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  1. yeah but it doesn't fit this was the best episode and the main character of ur show is not in it and we only 2 episode from the final
  2. yep book of boba fett sucks it so slow and boring hell one episode boba doesn't even appear at all
  3. Gaspard Ulliel, French Actor and ‘Moon Knight’ Star, Dies at 37 After Ski Accident
  4. so basically his vision is a copy of the muhammad hassan gimmick
  5. We are devastated to confirm that our beloved Bob passed away today," the Saget family said in their statement. "He was everything to us and we want you to know how much he loved his fans, performing live and bringing people from all walks of life together with laughter. Though we ask for privacy at this time, we invite you to join us in remembering the love and laughter that Bob brought to the world." even tho full house was cringe at times it was so bad it was good he was so underated going from straight lace dad to his raunchy stand up i remenber when he was the orignal host of america funniest videos when 10000 was a lot of money
  6. seem like william regal looking to retire
  7. i mean they did used to have jackass entrance in smackdown games
  8. Don't see how is the company's fault he got covid but okay
  9. It seems like rush punked out
  10. Though you kind of met having a whole magazine do a whole magazine about you and and having it hit the shelves then dying just before it is great comic time
  11. Tony Khan just seems like the person who can't take criticism at all and just need Yes Men
  12. Swole's a great wrestler...she's had a lot of great matches...she's a great asset to us" - TK, March 2021 "I let Swole go because her wrestling wasn't good enough" - TK, December 2021 So which time was he lying?
  13. Big Swole finally opened up about her time in AEW and what led to her leaving: -Was happy and surprised to hear her name chanted during the first womens Casino Battle Royale -After the match, a legend backstage compared her to Jazz -Cited her match against Hikaru Shida as to what led to her getting signed. Kenny Omega was the one who hired her and she was happy Adam Page was around as he, along with Cedric, were there for her since the start of her career -Says she was known for being very vocal backstage -Mentions how Tony Khan would buy out restaurants for the wrestlers -Says AEW is relaxed in pitching ideas and who you wanted to work with -Enjoyed her feud with Britt Baker up until the Tooth & Nail match -Lance Archer would jokingly chase her around in a golf cart -Joked often with Brodie on how despite it being called Dark Order, everyone was white. Brodie would jokingly ask her to join the group every week -Tooth & Nail Match was never laid out and that she and Omega sat down to plan out spots -Couldn't do as much as Baker still wasn't cleared -Says that they were originally supposed to have a Blood & Guts Match and Britt was all for getting color -Mentions how fans on social media turned on her and sent her racist yells from fans and death threats for wearing a BLM armband. Cites this as the reason she has a love hate relationship with Dailys Place because it was the same fans who cheered her before -Says the Womens Division kept going in different directions with Kenny Omega who had to drop it to handle his own stuff and then Awesome Kong who had to drop it to go back to filming -TK and Matt Hardy approached her to run the division -Couldn't believe they kept the Womens Division going because no one knew what they were doing -Cites Abadon as someone who tried to help her bring chemistry to the Division as Abadon worked her ass off -Tried twice for a 5 on 5 storyline that fell through twice. Was supposed to be Nyla, Jade Cargill, Diamante, Ivelisse & ??? Vs Swole, Serena and three others -Mentions that plans falling through was the norm for the Womens Division which aggravated the women -Came up with her feud with Diamante because she was tired of the women not having anything -Was hoping her feud with get put on Rampage before it debut -Wanted Nyla Rose and Juilie Hart in the feud -After filming it, other women thought it should be on the main show -Reveals that talent is told to pull back on Dark -Wasnt happy being on Dark because some of the women weren't up to par with her -Most emotional moment was Kenny thanking her for what she was doing for the division before her Diamante match -She told TK that she didn't want to re-sign because things were disrupting her peace -Felt good to end her AEW run with compliments but that her heart stopped being with the company -Says the inside structure is "off and loose" -Says you need to be creative to get time on tv -Her biggest issue was diversity -Mentioned that there's no one at the top that "looks like her" -Her daughter didn't enjoy AEW because there was no one that looked like Swole and Cedric and that her daughter started tk preferred WWE because they had someone like Bianca Belair and people of color on tv more -Says there's not enough representation and that when it comes, it doesn't come off as genuine and doesn't get why people don't want to accept that -Doesnt think it needs to take AEW three years to have a black champion and hopes they don't make the same mistake of WWE by waiting fifty years -Does admit that AEW is making better strides, but some things still need to be fixed -Wants both AEW and WWE to succeed and just wants the promises that are made to come true -Says Wrestler doesn't have to be Dark skinned, just feels like there's a big gap and the same stuff over and over and hope her message is able to change that -pjizy
  14. And that's how we end 2021 my people I did love her in Mama's family
  15. the first episode was ok not the best debut episode honesty it just seemed like a filler episode to me
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