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  1. Lost my passion in watching weekly wrestling show since the start of the pandemic. But with what is happening in the Wrestling world this week, I'm getting curious on what will happen next and might start watching WWE/AEW weekly again. Can't wait for what Vince is going to say or announce on Smackdown later.
  2. black_machismo

    WWE Drama

    WWE could finally resume this storyline.
  3. This, I hated the loop of the theme when I was watching King Booker's entrance. Don't know what 2K were thinking in putting looping themes. Speaking of entrances, I also hate how Rey's Titantron fade to black when it plays. Considering he is the cover star, at least have that fixed.
  4. I think they mistakenly licensed a 20 second loop theme. At first I did not noticed it but whenever I play as Umaga it became very noticable. The chants were not there and that is the coolest part of his theme.
  5. Early look on Cactus Jack, hoping we get his real theme and not some generic crap. If only they could fix Umaga's Theme.
  6. Agree with that, hopefully we get to see some full demo gameplay soon.
  7. Kind of 50/50 on how both wrestlers look. Nyla Rose looks small compared to Kris. And it looks like the graphics became more of a WWE Battlegrounds look but with Full Sized Wrestlers. Hoping to see more footage. I really wish they went with the realistic look with the wrestlers. But understand the direction they are going.
  8. Well they need to put that tag team match in the show.
  9. Don't like Charlotte as champion but for me I'm ok with her retaining the belt, Ronda is better in chasing the championship than winning it.
  10. Back to back wrestlemania we get a wardrobe malfunction lol
  11. Yo, I could help you out. What do I need to do with the renders?
  12. Is Jeff Hardy updated in the patch where we could have his new tattoos when creating an alternate attire for him? Can't check the game now since I am still at work.
  13. Same, I even created a lot for this game. Problem is it only works for Major Titles (WWE/Universal) and some NXT Championships. I can't remember if the US and Intercontinental loads custom side plates. I just hope they patch it since it really is a great feature.
  14. I hate how custom sideplates are not applicable to all Championships with sideplates. They improved and updated the Championships but did not implement the sideplates for all. The following titles should be patched NXT Tag Team, NXT Women's Tag Team, Women's Tag Team, NXT UK Tag Team, NXT UK Championship, I think WWE UK Championship, I think I'm missing some championships did not bother trying all out. Even Championships with nameplates don't show the champion's name. The simple things 2K, copy the code in 2K19 since that game can do that and make it work.
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