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  1. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Not really WWE related but it on peacock so with did anyone watch Dangerous breed Crime con's and cats about u teddy hart haha who knew he breeds cats
  2. Well black panther was the end of this phase of Marvel
  3. hope that a real game play not story cut scene
  4. haha not lazy had much bigger stuff to do
  5. Is sweet devil determined whether to buy or not
  6. Well it's pretty obvious that Kingston It's gonna win this tournament considering that the rest of the people in the tournament are numb but jobbers and nobody's
  7. they literally had Penta get a free title shot on dynamite doing absolutely nothing. And now 8 people have to compete in a tournament to get a title shot? Laughable. Absolutely no consistency or logic
  8. It's better than what we have now how many crazy gimmicks are they running right now
  9. that up to u how ur doing it but 50 guys from both company for attitude era is more then enough
  10. Don't like the cartoon models I w a s home more for a sim like game in terms of models
  11. i felt the story was really rushed even tho being super short story felt unsatisfied like how weak it was going after the gangs
  12. and nick fury was never black but samual jackson made it work and now i cant picture him being anything else
  13. if it true it a big red flag when the founders are leaving the company for the rival
  14. I wonder if he would been strip of the title if he wasnt Injured
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