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  1. I liked Bryan Danielson vs Ricky Stark on Collision. Didn't need the Texas Death Match stipulation but it was cool
  2. I've never liked Riddle and couldn't stand him at all but seems kinda shocking despite his recent bs
  3. I feel bad for Mansoor and Shanky. Dont know why but just feeling bad and sad for them
  4. Major ain't that some shit decision right there. A lot of the girls must be thinking the same
  5. I liked Moss in the ring and his look but his gimmicks and ring name just blah Same with Rick Booqs
  6. Dolph is the equivalent to Sean Waltman to me in some ways
  7. Theory is better in every way except Ziggler is the best seller
  8. Oh damn. Ziggler gone is kinda shocking
  9. It's a miracle Moxley is not paralyzed right now or worse. Dropped on his head twice and that ref needs to be fired or at least fined and suspended!
  10. Ali must be happy. Didn't he want to leave wwe a year or so ago but wwe wouldn't release him from his contract for some reason?
  11. Yet he still not only wrestles but goes extreme. This fool is going to die in the ring and on live TV
  12. Senex Beast

    WWE Drama

    Just saw the Jacobs pic and as a Kane mark, I'm so disappointed. I try my best to separate a wrestler from their real life and same with celebrities and I loathe politics although it's fine that Glen Jacobs is a republican politcian but... the photo with Trump and calling him president...ugh just..ew
  13. Oh damn Rock making a surprise and that's awesome but so just to have a segment with Austin Theory? No offense tk Theory but I, many wanted wanted Rock to return to face Roman at WM. Could still happen but just seems weird to have Rock randomly return one night for this
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