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    WWE Drama

    It does make his homophobia make a bit more sense, probably comes from a place of self-loathing. (doesn't excuse it at all ofc)
  2. I feel like Truth & Maverick can now finish off their feud without the title. The crowd is into it enough for it to at least hit the preshow for a PPV, and the title can go onto others
  3. Watching through 1998 im learning just how structured modern WWE shows are. Half of the matches on these old ppvs have zero build, some are tag matches with people who have never teamed together. It all has much more of a flow to it, over the artificialness of today's weekly shows. Not sure if any of that made sense.
  4. lol same, he did a worked shoot promo in regular clothes, choke slammed half the roster in regular clothes Also notable was how uncomfortable he seemed in the promo. His voice was wavering and breaking the entire time. As someone who only ever saw ppvs from this era previously (so undertaker focused and working his best), it was bizarre
  5. Undertaker just sort of dropped his gimmick for a while before the Ministry days. (I've been binging the attitude era tv shows)
  6. As a very new Impact fan (started just before Slammiversary), i am loving every episode week after week. Very glad i ditched watching WWE regularly for Impact.
  7. Currently watching The Hangover.
  8. Its okay, pity he debuted his new look too late, that would have been awesome.

  9. where at in nz? im in taranaki

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