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  1. I personally feel WWE never used her right after the MYC she won. I didn't really found her UK champ reign memorable. Then she was barely used in NXT. Even less in the main roster.
  2. Crystal Dynamic made Avengers. Eidos Montreal did Guardians of the Galaxy. Eidos did help a bit on Avengers but they weren't the main team developping it since they were focused on GOTG.
  3. Insane we are getting 2 more suits for free after the support for the game ended. While Marvel's Avengers is going to charge us $14 for each of them.
  4. My theater's website still crash. I still can't buy my ticket... EDIT: I finally managed to get mine but only for the 17th December, the 16th is already sold out or the seats left suck.
  5. Actually the reason is because the amount of players still playing online greatly reduced and most will just play the popular characters like Iron Man, Thor, Cap over Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Kate & Hawkeye. Which make matchmaking harder because everyone played the same hero. When the Tachyon Anomaly event happened, I remember in the official Discord, this received positive feedback because it was much easier to find online players and start an co-op mission. Even some of them saying this ''revived'' this game. So when it ended, people complained they are back to not finding players to starts an online mission. Then it was made permanent. Anyway, we finally have footage of Spider-Man. Unlike Widow, Ms. Marvel, ect. who need an object to swing, Spidey web-swing on empty air. Crystal Dynamics lied again, they previously said Spider-Man will have missions with cutscenes like previous DLC heroes and turns out he won't.
  6. I legit forgot SvS was tonight and just remembered right now...
  7. In your link, delete everything starting from the question mark, ''?t=zsBj96qItsTJc26qCSEbag&s=19''. If you just post this part ''https://twitter.com/StarFishVO/status/1461133981605408778'', it should show your tweet as an thumbnail instead of just an link.
  8. WWE own everything about WCW, right? Should be no problem. The graphic and models look so good, Drew look weird but he was in the middle of an angry/yelling facial expression. Can't wait to see the gameplay more.
  9. AegisAvenger

    WWE Drama

    https://nodq.com/news/charlotte-flair-addresses-reports-that-she-is-difficult-to-work-with/ During an interview with BT Sport, Charlotte Flair commented on reports that she is “difficult” to work with… “No one looks at a man and goes, ‘why does he want to be the world champion again when he’s been on top all these years?’ Is it because I’m a woman and have done it all and we have a smaller division? Charlotte is difficult? Because I stand up for what I believe in? That makes me difficult? If I was a man, I’d have big balls. I know how good I am. Man or woman, I am the best.” Charlotte also commented on her match against RAW women’s champion Becky Lynch at Survivor Series… “I haven’t even thought about it. think it’s going to be something special. You have two women who are at the top of their game, at the top of the business, who believe they are the best. When you see both of them believe it in themselves and to watch it on camera, it’s going to be something special.” “What I’m excited about is when we faced each other in Last Woman Standing, which is one of my favorite matches, I am a much better performer now than I was then and I know who Charlotte Flair is now. She’ll be facing a much different woman than she did two years ago. I’m on a whole new level.” (quotes courtesy of Fightful.com) Becky Lynch also respond to Charlotte's comment:
  10. I am happy they didn't do another ''SmackDown invade RAW'' storyline for SvS but this feels like the most un-hype SvS ever. I keep forgetting Survivor Series is this month or even it is this weekend.
  11. Mustafa Ali share a storyline/gimmick that was cancelled.
  12. Never heard of it being timed exclusive. Regardless, a character as big as Spider-Man shouldn't be exclusive. If Sony wanted some exclusives, I think having the MCU skins as exclusives would be more fair.
  13. Is this the first time an console exclusive content took 1 year to be released?
  14. So there is 2 leaked No Way Home images, both confirms something that wasn't shown officially but one of them is huge. Is it ok to still share it with spoiler tag?
  15. While I never liked Nia Jax, I feel bad for her on how she was released.
  16. From what I remember reading, Kallisto was tired of being an comedy act in Lucha House Party and wanted to be separated from them while Lince had the mentality that being an comedy act was the only way for them to get TV time. This lead to the break-up, I don't know if their conflicting mentality also affected their relationship.
  17. I thought Kalisto wasn't in good term with Dorado & Metallik?
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