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  1. Only you cant do that on XBOX
  2. So how do you change the date back a day? I see changing the time but no calender
  3. Apparently just set your date back 1 day on your console and it fixes ithttps://mobile.twitter.com/TheShiningDown/status/1212216796700430336?s=19 I saw that. Thx to everyone. How long do we have to keep it a day behind? And how stupid is it we have to do stuff like this to play a game we bought?
  4. I was coming to see if it was just my game acting up but I guess everyones is wonky because of the new tower from what I am reading. No words. Did they test anything?
  5. Trying to start a Universe and: created belts not staying in slot after being placed there numerous times DLd superstar not on roster after being placed on one
  6. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    Yeah. Just forget about adding custom creations ...So..no. Probably not Thx No CC sucks
  7. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    So is it possible to even play Universe this year? I want to start but am afraid
  8. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    I always try to run a legends brand but I always wind up with to many people on the brand. Just cant say no to the good old days
  9. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    Depending on future news, I might do one of the following things with NXT: 1) change NXT to another WWE show: WWE VELOCITY; WWE NITRO etc 2) make a second NXT show: NXT UK; NXT IMPACT etc
  10. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    Add in some non-WWE women and that is exactly what I do GMTA
  11. Olan

    Universe Mode Thread

    RAW and SMACKDOWN as is 205 dropped and added to NXT as Cruiserweight Division All womens show Legends show Create a Mixed Tag Title
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