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Universe Mode Thread

Jeb ★

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Discuss your plans/ideas for universe mode!

Experiment with the Upgraded Universe Mode
Every WWE Superstar and Legend has a persona that sets them apart from the rest. What will yours be? Head into Universe mode to create your own narrative and control events, brands, rivalries, and even tinker with match results. Manage personas, venues, and championship bouts.

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Just doing my normal all-CAW universe mode. I have been  running my current universe since March of 2018, so I will be continuing where I left off. I purposely went through March of my current season, so that I would be a month ahead when I get the game on the 8th, so I can take extra time to make enough CAWs, before the re-launch of my universe on the first Saturday of April, with my main flagship show, Saturday Night Showdown. I plan to start the new season with 3 of my 4 current championships on the line on the same night. I will launch my 2nd weekly show, Wednesday Night Surge, probably in May or so. I will be doing 4 pay-per-views, The 5th Annual Wrestling Classic (Sunday, 6th of November), that is my version of Wrestlemania, Battle Lines (Sunday, 17th or 24th of April), Fever Pitch (my July pay-per-view), and Bar Room Blitz III (my January pay-per-view). My universe is known as the MFWC. 4 Champions, MFWC Champion- Tyson Steele, MFWC Ladies Champion- Amy Sinz, MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion- Julius, and 2-Time MFWC World Tag Team Champions- The Reckoning. I am still working on finalizing my Battle Lines card, which I hope to do before I re-launch my universe, so I have a direction for my early stories. I just know the main event and semi-main event, so far.

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I'll post my plans in case it gives others some ideas (as other people's plans have given me ideas). I have a pretty elaborate Universe in 2k20 but I had to limit quite a few things because of all the glitches and crashes so I'm hoping that 2K22 doesn't have these issues so I can expand it even further.  I use a lot of customization so I try to use as much of the included content as I can (at least all that makes sense for my Universe), so that influences some of my decisions such as arenas/shows, brands, rosters, etc.

Here's the main details:

  • A worldwide universal alliance and all promotions/wrestlers are part of the alliance.
  • 5 promotions (WWE, WCW, NJPW, WOW (female), NXT (developmental promotion).
  • Each promotion has 4 titles (1 major single, 1 tag, 1 minor single, 1 indy single), although NXT has 5 (with 2 indies).
  • The universal alliance hosts 2 multi-week/day mega shows each year (1 in June, 1 in Dec) and all promotions send stars to those shows.
  • The  universal alliance has 13 titles. 7 of those are normal defensible belts (Universal, Universal Super Heavyweight, Universal Stable, Universal Tag, Universal Mixed Tag, Universal Cruiserweight, Universal Hardcore) . The other 6 are more like trophies and are awarded once per year at one of the 2 universal mega shows (King of the RIng, Queen of the Ring, Andre the Giant Memorial, Fabulous Moolah Memorial, Iron Man,  Iron Woman).
  • WWE, WCW, and NJPW are the 3 major men's promotions. They all host a weekly show and 8 PPVs per year and all send their best to the 2 universal mega shows.
  • WOW is the major women's promotion. They host a weekly show and 3 of their own PPVs per year and they share 5 other PPVs with NXT. They also send their best to the 2 universal mega shows.
  • NXT is sort of a developmental league and at the end of the year, some of the best performers get promoted to one of the other major promotions while others from those promotions get relegated to NXT. They host a weekly show and 3 of their own PPVs per year and they share 5 other PPVs with WOW. They also send their best to the 2 universal mega shows.
  • Each promotion has their own year end show in November (1 in the first week of December, unless 2K22 has the option to have multiple PPVs in a week ... I'm assuming it doesn't).
  • Some of the PPV themes have rules for winners. For example, each promotion has a Money in the Bank themed show where the winner gets a title shot at anytime they wish, each promotion has an elimination chamber themed show in January and the winner gets a title shot before May, each promotion (other than WOW) has a survivor series themed show with the main event being a stable vs. stable match and the winner goes to the semis of a mini stables tournament at the June mega show, each promotion has a royal rumble themed show and the winner gets a title shot at the promotion's year end show in November and also the last few runner-ups automatically go to a battle royal in the December mega show, etc.
  • The first 2 weeks in June are for the King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring tournaments and the final match for the trophy happens at the mega show in the 3rd or 4th week in June.
  • I won't go into much details on the rosters but basically I try to divide them in ways that make some sense, I use all 100 CAW slots (mostly legends, AEW talent, NJPW talent, Impact talent, and others). AEW talent is mostly merged into WCW, most Japanese talent is in NJPW but some are in others as well, and the other talent is mixed.  NXT has the most (70+) and most of the jobbers or IRL people that I don't care about are there but I also put good stars in there too so that it's still interesting.
  • As far as rivalries go, I have to wait to see how 2K22 handles rivalries because I stopped using them in 2K20 because it was more work than it was worth and it got old real fast). So I currently handle all rivalries outside the game.
  • Speaking of outside the game, I have a very elaborate spreadsheet that I use to keep track of everything.
  • I also have a VERY VERY long list of possible storylines that I use and manage outside the game. All the possible storylines are kept in one tab in the spreadsheet and I have techniques to randomly choose storylines and which wrestlers are involved, etc.
  • I am currently also using the PC game "Pro Wrestling Sim" to help with other ideas such as who gets title shots, who starts rivalries, who gets a new gimmick, who gets a new storyline, etc. , but I'm hoping that 2K22 does a better job of doing some of these things so that I don't have to use it.  We'll see.  Currently, I have an identical universe set up in that game and I let it simulate solely for ideas so I would rather not use it if I don't feel like I need it anymore.
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Probably the Following Brands for me:

