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  1. Has anyone got a weird womens glitch in universe where alternate attires dont appear? If I create an alt for a male then go into universe I can go on their superstar page and select it to be used, if I create one for a female and do the same it doesnt show up? Almost like I never created one...
  2. Am I doing something wrong here?! So Ive just started a brand new universe... went in to edit show, put a random tag match in... selected alternate attires for all participants, none of them showed up on the match screen, it was just blank with the controller options, then they all came out in default attires????
  3. Less crashes in Universe mode but thats all. The game still decides if its going to let you use an alternate attire or not. Essentially you can sort of play Universe mode if you dont edit anything at all. If you play with the base rosters on the default shows in the default arenas wearing default attires it works for a little while. The minute you begin customising things it will break. For instance $500 dollar shirt Rock. If you create an in ring attire for him and try and use it in Universe mode, he wont show up on the match up screen before the match. It will just be your opponent and a big space where you should be. You then make your entrance with the default model. This is the case with most alternate attires you create. Also should be said, I havent downloaded and used any logos on some superstars so its nothing to do with the ten logo limit. Create an arena also plays up. Made an arena, in the creation suite it was all fine, come match time, the train has decided to shift 10metres to the right. I honestly dont think they will EVER fix this game. At some point it might be a playable Chuck it in for a few exhibition matches title. However I think it is too broken at its core that it will ever get completely fixed. 2k have their money, the fact they have just stayed silent through all of this shows what a shitty company they are. I really hope that next year, no one gives their hard earned money to 2k. Absolute joke of a release.
  4. Ha, thought I would see if a well known issue was fixed in create mode. Went in to edit Jeff Hardy, put his right arm and on and ooh its actually on his arm rather than floating next to it! Oh but wait a second.... yep, the armbands on but the hair is still floating a foot above his head. Tried applying the other one.... the right armband now floats above his arm. *Censored*. This. Game.
  5. Has anyone confirmed if Universe mode works now? Or does it still crash every time you use and alternate attire or arena?
  6. First crash? Wow, you have done well! I take it you havent touched universe mode? Its more rare for it to not crash!
  7. Universe mode is no better, Im still getting game crashes every few matches.
  8. So, deleted my universe mode, and all created characters and attires. Made three basic attires, one for Jeff, one for Buddy Murphy and one for Lawler. Into a brand new universe mode and went to the superstar screen, changed the individual attires, the writing changes and tells you a different attire is equipped. However the picture of your character still has them in a default attire. I thought I would try it anyway, at the character select screen I again select the created attires and create a triple threat match between the guys I mentioned. The match screen appears and I confirm and it starts loading, this time the three are shown in their new attires. Loading bar got to nearly full before the game crashed and kicked me out to the PlayStation dashboard. Ive had a brief look at a few other modes and things as well, and as far as I can tell other than movesets sometimes copying over there doesnt appear to be much, if any, change made to Create or Universe modes.
  9. Still cant use alternate attires in Universe mode, plus theres a few issues in terms of movesets and things not copying over.
  10. Oh also, if you want the fiend to have the neck snap move he does in real life to a seated opponent, it is in, you have to go in and manually assign it though as hes been given a shoulder claw as default. I swear they take literally five minutes over movesets, I had a random fatal four way earlier where Jerry Lawler, Roman Reigns, John Cena all hit Michinokou drivers. The DLC as someone else said is only worth it for the Fiend and the unlockable caw parts. It is literally just the same match over and over and over to unlock different skins on the same guys, which, to be honest, I dont even think the skins are that good. I havent yet seen one that I would use again in my universe mode. If you can do without the fiend and a few extra moves, just buy the standard.
  11. Unlocked the fiend, completed the Daniel Bryan story, did start the Finn Balor main story but reversals arent working. You get the cue to press triangle, but it doesnt matter, nothing happens.
  12. Turns out we can win MITB ladder matches by pin fall...
  13. Having given this game some rate credit the other day, having not had any game breaking bugs Im now starting to get more and more. In universe mode its becoming unplayable, and I mean literally unplayable. You click to go in to the next show and no matter what the match is, leaving it default, editing it, anything. The match load screen soon turns to the blue PlayStation error screen. Cant get any matches to load. Releasing a game in this state is one thing, to continue to be silent with the coverage these issues have had is ridiculous and makes 2k look utterly shit. I know there was a patch on release day, but clearly there was still a hell of a lot of stuff that needed fixing. Even a tweet saying were working on the next patch, were sorry for the issues affecting the game, the patch will be available on... to not even apologise to a loyal fan base for the amount of glitches, bugs and everything else is really really poor.
  14. Im actually enjoying it, to be fair so far Ive spent a day creating and then jumped straight in to a universe mode but I actually like the feel of the game. Ive been lucky that Ive only had a few glitches and bugs and they have been pretty cosmetic ones only (Baron Corbin remaining in the ring and wondering about in between the members of Lucha house party during their entrance made me laugh more than anything.) Ive had six or seven really good, close fought, great matches. Create mode is oddly glitchy and needs quite a few patches. A few times Ive not been able to change colours or material types on certain bits of clothing, only to find I could if I went all the way out and then back in. A few crazy bits such as trying to put armbands on Jeff Hardy only to find it lifts his hair off the top of his head. Quite a few issues where hair clips through hats, bandanas and things. Also a couple of times Ive dyed hair only to find its defaulted back to its original colour cone match time. I like the graphics, I dont think theyre as bad as people are making out. I actually think they look good. The light flickering on some surfaces like CMEdge pointed out are really noticeable under certain lights and in create mode too. However in terms of character models I think overall its a win. Yes, Trent Seven looks terrible, Dunnes beard is an afterthought and theres a couple other questionable ones, but I think Daniel Bryan, Baron Corbin, and numerous others are fantastic this year. Just to check, Ive created loads of alternate attires for people however when I go into universe mode, I can see them displayed but I cannot get my superstars to wear them... is this an issue for lots of people??
  15. Why are there always people on this forum who really struggle to understand that people might not play as the same people as them and therefore are dissapointed when 30+ people are removed from the game? Its not difficult, if you got who you want then cool. At the same time theres a hell of a lot of people removed from the roster and with the 20 download limit you couldnt even replace them all on day one. Plus, from the interview the other day it sounds like the creation suite was rebuilt... but with the idea of giving us what we had last year after Yukes left. So yeah, some people are really dissapointed because over 30 people have been taken out of the game, we havent been made aware of anything other than last years creation suite, and so far all signs lead to the DLC just being the new originals stuff which so far has shown to be different skins of characters in the game. Happy to be proved wrong and they release DLC packs with new people in. However I just think if youre happy with the roster then cool, good for you, enjoy. However I can 100% see why people will be disappointed in it. First WWE game I havent pre ordered in years.
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