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  1. For Coleman, I will likely add some facial hair to cover up the bottom part of his face, which isn't great. I decided to shave his head, for the first time.
  2. Alright, my long overdue CAW showcase is back. I decided to redo many of them on my original Xbox 1 account, since I finally have it back working for the first time in almost 3 years. First up 4 of my top female competitors, followed by 2 of my top male competitors. The Blood Rose, hails from Sin City and is the current reigning and defending MFWC Ladies Champion, with her reign approaching 600 days, having won it at Bar Room Blitz 2, last year. Her reign, as of this writing, is currently at 558 days and counting. She currently is embroiled in a feud with "The Red Wolf" Cassidy Parker. She defeated Kit and Monica Gomez for the championship at Bar Room Blitz II, January 17th, 2021 and has since defeated all challengers. Sinz currently leads a group of nefarious characters, known as Death Row. She is scheduled to face "The Natural" Elena Hart on November 6th, that is of course, if she is able to hang on to the title until then. She currently has numerous contenders chasing her, including the aforementioned Parker, Monica Gomez, Kit, Dizzy Hopkins, and a newcomer on the scene, in Melody. I went all in on the blood rose theme, keeping the red roses as the main part of both attires. She ended up heavily reminding me of Mandy Rose, I guess that's how I came up with the "Blood Rose" moniker and the idea to put roses all over her gear. She utilizes the Last Shot (1 and 2 for inside the ring and 3 for outside) as her finisher. She calls it the Knee of Sinz. And now we have the legend of the MFWC Ladies division, the first ever MFWC Ladies Champion, "The Natural", "The Queen of Harts", Elena Hart! Hart hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She made her official MFWC debut in 2018 (my first year making her, as it was on 2k18) and then became the first ever ladies Champion, winning a tournament, last eliminating Monica Gomez to win the championship. The two women would face off numerous times after that, including two incredible Iron Woman matches and Gomez would eventually take the title from Hart, ending her 10-month reign. After that, Hart switched from being a hated villain, to becoming a beloved fan favorite. She has feuded with a who's who in the MFWC, including "The French Phenom" Chantel, a blood feud with "The Rebel Queen" Megan Dixon, and her current feud, with "Country Bread" Trisha Montgomery. She won a battle royal to earn a title shot at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic on November 6th, the biggest event of the year. We wait to see whom her opponent will be. I have always used the famous Hart pink and black color scheme for Elena. She is a highly technical competitor, with her finisher being the Sharpshooter (I believe Sharpshooter 4, to be exact). She utilizes the Capture Suplex as a signature. That has pretty much been her main combination since I first made her. And it is now time to show off the 2k22 version of "The Princess of Purity" Kit. Here is another former MFWC Ladies Champion. And if Elena Hart is my number 1 Ladies CAW, Kit is either 2 or 2A, along with Monica Gomez. She has feuded with Chantel, Amy Sinz, and Gemini, in her career. She is currently embroiled in a feud with Chantel and the rumor is that they are scheduled to face in a rematch (from Fever Pitch on July 17th on PPV) at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic on November 6th. Chantel scored a huge pinfall victory over her foe, earlier and looks to go 2-0 against her. Kit answered back, when Gemini handed her a shocking victory, by defeating her twice. Can she get her win back, against Chantel? I love love love this color scheme for. I wanted to stick with white, since it's essentially the color of purity. I went with Doves and Lotus flowers as the theme, since they're the symbols of purity. I felt like going with that sporty girl next door type of look, would work best for her. I look forward to keeping this look for a while. Now we have "The Disco Damsel" Dizzy Hopkins. Of course I went in on the disco theme here. That's been the theme for her since I first made her in 2k18. I tried to think about how Disco Inferno would dress and combine that with what a female version would wear. She's basically in the middle tier of the MFWC Ladies division. She has never won the Ladies championship, but has had several opportunities and just barely failed in each chance to win the championship. The rumor is that she is going to enter herself into the MFWC Ladies Tag Team championship match at the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic, to crown the inaugural Ladies Tag Champs at the event. We wait to see whom she chooses as her tag team partner, if in fact this rumor proves to be true. Her finisher is the Axe Kick, she utilizes the Mick Kick as a signature. I haven't set her move set for this recreation, yet, so I am working on that part. She hails from Queens, NY. Next up, from Philadelphia, PA, weighing in at 349 lbs., "Chilly" Willy Coleman! I have been working on making snowflake logos and patterns work and thus far they haven't. So I decided to go to Community Creations and download the Dean Malenko trunks design, since I felt like it had that Icey look. I need to figure out how to do this design. It works perfectly. I kept with the blue and white theme for both attires, since those are cold colors. I went heavier than I initially wanted to but he has always been a heavy wrestler, just usually a little more cut. But I think this works for him. His moveset for his recreation isn't done, but I'll go back to using the Tyler Driver '97 and probably the Alabama Slam for his finishers. Lastly for this showcase, from Algiers, Algeria, weighing in at 264 lbs. at 6'4", Captain