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  1. Agree with the above, these are all great but I’m especially liking the UK legends - it’s rare to see them, and even rarer to see them actually made well! Great job on these
  2. Some cool clips online showing the chain wrestling sequences, they’re much longer than I expected - arm wringers, reversed, head lock takeovers, using the legs to escape, side headlock, pushed against the ropes and whipped away, drop down into a strike…. Honestly it’s great they are using this kinda stuff to make it FEEL like wrestling. That’s what I like about it and that’s why I’m excited for it. It gets said a lot but it does look and feel like an updated no mercy. Interesting to note as well that ‘chop battle’ is listed as assigned to the right stick, that’s cool and a big part of wrestling these days. I’ve been surprised for a while that 2k and other wrestling games haven’t let us get into strike battles, especially when tired. I know Fire pro has this in a way, but I’ve always thought a timed button press mini game strike/chop battle, especially when tired would be great - you could have the crowd cheer/boo each strike depending on crowd affiliation. I get why people aren’t sure about this game, but just for me personally, I really like the little touches they’ve put in. It feels like a wrestling game made by wrestling fans. Not a fighting game with WWE skins, sidestepping around the ring, holding up your hands in a weird fighting stance and trying to hit combos and using blocks unrealistically. Whichever game you like, this hopefully benefits every one of us as competition is usually a good thing.
  3. I made him in 2019, then 2020 was obviously awful… since then tbh I only ever really posted on here if I made my own caws, and the topics on original caws do t seem to get much traffic, I still created him, but just sort of played him on my own game and never really though to upload him. I was pleased with him this year though, and used him to play through MyRise, so uploaded again
  4. Universe mode cut scenes are really broken, after the match it freezes on one screen, the commentary for the cut scene starts playing over the top but your taken to the match menu with the commentary just randomly over the top. Honestly I’ve never known a company to put out games that just do t work as much as 2k.
  5. Sig/finisher glitch is infuriating, hitting the button numerous times with nothing happening only for your opponent to just perform a move on you. Does rope break on pins actually work? Everytime I’ve seen it used by me or the AI the refs ignored it
  6. Looking through the crowd signs they’ve added and tidied up over the last few patches… just noticed one of RVD’s reads “five star frog slam”
  7. I’m sure I saw someone once ask about Ludwig Kaisers snapmare penalty kick only being assigned to him and not selectable for all, it is now. Also, that Liger bomb that’s there… has that always been there and I missed it? Or has it been added with this patch?
  8. No worries at all man, hope they feel better. Which Tavish did you download?
  9. I’m four chapters in to the legacy MyRise having finished the lock. It’s actually incredible how much content is in this game but can’t be used outside of certain modes - obvious issues with MyFaction, but I’d have expected MyRise to let you have most of its stuff. It’s got a fair few decent arenas that you can unlock, but they can’t be edited and can only be used in exhibition not universe. There’s also a ton of CAW parts, and actually for once, the characters at least in MyRise feel pretty fleshed out, but the original ones aren’t unlockable . So Tavish, Ava Moreno, Gabriel Slade, and countless others who would actually be decent additions to NXT or caw based Indy feds…. Just locked. Some creators have tried creating them, but 2k have locked away a lot of the parts used and in the most part it tells you you need to unlock the character in order to download from CC, but they’ve then made this impossible. Cole Quinn, El Mago… there’s tons, we had them before but this time they’re all locked away. There’s also special ref matches, tag turmoil matches, British rules matches… Noam Dar even defends the heritage cup against you, yet absolutely none of these things appear outside of MyRise mode… despite being literal tap in’s when it comes to the difficulties of putting them in. Instead MyRise will give you a set of long Randy Orton tights, a security jacket… and even better the female MyRise unlocks the attire of one of the main characters… except, she herself is not unlockable nor easily downloadable I don’t get it.
  10. Hey man, @Brokebottle You had one of my CAWs a couple games back, Prince Yoshida. He’s been about since 2k16, but in my universe he’s dropped the ‘Prince’ now and just goes by Yoshida. He’s born to a Japanese dad, and a Turkish mum (explains the attire logos). I normally have him touring indies and international promotions picking up titles around the world. Still uses a double undertook brain buster as a finisher (called ‘Bullet to the head’) but I’ve just finished taking him through MyRise where he won all those matches across various countries and his attires reflect that. Anyways, not sure if you need anymore but if you see him and want him you’ll find him under #Os22 #Yoshida and #OutlawChamp 2 attires, entrance, victory, moveset, custom render.
  11. Which ones have you used to get the 2k23 characters? All the decent ones tell me I need to unlock them which can’t be done?
  12. Imagine putting the heritage cup in the game, building a whole MyRise storyline round it….then having it not be able to be used anywhere else in the game. Oh yeah….. 2k.
  13. You don’t need to do any side quests until the 3rd chapter to get him, first chapter is the IC title, second chapter is joining a faction, the third chapter starts with you doing mocap for video games, you will then find yourself in an airport talking to Tavish, at this point keep checking your DM’s until you have one from Tavish himself talking about facing JPL in WCW. It’s called ‘The monarchy’ complete that side quest (2 matches, talk to Tavish again after the first) and you get Levesque. If he’s all you’re after, you can just steam through the first two chapters not worrying about side missions.
  14. Just playing MyRise for the first time, is it just me or does the way the evolution storyline plays out make your character look like a complete dumbass?
  15. 1.09 patch released… oh, turns out it’s just a hot fix re enabling a multi man match online.
  16. Getting it done at the biggest show of the summer…
  17. I mean speaking of apron moves, what I would like is to see them look at bringing back what the n64 games had and then updating it. If you remember in the old n64 games you could grab an opponent on the apron and then using Irish whip, walk them along the apron and put their head into the ring post. Would be cool if they adopted this into the current games, and then maybe make the apron wider so that two people can stand on it and from a set position pull of moves on the apron, considering how many moves we see now onto the ring apron it could be a great addition. Could also be updated for top rope manoeuvres - perhaps with an opponent stunned on the apron, we could climb the turnbuckle and then have set dive moves where he can hurracarana people off the apron from the top rope, or something like Daniel Bryan’s diving DDT he does out to the floor.
  18. It’s a glitch throughout the entire game annoyingly, happens with the on disk wrestlers too, especially in universe.
  19. Jesus that “patience is the *censored*ing key” tweet is awful. You have to be stupid to post that to a fanbase.
  20. Invisible people in universe cut scenes again…
  21. I booked a Seth Vs HBK feud… it’s pit them in ten consecutive one v one matches…
  22. Dear 2k, Putting two people in a rivalry doesn’t mean they have to face each other in the exact same match every single week in universe. For crying out loud.
  23. Not sure all the universe rivalry stuff is working tbh, just did my first loser leaves town match, played through, won, standard cut scene at the end, no mention of the stipulation. Put me back to the match card…. And the match was playable again, like it had never happened
  24. There’s no surprise at this point with the patches, the game is probably at its best state when first released. We knew from the last few years, that it releases, then 2k slowly break it more and more from there with every patch they release.
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