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  1. Diablo IV open beta (PS5) Played this beaut a majority of the weekend, and my only regret is not downloading it sooner than I did. Needless to say... I liked it so much, I'm gonna pickup a copy when it launches in June.
  2. And it was reached less than two weeks after its damn launch. Criminal.
  3. My four year old niece could've written better patch notes with construction paper and a box of jumbo crayons.
  4. "Key changes" they said. Embarrassing. LMAO this dev team is something special.
  5. Can't wait to pickup a copy on sale; that GM mode looks like it can be fun, judging from the streams that I've watched.
  6. I've seen others mention this bug a few times over in one of the 2K23 Discord channels.
  7. Think I'm going with Vampiro, once I get around to purchasing my copy.
  8. Been seeing this quite often from many different sources. Thankfully, I didn't preorder this time around.
  9. The Founder Was better than I thought it would be.
  10. Note to self... watching some content creators stream 2K23's Showcase mode is difficult to watch.
  11. Out here stopping rogue helicopters, no biggie for the likes of Spider-Man...
  12. Definitely more intrigued for the game after viewing a clip of the referee selling a dropkick. teehee
  13. 4K gaming is super nice and all, but it's not really a "have to", imo.
  14. Hilarious, committing this phrase to memory...
  15. Locking models and attires behind a paywall? No surprise here. #BargainBinPurchase
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