Jack! I kept with the color schemes and designs for both attires. I added pockets to the back of both attires, since there was too much empty space back there. I'm probably adding an arm band, similar to Undisputed Era, but with a skull and crossbones on it, like Santos Escobar. Captain Jack is the reigning and defending MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, having won it over two months ago, from Julius. He is currently embroiled in a feud with Dakota Blackhawk and to a smaller extent, Julius. The plan is for all 3 men and two surprise entrants, to be a part of the 5th Annual Wrestling Classic, in a 5-Way Dance for the MFWC Classic Heavyweight Championship. Recently, Captain Jack formed a volatile group known as The Piracy, with former MFWC Champion, Brute Pain and former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, Hercules. His finisher is the Patella Shoulder Breaker (Adam Cole's old ROH finisher) and his signatures are the Springboard Knee Strike and the Fisherman Suplex 1 (Perfect Plex, which was originally his finisher, when I first made him in old games). He is quickly positioning himself as a Main Event player, after Chairman of the Board of Directors, Daniel Prichard, said he didn't see him as a top guy and one they can build the company around. He is making him eat those words. He looks to have an even more successful second half of this year.
  3. Decided to do the matching alternate attires for the Hooligans' respective attires. So here are the matching attires for James O'Malley and Dylan Murphy.
  4. I finally have the following CAWs looking the way I want them to look. First up, two men that form a heel tag team in my universe, the MFWC, the Hooligans. They hail from Ireland and are basically fanatic former high school and collegiate athletes turned maniacal sports super fans. They are both heavy strikers and lighter weight competitors. I am so glad they kept these jerseys in the creation suite. And this is a different look than I had originally planned for both men, as originally they were based on Redragon and still are to a lesser extent, mainly their fighting style. Their names are James O'Malley and Dylan Murphy. Next up, the Professor, Adrian Leon. He hails from Athens, Greece and is an arrogant, elitist, who believes that the younger talent have lost touch with the finer points of the business, so he seeks to enlighten and teach them how to be a proper wrestler, even if his tactics and teaching strategy isn't necessarily very ethical. I changed his look to give him more of the Greek letter type of pattern on his gear. He is one of the best technical wrestlers in my universe and a former MFWC Champion.
  5. Next up, the Arabian Sheik, from Baghdad, Iraq, Mustafa Al-Said. He is the leader of the Masked Marvels tag team in my universe. Mustafa is essentially an upper midcard heel. His finisher is the Accolade. I am really pleased with how both of his attires came out, just as I am with Captain Jack's.
  6. Next up, from Algiers, Algeria, the angry, dastardly pirate, Captain Jack! This is another CAW that dates back to WWF Attitude and later WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth (he was known simply as the Pirate in Attitude and the Raider in SYM). He's probably the top heel in the MFWC, as he begins to start his new faction, the Piracy, currently with Hercules and soon to be 2 new mystery members. The plan is for 2k22 season of the MFWC Universe to be his biggest yet.
  7. Thank you. I was really pleased with her look, this time around. I literally used the same logos for her 2k19 attires and the black and gold aztec look worked just as well but the green, white, and red Mexican flag look didn't work at all, for some reason and now I love it. I have more still to come but don't want to show them off until I feel 100% confident in their final look. My main female CAW is coming up soon, but I am only about 90% done with the look (2nd attire, anyways), so it will likely be finished this weekend.
  8. Next, the sadistic, maniacal, diabolical, despicable "Ring Leader" Frankie Steele. If the last name looks familiar, it's because he is in fact the estranged younger brother of current MFWC Champion, Tyson Steele. Now Frankie hasn't officially made his MFWC debut as of yet, mainly because I was still finalizing a look and gimmick that I would be happy with. I wanted to go a little more gimmicky than he had been in previous games. He is another CAW that dates back to WWF Attitude, under the former ring name, Frank Mann. He really had no gimmick then, I just wanted Tyson (known then as Emerald) to have a younger brother that would give him kind of the Undertaker-Kane type of dynamic. My current universe of course dates back to 2018, so in sticking with that timeline, he hasn't made his debut yet, but the plan is for him to debut very soon into my 2k22 Universe season and the estranged brother storyline will play into it, not at first, but it will be a big part, as I get deeper into the season. That's one of the stories I am most excited and looking forward to doing in 2k22. Frankie Steele in his present gimmick, I wanted to go the circus/carnival ring leader, dark, sadist type of character. He is loosely inspired by Bray Wyatt (specifically the Firefly funhouse version), Doink (particularly Matt Borne Heel Doink), Matt Hardy (broken Matt), and to a lesser extent, Chris Jericho (the look he did a few times, I believe in New Japan). Frankie stands 6'3 and weighs 255 lbs. and hails from Pittsburgh, PA. I am looking at the possibility of giving him some sort of faction, maybe with my Hell's Disciples tag team, that I will be showing off soon. I might even just create fresh new CAWs for him to be the leader of, as a faction of 3 or 4 guys. His finisher is the Rolling Unprettier and, to be like big brother, Tyson, Frankie has the Jake the Snake DDT as his other finisher.
