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  1. What's your opinion on Full Metal Jacket?
  2. I don't remember much about the film minus McConaughey's performance, which was pretty great.
  3. I just saw It Follows. Didn't get the hype IMO. There were cool parts of it, I mean, it's different, it had a certain atmosphere, the cinematography was pretty nice, the soundtrack I really dug, and had a good concept but it definitely didn't seem like a must see or anything. I don't think it really went as far as it could've, it felt kinda lacking. They explored some themes without ever really expanding on them. The plot felt explored on such a superficial, cursory level that it felt like style above substance. I wasn't feeling the ambiguousness of the time frame either because it didn't give the movie a timeless feel like I think the intention was, as much as it was just distracting to me, wondering what era this took place in. Overall, I was disappointed. I didn't really get all the allegories or meanings so maybe that's why it felt meh to me.
  4. Melissa McCarthy puts me off of it. I really don't like her.
  5. This year's been pretty weak, so far anyway. Not much has captured my attention and made me go to the theater/redbox. I guess fall-winter's gonna be pretty loaded though
  6. I wanna be hype for this movie but I'm skeptical.
  7. Adam Sandler dropped quality wise in the early 00's. Almost exactly once the 90's ended. He's made a few good ones since but they're mostly trash.
  8. I've always liked Rises the most out of the trilogy, even though it's not without it's faults. If I had to put it in order, Rises > TDK > Begins.
  9. So Luthor gets a backstory or we see a transformation or something then.
  10. The gif of Cena being salty at the Rock/Hogan/Austin trio is still hilarious.
  11. Some people are saying the whole thing is a work for a GFW invasion of ex TNA guys.
  12. I'm not really a fan of WWE embracing the Suplex City phrase. That kind've stuff stops being fun once they get ahold of it and make it a WWE thing, like what they did with Fandangoing and even the YES stuff to an extent.
  13. I liked about half of Yeezus, where I thought the other half was trash or I didn't listen to it. I'm expecting similar with his next album.
  14. I always thought his face looked really weird without the paint.
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