them, but damn, Roman and Cora could’ve been so much better. Cody looks kinda bloated in the face, atleast as far as his entrance is concerned, but I’m just glad to see him in there. I’m sure he looks fine in-game with the amount of detail his model has, facially. Seth’s hair not having the shaved sides is a bit odd, though I could’ve sworn I saw the shaved sides in one of the screenshots. I guess it isn’t a big deal either way, but it should be priority to get the bigger stars that much more accurate. I honestly thought adding the blonde would be an easy update for them. I would’ve rather seen Logan Paul doing the buckshot lariat instead of some generic springboard clothesline move. WAR GAMES is here and I really hope it’s a blast. Can’t wait to play it! Thursday should be a blast if everyone got to have their own War Games matches against eachother. They could just remove the EG armband from HBK and I don’t think anyone would mind, instead of wasting an alt attire slot. Bad Bunny’s new Canadian Destroyer looks sick All in all, there could’ve been more to show. Whomever has been putting together the gameplay trailers the past few years is missing that spark that made 2K19’s gameplay trailer so brilliant. Everything looks good for the most part, but I’m not blown away, not even by War Games. I really just wanna see the new moves now. That sells me.
  20. Stoned Statues- Until Falling Zig Mentality- Best Direction
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