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  1. My biggest wish would just be a game where the superstars feel different from each other and don’t all play the same. 2k23 got boring for me in about July, because just no matches felt different from one another. Adding people and legends is one thing but the game actually needs to feel like a proper wrestling game and be fun first.
  2. Has the DLC been any good? I’ve got no enthusiasm to play the game at the moment, I was popping in creating some bits and then switching off but the gameplay just puts me off actually playing matches. Has the Wyatt pack added any interesting features of made anything particularly fun to play as?
  3. Could do with the International title too for some extra choice
  4. Anyone else find that deleting unused images actually sometimes deletes actual caws? That, and deleting images causing CAW pictures to be the yellow ! Sign, which when you change it to another picture doesn’t work, and it won’t let you use the standard menu screen pose… instead you get the choice between the yellow ! Or a literal blank space, the wrestlers name appears with literally no picture of them at all
  5. Yes this does look good, and in terms of all developers saying they have the “Successor to No Mercy” UPW really does, it basically IS no Mercy after all! Its looking good from the various streams they have out out, various match types, and a creation suite that so far looks great (and already better than FF!) High hopes for it!
  6. Without putting pressure on it, will also be interesting to see how the Wrestling code plays in to this dynamic, as it seems to be from early impressions a decent mix of content but also gameplay, with decent graphics. Have high hopes for it, to have three quality wrestling games out there will be amazing in terms of choice and play style.
  7. Probably the best thing about FF is that it hasn’t had the time or the legacy the 2k games have yet, it’s literally their first go and it’s a week old. They have time to add and update loads and add things in here and there, it’s missing a lot of course but it’s fun to play and that’s a great start, im not really seeing that it’s a sim, it’s definitely more of a start it up and have a great time playing some random matches arcade type experience, and that is 100% fine. FF is a great starting point and hopefully over time the developers add some basic additions that would actually make a massive difference to the overall experience. 2k meanwhile need to learn that shiny graphics, and a new match type doesn’t make your game any less soulless an experience. Creation suite, fantastic even if certain parts of it have been crying out for updates. However their insistence on MyFaction and similar things means the actual core game is boring, and has actually regressed massively. 2k19 was a better wrestling game. Im just hopeful that them both being about now actually promotes some healthy competition and makes them both up their games.
  8. How on earth do you out the announce table on the stage? I’ve tried all sorts of combination of venue, stage, ramp etc…. On all of them the “stage announce table” option stays greyed out…
  9. I actually completely agree with you and your write up. Basically word for word if I’m honest. Im really enjoying the gameplay, matches are fun, we can do things that the 2k games just don’t allow and you can tell it’s built, or at least heavily influenced by wrestlers who are also gamers. Not like with 2k where it’s like the game is designed by the folk who create NBA games… who have also listened to fighting game fans. 2k doesn’t feel like a wrestling game. It’s like you say, the games issue is a real lack of content, and I’m really, really hopeful there are regular content updates. Max Caster replied to a comment on Twitter and told people that he and and Bowens have just taken pictures for use in the game. Unless I missed something they weren’t mentioned as part of the DLC so we are going to get other wrestlers, it’s just about how long that takes. Id like to think they will add a cage match option at some point too, plus some other match types. The creation suite needs work first of course. I guess the best thing about the situation around the AEW game is it isn’t a yearly instalment, so it can be updated regularly, so hopefully these content drops are soon and often, because I actually think the replay ability of this game is very high with some additions.
  10. It would make a big difference to the creation suite if they just allowed us to change the colours on the attires so we could have a different look. Obviously that really should have been in there anyway, but it’s surely a simple fix moving forward. It is mad that they based this game on No Mercy, and the creation suite in No Mercy is actually substantially better than this in its current state.
  11. Also I can’t be the only one who gets Yakuza vibes from RTE??
  12. They definitely need to allow you to update skills for wrestlers. For example I tried adding the figure 8 for Andrade as a finisher as he’s been using it since returning on collision. However he’s set to only having two finishers, and if you try and update his skills so he can have a third you just get told “AEW wrestlers can’t gain new skills”. One of the best parts of this game is being able to have multiple finishers and sigs available, so really hoping they open that up, even if it means taking people through Road to Elite to upgrade them.
  13. Looking forward to having a wrestling game where I actually want to play matches this week.
  14. For me above all else, it does the one thing 2k don’t, it makes me want to switch it on and just play some matches. It has that ‘just one more…’ feel to it. On the odd occasion every few weeks, I’ll switch 2k23 on, I’ll create an arena or two, maybe some attires, then I just switch it on again. The gameplay has regressed to something so dull, soulless and samey that I’m not interested in playing a match that turns out pretty much the same regardless who you use in it. The AEW game is going to have a fair few downsides, the creation suite is tiny… but I actually want to PLAY it.
  15. It’s very much a game that once you’ve played with the new shiny stuff, there’s not really anything there for you gameplay wise. These 2k WWE games are very soulless.
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