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  1. we always had 100 honest u got enough space both 50 for both
  2. Congratulations to Jeff hardy first grand slam champ in aew he the only wrestler to be arrested working in wwe aew and tna
  3. Do they tho as wrestling fans we think they have it in the bubble universe of wrestling but in main stream world of entertainment that Carisma is the same as Lance storm
  4. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    and women have used older white man for money all the time to
  5. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Vince is a victim by the sounds he being blackmailed
  6. I wonder if the only reason they said anything was cu there working on a new TV deal with Warner and Warner ts them not to promote jeff
  7. Gang ware fare 4 on 4 no last man standing elimination
  8. Add to the fact Hikaru Shida wasn't told she was in an injure angle had to find out on twitter
  9. I was talking about this The naomi/Sasha thing, the ibushi Situation, andrade, jeff arrested, Thunder rosa allegedly sandbagging Shafir on purpose...drama left and right. It basically shows that inmates run aew where u can pretty much do what u want without getting in trouble
  10. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    We don't know that it wad never posted we only went by his word never actually seen the test
  11. It boils down to what we known all along what multiple People have said it's a lack of management
  12. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Haha lol people so wwe was right he had enough chance he male sunny
  13. Can someone explain why an all Atlantic title has the Chinese and Japanese flag on it
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