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  1. Watched the BSS with Jericho and I have to say. Kudos to Vince for approving this. 2 hours of great talk and no restrictions. And also to Tony Khan for letting Jericho in the show.
  2. Hoping the news tomorrow and sunday will make us get hyped for the game. After the cluster f**k they created with 2k20. They should have learned about the originals as DLC was a major letdown for the series. And so are the glitches in the game.
  3. Go to the site mentioned in the video. In the description. You could download al the beta/demo games there.
  4. Nice Demo. Movements not that smooth for me but the graphics looks great. Can't wait to see more.
  5. I have this copy of the game, it's nice to see a playable Luther Reigns and Maven. I hope someday the HCTP beta with Hogan, Warrior and Jeff Hardy will be out for circulation. Also the SVR08 with Benoit and RVD. With many modders that still mod SVR series in the PS2 they could easily add those models in the retail game.
  6. yup it's a cool experience but really awkward, you really need a separate room to do stupid things without people in your household judging you. The thing that I like about it is that I am now immortalized in the October 26, 2020 episode of Raw
  7. Man I miss those, I was just looking at some moving renders yesterday that I saved from WWE website in the past and was thinking I hope they bring this back and to my surprise here they are. Hoping all the matches will have this. The last time they did this at Wrestlemania was 20.
  8. Yup was able to get in RAW last October, during the show they will tell you who to boo, cheer, clap, etc. They will also mention who will enter/next segment for you to get ready during commercials. Glad I was in the front row when I got the chance to get in the Thunderdome and saw myself on TV hehehe. No need to try it again since it's awkward to react at home during the show.
  9. Maybe they just want AJ to be a Grand Slam champion, he is just missing a WWE Tag Team Championship Reign to be added to the list.
  10. Just watched Christian's AEW debut, looks like the audience in attendance didn't watch 2005 TNA, since they did not recognize his music. They just popped when the Christian Cage name appeared.
  11. Updated first post with Fight Night Champion for Xbox360 and EA UFC 3 for PS4 Textures. Enjoy!
  12. Really happy for Lashley finally getting his WWE Championship reign. Long overdue, really hope to see him against Lesnar soon. BL vs BL in Summerslam. It just sucks that this pandemic happened, having the crowd in this kind of championship wins are epic. Hoping this year because of the vaccine we get to see crowds back even not in a full capacity. I really miss real crowd chants, this made me not watch Wrestling that much for almost a year.
  13. I still remember the day me and my brother will write in many pages of yellow pad paper for formulas since we don't have printers back in the day. Good times, really good times. Good thing in PS2 you could download saves here, unlike in SVR 2007 for XBOX360 were we had to write all formulas.
  14. Yeah it was botched. Heyman took a long time removing Roman's handcuff. The replacement Ref did not even count him out.
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