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  1. Now, for some of my female creations. First up, the current (as of this writing) reigning and defending MFWC Ladies Champion, "the Princess of Purity", Kit. What I saw with this character, was a purely good babyface, who was all about purity and integrity and always doing things the right way. She is currently scheduled to defend the championship against the top heel character in MFWC Wrestling, Amy Sinz at the upcoming Wrestling Classic PPV event. The match and the event are done filming (my first attempt at recording anything ever) and will be up on youtube, once I finish editing, so we will see if she was able to hang on to her championship. Anyways, I went with a predominantly Red, white, and black color scheme. I wanted to have that purity feel, so that's why I went with white as her primary tights colors. The finisher I went with was the Curb Stomp, as I wanted something athletic for her, to showcase her athletic ability. Height: 5'7" Weight: 155 Lbs. From: Shreveport, LA Finisher: Dove Maker (Curb Stomp1 & 2) Signatures: Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 3 & Spinebuster 15 Next up: the Argentine Queen, Selena Silva. As great of an athlete as she is, her sudden change in attitude and willingness to break some rules to secure victory, has left many fans disgusted and disappointed. This has also strained her relationships with her Latin Soul Sisters, Monica Gomez & Nataly Carmona. With her look, I wanted to emphasize her Argentine roots, thus her color scheme is heavily baby blue and white, with some Argentine symbols. She has yet to taste championship gold in MFWC Wrestling, but with her current new attitude, it's only a matter of time before the Argentine Queen is reigning supreme in MFWC Wrestling. Height: 5'6" Weight: 141 Lbs. From: Buenos Aires, Argentina Finishers: Backstabber & Silva Eclipse (Eclipe) Signatures: Hammerlock DDT 3 & Selena Bomb (Gory Bomb) Next up: Miss Latina Heat herself, Monica Gomez. The former Ladies Champion is easily one of my favorite CAWs to make each year. I first made her back in 2k18 and have maintained a fairly consistent look for her. Her first attire emphasizes her Mexican heritage with the colors of the flag. Her second attire, I tried to add some Mexican tribal designs. Her wrestling style emphasizes some Eddie Guerrero, some Gory Guerreo, and some other Lucha stars and legends. She is currently in a program with another one of my favorites to make, Chantel. At the present time, she is looking to get back into the championship picture, after being out of it for the better part of a year. For this version of her, I decided to do away with the normal long tights look and go for the short trunks, which is the first time I've ever done that for her. Height: 5'5" Weight: 137 Lbs. From: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Finishers: Latina Sault (Lionsault) & Gomez Special (Gory Special Flat Liner) Signatures: Wheelbarrow Facebuster2 & 619 Next up, the Great Kaiva. This character was obviously heavily inspired by the Great Muta. I wanted to make a female version of that character, so I went with the Great Kaiva. I wanted her Japanese roots to be heavily emphasized, which is why I went with the Red, white, and black color scheme. Height: 5'5" Weight: 138 Lbs. From: Osaka, Japan Finisher: Buzzsaw Kick Signatures: Superkick 16 & Pop-Up Up Kick Next up: Dani Dynamite, another one of my favorite creations. I changed her face texture, because I wasn't happy with her old face texture and the one I picked was a white female with what appeared to be a decent sun tan and low and behold, now she looks to be of another ethnicity. But I think it works. Her overall look really hasn't changed since 2k18. I'm about to debut her tag team partner, Hayley Holcombe, pretty