  9. I mistakenly forgot to take a pic of her entrance attire, but it was just a hoodie/vest type thing, nothing special. I just mainly was excited for her ring attires and the entrance attire for the black and gold Aztec-inspired, warrior attire.
  10. Up next, from Jalisco, Mexico, former MFWC Ladies Champion, "The Mexican Warrior", Monica Gomez! This CAW dates back to 2k18, one of my originals, when I decided to bring female CAWs back to my CAW roster. She won the Ladies Championship back in 2019 and held it for about 6 months. I really love both of these attires and think that I have finally found 2 looks that I like for her, moving forward. She is sure to continue making an impact in the MFWC and has recently formed a bit of a tag team with Nataly Carmona, particularly against the likes of Death Row. Anyways, here she is, one of my favorite female CAWs.
  11. Up next is the current reigning and defending MFWC Champion, currently at 511 days, in real time, as champion, and counting... He is the "Norse Nightmare", hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, weighing 278 lbs., standing at 6'5", Tyson Steele! This is without a doubt my main caw and he has been from day 1 (admittedly under a different name, before). He is scheduled to defend the championship at the season premier of Saturday Night Showdown, my main weekly show on April 2nd. I kept with the brown and orange color scheme, as I always have. That is his brand, much like Hogan with red and yellow and bret with pink and black. His finisher is the Glorious DDT, but I will likely change it to Edgecution. His second finisher is either DDT 9 or 10 or whichever is the Jake the Snake DDT, I forget.
  12. Next up, formerly one half of the MFWC World Tag Team Champions, along with former tag team partner, Harrison Bowers, he is the Greek Freak, he is the current MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion, from Athens Greece, standing 5'9" and weighing 244 lbs., he is Julius! This is another one of my OG CAWs. He is also one of the easiest ones for me to make each year, as he has a clearly defined gimmick/character. His face texture might be familiar to people that watched the movie, 300. His wrestling style is essentially all about power and technique, as he is a suplex machine. His finisher is the Broken Arrow.
  13. Well, it's that time again, I am at it again, making my all-CAW universe, this time for WWE 2k22 on the xbox one. Tonight, I will only be showing off one CAW, only because it's getting late and I have work in the morning. I plan to show off a few more tomorrow night. Anyways, here is one of the all-time original CAWs, former MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion (the secondary championship), as well as one half of the former MFWC World Tag Team Champions, with former partner and best friend, Julius (he too is complete and hope to show him off tomorrow), weighing in at 248 lbs, standing at 6'2", hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is "the King of Ruff Style", "The Big Dog" Harrison Bowers. He is currently the leader of Bite Club. I used Triple H's face as the face texture and I may end up re-doing it, but the hair kind of hides some of the issues with it, so I may not. So far, the body types/limitations aren't really an issue for me. And this is probably the first time that I have really felt that Harrison Bowers was pretty much the finished product.
  14. Just doing my normal all-CAW universe mode. I have been running my current universe since March of 2018, so I will be continuing where I left off. I purposely went through March of my current season, so that I would be a month ahead when I get the game on the 8th, so I can take extra time to make enough CAWs, before the re-launch of my universe on the first Saturday of April, with my main flagship show, Saturday Night Showdown. I plan to start the new season with 3 of my 4 current championships on the line on the same night. I will launch my 2nd weekly show, Wednesday Night Surge, probably in May or so. I will be doing 4 pay-per-views, The 5th Annual Wrestling Classic (Sunday, 6th of November), that is my version of Wrestlemania, Battle Lines (Sunday, 17th or 24th of April), Fever Pitch (my July pay-per-view), and Bar Room Blitz III (my January pay-per-view). My universe is known as the MFWC. 4 Champions, MFWC Champion- Tyson Steele, MFWC Ladies Champion- Amy Sinz, MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion- Julius, and 2-Time MFWC World Tag Team Champions- The Reckoning. I am still working on finalizing my Battle Lines card, which I hope to do before I re-launch my universe, so I have a direction for my early stories. I just know the main event and semi-main event, so far.
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