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  1. Round 1 Bianca Belair - Smackdown Jey Uso - Raw Carmelo Hayes - Smackdown Seth Rollins - Raw Round 2 Randy Orton - Smackdown Bron Breaker - Raw Nia Jax - Smackdown Liv Morgan - Raw Round 3 LA Knight - Smackdown Ricochet- Raw Solo & Tama Tonga - Smackdown Sheamus - Raw Round 4 AJ Styles - Smackdown Alpha Academy - Raw Andrade - Smackdown Kiana James - Raw So .... mostly the same! Although I guess also depends on the supplemental draft picks
  2. "Changed the wrestling world" tossed around sometimes in AEW would be fine but just "changed the world" with such conviction is such bullshit and dumb for them! Too hyperbole even for wrestling by faces or heels because not a dent to anyone outside of wrestling and in the wrestling world, many don't give a damn any more. I'm not really sure if Rock was right about wrestling in general being hot again but he said it as a heel and am fine with it and AEW did change the wrestling world in many ways but it's all still a bit of a cringe to me and '"changed the world" is a eye roller and not the fun or good kind
  3. TK went for the mega powers handshake and got got by Jack Perry and The Elite! I expected TK to take a bump by Jack Perry and wasn't so surprised as soon as he got called out but not by the young bucks..until they started to pick him and didn't expect Daddy Khan to make a cameo!
  4. Damn I actually liked Indus Sher although neutral on Jinder and was intrigued by Xia Li. Don't know who is Xyon Quinn
  5. I really like both new tag belts but especially Smackdown's. Cody now needs an upgrade to his belt!
  6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fallout 4 Fallout 76 Gotham Knights Starfield Terminator: Resistance
  7. I liked it. There's been way truly "drizzle shits" episodes than alot of recent Raw and Smackdowns this this Raw
  8. I was surprised by it because of he has a work out youtube channel and figured he'd diet and work out to the extremes like most do for comebacks after injuries but I understand if he couldn't or something and so I won't body shame him. It may take a while but I'm sure he'll be back to being very fit in a few months
  9. So perhaps a Summerslam return? Anyway, I like this heel and vicious Chad Gable! Please please let this finally be the end of Alpha Academy or at least as goofs! Serious and vicious Akira Tozawa, Otis and Maxine would be a nice bonus as well
  10. Damm wall! So it's actually a head injury or something than an arm injury by the chair?
  11. Rhea got into a legitimate backstage brawl with Liv and actually injured that got turned into storyline or how did she get hurt?
  12. When is the "Behind The Curtain" documentary on Peacock supposed to be released? I thought it was going to yesterday but I don't see it
  13. Cool to see footage and it's a nice set up storyline between FTR and Young Bucks but eh maybe really should have just been a Behind The Elite or Twitter/X thing
  14. I like it. I'm a sucker for fun facts and stats like that! I especially enjoy Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania stats every year
  15. I like Jey Uso and support him as a single's star but not as a main eventer. Mid carder in the Intercontinental or US Championship picture sounds about right. Yeet is whatever although annoying already but Main Event Jey Uso needs to be dropped
  16. Is IIlja part of the main roster now or just a one night deal until possibly being drafted in the wwe draft soon?
  17. That's very likely but maybe it's another watch!? Bruce Pritchard, Nick Khan and Triple H pitched in to give Cody an old gold watch replica that Dusty had but pawned it to get Cody some acting lessons
  18. The Rock is amazing and yeah that whole opening was long and Rock does eat up alot of time but I for one am happy with all of that
  19. There isn't but he also didn't say anything that bad. Didn't bury them like some (online in general)made it out to be like He gives the new kids tons of credit and props all the time but I will say he seems to miss or prefer the old chaotic days backstage or Vince running the company
  20. Only disappointing and dud matches were Uso vs Uso and 6-Man Street Fight although that one at least had alright moments and spots. Very disappointed in the Usos match and I was looking forward to it but whatever. Most other matches were good - great
  21. Well he's not wrong about a lot of the new generation being focused on gaming and social media. I don't remember what else he said but always seems respectful of the new generation of wrestlers and wwe. As for being a Trump supoorter..so what? I loath all politics but him supporting Trump doesn't make him a bad person or anything but Kane on the other hand really is a disappointment of a person to me. It's cool if you don't like Taker and am just curious and saying
  22. A lot of cool WM attires, entrances and gear but I think my favorite were Rhea, Rock and Roman (Night 2)'s
  23. I loved this moment between Cody and Seth As well as Cody and Triple H
  24. This WM was awesome and really did feel like a tv season finale and am pretty hyped for tonight's Post WM Raw even more than usual! Hopefully Seth finally reinvents himself again. Went all out with WM entrances and entrance gear, lost two major matches including losing his championship title plus got hit twice during his shield return with no offense and so there's no reason for him to continue fashion rollins and dance around. Don't think he need a heel turn right away but just something different again
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