WHW (Womens Hardcore Wrestling)

NXT 2.0

AEW (Dynamite and Rampage will be used as ppvs along with the original ones so I can have one PPV every month).








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Over this weekend I’m getting my 2k19 universe mode to a stage where it can transfer across to 2k22 - winning championships with people who will appear in the game etc.

When I first get 2k22 I won’t be jumping straight in to play as I love the creation and editing process I took ages over it on 2k19 and it’s made universe mode so much more special. 

I’ll be doing the same set up on 22, obviously with some new roster members making big changes to some shows. 

The shows I have are:

Monday: Attitude Raw

Tuesday: Modern era Raw

Wednesday: Ruthless Aggression Raw

Thursday: Mixed eras Smackdown

Friday: ECW

Saturday: WCW

Obviously a mix of PPV’s, ECW have quarterly shows on a Sunday, WCW, Attitude, Current Raw and Ruthless Aggression probably have the most PPV’s. 

The original NWO have returned in recent months and cheated their way to the titles on WCW, it’s been quite a big storyline, concluding with Randy Savage cheating Malakai Black out of the WCW world title yesterday. So the NWO pack will help with that. Their main competition in recent months has been from Black and Haku, but the LWO have also returned (psicosis, Juvi, Metalik, Dorado, and No way Jose) and been causing them issues. The LWO will need rebuilding when caws start coming out for 22. However I’m also going to introduce Legado Del Fantasma to battle the NWO, this will see Escobar leading Mendoza and Wilde, but also recruiting Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo to their group. Plus others such as WCW Eddie and Rey returning who I had as Caws.

Current Raw has current day Lesnar as it’s champ and has for a while. The Smackdown PPV this weekend has Albert (A-Train) defending a long world title reign against Roman. Plan being Roman winning to go into 22 until an Albert caw appears. 

A ministry style undertaker currently holds the main title on the attitude show, but the future of that show will very much depend on alt attires in 22 for the likes of the rock and triple h, plus no angle etc now either! 

ECW have a PPV coming up where Ric Flair and Bobby Lashley face one another in a unification match for both the world and TV titles. ECW has some originals (Bam Bam, Sabu, RVD) and a lot of guys who don’t get used much on the WWE shows (Oney Lorcan, Pete Dunne). 

Need to find some new stars for my other shows, people like Tony Nese who has had a great run as WCW TV champ, won’t appear in 22, but I’m looking forward to bringing in the likes of Walter, Escobar and others.

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So I have a lot going on in my Wwe Universe I have Monday Night Raw NXT Ecw SmackDown and Shotgun Saturday Night the Legends show.  In my Raw and Smackdown and Nxt shows Vince Mcmahon and the Authority have done such a poor job keeping  wwe interesting Vince Mcmahon had to sell half of Wwe's shares to Aew. When he did that Tony Khan  became Raw's on screen Authority figure While Brandi Rhodes became the on air Authority figure for the females division on Raw.  Mean while on Smackdown Cody Rhodes is the on air Authority figure while Brooke Tessmacher is the On air  Authority figure for the Smackdown's women's roster. On Nxt William Regal is the   Authority figure for the men and Mae Young is the  Authority figure for the Women and in Ecw Tod Gordon is the  on air  Authority figure. and on Shotgun Saturday Night Mr.T is the  Authority figure for the men and Debra is the  Authority figure for the women.  That is all about to change though for months the nWo has been beating up the Mcmahons and the Corporation. To put and end to Eric Bischoff once and for all Vince Mcmahon begged Linda Mcmahon after nWo members Andre The Giant and Shawn Michaels beat Shane Mcmahon to a pulp so he begs her  to give in and step down as the ceo if the Corporation could not beat the nWo in a final match where the losing team goes. My plan is  The Corporation is going to lose the nWo takes over everything Raw becomes Nitro Smackdown becomes Thursday Thunder Nxt becomes Nxt Power Plant Ecw is written off Tv and to enforce the nWo Bischoff hires new authority figures for each shows who act as his lieutenant's and report to him. Ric Flair is his lieutenant for Raw Sgt.Buddy Lee becomes his lieutenant for Nxt and Dusty Rhodes becomes Bischoff's lieutenant for Smackdown while Eric Bischoff and the whole nWo are running things on Shotgun Saturday Night or now named Wcw Saturday Night. The only wrinkle in Bischoff's plan is The Khan's are still part owners in the wwe and they still have half say. Next Bischoff offers a share of the profits to Awa Verne Ganage to get his revenge on Vince Mcmahon and to have Ganage help him have a tighter grip on the Wwe as a whole. So at the next Payperview Shane Mcmahon Goads Bischoff and Ganage to another winner takes all match again Wwe loses. It look's like its all over for Wwe but Vern Ganage gets greedy and wants the new Wcw/Wcw to himself so he can create a whole new Awa.  This storyline plays out until my next Wrestlemania and the main event is Eric Bischoff Vs Verne Ganage Vs Vince Mcmahon in a winner takes all match. My planned finished is Vince Mcmahon wins and the Wwe is restored to his former glory. Only this time Mr.Mcmahon gives all the former Wcw and Awa Superstars contracts and does not give them stupid gimmicks like after the invasion in 2002.

