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  1. Thank you. I came up with that name a LONG time ago, like back when WWF Attitude for PS1 had just come out and I was just a kid, coming up with those names. But I wanted to keep some of those names, that's why I didn't change it. This is actually the first game I've had this tag team in it since that game. And I look forward to making him and Lightning, in future WWE titles. They are back to being my number 1 tag team.
  2. joel3736


    Awesome job! Love the tattoo work and the Japanese accents. Hope to see more.
  3. I decided to share a pic from my recent PPV that I have started recording (done recording 3 of the 6 matches, then I just have to do the editing), in which Willy Coleman defended his Classic Heavyweight Championship vs. Mustafa Al-Said. This is a bit of a spoiler pic. Next up, I decided to edit my main tag team, the MFWC World Tag Team Champions, the Masked Massacre and Lightning, the Masked Marvels. Lightning is in the dark blue trunks for attire 1 and the yellow trunks for attire 2 and the Masked Massacre is in the light blue trunks in attire 1 and the red trunks in attire 2. I realized in recent matches, that when they have matching trunks and masks, despite the size difference (Lightning is about 6'7 268 lbs and the Masked Massacre is about 6'5 251 lbs), there is almost no way of telling the two apart, so I decided to invert their color schemes for each attire. Their championship at the PPV, has also already been completed. That show will be up on my newly created youtube page, once the show is completed.
  4. I will also be adding pics of the recent edited versions of The Alaskan Bear & all three members of Purple Haze (Roman "The Spider" Beardsley, "The War Hog" Tommy Stevens, & the newest, hasn't yet debuted member, "The Sky Walker" Noah Tremblay). I'm super excited to get those guys out and I even have newer looks for the Masked Marvels and the returning, Johnny Rocket. Stay tuned.....
  5. Now I'm showcasing pics of my CAWs, from my recent Saturday Night Showdown episode, 2 weeks prior to my next pay-per-view, Bar Room Blitz. First up was Donovan Draven speaking glowingly about himself and why he has decided to challenge the winner of the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship match, between "Chilly" Willy Coleman & Mustafa Al-Said. We then got a look at a couple of previews to the big, MFWC World Tag Team Championship Showdown, at Bar Room Blitz, between The Hitsquad (the former champions, now challengers) and the Masked Marvels (the current champions), which we have recently learned will be a tables match. We were treated to two separate singles matches, as Cory Lennox battled Lightning and Jake Wild went toe to toe with The Masked Massacre. Lennox was largely dominated by his powerful foe and succumbed to a devastating powerbomb for the victory, for Lightning. Jake Wild, on the other hand, while dominated in parts, throughout the match, kept battling back and was able to outsmart his adversary, beating the count and getting back into the ring, something the Masked Massacre was unable to do, as Jake Wild won via count out. Amber Finch & Selena Silva appeared to take Jamie Dunbar & Nataly Carmona a little too lightly, as the smaller competitors came out on fire and were able to carry that early momentum, to an upset victory, as Jamie pinned Finch. "The Natural" Elena Hart called out "The Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon and challenged her to a rematch at Bar Room Blitz, after the recent attacks by Dixon. The confrontation quickly devolved into yet another brawl. This feud is far from over. Julius, on behalf of his best friend, "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers, challenged "The Gentleman of War" Stephen Allen to a one-on-one battle, with their respective stable mates standing by at ringside, to support the two rivals. This was likely the best match on the card, as Julius connected on a huge Falcon Arrow, his finisher and just when it looked like he had the match won, Mason Young distracted Julius just enough to allow Allen to recover. The bout continued on, then Allen landed his patent falling reverse elbow and as it looked like he had scored the victory, Leo Whitehurst jumped on the apron to distract Allen and allow Julius to recover. Stephen Allen would ultimately win with a swinging fisherman neckbreaker for the pin, to gain momentum, ahead of his big showdown with Harrison Bowers, at Bar Room Blitz. Tyson Steele and Brute Pain had a huge confrontation in the ring that ended up in a brawl, that saw Brute Pain deliver multiple suplexes to Steele, until it was broken up by MFWC officials. Tyson Steele had better find a way to score some offense against his adversary, or the championship could easily end up back in the hands of Brute Pain. Tyler Kennedy defeated Rick Blackburn, after heavy interference from Kennedy's bodyguard, Tax. This has led to a tag team match for next week, between the Eagle & Rick Blackburn vs. Tyler Kennedy & Tax... next post will be the video of the main event between The Undesirables and Monica Gomez, Kit, & Dizzy Hopkins, in 6-Woman Tag Team action.
