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  1. An Edge showcase could be good, but it hits the snags as the Rey Mysterio one, it wouldn’t include matches from the attitude era and periods after that as it would require 2k to use both the Dudley’s and the Hardys.
  2. Exactly, I agree with you and this is what I was saying in my initial post - people buy 2k games because what’s the alternative? Currently there’s AAA, Retrofest, and Fire pro. So there isn’t really a high quality alternative to the 2k games. Fire pro has some great ideas, but not everyone can get along with 2D graphics and the somewhat awkward angle for the camera which affects the controls. Im really excited for the AEW game as it looks like it could be a viable alternative as long as you aren’t looking for stunning graphics on a 2k level, and you don’t mind it being more arcadey. It looks very nice mercy/HCTP to me which is great. I think the next game after that which might actually give 2k some competition is probably the Wrestling Code. As you say though, content creators etc buy 2k because… well… what else are you going to buy?
  3. People won’t boycott or hold out on the next game, wrestling is niche enough that there just aren’t many alternatives to the 2k series. You either go back in time and lose features such as universe mode or moves, or you play something like Fire pro which isn’t for everyone. The 2k games will always be purchased by a core set of people because until the wrestling code and AEW games show up, there’s no true alternatives.
  4. Love the way they went for retro Randy and gave up above the neck
  5. I just don’t understand what people are getting out of gaining the cards, it’s essentially exactly the same wrestler but all that really changes is the card surround, but they don’t really offer anything in the way of power ups, there’s no trading facility… essentially if you get Edge from three different packs the cards look a little different but edge will look and play the same. The only cards you could argue are worth having are the ones that come with different models, I.e. DX Shawn, but even then you can only use him in that one mode.
  6. MyFaction packs added, no fixes for universe mode or anything else. Same as 1.17.
  7. At the start of the week the MyFaction log in bonus was a card pack with a white cover, had hogan, booker t and someone else on the cover, and was called a ‘vintage’ card pack. I had 4 of the 5 log ins to get it… today I do my fifth log in and they’ve changed it to an origins pack. 2k are even making mistakes with the one mode they ARE working on and having to quickly change things
  8. Yeah I get this a lot now, like you say you actually see the icon pulse that you’ve hit it in time and literally nothing happens. Sometimes it can be two or three moves in a row and you end up in a cycle that can’t be reversed.
  9. I think you meant why isn’t there, and I thought the same so went looking… there is one but it’s over in the gaming zone section of the site Hopefully it can be moved to have its own area.
  10. It’s gone, taken out. I’ve been using A train caw for a while, it’s was in 2k19 as gut buster but appears it’s been removed. Unless on the off chance patch 1.17 adds it, but very doubtful.
  11. Just tried it, tag finishers still broke in universe. No new hairstyles from what I can see scrolling through the mens, haven’t checked womens yet. My faction has a new weekly log on prize of a ‘vintage’ set of cards that aren’t available to buy in the store, whether that may give us some models that WTS can maybe unlock…
  12. Oh wow, looks like my moan about a patch update might have actually been well timed
  13. Universe mode needs so much work, there’s little to no difference between it and just playing in exhibition.
  14. I take it we’re assuming the game is dead to 2k now? As in no more patches? So we’re never getting working tag finishers back? I’ve actually completely removed tag team wrestling from my universe as it just feels a bit pointless without anything to make a tag match unique.
  15. I 100% agree with the lazy comment to be honest. I think they have become lazy and I think they are also no pushing themselves to do better because they haven’t had anyone that can over take them. I’m sure 2k has some wrestling fans in the team, but it doesn’t strike you as a game made by wrestling fans overall. Its become a fight sim, but they’re extremely lucky because they know that wrestling fans have basically sod all choice if they want a wrestling game, that is up to date (and 3D for FirePro fans). I have to say the new AEW game looks fun. People are already online saying it “looks rubbish, look at 2k” which isn’t a fair comparison at all. It was never going to match 2k in that respect. I actually like it’s graphical style, I’m glad they changed it from the original look as I wasn’t feeling that, but I think the way it looks now is good. It’s a little more cartoony, but I love the retro bits they have borrowed from the old N64 games such as the ‘Danger’, ‘Signature’ and I’m assuming ‘Finisher’ text on the HUD. It’s really not a bad looking game, it’s much more arcadey of course, but it already looks like the sort of game you can jump in and out of solo or with friends and have a laugh playing. I’d never have thought of mini games either to be fair but seeing them yesterday again I can see the appeal, especially with friends. I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.
  16. I can’t say I expect them to, because I think 2k are lazy and money focussed. However you would think that the development team would (especially after 2k20) want to release at least just one more patch to make sure that everything in the game actually works. Stuff like tag finishers not being available… I couldn’t leave it if I were them. I know they won’t add anything new, and they won’t update anything I.e. new content, but at least just make sure everything in this game actually works before making the next one. It’s taken them months to implement one referee, and I’m at the stage where I’ve actually taken all my tag teams out of universe because it just feels pointless.
  17. Worth noting that HCTP came out in 2003. It’s nearly twenty years old. Compare the animations then, to what 2k have now. I’d say the only improvement is the split legged moonsault solely because HCTP didn’t have corner springboard moves. Look how much better looking the five star is in a twenty year old game.
  18. Glad the lazy bastards finally sorted out the rolling thunder, shame they stopped there and didn’t give us a better 5-star.
  19. If it saves everyone some time, basically the Smackdown ref now works, aside from that you won’t SEE a whole lot of anything changes. Universe mode still long forgotten.
  20. Early reports saying the Smackdown ref now works correctly, but apparently no Universe tag finishers fix…
  21. Again it’s worth looking at some of his opponents however to work out how in depth a Cena showcase could be… His debut was against Kurt Angle Some of his early feuds involved Chris Jericho, Carlito, and the Undertaker. The good news is that some of his most notable feuds have been against Edge, Angle, Shawn Michaels, Batista, and Randy Orton all of whom aside from Angle are surely locked in to be in the next game. Seth, Roman and Brock could also be represented. It looks like we would have to miss out his feuds with both Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. Again, there’s good and bad but some notable people and moments missing. It’s probably not a bad shout overall though in terms of people being available.
  22. I’m getting the feeling 2k are just going to be lazy and give us RVD’s badly animated moves from 2k15 back…
  23. How are people finding this now? I turn the PS5 on and by the time the main menu of the game loads I’m sort of not sure if I can be bothered and often end up playing something else instead. It’s a good looking game, I just don’t feel like there’s enough to hook you back to keep you playing. I usually give each DLC a couple of plays then find I’m a bit bored again? Just doesn’t feel like a wrestling game
  24. Hope we get a good few new moves in the next pack, especially with RVD. We need the old rolling thunder back, the one we had as early as SYM and HCTP where he would hit the ropes first before rolling. Not the current one which looks awful with him taking a couple of steps back before rolling uncomfortably. Could do with some variations of the five star as well, in fact yet again the SYM/HCTP versions were better in both look and impact.
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