soon. I'm excited about that. Her finish is the Dynamite Kick (the Rocket Kick), she is a high flyer and one of my quickest CAWs. Rumor has it that the Ladies Tag Team Championship might be on its way to MFWC Wrestling and Dani has reunited with her longtime best friend and tag team partner, Hayley Holcombe to potentially vie for that title, in the future. Dani Dynamite has had arguably the two best matches in MFWC Wrestling history, both in losing efforts, when challenging the former champion, "The Natural" Elena Hart for the Ladies Championship. It's only a matter of time before she finally breaks through and wins the Ladies Championship. Height: 5'5" Weight: 135 Lbs. From: Billings, MT Finisher: Dynamite Kick (Rocket Kick 1 & 2) Signature: Yes Kicks 1 & 2 Here is Chantel, the French Fatale. She is a recent creation on 2k19. I made her and immediately had her debut by doing a run-in attack on Monica Gomez, as she was heading to the ring for a match. This led to a series of brutal grudge matches between the two, which saw Chantel scoring a pinfall victory of Monica Gomez, in her iPPV debut. The two continue to battle back and forth in their bitter rivalry. Chantel, the French Canadian, was created a character that sticks her nose up to all of her opponents, especially those from the US and non-French speaking parts of Canada. She is positioned to be an upper mid-carder/Main eventer, already, in her rookie year, so sky is the limit for this superstar. To add extra heat to her character, I gave her the Quebec Nordique colors for her primary attire and the Montreal Canadiens colors for her secondary attire. Height: 5'6" Weight: 142 Lbs. From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Finisher: Samoan Driver 3 & Tequila Sunrise 1 Signatures: Tiger Suplex 1 & Chicken Wing Gutbuster Next up, probably my #1 female CAW of all-time, the first ever MFWC Ladies Champion, and to date, the longest reigning champion, "the Natural" Elena Hart. As indicated from her last name, she was heavily inspired by the Hart Family, especially Bret, Owen, & Natalya. I knew someone with the first name Elena and knew that I wanted to make a character with that first name, since it is fairly uncommon. I then combined it with the last name, Hart, since I wanted to make her the top female CAW. She is a mat technical wizard. She has a wide array of suplexes and submission holds. Her finisher, of course being the Sharpshooter. The former champion has been trying to get back into the title picture, to regain her lost glory. She is currently embroiled in a heated fued with another former Ladies Champion, "the Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon. This feud will continue to play out in my universe over the next few months. Height: 5'9" Weight: 153 Lbs. From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Finisher: Sharpshooter Signatures: Exploder Suplex 3 & Butterfly Backbreaker Next up, the number one contender for the MFWC Ladies Championship, as of this writing, Amy Sinz. I wanted a dark, diabolical character and it just evolved from there. I first had the idea back in 2k17, but didn't actually debut this character until a few months ago on 2k19, once I was sufficiently satisfied with the look and initial direction of the character. She is often flanked by her stablemates, Autumn Reign & Jessie Harmonie, together they form, the Undesirables. Amy Sinz is the leader of the stable. She is as evil of a character as I have on the roster. Height: 5'10" Weight: 162 Lbs From: Swansea, Wales Finisher: Sinful Statement (Last Shots 1 & 2) Signatures: Spinning Leg Lariat 2 & Vertical Suplex Powerbomb
  2. Thank you, I'll be uploading some of the CAWs from my Ladies division, next. Mainly the ones I feel are completely done and then I'll rework some others that I feel aren't completely done.
