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  1. Watched The Rock's RA episode, funny to see Adam Cole in the video for at least 2 seconds and not see him in any other parts.
  2. I thought watching this PPV will be a disappointment, specially it's being shown at midnight in our country. Man i was wrong. I am enjoying this PPV same a you guys. Hoping for a great surprise in the end.
  3. Yeah it looks like it. Maybe because of some people not liking the cartoonish models (like me), really happy they are going to the realistic look, since they are creating a simulation wrestling game. I hope the same for WWE, they really should include classic music for wrestlers in the game. Since I don't like most of the generic music in WWE 2K games. It would be cool if we could use the Brood music, especially Edge used it in Summerslam.
  4. Agree with @Generations and @glennsoe WWE is in trouble because of their shitty booking. Not that they will go bankrupt like what happened to WCW but their fanbase will now prefer to watch AEW and this means sponsors will prefer the better product. Lower ticket sales. I think the reason for WWE Shows being sold out or close to sold out today is because of the pandemic, people miss going to live wrestling shows. But once everything gets back to normal, we might see big blankets in big sections of the arena seats like in the past. Roster morale will drop even further as it is now. High value names will prefer to work with AEW instead of re-signing with them. Only good side for this for some people in the WWE roster is that mid carders who are deserving of pushes might be able to get it. Need I say more reasons why they are in trouble?
  5. I just watch some snippets of All Out and seeing what happened sure make gave me a smile on my face, BTW I don't know why. But I am tired of them saying "The Forbidden Door" since there really is no forbidden door for AEW since they are a new wrestling organization and they have the agreement/contract to do whatever they do with other wrestling companies. It would really be a forbidden door if WWE works with them. Like how they did the SCSA Broken Skulls Session with Y2J. Other than that it's great to be a wrestling fan. When I saw Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson come out it made me think WWE is now really in trouble in losing their big name talents to AEW or other promotions after their contracts are up. Will not be surprised if Ricochet and Finn Balor jump ship once their contracts are over, hell even Jeff Hardy. I know it's still years but they could do a Andrade and ask for their release.
  6. Don't forget the image uploader and image limit.
  7. For me Lost talents is big for me since you need to create them and also their Themes and Titantron will be gone. I just hope they implement a way to import music and even videos. Also, the thing I am not happy about CAWs is that it takes time to load unless they do something about it. Maybe in PS5 the loading would be flawless but since I am not yet willing to buy a PS5 for now i'll stick with my PS4 till maybe 2K23. Not to mention we still don't know the situation of CAWs in 2K22, if they really fixed the major issues in there.
  8. Agree, sad if ever 2K did make the gameplay good. The big names in the roster count getting lower and lower as time progress is such a bummer. I hope the AEW game will deliver.
  9. Same feeling, ever since the Pandemic began wrestling became a chore to watch. WWE just made me lost interest. I love WWE but I hate what they are doing with their brand, it's a good thing that SD and NXT still somewhat deliver. Also, releasing all big name wrestlers watered their product even more. And now seeing that NXT is going to a change with Vince and Bruce handling the show. I might get uninterested with the show. I really wish Vince steps down and let Triple H or others who knows what people want lead the production/storylines, etc. Really happy with AEW is doing, I agree with others they need more time weekly. 3 hours with that roster is not enough. They used the first part of Flight of the Valkyries for even more crowd pop. Since most have watched him in WWE, not all kids who are adults now were not able to see him pre WWE. Unless they really are a pro-wrestling hardcore fan.
  10. If the roster cuts will be done since it will be released in March 2022, I really hope they retain the released superstar attires. For Example the Fiend's attire will be there and also his Bray Wyatt attire, Aleister Black's Horn Jackets, Braun's Pants, Murphy's Fire cut Shorts, and etc. I am ok if they alter it a bit like removing the logos, as long as the 3D model is there, we could easily change the look by using textures. And I am sure most of the released superstars already have their 3D models created for the game. It will be a huge help to all CAW makers, since an attire will not use a lot of custom textures to create. Not to mention that Texture uploader is usually broken.
  11. I have a feeling with this too. Since they gave Goldberg his updated look with white beard. But he still has his WCW attire. I hope Kane gets his most recent attire. The singlet with fire design.
  12. It's better to release it on last gen for me. Make the gameplay good before they go Next Gen. And also, I think the market for next gen consoles is not that high for now since here in our country we still don't get a proper supply of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. Which means there would be low international sales here but I don't know in other countries. I also think if they do both this year it might get a 2K15 treatment. Instead of focusing on one console they need to divide their team again. It's just the first year of PS5 and Xbox SX. They could start rebuilding the series there next year.
  13. Oh yeah agree with that, the textures will not look good in it since the colors of the Camo will ruin it. Speaking of Edge's attire. Really happy to see his new Jacket, I hope it flows properly and not glitch and clip on Edge's legs or be hard as a cardboard.
  14. Agree, I really wish they went with the Camo tights.
  15. What a great way for 2K to hype us up by showing a new model of Edge. Really hoping this is redemption for 2K, the graphics are a very big improvement from 2K20. Can't wait to see other superstars that they scanned. Really want the gameplay to be as fun as 2K19 and more.
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