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  1. I wanna be hype for this movie but I'm skeptical.
  2. So Luthor gets a backstory or we see a transformation or something then.
  3. The gif of Cena being salty at the Rock/Hogan/Austin trio is still hilarious.
  4. Some people are saying the whole thing is a work for a GFW invasion of ex TNA guys.
  5. I'm not really a fan of WWE embracing the Suplex City phrase. That kind've stuff stops being fun once they get ahold of it and make it a WWE thing, like what they did with Fandangoing and even the YES stuff to an extent.
  6. I liked about half of Yeezus, where I thought the other half was trash or I didn't listen to it. I'm expecting similar with his next album.
  7. I always thought his face looked really weird without the paint.
  8. The Hogan and 4H ones are pretty sweet. I'm surprised there isn't one with Savage.
  9. https://twitter.com/FightOwensFight/status/604741390107586561 Reminds me of the Cena inspired Kill Steen Kill shirt. Might actually buy that one.
  10. Was hoping Snoop's album would have that LA vs. Everybody track he hinted at, but I guess it didn't happen.
  11. I thought his mixtapes were better (what's up Blue Chips?) but I enjoyed Mr. Wonderful too.
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