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Graeme Jones

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    Shinsuke Nakamura
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    All Elite Wrestling
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  1. 2K need to increase the favourite CAW creators limit!
  2. The grunting sounds are doing my *censored*ing head in! Yes they are.
  3. Wait....we can only have a limited amount of favourite creators on CC?! That *censored*ing sucks!
  4. Fallout 4 | PS4 Changed my Mod Load Order to make it more challenging on Very Hard setting. So far, no issues. Were other mods I wanted, but reached the 100 limit!
  5. Oh, didn't see that. Well here's hoping that's true.
  6. No Advanced Entrances?! So rather than fix the *censored*ing problem, they do a THQ and just remove it.
  7. Eh. I'm not that bothered about the roster. I'm a CAW guy, make my own rosters.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 | Xbox Series X Just started, but so far? No glitches etc. Massive improvement from the PS4 version, and oh yeah....FASTER LOAD TIMES FTW!
  9. Well....I have Covid. So, I have to isolate for 7 days, then take another test.
  10. nWo Edition (Digital) for the Xbox Series X
  11. Hahahaha Bully Ray is *censored*ed in the head with that shit.
  12. Still 100 CAW Slots? Well...at least they didn't take away any, but still disappointed they didn't add more. Considering Alt Attires take a *censored*ing slot!
  13. 4...they showed....4. Taking the piss aren't they? Jesus. I mean I never use Legends much, but like come on. That reveal was bullshit.
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