  3. The next one is very heavily inspired by Ted Dibiase. My original idea for this character, was from WWF Attitude, with a character I first had as a babyface in WWF Warzone, then turned him heel when I created him in Attitude and he was supposed to be like the imaginary (since they didn't have create a stable on there) leader of a stable, known as the Billion Dollar Alliance (my take on the Million Dollar Corporation that Ted Dibiase had as a stable). I chose not to completely re-create that character, but in WWE 2k17, I created a character based on that WWF Attitude character, known as Tyler Beauchamp. I changed his name to Tyler Kennedy, because I wanted to use the nickname, the Fortunate Son, because he was going to be known as "A Senator's Son", basically a "trust fund kid". That idea has evolved and I may actually make a father character for him, to be his manager and the "investor" of his stable, that I plan to make, known as Kennedy Enterprises. Anyways, here he is. He has his own bodyguard (his own Virgil, essentially) in Tax and he has set his sights on the MFWC Championship. Time will tell if he is able to corral the top prize in MFWC Wrestling, he certainly believes he can buy his way to the championship. Height: 6'3" Weight: 263 Lbs. From: Worcester, MA Finishers: Bank Deposit (Lumbar Check) Signatures: Bankrupt & the Pay Out (Gentleman's Clutch) Next up, he's basically my answer to Kurt Angle. I've always been a huge Kurt Angle fan and love that wrestling style. I first made Elijah Carter in 2k17. I continued making him in 2k18 and several times in 2k19. He's a former Classic Heavyweight Champion and currently one of the top contenders for that championship, still. He utilizes a ton of different suplex variations and submissions. The first attire is an homage to his father's ties to the Air Force Academy, that is the reason for the color scheme. His second attire is an homage to his alma mater, where he lettered in wrestling, Iowa. He's primed for a huge 2021 season, as he looks to reclaim the gold that he lost early in the year, to Logan Chambers, now being held by Hercules. Height: 6'3" Weight: 248 lbs From: Denver, CO Finishers: Star Spangled Slam (Attitude Adjustment1) & Ankle Lock4 Signatures: Suplex City & Exploder Suplex8 Next up, it's time to get a little Dashing, with "Dashing" Donovan Draven. His character is likely very obviously based heavily on ECIII, even more so in 2k19. I first made him in 2k17, initially he was based more on Cody Rhodes' old "dashing" character. He then developed into more of an ECIII type character in 2k18 and then I finally debuted him in my universe in 2k19 (for a short while, I was calling him Bradley Cravens, but I didn't like the name, so I changed it). Thus far, he has been unpinned and unsubmitted, since debuting early in 2019. Time will tell whom he decides to set his sights on in the future, but he has recently put out a campaign to find a tag team partner to go after the tag team championships, which, as of this righting, are currently held by Hitsquad. He uses an Attitude Adjustment Piledriver as a finisher, because another inspiration for this present character is, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff. I even went with more of an Orndorff physique for this character. Height: 6'2" Weight: 252 lbs. From: Venice Beach, CA Finisher: Beauty Mark Piledriver (Attitude Adjustment Piledriver) Signatures: Beach Blast (Alabama Slam1) & Pumphandle Death Valley Driver Next up, the Professor Adrian Leon. I originally made this character on a WWE game back in 2003. He originally was known as the Tyrant and was going to be a tyrannical maniac from Greece. I decided to create him again in 2k17 and renamed him Adrian Leon. He's still from Greece, but is now more of a technician, who scoffs at modern day wrestling. He believes that he can teach the current generation a thing or two, but even though he says that, he really just wants to stretch them all. I went with no knee pads for this character, since he's kind of a throwback to the Billy Robinson and Dory Funk days. He's a former MFWC Wrestling Champion and is looking to win it back. Time will tell if he is successful, but one thing's for sure with Adrian Leon, if he has his way, school will definitely be back in session. Height: 6'0" Weight: 234 lbs From: Athens, Greece Finishers: Rings of Saturn2 & 1916 Signatures: Dream Street & Butterfly Lungblower2
  4. Thank you. I figured since this forum has been fairly inactive, especially on the Xbox side and with 2k keeping the uploader open until the next game comes out, I would re-work some of my CAWs and see what I could do. The last 2, Santos and Awesome, I’ve finalized on that look about almost a year ago, I might just do color swaps for them from time to time. The Eagle, I finalized on his look literally as recently as this past Saturday.
  5. Next up, another top babyface in my universe. This character also dates back to WWF Attitude. I've been messing with different looks for this character and haven't been able to finalize on the ideal look for him, until now. Originally, I created him to be pretty much a rip-off of the Ultimate Warrior, but then over the years, I wanted him to develop his own persona. I adapted some moves from Rob Van Dam and with this game, Aleister Black, so he's a hybrid of a high flyer and striker. But I did manage to add some of the Ultimate Warrior mannerisms and the Ultimate Warrior entrance and victory scene, so that is still there. Anyways, here is the Eagle. From: Parts Unknown Height: 6'0" Weight: 237 lbs Finishers: Eagles Wings (Angels Wings/Christopher Daniels' move), Diving Headbutt Signatures: Rolling Savate, Toprope Single Leg Drop Kick Next Up, a tag team that I first created in WWE 2k17 and then in 2k18, they became my very first pair of Tag Team Champions and I continue to create them, they are one of my favorite looking tag teams, Robby Santos & Chase Awesome. Robby Santos, his look is based heavily on Kalisto & Sin Cara, his moveset is inspired by Low-Ki and Kalisto. His finisher is the Warrior's Way and his signature is the shotgun dropkick into the corner. Chase Awesome, his look isn't really inspired by anyone but his wrestling style is inspired by CM Punk & Seth Rollins, his finisher is Jay Lethal's Lethal Injection, I call it, "That's Awesome".
