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  1. Okay... giving credit when it's due, this is pretty cool to see:
  2. Update game Load MyFaction for daily login bonus Enter MONEYINTHEBANK as a locker code "You must be connected to the internet" message Re-load MyFaction Open pack acquired from MITB code Game stuck in endless loading loop after revealing last card Literal clown shoes, this development team
  3. Slipped up? More like fully incompetent. By all means... sign the clowns to an extension on the license. Shambles.
  4. Hope the "squirting flower not included" comment is just a joke, because it'll really round out the look of the Zeoklown CAW that I'm looking to create. And I agree with others who have commented the same... Doink's hair/wig looks god awful.
  5. Fall Guys (PS5) Couldn't believe all of the legacy rewards that were dropped in my lap when I reinstalled this on my PS5... even a season pass.
  6. ... or an irish whip that results in a session on the treadmill ... or referees that don't stay downed/stunned long enough ... or brain dead AI
  7. I've been looking forward to the Clowning Around DLC for a while now... my Zeoklown CAW just won't look legit without being able to borrow some of the assets from Doink. Gottem
  8. Creepy Bro

    WWE Drama

    If proven to be true... I'm not even remotely surprised.
  9. Yay! A bit of good news that I'm reading in the morning... good riddance
  10. Apparently Zeoklown would rather watch the same 4-5 individuals bicker amongst themselves over posting another lip service "feedback project". Just my two cents.
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