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  1. Pepsi, Where's My Jet? (Netflix mini-series) All the 1990s cola wars funsies a person can relive all over again.
  2. "A Christmas Story Christmas" (HBOMax) Infinitely better than I thought it would be... great casting (aside from the actors from the original), great writing, same kind of humor, etc. etc.
  3. Twitch and Amazon Prime drops were strong this week... 85 overall, no money spent, let's go!
  4. Beginning to see how things operate in this strange, new land...
  5. Pokémon Legends: Arceus (Switch) Bought my copy on Saturday, and I'm already heavily addicted... throwing Poke Balls while hiding in tall grass to capture 'em has been ridiculously fun so far.
  6. One helluva view from the top of a pyramid in Giza...
  7. Increasing my fundraising goal (twice) after surpassing the previous one (twice) is a feelsgoodman.
  8. Extra Life gameday is here, and I've already passed my goal of $300 before turning on the PS5. Let's f'in goooooooo
  9. Uninstalled it months ago, and I have yet to look back or even think about doing so. Tells me all I need to know, game is trash.
  10. Almost reached my Extra Life 2022 fundraising goal before it kicks off this weekend, guessing it will be reached once my wife and siblings kick in their donations.
  11. Dead by Daylight (PS5) Last few hours of the Bloodhaunt (double XP) event, last few days of the Haunted by Daylight (seasonal) event. It'd be really great if both events were still running into the weekend, since I'm participating in my 10th year of Extra Life fundraising.
  12. Assassin's Creed: Origins (PS5) Starting to look like I have another favorite game in the franchise, and it's no surprise... it's from the same group that launched Black Flag.
  13. Interesting... I've actually thought about doing another Fallout 4 run after I did the SSD upgrade on my PS5. The Silent Hill 2 ad that I saw on my PS5 this morning also made me happy.
  14. Regardless... sounds like it will be worth watching.
  15. Interesting... now I want to see this movie for myself, seeing as how we're still left going against the superhuman/youthful version of Miguel in DbD.
  16. Slapped a 2TB SSD into the ole PS5 last night, what an improvement.
  17. More shenanigans from ancient Egypt...
  18. 22CASTLE is a new code for some free stuff within MyFaction. #justsaying
  19. Started playing a brand new adventure in Egypt... smile
  20. Given their past history... not a shred of surprise here.
  21. Needle still isn't moving for me when it comes to this game. Legit guessing 2K completely killed off my desire to play games of this type. Meh.
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