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  1. The erasing people from history thing is overexaggerated.
  2. Seeing that list does make me wonder about how they'll handle the Invasion era, if they even put that time period in at all.
  3. Too much foolishness in this topic. RIP to the deceased.
  4. This month, man. Damn. First Dusty, now Piper.
  5. No real order, and just off the top of my head, there's probably ones I'm forgetting: Apocalypse Now Goodfellas Forrest Gump No Country for Old Men Bronson American Psycho Full Metal Jacket Halloween (1978) The Thing (1982) The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Mad Max: Fury Road Training Day I Saw the Devil Oldboy The Raid Pulp Fiction Filth The Usual Suspects The Warriors The Big Lebowski The Machinist You're Next Predator Guardians of the Galaxy
  6. I kind've assume stables don't really take off in WWE (barring some examples) for the same reason tag teams don't, in that Vince doesn't view them as money making commodities.
  7. Off the top of my head: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Goblin Vulgar Display of Power Good Kid Maad City Renegades (Rage Against the Machine) Dark Side of the Moon Speakerboxxx/The Love Below Unplugged in New York Muse's Resistance Appetite for Destruction (Guns N Roses) Mezmerize Thriller Paid in Full
  8. This coming from the same man who had a storyline where they openly "tossed the script out" and had worked shoots exposing the business on a weekly basis. FOH Vince.
  9. Moving Smackdown to USA will do nothing if they still don't give a *Censored* about it. It's always "After X thing, Smackdown will matter again." It was supposed to matter again when it moved to SyFy. It was supposed to matter again when the brand split ended. It was supposed to matter again when the titles were re-unified. It was supposed to matter again when it moved back to Thursdays. Now we're supposed to believe that it'll matter again when it moves to USA. I'm not buying it. WWE doesn't give a *Censored* about Smackdown anymore and hasn't for a long time.
  10. I've had this for a while, I'll probably change it soon though:
  11. Love is way too strong a word. We're just friends now.
  12. Got that early bird special EXTRA early tonight.
  13. So uh, judging from the reactions...I'm gonna guess Cena won?
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