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  1. This is what I sometimes hate about Big E, he should stop doing stupid things like this during this times. It's better to be safe than sorry. I know they clean those titles but come on he should not be doing that.
  2. Holy Sh*t been wanting to have a mini stage like that for my wrestling toys for a long time. If only I have the money and time to do that. And also the knowledge with electronics. I hope that guy has a YouTube channel. Will definitely subscribe to him. Hope he shares his skills on how he did it. Would love to have one for myself in the future.
  3. @Saturi If the AEW video game will come into fruition I think they will still release it in the PS4 and Xbox One since most gamers will not jump ship to the next gen consoles immediately. Also, a lot of people will still buy current gen since the prices will definitely go down which means a lot of potential customers. @glennsoe Agree, even though the game has plenty of glitches, it's still enjoyable. Looks like I will be playing mycareer during the pandemic. I liked 2k19 mycareer story and since many here have said that the story this year is good. Might as well give it a try. Did not want to touch it in the past because of the glitches in CAW mode.
  4. @EJ! Yup just tried it if it would work and it works hahaha! Nice update on this site. No more quoting a lot of posts. @Lunchbox Agree with that, good thing i was not watching live and i was able to skip the waiting time of shayna. Liv and Ruby not able to slug it out is such a huge miss for their storyline.
  5. Man I'm starting to get tired with this game lol. Been in the VG++ Tier for too long. Hate that I can't get any Vanguard women that i can Perfect pro to get the RR tier.
  6. @Rekka_N0_Ryo Shayna entering last would mean she is the first 2 wrestlers to compete. That's why she entered 4th. @Creepia Yup Shayna won.
  7. Love the Ruthless Aggression Documentary. Been looking forward to new episodes every week. Looks like I need to watch that R-Truth WWE 24. Forgot it, Also the FCW one looks good too.
  8. Yup heard it and they cut it before the lyrics started. It is during Apollo and Shorty G's segment backstage. I love that theme hope they use it again.
  9. You're welcome man and Thank you too. Hope many people find this textures useful.
  10. Here are some WWE 2K Wrestler texture I have ripped in the past. https://caws.ws/forum/topic/481834-wwe-2k20-official-wrestler-texture-downloads/ It also includes UFC Undisputed Textures.
  11. Had so much time in my hands did a cleaner version of the PPE logo you needed. Hope you liked it.
  12. I'm on ps4 phat. Will try to upload face photos. The only option i tried with the image uploader is 512x512. Have not tried other sizes.
  13. Saturi, I just uploaded a lot of Sideplate images for WWE 2K20 and all of them showed up in my game. Maybe you have set the image uploader to 2K19 or you have uploaded it in a different account. I uploaded about 15 images and was able to download it in the game with no errors. Try checking it again. EDIT: As for create a Sideplate in the game. It's a bit buggy but still usable only problem I saw was that whenever you have a woman superstar with a custom sideplate and has the NXT Women's Championship the title will have the WWF Lightheavyweight championship model. Which sucks. See images below. Tried NXT Championship and WWE Championship they both look good and does not change 3d models.
  14. Cool to see they patched in the custom side plates. Also on a side note. Dean Ambrose side plates are still in the game and selectable hahaha.
  15. Southpaw DLC Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4bjLKulEno
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