  6. Thank you, up next will be the recent promo segments between Brute Pain and Tyson Steele, as well as Amy Sinz, Monica Gomez, & Kit, to build up their respective championship matches at Bar Room Blitz ( Tyson Steele (MFWC champion) vs. Brute Pain (challenger) inside of a steel cage and Kit (Ladies champion) vs. Monica Gomez (challenger) vs. Amy Sinz (challenger) in a ladder match). And then the recorded 6-woman tag team main event on next Saturday Night Showdown, as Monica Gomez, Kit, & Dizzy Hopkins take on the Undesirables (Amy Sinz, Jessie Harmonie, & Autumn Reign). I look forward to uploading those next, to show off some of my current creations.
  7. Elijah Carter challenged Mustafa Al-Said to a match, after being cheated out of the victory, in the recent gauntlet, to determine the #1 contender for the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship at Bar Room Blitz. Mustafa Al-Said was victorious once again, continuing his recent success, hitting the Devenomizer for the victory. Ace Martinez making his way to the ring, prior to his match-up with Tyson Steele. The reigning and defending MFWC Champion, Tyson Steele, making his way to the ring for his match-up with Ace Martinez. Steele would win as a result of a disqualification, when Brute Pain stormed the ring and laid out Steele, with his patent Painkiller (Butterfly Piledriver), ahead of their championship Steel Cage match at Bar Room Blitz. Steele had previously been pinned by Brute Pain, in a tag team match, his first pinfall loss in nearly 2 years. "The Natural" Elena Hart & "The Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon had an incredible No Holds Barred match that resulted in a victory for Dixon, evening the rivalry at 1 win apiece, but Dixon wasn't done there. After delivering 3 Megan Dixon Lines (Seventh Heaven Lariat), she proceeded to hit her downed opponent, repeatedly with a steel chair, signifying that the feud is far from over. We are getting word that, the General Manager, "The Flamboyant" Daniel Prichard has announced that the two former MFWC Ladies Champions, will compete in a rematch at Bar Room Blitz. And, since both ladies used their patent submission holds throughout the match, trying to get a tapout, the match will be a Submission Only match. Will this finally put an end to the feud that has spanned throughout the late fall, continuing in the upcoming year? Stay tuned.... Alexia Paul (in the black, with gold trim) and the MFWC Ladies Champion, Kit (in the red and black), squared off in a short squash match, that saw Kit hit Paul with the Flying Dove Smash (Curb Stomp) for the victory, gaining extra momentum, before her title defense at Bar Room Blitz, against Monica Gomez and Amy Sinz, in a 3-way dance, ladder match. "The Gentleman of War" Stephen Allen called out his rival, "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers, ahead of their showdown at Bar Room Blitz. This confrontation broke down into a brawl, as MFWC officials had to separate the two combatants. A former MFWC Pay-Per-View Headlining Main Event took place, as two former MFWC Wrestling Champions, "The Professor" Adrian Leon and The Alaskan Bear went toe to toe, rekindling an old rivalry. Adrian Leon was able to best his former foe, with the Rings of Saturn, for the tap-out.
  8. The Eagle, prior to his match-up, with rival Tax. Hercules, prior to his championship showdown with new Classic Heavyweight Champion, Willy Coleman. Hercules was looking to regain his championship that he lost in October, to Coleman, at the Wrestling Classic. MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, "Chilly" Willy Coleman making his way to the ring for his first title defense, since winning the championship from Hercules at the 3rd Annual Wrestling Classic. Coleman getting the early advantage against his challenger, with his patent elbow combination. Coleman has successfully defended the championship after a tough and long, grueling match, with his biggest rival, Hercules, officially ending the feud. Coleman now moves on to the next major challenger at Bar Room Blitz, "The Arabian Sheik" Mustafa Al-Said.
