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  1. One glitch I had that was a little annoying but kind of funny was I was having a 6 man tag team diva match and the diva I was playing as began to motor around the ring and so did my opponent it did not get bad enough I had to restart the match bur as anyone else had any crazy glitches
  2. The thing I hated the most was Showcase mode I felt 2k made it nearly impossible to beat. The Hit detection was way off and blocking is a joke they tell you to press one button to do a combo and it does something else.
  3. I am not trying to ruin the game but its a shame they give you up to 9 matches in Universe mode but Promos have been taken out.
  4. Because of my Time zone and country I live in Wwe 2k22 came out this morning at 5am if you have any questions please ask and i will try to answer them.
  5. So I have a lot going on in my Wwe Universe I have Monday Night Raw NXT Ecw SmackDown and Shotgun Saturday Night the Legends show. In my Raw and Smackdown and Nxt shows Vince Mcmahon and the Authority have done such a poor job keeping wwe interesting Vince Mcmahon had to sell half of Wwe's shares to Aew. When he did that Tony Khan became Raw's on screen Authority figure While Brandi Rhodes became the on air Authority figure for the females division on Raw. Mean while on Smackdown Cody Rhodes is the on air Authority figure while Brooke Tessmacher is the On air Authority figure for the Smackdown's women's roster. On Nxt William Regal is the Authority figure for the men and Mae Young is the Authority figure for the Women and in Ecw Tod Gordon is the on air Authority figure. and on Shotgun Saturday Night Mr.T is the Authority figure for the men and Debra is the Authority figure for the women. That is all about to change though for months the nWo has been beating up the Mcmahons and the Corporation. To put and end to Eric Bischoff once and for all Vince Mcmahon begged Linda Mcmahon after nWo members Andre The Giant and Shawn Michaels beat Shane Mcmahon to a pulp so he begs her to give in and step down as the ceo if the Corporation could not beat the nWo in a final match where the losing team goes. My plan is The Corporation is going to lose the nWo takes over everything Raw becomes Nitro Smackdown becomes Thursday Thunder Nxt becomes Nxt Power Plant Ecw is written off Tv and to enforce the nWo Bischoff hires new authority figures for each shows who act as his lieutenant's and report to him. Ric Flair is his lieutenant for Raw Sgt.Buddy Lee becomes his lieutenant for Nxt and Dusty Rhodes becomes Bischoff's lieutenant for Smackdown while Eric Bischoff and the whole nWo are running things on Shotgun Saturday Night or now named Wcw Saturday Night. The only wrinkle in Bischoff's plan is The Khan's are still part owners in the wwe and they still have half say. Next Bischoff offers a share of the profits to Awa Verne Ganage to get his revenge on Vince Mcmahon and to have Ganage help him have a tighter grip on the Wwe as a whole. So at the next Payperview Shane Mcmahon Goads Bischoff and Ganage to another winner takes all match again Wwe loses. It look's like its all over for Wwe but Vern Ganage gets greedy and wants the new Wcw/Wcw to himself so he can create a whole new Awa. This storyline plays out until my next Wrestlemania and the main event is Eric Bischoff Vs Verne Ganage Vs Vince Mcmahon in a winner takes all match. My planned finished is Vince Mcmahon wins and the Wwe is restored to his former glory. Only this time Mr.Mcmahon gives all the former Wcw and Awa Superstars contracts and does not give them stupid gimmicks like after the invasion in 2002.
  6. My First match is going to be Bruan Strowman vs I have not decided yet but I did decide it will be a backstage brawl.
  7. Since we are a week away from Wwe 2k22 for us Preorders' what wrestling game have you been playing in the mean time. With me since I upgraded to an Xbox Series S from my normal Xbox one a couple weeks ago it made no sense to re buy Wwe 2k19 digital for 90 dollars and pay an additional $120 dollars for Wwe 2k22 because I already had the disc version of 2k19 and you could not pay me enough to go back and play that dumpster fire of a game Wwe 2k20. So I decided to go way back in time till when I was a much younger Lad and play Wwf Smackdown 2 Know Your Role.
  8. I don't mind uploading my own custom logos to be honest. I watch lots of videos I mean lots of the superstar I am creating and if they have tattoos I will pause the video and begin a very long cut and paste process from the video of their tattoos and then post them into my computers paint program before uploading them and then downloading them in custom logos and placing them on my superstar the exact way they have them in real life. The same a superstars attire. The only problem is sometimes a video can be blurry or faded and it takes a very long time to properly align the tattoos or attire logos. I am talking sometimes up to four or 4 and half hours.
  9. We all know that Shane Mcmahon got fired from the Wwe and that that he was not mentioned in the wwe My Gm mode Trailer. Just like Keith Lee was not mentioned do you think there is any chance of him being a playable superstar outside of Gm mode.
  10. It's kinda sa It's kind of sad that people already already trashing the game and complaining that Gm mode is terrible just because their is no Mid card titles. I am really pumped up about Wwe 2k22 even the Different control layout did not disappoint me normally because I could care less about landing the perfect combo. Gm mode I am going to use but not every second I am playing the game I am mostly going to be playing Universe Mode and creating Wrestlers,
  11. What do you think of the chances of ilja dragunov being in
  12. I know some people thought they were kind of useless in the past. But I really hope the unknown superstars we saw in the Gm Mode Trailer is like the extra made up charterers we saw in Wwe 2k games over the years like Baron Blade and Cole Quinn. I hope the made up charterers are not just restricted to Gm mode but we will be able to play with them in my Rise and Universe.
  13. I really hope Andre The Giant and Kurt Angle will be a Legends. Both are vital to part of one of my universe storylines
  14. Well old attires is what they got Caws for. Which I will be pumping out alot of look for my Game tag The Abyss24
  15. nWo Edition (Digital) for the Xbox Series S Since mine does not have a disc drive. I thought about getting the Digital Version but then I decided Nah because of my universe story line the nWo is going to be heavily involved in it
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