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  1. Oscar22

    Creations Archive

    Good god... I’m so desperately trying to turn this game into something vaguely playable so it doesn’t feel such a waste of money, it’s not making it easy for me... Cheers man, I’ll give that a try
  2. Oscar22

    Creations Archive

    Can I ask, is community creations broken for anyone else? Last two days I’ve tried to download images, the loading bar goes up, I lose a download from my twenty but the image isn’t downloaded.... just me? Or everyone?
  3. Has anyone got a weird womens glitch in universe where alternate attires dont appear? If I create an alt for a male then go into universe I can go on their superstar page and select it to be used, if I create one for a female and do the same it doesnt show up? Almost like I never created one...
  4. First crash? Wow, you have done well! I take it you havent touched universe mode? Its more rare for it to not crash!
  5. Universe mode is no better, Im still getting game crashes every few matches.
  6. Oh also, if you want the fiend to have the neck snap move he does in real life to a seated opponent, it is in, you have to go in and manually assign it though as hes been given a shoulder claw as default. I swear they take literally five minutes over movesets, I had a random fatal four way earlier where Jerry Lawler, Roman Reigns, John Cena all hit Michinokou drivers. The DLC as someone else said is only worth it for the Fiend and the unlockable caw parts. It is literally just the same match over and over and over to unlock different skins on the same guys, which, to be honest, I dont even think the skins are that good. I havent yet seen one that I would use again in my universe mode. If you can do without the fiend and a few extra moves, just buy the standard.
  7. Unlocked the fiend, completed the Daniel Bryan story, did start the Finn Balor main story but reversals arent working. You get the cue to press triangle, but it doesnt matter, nothing happens.
  8. Turns out we can win MITB ladder matches by pin fall...
  9. Having given this game some rate credit the other day, having not had any game breaking bugs Im now starting to get more and more. In universe mode its becoming unplayable, and I mean literally unplayable. You click to go in to the next show and no matter what the match is, leaving it default, editing it, anything. The match load screen soon turns to the blue PlayStation error screen. Cant get any matches to load. Releasing a game in this state is one thing, to continue to be silent with the coverage these issues have had is ridiculous and makes 2k look utterly shit. I know there was a patch on release day, but clearly there was still a hell of a lot of stuff that needed fixing. Even a tweet saying were working on the next patch, were sorry for the issues affecting the game, the patch will be available on... to not even apologise to a loyal fan base for the amount of glitches, bugs and everything else is really really poor.
  10. Id love them to put a bit more effort into the legends. I cant see it happening unfortunately, but Undertaker 2002 has the exact same face as current Undertaker even though there is 17 years difference between them. Same with the Rocks models, Triple Hs, and Shawn Michaels.... amongst others. Puts you off using the models a bit as you cant help but be removed from the immersion of an older universe mode when you notice that your ABA taker looks like his 50+ year old model.
  11. Id really like a new body shape, most of the CAW model sizes are decent but Id like a proper super heavyweight/obese one that can be used for the likes of Yokozuna, Big Daddy V/Viscera/Mabel, King Kong bundy etc. There are some good creations on CC of these guys but none of them are quite the right shape and size. Take Yokozuna for example - you can get somewhere close to the right sort of torso size for him but then the limbs let it down. Just look at the size of Yokos legs, you cant replicate that in current CAW mode. Next Id really like them to work on some of the basic animations, the running for example - the current running animation is like a gentle jog to the ropes and back. Id like to see a proper run. A few moves contain the better animation on its own, I think its finn who has a move in the corner where he strikes, snapmares and the comes off the ropes with a drop kick, the way he comes off the ropes is much more dynamic. There is also no difference between the way Rey Mysterio runs and bounces of the ropes and the way in which the Big Show does it. Id like them to update it so that people with decent speed really run and catapult themselves back from the ropes and guys like big show sort of slowly lumber into them and it takes more effort to propel them back up again. Finally, not quite sure how it would be done but Id love some real updates to create an arena. A few more options for ideas outside of WWE. Ive always really wanted the entrance ramps that connect directly to the ring, ECW and WCW used them a fair bit, the entrance way, ramp and ring apron are all at the same height. Also Id like to be able to play about with the aisle way and the staging area, have a longer walkway for Wrestlemania, have a curved aisle like in the rumble this year. Bits and pieces like that. Would also be cool to have a little more freedom, at the moment we pick the various bits and then drop them in to the same places, would be cool if we could angle the stages a bit more, stack up Trons and things like that.
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