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  1. I'm also not entirely sold yet, so yeah...
  2. Yellowstone - season three, episode two
  3. What a series of game reveals... let the waiting begin.
  4. Another easy addition to my PS5 library... let the waiting begin. woo hoo
  5. This game will be an easy addition to my PS5 library, love me some Wolverine... also, Insomniac. woo hoo
  6. Yellowstone - season 2 finale
  7. Cool cool... congrats! We're getting ready to leave for Grand Tetons National Park and Yellowstone National Park tomorrow... super excited!
  8. Yellowstone - season 2, episode 8
  9. Looks good so far, but I need to see more from it, so yeah...
  10. If accurate, it sounds like a big brain choice that they've made.
  11. Yellowstone - season 2, episode 5
  12. Received the game as a gift a long time ago, if I like it enough I'll replay it via the Director's Cut edition.
  13. Death Stranding - PS5 About to take that dive into the deep end of Kojima's imagination... let's gooooooo.
  14. Just a samurai out here playing music when Jin's enemies are dead.
  15. Breaking down the pool now that summer is getting closer to its end...
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