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  1. I didn't think about it before but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they took out the attire just so they can make Kane'98 in MyFaction where you can unlock him for every mode but he's behind a pay wall of some pack of like $5
  2. Son of a..! I'm actually pissed about this and it was one of the first alternate attires I did and one of the Kanes I used the most
  3. I enjoyed Bryan Danielson vs Jun Akiyama!
  4. Senex Beast

    WWE Drama

    Does Seth Rolins genuinely have issues with some people or it's mainly in character? Behind the scenes stuff, interviews and social media he goes hard on CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Rock, Will Osprey and others. Seems like if he likes you then he can be a mark but if he doesn't then he tries to be a savage whenever someone is mentioned
  5. People are defending that sell? Such bullshit but that's on that particular wrestler
  6. Stil have no interest in GM. My time will mainly be in exhibition and Universe(even though used like exhibition)
  7. I hope DDP is WCW '99-'01 DDP! They usually *Censored* up his hair too much
  8. Looks like my universe will be All Stars and Legends of Wrestling again in exhibition style
  9. Yeah another reason why I will just have a caw or two for myrise. Would basically just be remaking old original caws all over again as they in old games with just minor tweaks
  10. I've never and still dont take Becky Lynch seriously as a badass! She's beautiful, cool and great in the ring and has been one of my favorite women wrestlers for a long time but does her badass chick stuff including mannerisms and opens her mouth and I want to cringe. At least finally drop "The Man" bullshit! Her eye makeup is dumb as is Triple H's old cap on her but the MJ Thriller gear was cool though. Whatever though, I am glad she's facing Rhea at Mania and likely winning the title! Rhea Ripley is another top favorite and absolutely love her! I would prefer she retains at Mania but would be very cool with Becky beating her
  11. I like duplicates when it's completely different in appearance, entrances, moves and themes. The ones that are only differences in attires and hair styles from a recent different year are the bad ones. They more characters the better! The roster is already huge and have many names and so duplicates are a bonus
  12. Very interesting. Great Muta is a huge for me
  13. I am interested in the game, want the WM edition and may have the money for it afterall but meh don't know. My mind keeps telling me to wait until all the dlc and patches/updates are released!
  14. So glad the showcase content is unlockable right away in the WM edition
  15. Injustice 2 Killer Instinct Mortal Kombat 1 Street Fighter VI Tekken 8 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  16. Whoa who was that? Is she OK? Haven't checked the AEW highlights this week yet
  17. Very disappointed about the same old shitty model for Randy Savage, Outdated Angel Garza and now same meh Creed Brothers models and old gear. Another reason the roster list don't mean shit until every model is revealed!
  18. Cody will definitely win the title at Mania and finish his damn story. Rock will probably turn back face at Mania or night after and lead to him vs Roman at Summerslam
  19. Still not hyped enough for a day 1 purchase and it's looking less and less likely but still enough interest for eventually getting the WM edition on sale and so there's that. It's been a while where I feel it's a must have apart from nostalgia and tradition although this one has come close. I play these games often than most but not lots of hours/every day worth since 2K14!
  20. I don't mind them as I'm a sports guy and Rock kinda had a point but I get why some hate the cheap heat
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