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so Lacey evans won MITB and I’m trying to apply the briefcase to her under the EDIT CHAMPIONSHIPS & MITB tabs…i choose a slot then select a briefcase but then the target championship stays stuck on WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and I can’t change it to a female title to assign it to Lacey, anybody else having this problem?

how can I fix it?

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I'm very weird when it comes to my Universe plans, usually I start with a roster draft, then I spend some time downloading stuff on CC, but eventually I start having second thoughts and end up dropping my plans.

If I do manage to go through with it, my plan is three rosters: Raw (Pre Pandemic Arena), Smackdown (Pre Pandemic Arena) and NXT (Pre 2.0 Arena) with 205 Live for the Cruiserweights. My PPV schedule is based on WWE's 2006 schedule meaning: 4 Co-Brand Events (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series), 5 Raw Events (New Year's Revolution, Backlash, Vengeance, Unforgiven and Cyber Sunday), 5 Smackdown events (No Way Out, Judgement Day, The Great American Bash, No Mercy and Armageddon) and 2 NXT events (One Night Stand and December to Dismemeber).

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I love universe mode but feel lazy about it now. So I made one big single show in exhibition style! I may still do an original caw show again though for but now this was my first week!..


Ricochet def. Kushida 

Tommaso Ciampa def. Sheamus 

Pete Dunn def. Drew Gulak

Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel with WALTER def. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza with Santos Escobar in a tag match

AJ Styles def. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat Match

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I am going to limit the amount of CAWS I use in my primary universe. I am going to stick with mostly the in game superstars and sprinkle in some specific CAWS.


NXT will be my Legends show (odd I know)





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On 3/10/2022 at 6:42 PM, Tony G. said:

so Lacey evans won MITB and I’m trying to apply the briefcase to her under the EDIT CHAMPIONSHIPS & MITB tabs…i choose a slot then select a briefcase but then the target championship stays stuck on WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and I can’t change it to a female title to assign it to Lacey, anybody else having this problem?

how can I fix it?


Remove the case from her under the universe, then go to the championship editor, choose mitb, select the case, apply the championship you want it to be, save, go back to your universe and give her the case again.

The reason it might not instantly working is because you started your universe already and the case was still applied from what I understood so far.

If it doesn't work on that slot, select a new slot for the show, apply the case after the womens championship is set as target, save, go back to the universe mode and apply it to Lacey. 

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On my Legends brand NXT, Ted Dibiase has formed a New MONEY Inc. consisting of himself, Sable and Eric Embry/Iceman King Parsons (grew up with WCCW in case you couldn't guess). He called out Champion Biker Taker for a title match at IN YOUR HOUSE and promised a BIG surprise

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Here is the card for the 1st PPV in my universe: MONEY IN THE BANK

The Uso's defend against New Day

Liv, Bianca, Dana, Rhea, Nia, Asuka, Nikki A.S.H and SHAYNA

Charlotte defends against Sonya

The Iconics defend against Shotzi/Teagan

Rk-Bro defends against Miz and Morrison

Damien Priest defends against Jeff Hardy

Tomasso Ciampa defends against Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar defends against Seth Rollins

Champion Roman Reigns defends against John Cena

Drew McIntyre, Seamus, Jinder Mahal, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Samoa Joe and Apollo Crews

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Stupid question of the day..

I wanna start a caw based universe and have about 15 caws so far.

Can I start a universe and "add" more caws after I've played for a few weeks - or do I have to start a new universe ?

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