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  1. New Hidden Textures added in the archive. Added in the 1.18 update folder. Rey Mysterio Debut and Royal Rumble 2004 Attire Xavier Woods 2012 Attire
  2. @Gamevolt @Rekka_No_Ryo All textures from 1.18 update uploaded. NXT, Current, Debut, Street and Alternate attires all up except from Andre the Giant. Did not bother to extract those since it is just his trunks. Same face and body texture.
  3. Yup will extract those, will uodate once done. Thanks man.
  4. If you look at the difference between the two images you could see they added the chair, fire extinguisher (Lower right) and Smoking trashcan (middle left) and the lantern with fireflies (upper left). Yes it is a stretch for Bray but having that added in the graphics for Seth and Matt for a fight pit match is kind of out of place since it should have been a cage they added in the background. Ronda and Liv should have that in their background since they are having an extreme rules match.
  5. Please no more sword for Drew and please broken dreams theme.
  6. Dakota and Iyo being excited brings smile to my face specially Dakota being super excited during their huddle.
  7. Really hate how the wrestlers look. Reminds me of wrestlers in WWE Battleground. Waiting for a proper screencap video of the game in action. BTW when will this game have a proper section in the forum? Beside WWE 2K and Wrestling Code.
  8. Did not like it when the ref counted Lesnar while being attacked. The ref should have started counting after they buried Brock. But it was a fun match and yes Cole was great in commentary there.
  9. Updated the thread. All DLC and current MyFaction textures are all uploaded. Go to the same link and find the "New DLC & Etc MyFaction" Folder. Click that and all new uploads will be there. Enjoy the textures! Also added the updated but lame (edit by 2K) texture of Jeff Hardy with his new back tattoo. We'll just have to wait for AEW game for his proper updated texture if ever they go with the WWE 2K route with editable wrestlers.
  10. black_machismo

    WWE Drama

    Just read this and it made me smile like how Triple H does in his memes. Really glad Triple H is back as EVP, Talent Relations. Now give him NXT.
  11. Cool that they included parts of the final countdown in the Theme.
  12. I don't think Wrestling Code is the reason why Kurt Angle is not in WWE 2K22. RVD is in Wrestling Code and announced before any info for 2K22 was even released but he was still part of the game as DLC. Maybe Kurt's Legends contract has already expired. I agree with Rey's showcase being limited/underwhelming. Really sucks since we did not even get the Rey vs Liger. After seeing all the unremoved assets of that match in the game files. I like showcase mode but usually that mode is half assed. Really hate it when they can't include big time matches because one superstar is released or is in another company. Really expecting Rey vs Kurt vs Orton in WM22 to be included in 2K22 since I like Kurt and also Randy Orton's Burn in my Light Theme. Also, one of the things I hate about showcase and I always mention this is that the accuracy of the presentation in entrances like titantrons/graphics is not correct. I really hate legends having the HOF titantrons/current/custom graphics. And even the video grain in arenas, I'm ok for video grains in showcase mode but if it is in exhibition matches there should be an option to turn it off. I love the old school arenas specially Attitude and RA arenas but really hate video grain.
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