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  1. Make sure you turn on free use in the actions.
  2. Set a rivalry with them and used the cut scenes make one face one heal
  3. The only thing I don't like about advance entrance is. How they have the pirates set up I really wish it was like the old games
  4. I'm glad we have a better version of the 3D Much better than the one we had before
  5. Pretty sure the preview is not a glitch
  6. I did have a weird glitch where if I selected war games 4 on 4 and took me back to the main menu of the game. I tried it again 3 on 3 and crashed the game. 3rd time work like a charm it might be because I use the xbox tricks to get it A-day early.
  7. Vince was right with most of his releases
  8. I've been playing it since monday Does no one know they xbox move to play the game early
  9. It being re p opted he injured
  10. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Nobody messed bray up buy bray he does this storytelling that goes no where he does it all the time
  11. Maybe they do but they also have to agree to be in the game Not to mention whatever promotions therewith have to agree to much red tape
  12. I'm loving the ai sliders can now create tag teams and factions with the same people
  13. main roster has a say to considering they need the permission to add likeness in game cuz there real people
  14. People forget that the reflectors decide whether they want to be in the game. Have you thought maybe these guys said no Wont be the first time they said no
  15. they prob will the patch in a lot go guys last game
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