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  1. Next up, one of my up and coming top heel CAWs that I have been making under different names (the Pirate & the Raider) since WWF Attitude and into WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth. He has switched back and forth between being a heel and a babyface, always being at or near the top that whole time. I brought him back in WWE 2k17, under his current name, Captain Jack. I have gone through several different looks before settling on this current one. In his MFWC Career, he has feuded with Caleb Parker (when he was MFWC Champion), Rex Corona, and just finished his recent feud with Jay Arsen, losing to him in a Falls Count Anywhere Match on an episode of Saturday Night Showdown. Captain Jack stands 6'3" and weighs 245 lbs, he also hails from Algers, Algeria. I'm undecided on a second look but want it to compliment his first. I will likely come back later and edit his kickpads, to give him a custom kickpad design. I'll come back with a few more, next will be "The Alaskan Bear" Rex Corona, KC Starr, & Jay Arsen. And still to come, the tag teams of the MFWC.
  2. Next up, from Colorado Springs, CO, weighing in at 248 lbs, standing 6'2", the World Class Athlete, Elijah Carter! I am very excited to show off this attire. I was looking for something that showed off his main inspiration, Kurt Angle. That explains the Olympic rings logo on the back of the singlet. His finisher is the Attitude Adjustment, which I think is good change of pace from all of the suplexes that he has in his arsenal. He is one of my top 2 ring technicians, along with Roman Alexander. He is a former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, as well. His main feuds over, since I first made him in WWE 2k17, have been with Harry Bowers, Donovan Draven, and Hercules. Next up, from Pensacola, Florida, weighing in at 252 lbs, also at 6'2", the now former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, "Dashing" Donovan Draven. This is another CAW I have been making consistently since WWE 2k17. I pushed him to the moon, originally. He lost his first match in May, when he challenged Tyson Steele for the MFWC Championship, his first loss, after being undefeated since his official debut in February 2019. He defeated Willy Coleman in May for the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship and lost it in October at the 4th Annual Wrestling Classic, to Julius. Next up, from Mexico, the Mexican Warrior, Latina Heat, herself, former MFWC Ladies Champion, the ultra fan favorite, Monica Gomez! She is named (first name anyways) someone that I know. But I tried to involve some of that Eddie Guerrero influence. Her finisher is the Gory Special Flatliner, she has that lucha background, heavily. Her main feuds have been with "the Natural" Elena Hart (including the only 2 Iron Woman matches in MFWC history), "the Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon, and "the French fatale" Chantel, as well as a recent program with current MFWC Ladies Champion, Amy Sinz. She is one of the 5 cornerstone female CAWs of the MFWC, along with the other top 2 babyfaces, Elena Hart and Kit, and the top 2 heels, Megan Dixon and Amy Sinz.
  3. Next up, some that I have been working on improving. First up the secondary attire for Hercules. I decided to go with one of the same logos that I use for his brother, Julius that I will be showing, same entrance attire too, but using a different color scheme for the logo and entrance attire. Next up, his brother, Julius. Hercules stands at 6'2" 275 lbs from Athens Greece, Julius is smaller in stature at 5'9, but weighs 245 lbs, due to his incredibly chiseled body. I have yet to have the 2 men cross paths in my universe, but it will eventually happen, either as tag team partners or rivals. He is brand new MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, after defeating Donovan Draven at the 4th Annual Wrestling Classic on October 24th. He is officially held the Tag Team championship and now holds the secondary singles championship. Only the 2nd man in the history of the MFWC to do so.
  4. Next up, a few of my top female talents within the MFWC, we start off with the current reigning and defending MFWC Ladies champion, a title she has held since February, when she defeated then champion, Kit and former champion, Monica Gomez in a 3-way ladder match, to win her first ever championship. She hails from Swansea, Wales, UK, and made her official debut in 2020. Sinz currently leads my main heel female stable, Death Row, which just added its 4th member, Gemini, who helped Sinz retain her championship at Fever Pitch, in July, with a victory over Kit, her first 1-on-1 victory of Kit, after being 0-2 previously. She basically has a demonic type of gimmick, similar to Many Rose' gimmick and look in NXT, right now. The similar looks was by accident, as I actually had this revised look that I came up with for her, over the summer and she had had the stable, Death Row (formerly the Undesirables) since last year. Anyways, here is her updated look. Next up, the former MFWC Ladies Champion and the woman that Sinz captured the title from and subsequently defeated in 1 on 1 rematch, with interference from Gemini, she is the Princess of Purity, Kit. Kit hails from Shreveport, LA and has the common southern hospitality and is very pure, kind of that girl next door look and personality. Probably my most pure babyface within the female roster. She made her debut in 2019, she captured the MFWC Ladies championship from the Rebel Queen, Megan Dixon and held it for right around a year, which stands as the current record, before Sinz won it. She is currently in a feud with Gemini. Here is her current look, I felt that the black, silver, and white color scheme would work best for her, I changed it just recently from her customary Red and gold color scheme. Next up, the first ever MFWC Ladies Champion and probably the face of the entire division, hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, "The Natural" Elena Hart. She originally won the championship in March of 2018 at Spring Stampede, the first MFWC Pay-Per-View, and held it for around 300 days, before losing it at Rage in the Cage 2019 in January, in a 5-Way Rage in the Cage (Hell in a Cell) match to Monica Gomez, without being pinned. The two women would go on to have the first 2 ever Iron Woman matches in MFWC history, the first being a draw and the second being won by Gomez, 2 falls to 1. Elena went on to become a baby face, shortly after the 2nd match, having gained a ton of respect for her greatest rival, Monica Gomez, at the time. She has been a top babyface ever since. Of course she maintains the trademark black and pink color scheme of the Hart Foundation. She also uses a Sharpshooter as a finish, many suplexes, the Russian Legsweep, etc. Her wrestling style and look are inspired by Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and Natalya.
  5. Thank you, been working on it. Decided to switch to gimp for all face textures and do photoshop for most logos and textures. Now the face Textures and skin of my CAWs don't look like they've never seen the sun before. Lol
  6. Next up, the strongest man in all of the MFWC, from Athens, Greece, weighing in at 275 lbs, Hercules. He is the former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion. I decided to go more the greek mythological route, with this current look. I will show off his brother, Julius at a later date. Next up, the leader of the Reckoning, the Battle God, Chris Cross. I gave him a new face texture and attire, here. He stands 5'10 and weights 232 lbs., former one half of the MFWC World Tag Team Champions. I will show off his stable mates, Mason Young and Stephen Allen at a later date.
  7. Here is the much improved MFWC CAW roster, I am going to show off my improvements from my CAWs' face textures to attires, etc. First up, the current reigning and defending MFWC Champion, "The Norse Nightmare" Tyson Steele, whom has now held the championship for over one calendar year, winning it last October, at the 3rd Annual Wrestling Classic, from KC Starr, whom I'll be showing off later. I stuck with his signature color scheme of chocolate brown and bright orange. This is his primary attire, I will show off his secondary attire later.
  8. Excellent stuff. I especially love that samoan character.
  9. Awesome! I really like the white and gold one and the one with the purple.
  10. Looks great, I love the color scheme especially. And the font that you used looks great.
  11. Awesome CAWs. I have been watching and re-watching your brother’s XWA promotion on YouTube and his CAW updates, for the past 2 or 3 years. And just now stumbled across this post. Your CAWs are just as impressive. I love drawing inspiration, even though I do my own looks for my CAWs, seeing CAWs such as yours and your brother’s, motivates me to step my game up. Keep up the great work.... and yeah, I agree 2k19, I have returned to it as well, since 2k20 is a nightmare.
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