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  1. Shin Megami Tensei 3 HD remaster is coming to Switch later this month? Definitely adding that to my Amazon wish list... XD
  2. Sons of Sam has been an entertaining watch... hope that doesn't change over the course of the final two episodes.
  3. Charon the Stygian boatman... always looking for conversation... XD
  4. Second dose wrecked the both of us, but we're much better now. FeelsFullyVaccinatedMan
  5. Demented as well as sad, to be specific. XD
  6. Dead by Daylight - PS4 New rift rewards have Bill Overbeck (Left 4 Dead) cosmetics... must get them. All of them.
  7. Yesterday was Ozzie's birthday, rejoice.
  8. Hades - Switch Every time I find myself getting... bored... with other games, I go back to playing this beaut.
  9. Wearing a newsprint helmet in the rain, what could possibly go wrong?
  10. MLB The Show 20 PS4 Loading up my RTTS save from god knows when was legit funny to see... last game that I played on Mitch's minor league career was April 30, 2021.
  11. Along with the sea bass, it's also the most common...
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