  9. Thank you. Yeah I was obsessed with WWF Attitude, back in the day and kept playing it a few years after it came out, even. The creation suite was bare bones, but I loved being able to make over a hundred CAWs (based on memory card space). And many of my current CAW ideas or characters are either based loosely or often, heavily on CAWs that I had made in WWF Attitude or WWF Warzone, namely because even back then, I longed for a story mode or something to create my own storylines and book my own matches with my creations and see what I can come up with.... next up, speaking of which, I took pics of my most recent 2 episodes of my weekly episodic show, Saturday Night Showdown, including a major championship defense and a call out promo, leading to a big brawl, before the next pay-per-view event, Bar Room Blitz, on January 10th.
  10. Next up, just like Julius, hails from Athens, Greece, this is Hercules. Herc is the older brother to Julius and is certainly the more dastardly and vicious of the two brothers. Nobody has been able to escape his dreaded Herc Lock. He is a former Classic Heavyweight Champion and is set for a rematch in the near future, vs. his successor to the championship, "Chilly" Willy Coleman. Hercules held the championship for over 8 months and took on numerous challengers, after wrestling the championship away from "The Firebird" Logan Chambers. His goal is to not just reclaim his championship, but also cause much pain and destruction, along the way. Breaking Kayfabe: Yes, Hercules shares the same name and similar look as Hercules Hernandez, from WWF/E fame. This was originally merely a coincidence, since I had the idea for the CAW as early as WWF Warzone and was created in WWF Attitude. I hadn't really known much about Hercules Hernandez then. I just really wanted a Greek god type character, so I made Hercules, because I was devoid of creativity. LOL But I really love this CAW and he was one of my first probably 20 or 30 CAWs that I ever made and I wanted to keep him in my roster, as a result. Plus, when I learned about Hercules Hernandez, as a kid, I really liked the character and have patterned much of my CAW after him, since then, including giving him the Full Nelson as a finisher and using backbreakers and power moves. Height: 6'2 Weight: 275 lbs. From: Athens, Greece Finishers: Herc Lock (Full Nelson)
  11. Next up will be the fourth and final member of Bite Club (really he's the 2nd member, since he and Bowers founded the group, but for this presentation, he's the fourth one that I am showcasing). His name is Julius. He is a former MFWC World Tag Team Champion, with his longtime bestfriend and stablemate, "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. Height: 5'10" Weight: 242 lbs. Finishers: Greek Arrow (Falcon Arrow) & J Kick (Running Superkick) Signatures: Suitcase Suplex (Deadlift German Suplex) Greek Exploder (Exploder Suplex) Julius, the younger brother of Hercules and the youngest member of Bite Club, is arguably the pound for pound, strongest man in all of MFWC Wrestling. He may be short in stature, but he makes up for it in grit, muscle, strength, & suplexes, tons and tons of suplexes. He has been coined the Greek Freak, for his impressive strength, his raw bench is north of 600 lbs, his deadlift is over 700 lbs, and his squat is rumored to be 675 lbs. Thus far, in his MFWC Wrestling career, he has not been short on enemies, having had a brutal feud with Ace Martinez in late 2018/early 2019, as well as Tyler Kennedy and Tax, late in 2019 and in early 2020. He is currently embroiled in a feud with the Reckoning, assisting his Bite Club brethren in attempting to rid MFWC Wrestling of the toxicity that is the Reckoning. Time will tell if they are able to succeed. Breaking Kayfabe: Julius is one of my favorite CAWs that I continue to make. He was originally just made so that my next CAW in this showcase, Hercules, would have a younger brother. It's essentially a Bret and Owen Hart type of thing, where one is currently a babyface (Julius) and one is currently a heel (Hercules). With that in mind, I wanted to make Julius with a similar look and gimmick, to Hercules, since they are in fact brothers. Of course, there are noticeable differences in color scheme and logos used, but it's obvious that they are both Greek God type characters. Also, this character's name was Maximus, when I brought him back in 2k17, but I have recently went back to calling him Julius.
