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  1. I 100% agree with the lazy comment to be honest. I think they have become lazy and I think they are also no pushing themselves to do better because they haven’t had anyone that can over take them. I’m sure 2k has some wrestling fans in the team, but it doesn’t strike you as a game made by wrestling fans overall. Its become a fight sim, but they’re extremely lucky because they know that wrestling fans have basically sod all choice if they want a wrestling game, that is up to date (and 3D for FirePro fans). I have to say the new AEW game looks fun. People are already online saying it “looks rubbish, look at 2k” which isn’t a fair comparison at all. It was never going to match 2k in that respect. I actually like it’s graphical style, I’m glad they changed it from the original look as I wasn’t feeling that, but I think the way it looks now is good. It’s a little more cartoony, but I love the retro bits they have borrowed from the old N64 games such as the ‘Danger’, ‘Signature’ and I’m assuming ‘Finisher’ text on the HUD. It’s really not a bad looking game, it’s much more arcadey of course, but it already looks like the sort of game you can jump in and out of solo or with friends and have a laugh playing. I’d never have thought of mini games either to be fair but seeing them yesterday again I can see the appeal, especially with friends. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.
  2. I can’t say I expect them to, because I think 2k are lazy and money focussed. However you would think that the development team would (especially after 2k20) want to release at least just one more patch to make sure that everything in the game actually works. Stuff like tag finishers not being available… I couldn’t leave it if I were them. I know they won’t add anything new, and they won’t update anything I.e. new content, but at least just make sure everything in this game actually works before making the next one. It’s taken them months to implement one referee, and I’m at the stage where I’ve actually taken all my tag teams out of universe because it just feels pointless.
  3. Worth noting that HCTP came out in 2003. It’s nearly twenty years old. Compare the animations then, to what 2k have now. I’d say the only improvement is the split legged moonsault solely because HCTP didn’t have corner springboard moves. Look how much better looking the five star is in a twenty year old game.
  4. Glad the lazy bastards finally sorted out the rolling thunder, shame they stopped there and didn’t give us a better 5-star.
  5. If it saves everyone some time, basically the Smackdown ref now works, aside from that you won’t SEE a whole lot of anything changes. Universe mode still long forgotten.
  6. Early reports saying the Smackdown ref now works correctly, but apparently no Universe tag finishers fix…
  7. Again it’s worth looking at some of his opponents however to work out how in depth a Cena showcase could be… His debut was against Kurt Angle Some of his early feuds involved Chris Jericho, Carlito, and the Undertaker. The good news is that some of his most notable feuds have been against Edge, Angle, Shawn Michaels, Batista, and Randy Orton all of whom aside from Angle are surely locked in to be in the next game. Seth, Roman and Brock could also be represented. It looks like we would have to miss out his feuds with both Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. Again, there’s good and bad but some notable people and moments missing. It’s probably not a bad shout overall though in terms of people being available.
  8. I’m getting the feeling 2k are just going to be lazy and give us RVD’s badly animated moves from 2k15 back…
  9. How are people finding this now? I turn the PS5 on and by the time the main menu of the game loads I’m sort of not sure if I can be bothered and often end up playing something else instead. It’s a good looking game, I just don’t feel like there’s enough to hook you back to keep you playing. I usually give each DLC a couple of plays then find I’m a bit bored again? Just doesn’t feel like a wrestling game
  10. Hope we get a good few new moves in the next pack, especially with RVD. We need the old rolling thunder back, the one we had as early as SYM and HCTP where he would hit the ropes first before rolling. Not the current one which looks awful with him taking a couple of steps back before rolling uncomfortably. Could do with some variations of the five star as well, in fact yet again the SYM/HCTP versions were better in both look and impact.
  11. Not really an update, but I was pleased with it so thought I’d share - I’ve got my usual custom universe set up, and we’re approaching the first ever PPV… so some people have special attires.. was quite pleased with this TMNT Shredder inspired one so far
  12. Let’s just hope there is a patch… and a significant one, not another “we made sure some basics actually worked and added some shit clothing nobody asked for to CAW mode”
  13. Herein lays the dilemma of a wrestling gamer… I contacted PlayStation support about the issue I’m having with crashes in MyFaction… after a bit of back and forth, screenshots, and a video I sent them… They’ve said that at this time they have no way of fixing it, and I’ve tried all their other steps… so, they’ve offered me a full refund. Here is the problem with no competition, I could get a full refund of the NWO edition, but let’s face I’m then forced to go back to 2k19… a great game of course, but isn’t it bad that it’s 2k games or refunds.
  14. I think longevity is going to be the issue with this game isn’t it. i know they said it’s a reset but it really is quite bare bones. MyRise is good and a step forward, but once you’ve played through it, you don’t rush back to play it again. MyFaction has/had potential, but they can’t lock models in it, and they need to actually make it interesting and not just a ‘hit 125 grab attacks’ mode. Universe just hasn’t been touched, I know they added ‘superstar mode’ but that essentially just a player lock mode. It’s also lost the promo system which, wasn’t perfect but at least broke up the play match, next match, play match, next match… feeling. Universe really needs some proper additions. I will sort of give them an easier ride on MyGM as they were putting it back in, but I have to say, even for their first shot…. I thought that mode might have a little more to it. Showcase could have been great, but when it became apparent that most of Reys career would be skipped it seemed an odd choice. I’m still not sure why they haven’t either focused that mode on different eras, or at least pick someone like Taker, Triple H or whoever who will in all likelihood have more options for match choices. It’s actually crazy how much has been removed from edit modes, basic create an entrance being a stand out of course. The amount of moves and things we have had that have been taken out, plus the amount which are still using animations from SYM and HCTP (and not even the ones those games did best - hi rolling thunder!) The changes to the movesets and the combos etc I’ve got used to now as we have no choice, but 2k19 was far superior in terms of controls, and the way the gameplay worked. The graphics they nailed, it is a really good looking game, and I think the DLC offering overall has been really good (though it still nibbles at me that they took people out of the game, then made us buy them and didn’t really make updates to models). I just think more than anything what I can’t get away from is they took a year out to really work on this, and it’s still a crash fest. With every patch where they fix things they break numerous others. That’s the bit that I think really puts people off, two years and they still released a buggy, crashing game. I think they’re lucky they don’t really have any competition, we could really do with AEW and the Wrestling code being good but let’s face it they’re working on different budgets from different starting points. It’s a few months in, of course it’s better than 2k20 (how could it not be) but I just think longevity wise, what’s going to bring you back to this game and keep you playing it in six or nine months from now outside of it being your only option? i install the DLC, have a couple matches with the new people and then what….? What keeps you playing?
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