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  1. They really did break universe mode with that update didn’t they, just bugs EVERYWHERE.
  2. Is there a way of adjusting which weapons are available generally in matches? I know when creating a match you can choose, but then in universe mode for example I’d have to set every match to be the custom match. I also get that I can select weapons available for an individual person when selecting participants for matches. Is there a way though that I can just say in general, across the game have these weapons available? I hate having singles matches, the ref gets knocked down, someone grabs a weapon and the weapon wheel shows three kendo sticks and about seven chairs, want some variety in matches and the chance to grab different weapons?
  3. I’ve noticed that if I try and take the straps down now with people like angle, it doesn’t work (at least in universe mode) it takes them down, they move, but immediately go back to where they were, and that’s on his default attire not a custom one. Also, in create an arena I can only have all the ropes the same colour, if I try and have three different colour ropes it resets to them all being the same colour… Are these since the patch and the usual 2k ‘fix two, break three’ shenanigans, or had I just not noticed till now?
  4. Fairly sure it’s not actually officially possible yet. The cards aren’t available. people have added Seth to CC by nodding in the entrance etc from the files, but I don’t think they’ve released whatever the events are to obtain the cards officially yet.
  5. It’s worth noting, this isn’t true of everyone but I keep seeing it said. Sure some angry virgins on twitter are probably talking about blocking people being in. However most people I’ve seen understand that it’s not blocked anyone, and that there are no ‘slots’ they just think it’s a disappointing waste of a DLC pack.
  6. I think it’s because (well it is for me) Pat on his own? Fine, as you say he’s wrestled, been involved in notable moments etc. However his podcast buddies? Who cares. So a whole DLC pack is mostly filled with guys who have never been involved. Post Malone is a bit of a waste, but at least he’s a one off person chucked in because he’s on the soundtrack, that to me is similar level to sticking Fred Durst in JBI. Adding four random guys who only people who listen to the podcast know and then charging money for it is ridiculous. I’m not particularly het up over it myself, I do think it’s a waste and I just think it’s poor form of 2k to make people pay for a season pass where that’s one of the packs. I’d rather they had stick a movespack in or perhaps a pack with arena parts. Anyone declaring it’s a great money move is talking rubbish though. If there was no season pass and all packs were sold individually, pack three would be the lowest grossing pack by an absolute million miles.
  7. They really need to sit and sort out universe mode glitches. The amount of times it puts people in multiple matches, or you go through setting up your matches, only to go back in and find it’s over written most of what you’ve done and just changed the card is ridiculous. I get that it’s becoming the mode they clearly care least about but at least make it function as it’s meant to.
  8. Biggest waste is they were one pack from really nailing a great set of DLC this year.
  9. Seems like it’s now confirmed that DLC pack 3 is literally Pat, and his non wrestler buddies from his podcast. Have to say, waste of a DLC pack for me. Pat aside, a group of guys who just won’t get used at all.
  10. Ah sorry mate, obviously missed your post and already pointing it out. I’ve just finished WM10 so I’ve unlocked the first few. I do love the WM10 arena, nice change for the rope colour with the black and gold. I’d love to see a proper MSG arena with the short aisle - though I imagine they would say it would affect entrances too much.
  11. I’ve just realised as I hadn’t tried it yet, but the showcase unlock thing with the WM edition only unlocks the wrestlers, you have to go in to showcase to unlock the arenas. So either way you need to complete it for all the unlockable to be there. Just in case anyone was hoping to get everything from the unlock option.
  12. The other two I can work out are from My Faction, and there’s persona cards for Seth ‘14 (Shield) and Trick Williams ‘22. The only other persona card I can see though is Sheamus… then there’s just that one between H and I…. Guess we’ll find out at some point!
  13. Who’s the question mark superstar between Hurricane and Ilja? I’m assuming someone from my rise or something?
  14. Yeah seems that way, but mad isn’t it. Pre order and some of the stuff tied to the pre order doesn’t come out for a while - can understand it with the arena, don’t see why we couldn’t have the alts now mind. Ah well.
  15. Do we know when the Wrestlemania edition models get released?
  16. The Rollins ‘15, and Rick Rude are two of my favourite models ever in this series. Both look brilliant.
  17. If it works like 22 you either play through the matches and at a certain tier (10,15,20 matches) you unlock cards, or, there were also collection bonus cards, I.e there are say 10 cards in a set, and obtaining all of them would give you the collection bonus card - in this scenario Seth. I’m assuming (could be wrong) it will work the same.
  18. Trophy list looks better, standout difficult trophy is probably that finish in first place playing as ECW against extreme AI in GM mode.
  19. I can literally take an entire week setting up universe mode due to the set up including going into create modes and adding alt attires for the most used people, downloading shows and arenas I need and creating my teams etc that finished the last game. I also tidy up the movesets which I still find are way of for most people. I deleted 23 Friday night after having a last PPV to make sure all my champions were set up to move over for 24 (ie that no caws were holding any and the same people could start the game with titles). So yeah, I’ll get all my unlocks and people opened up using the accelerators, and then dive in to some long create sessions and start putting that all in to universe.
  20. On the one hand I’m glad to just have the use of the MyFaction alts. On the other hand, if we can’t edit their appearances I really hope 2k can patch or change that - considering the MF alts are often from different eras it’d be a great chance to make further alts of those and really open up options for everyone.
  21. Have they changed it slightly or has that Wolfpack Bray just been given Bischoffs entrance? Also I’m assuming if Shawn has his entrance coming down, Taker came up through the stage for that same match so assuming that’s in too…
  22. It was the name of the action figure version of him they made, should imagine it’s that model again.
  23. I’m not going to lie it’s a pretty bad grind. i didn’t play MyFaction in 23 but i did in 22 in order to get the trophies for the platinum. I noticed on that guys screen shot that cards for sale are 20/30k points, that in 22 would be a lot of matches, I mean sign in bonuses get you 50. Matches at the top end may give you like 100/150. So to get 20 or 30k you’re going to be grinding out a LOT of matches Unless of course they made it more realistic in 23 and I just missed it through not playing it.
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