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  1. Having NXT trainees as fans sure added a lot to the show, those silent shows were god awful.
  2. Saints Row 3: Remastered | PS4 Playing with cheats enabled. Why? Because it's a shitload of fun. Besides, not bothered much about trophies anyway. I did however, made 2 saves. So I can replay with cheats off. Anyway, I forgot how much fun I had playing this game. I had to get used to NOT having super powers though, When I tried to sprint? I was like...why am I not running super *censored*ing fast? XD
  3. All because of the stupid 24/7 Championship. Wishing her to recovery, but if she is forced to retire? *Censored* Vince!
  4. *Censored* this year, man. Just *Censored* it. RIP Shad, feel for his family man.
  5. Agreed. I was really pissed off that in order to unlock The Fiend etc we had to go through those damned *censored*ing towers. I tried, and had enough of the A.I abusing the 'YOU AINT REVERSIN' SHIT BRUH!" mechanic.
  6. Drew would fit in AEW. Yes he would. I know they can't sign everyone, but he'd be great over there, man.
  7. 2K will have ONE HELL of a job to sell 2K22. They need to get their shit together and knock it out of the park. I won't be preordering, that's for damn sure. Been stung enough times now.
  8. I will consider this. Having considered it? I will buy it! Yes I will.
  9. Put that piece of shit mother*censored*er in jail for life.
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