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  1. there two sides to this story so i wouldn't say Disney tryin to be the victim as we dont know what was in the contract
  2. Plus Disney plus makes more money than in the premier access then a movie ticket considering the premier access is like 30 bucks per movie
  3. So are they having a special night every week now because the last 3 weeks is fast fight for the fallen and homecoming all within 3 weeks
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Khan is trying to see how far TNT will let aww go I mean basically they had two deaths matches air quotations in a row I wonder what be the breaking point for TNT
  5. So the beast machine Brian Cage can be stopped in his tracks with roses
  6. Yeah but it hasn't his mouth got kicked out of pretty much most wrestling companies he worked he kind of a bad PR move But it will be a chance to see how far TNT will let aew go
  7. So how long before Nick Gage get Nick Gage kicked out of the company
  8. So as someone who doesn't know about Chris Jericho's Japanese time what makes the pain maker so much different than regular Jericho
  9. Only thing I want with belts is for them to feel like belts not cardboard cutouts I want them to move and bend
  10. Actually angel wings and crate adventure was actually pretty smooth plus you could put in Christopher Daniels praying talked before you did the move which was excellent when you're making a secondary finisher
  11. Not really why pay for a guy who's not in the company with you anymore supposedly why would you pay royalties for the game
  12. I figured they're always going to bring him back anyways I figured the whole reason they released him is so they can renegotiate the contract
  13. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Yes but usually if someone put something false it's immediately corrected like Wikipedia
  14. So is it a rule in aw that they need a gimmick match every week
  15. Except they do cuz look what they do with Becky Ripley is a tweener she looks like a heel but can be a face and she can work both here's how I see it Charlotte flair equals triple mega heel Becky Lynch equals to rock mega face Ripley is Stone Cold tweener
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