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  1. they honesty should made like marvel ult allience game good but u got grind as hell for achevements plus the same combat over and over and only 2 marvel boss battles
  2. Once in awhile is fine but it's not regularly when was the last time can you make it dark the Young bucks did dark Cody Rhodes some guys are only on dark but they never make it to the main show
  3. please dark is now the heat of aew they use to have top tier main talent on there not really anymore
  4. Well if it works then it beats 20/20 fasco
  5. I'm still trying to figure out why they're mad because they sell stuff that's played a win but as far as I'm aware you can't play other players
  6. I can see woods actually winning the whole thing I wouldn't be surprised they give him a singles title soon
  7. They really use the term legend loosely when it comes to crowbar but I like the look he has now
  8. I haven't been keeping track of this game any connection to a avengerss
  9. Playing back for blood and loving it it's so for me back to playing Left 4 Dead with friends
  10. Yeah dean was better when he brought humor into it to
  11. It is now confirmed that GTA the trilogy is coming and I'm so excited I haven't played three or vice City in years I'm looking forward to that more than GTA 6
  12. It has been confirmed that Pokemon Arceus or whatever it's called will not be open world it'll be like shield and sword where they have a wild area
  13. okay then I'll go with this a tournament determine the next number one contender kills the whole win and losses matters recordI
  14. So I read a report that Roman reigns has reached Cena levels of merchandise sales
  15. I guess the finals at full gear
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