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  1. Just announced on the WWE2K Discord channel: "The Damage CTRL trio entrance will be added in an upcoming patch update"
  2. Loved the original RE4, so I'll more than likely check this out sometime in the near future. I've heard lots of great things... some from here, some from other places.
  3. #EvenStronger? What a joke. #ByDesign is more like it.
  4. Yeah, the developer and white knight gaslighting is #EvenStronger...
  5. I just look forward to the Deebo attires after the Zeus content goes live... hope it's less bug ridden by that time, maybe I'll buy a copy.
  6. Another day, another patch that seems to have done little for the current state of the game. (Judging from what I've been reading, anyway...)
  7. Diablo IV open beta (PS5) Played this beaut a majority of the weekend, and my only regret is not downloading it sooner than I did. Needless to say... I liked it so much, I'm gonna pickup a copy when it launches in June.
  8. And it was reached less than two weeks after its damn launch. Criminal.
  9. My four year old niece could've written better patch notes with construction paper and a box of jumbo crayons.
  10. "Key changes" they said. Embarrassing. LMAO this dev team is something special.
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