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  1. So the race is on which game is going to come out first WWE or AEW But I hope the NXT arena has that chain link fence around the crowd I know they only did that because of the pandemic but I really like that
  2. Face it it's always been the case in wrestling that heals make better champions than faces faces are better at going after championships Case of point The undertaker undertaker is a terrible champion but he is so good when he's going after the belt
  3. Nah didn't really lose anything in this he no sells everything only lost because of a distraction because either working will be revealed to do something or Alexa turning on jom
  4. Obviously it's the way they're setting up for the breakaway of Alexa turning them face or a new monsters coming up kind of like kane to undertaker
  5. Don't think I've ever seen Randy inwhite before
  6. LOL a random guy just hold it up the women's championship
  7. You know with this whole Sami going crazy could be a perfect way to bring to bring in El generico
  8. Those probably can also be Seamus and riddle but the other one that doesn't have any buildup is the tag team match
  9. With the matches and how they built them for night too my guess it would be the women's tag team match
  10. They did last year I believe it went to peacock since it's owned by them Finally watched all of last man on Earth not as bad as I thought it was going to be kind of sad it got canceled
  11. But I'm starting to get the impression that Shane is probably trying to commit suicide in every match he's in he's taking a giant fall
  12. Celebrities in WWE lately have been stepping up their game no one expected bad Bunny doing most of the work in that match
  13. Do you know it's getting bad with Dave even calling out aew on their booking
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