  12. Next up, the new and improved version of my 2nd main babyface, "The King of Ruff Style", "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. He is the leader of Bite Club and I finally got around to giving him a Bite Club specific secondary attire, to match the other members of the group. I'll likely stick to this look for a while. I think it fits him best. Currently, Bowers is in a feud with the Reckoning and is set to take on "The Gentleman of War" Stephen Allen at my next pay-per-view in January. Here is his newest version. Next up will be his bestfriend and former tag team championship partner, Julius and then Julius' older brother, Hercules.
  13. And I just realized that, since I changed out much of the 2nd attire entrance attire for Leo Whitehurst, swapping out things and changing the color scheme, I forgot to edit the finger tape. I just finished it and it is black for the entrance and ring attires now for both attires.
  14. Next up, from West Palm Beach, Florida, weighing in at 287 lbs., he is one-half of the tag team, PanAm Express and one-fourth of the Bite Club stable, he is Bradley Fizer. This CAW is heavily inspired by Hulk Hogan. That's why I chose the hairstyle that I chose. I gave him more of a surfer look and since he and his PanAm Express tag team partner were a team for me, years ago in WWF Attitude, I decided to team back up now, as PanAm Express, a surfer tag team, basically. And they are the tag team contingent of my top babyface stable, Bite Club, led by Harrison Bowers. Fizer is the powerhouse of this tag team unit. His wrestling style could likely be compared to Lex Luger and that's why I made him as big and muscular as he is. His first attire is his surfer beach bum attire. I couldn't think of anything creative to put on the shirt, so I just went with "Beach Bum" lol... His second attire is his Bite Club attire. Next up, his tag team partner, from Panama City, Florida, weighing in at 236 lbs., the other half of PanAm Express, Leo Whitehurst! This CAW was previously a heel. His gear was inspired by Chuck Palumbo, until I turned him heel and ditched the animal print trunks, in favor of Mike Rotundo-like singlets and hairstyle (but blonde). In story, Fizer approached his longtime friend about joining him again, as a tag team, since they had previously had success (as a tag team in WWF Attitude). After much reluctance and thinking it over, Whitehurst agreed, thus becoming a babyface, and the fourth member of Bite Club. He's very sound technically, using a variety of suplexes, submissions, and chain wrestling, over power. That is how the two men balance each other out. I will be adding the new look of the stable leader of Bite Club, "The Big Dog" and "King of Ruff Style" Harrison Bowers, as it is much more in tune with the look of the rest of the group's Bite Club attires. I will also be adding Julius, the final member of Bite Club and bestfriend and former tag team championship partner, with Harrison Bowers, Julius, and his older brother and rival, Hercules next.
  15. Next up, from Belfast, Ireland, weighing in at 226 lbs, James O'Malley. This is one half of my newest tag team, The Hooligans. They are heavily based on a tag team that I had in WWF Attitude, years ago. I created a rough draft of them on 2k17 then on 2k18, but just recently started using them in my universe on 2k19. O'Malley is a heavy striker and has a versatile array of suplexes in his arsenal as well. He is heavily inspired by Kyle O'Reilley. I brought them in right after bringing in the Hitsquad, so they've been booked as arch rivals, similar to the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian.... They are one of my top heel tag teams and basically my answer to Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly. On a sidenote, the original tag team that these guys are based on, the CAW team I made in WWF Attitude, years ago, had light blue hair, so I used the dye function to add blue to these guys' hair and think that I actually worked, so I'm very pleased with that. There is some empty space on the back of the trunks, that I'm not overly excited about. I make try and come up with another logo to fill that spot in. Next up, his tag team partner from Bray County Wicklow, Ireland, weighing in at 238 lbs., Dylan Murphy! This CAW, of course is heavily inspired, at least in wrestling style, to Bobby Fish. He is the other half of the Hooligans. I wanted to make sure that he looked a little older than O'Malley, as he's a bit more seasoned and that's one reason why I gave them far less hair. I still tried to make the light blue hair work as best as I could, to coordinate with O'Malley's look. I'm pleased with how he turned out as well.
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