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  1. anybody know what era the Steiners are based off of? I don’t recognize the attire or theme they have.
  2. is there a way to have people in more than 1 stable? example- usos as a tag team then usos in bloodline stable i tried doing it earlier but it wasn’t allowing me to.
  3. so Lacey evans won MITB and I’m trying to apply the briefcase to her under the EDIT CHAMPIONSHIPS & MITB tabs…i choose a slot then select a briefcase but then the target championship stays stuck on WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and I can’t change it to a female title to assign it to Lacey, anybody else having this problem? how can I fix it?
  4. great job on WWE'12 so far!

  5. thank you on the video...i remember that now....and whats fapping?

  6. hey,quick question..that maria gif..wheres that from? any videos on that? :)

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