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  1. All I know is, after the shitstorm that was 2K20? I am expecting a LOT of improvements. I want a game that *censored*ing works on release day, an image uploader that *censored*ing works, and countless more fixes!
  2. Y'know? I've been thinking...WHAT IF they took the title off Drew, so he can go in as the challenger at WM and win it in front of fans, like they wanted him to do before COVID *censored*ed things up? Still doesn't excuse his shitty booking, but I'd take it.
  3. They had no direction for Drew heading into EC, and giving the title to Miz was the biggest *censored*ing mistake since Jinder Mahal was given the WWE Championship! *Censored*! Why are WWE so hell-bent on booking like shit?!
  4. *censored*ERS HAVEN'T A *censored*ING CLUE!!
  5. Shit man, with all the bullshit going on round the world? Completely forgot who the 2020 Class were.
  6. So umm, any info on who's in the 2021 WWE Hall Of Fame?
  7. I mean, I wanted Bryan to win but glad it wasn't Oldberg, Jinder or that baffoon Strowman. Edge get's to chase his dream one more time. Overall? I've enjoyed this Royal Rumble PPV
  8. Ok, Bryan still got this! Don't do something stupid WWE!
  9. The juice in those apples, I want a crate worth of 'em! XD
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