  6. I know I'm about 2 years too late here, but since the recent news of 2k19 Logo uploader staying up until the next 2k game comes out, that has reinvigorated my passion for caw making, as I have essentially decided to rework many of my caws, in an attempt to perfect their look, going into the next game. I have been making CAWs off and on since WWF Warzone, my main interest in wrestling games is making my own "original" CAWs. Many of my characters have changed names through the years, as I have matured and found names or personas that make more sense for their characters. I figured that I would start adding my own collection of CAWs to this forum, since a few of them, I'm actually somewhat proud of how they have come out. First up, probably my number 1 CAW year in and year out, formerly known as Emerald, dating back to WWF Attitude on the PS1 (he got the name, because he originally had a green complexion lol, yes he was the one CAW that was an unrealistic character, so as I got older and wanted to make all of my CAWs as realistic as possible, I changed his name to Tyson Steele and gave him a realistic skin complexion). His color scheme has remained the same throughout the years, the brown and orange motif has become his signature, much like red and yellow for Hulk Hogan or pink and black for the Hart Foundation and that was the idea, when I chose brown and orange. Finally, starting with 2k18, I decided to add some actual logos to his gear, prior to that, he always either wore plain brown trunks with an orange stripe or brown trunks with an orange weight belt or some belt variant. I basically just used his back tattoo as his main logo and the superman logo, I changed to an orange, because I felt like that logo fit him well, based on his character. As of this writing, he is slated as the challenger to the MFWC Championship, at the upcoming pay-per-view, the Wrestling Classic. His wrestling style is a cross between early-mid '90s Scott Steiner, early Brock Lesnar, and early Kurt Angle. One interesting note, in all of the years of making this character, he has always been a babyface and is essentially my top babyface. Height: 6'5" Weight: 273 lbs From: Pittsburgh, PA Finisher: Steel Cut DDT (Glorious DDT) Signature: Whipper snapper and Gutwrench Suplex Combo Next Up, "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. This is basically my #2 babyface. He has historically switched often between being a top babyface and top heel. The first game that I made him in was WWF Attitude. He is currently the leader of my top babyface stable, Bite Club. He is the former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion and former MFWC World Tag Team Champion, along with fellow Bite Club teammate, Julius. He held the Classic Heavyweight Championship for over 300 days (currently the record for that title). His wrestling style style is a combination of Dean Ambrose & Stonecold Steve Austin and other brawling styles. His character is a cross between DDP's and the Rock's people's champion character and Dean Ambrose. Even though he is a pretty good technical wrestler, he is much more well-versed in the art of brawling. I finally decided to give him a first and last name, when I remade him for WWE 2k19, prior to that, he was always just the Big Dog. The entrance gear that I just made, I'm not entirely satisfied with, as it is supposed to be a t-shirt of Bite Club. I'll reveal it when I'm done. Height: 6'4" Weight: 258 lbs. From: Toronto, ON, Canada Finisher: Pitbuster (Gordbuster) Signatures: Uranage Slam1 & Lou Thesz Press
  7. Awesome CAWs. I have been watching and re-watching your brother’s XWA promotion on YouTube and his CAW updates, for the past 2 or 3 years. And just now stumbled across this post. Your CAWs are just as impressive. I love drawing inspiration, even though I do my own looks for my CAWs, seeing CAWs such as yours and your brother’s, motivates me to step my game up. Keep up the great work.... and yeah, I agree 2k19, I have returned to it as well, since 2k20 is a nightmare.
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