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  1. Yeah, by then newer models will be out, and more games available etc.
  2. So, I just ordered a Seagate 4TB Game Drive for PS4. £100, but I have over £1,800 saved up lol. I can happily wait til around June or longer for a PS5.
  3. Man, Stevie G has turned Rangers into a well oiled machine! Best start to a season in decades!
  4. That ending was a *censored*ing embarrassment!
  5. And Stephenson. My god the BS he kept spewing regarding the colour wheel and no transparency for logos etc. 1. It was due to an oversight 2. They were removed because of nude CAWs online Like, seriously? Anyway hopefully Bryan "The Lyin" Williams has learned from his past mistakes (hopefully not make all new ones)
  6. They break up Andrade and Vega, ship her to SmackDown and then she get's released. This company couldn't run a *censored*ing tap! Hope she joins AEW.
  7. After 23 years, Scotland have FINALLY qualified for a Tournament! It's about bloody time!
  8. Ehh...I'll probably start a new save, gives me a reason to replay the game again on PS5 when I get the console in the new year.
  9. One of my main issues was having to unlock the *censored*ing Fiend! He was a preorder bonus, the main damn reason I preordered 2K20 for *Censored* sake. So I never got to play as The Fiend, why? The A.I spamming the 'no reversal' mechanic. I rage quit and never touched that mode ever again! In future 2K, do NOT hide a preorder bonus under towers, or any mode for that matter. I expect to use whoever/whatever whenever I want to when I boot up the game for the first time.
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