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  1. More shenanigans from ancient Egypt...
  2. 22CASTLE is a new code for some free stuff within MyFaction. #justsaying
  3. Started playing a brand new adventure in Egypt... smile
  4. Given their past history... not a shred of surprise here.
  5. Needle still isn't moving for me when it comes to this game. Legit guessing 2K completely killed off my desire to play games of this type. Meh.
  6. Only Murders in the Building released another solid season finale... can't wait for season 3.
  7. Piss poor load times Piss poor RNG Piss poor support staff Piss poor patch notes
  8. Makes me more sad to read "these patch notes are from patch 1.09" that's tied to that Twitter post.
  9. Sensing a theme on this northern section of the map... XD
  10. It seems like the game is quite dead to them now. Which kinda sucks, because not all areas of the game work as intended and I might uninstall it without ever touching Universe mode.
  11. Madden NFL 23 (PS5) Been almost three years since I purchased and religiously played a Madden game, and coach Madden is back on the cover, so yeah... easy buy.
  12. After yesterday's courtroom antics in New York, I read somewhere there's a new postcard design being kicked around...
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