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  1. I agree, played a bit of it and it was fun arcade game. But since I play alone I might get bored with it fast. This game is better played with friends or family.
  2. By chance any of you guys who bought the physical game don't need the Supercard QR Code would like to donate it to me hahaha. Can't buy the physical version of the game because of the pandemic which sucks.
  3. Yes and download the dds plugin. There are other programs that can open dds files. I think some are mentioned in this thread.
  4. As Always Gamevolt delivers. Thank you for not giving up with 2K20.
  5. I think I like Thunderdome better than the way AEW is going to do their show next week with 10-15% audience capacity. Having people even though they are far away from the action are still a risk to the employees and wrestlers. Even if officials in AEW shows does check the fans for symptoms. Checking their temperature is not enough since there are still asymptomatic cases where there are people infected but don't show any symptoms. This is safer and makes it look more full packed. Also, a lot of people are complaining with the tickets for AEW being transferable since a lot of scalpers are getting all the available tickets which are sold for $30+ and resell them for $300 - $500.
  6. The roster is good but I hate that there are no NXT superstars except for Rhea Ripley. Will still get it but maybe not on release day.
  7. Edit.... Just saw the thread with the complete roster.
  8. Use photoshop to edit the pictures then upload the textures in the 2K server then download in the game.
  9. Good to see Ricochet finally has his correct logos in the game.
  10. As always great work @Gamevolt, looks like I need to fire up my PS4 to download all of these. BTW I have sent you an IM regarding your request. Hope it helps.
  11. I think for me the ring is fine. It is small since it is an arcade style gameplay like how they do NBA Playgrounds. Having a big ring in an arcade style game seems not fitting.
  12. Anybody excited with the NBA restart? Really got me intrigue on how this Season will end and how championship celebrations will be done.
  13. Humberto Carillo's theme is great and Def Rebel is much better than CFO$ since they actually create a full song not just a 1:30 minutes song loop. Not to disregard CFO$ creations since they did great themes too but I just hate how they just loop their music. BTW his theme can be used in a NBA 2K or Basketball Mixtape lol
  14. Intrigued by this game too. My only problem since the pandemic is I can't buy physical copies, since I collect WWE games I don't want to buy Digital on release and Physical at the later date since it's a waste of money. BTW in the interview from IGN they said Free DLC. I hope that is true.
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