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  1. They released Mickie James for that *censored*ing baffoon?! *Censored* off, Vince!!
  2. Needs to get rid of that shitty intro to it, the rest of the theme is fine though.
  3. Hopefully in the process of getting promoted back to NXT! Really pains me how Vince did him dirty!
  4. 3 hour *censored*ing circus! What a shit show! Oh and GET. RID. OF. ADNAN. Bigger boat?! On a train track?!? IS HE ON CRACK?!
  5. Graeme Jones

    WWE Drama

    You'd get better sense out of a brick wall tbh
  6. Red Dead Redemtion 2 | PS4 Cheats disable saving?!? WHAT IN THE BLUE *Censored* IS THAT SHIT?!? Good thing I saved before enabling the cheats! But like c'mon...for story mode, cheats should NOT disable saving! Didn't affect GTA games. I just wanted to have fun and play with cheats goddammit! I couldn't give 2 *censored*s about trophies! Anyway, been a while since I last played. Game is absolutely stunning visually!
  7. Find it hilarious that the Glazers issued an apology. Do they think we're stupid? They didn't give a flying *Censored* for 3 days! They didn't care what we went through. They tried to destroy football, and the magic of Tuesday/Wednesday European Champions League nights! Oh but they are sorry! That makes it all ok! It's the 14 clubs I really feel sorry for, having to endure all this. As well as the lower league clubs.
  8. The battle has been won, but the war is FAR from over! We need the 50+1 rule that Germany have. I'm sick of these rich *censored*ing owners thinking they can do whatever the *Censored* they want! And LOL at John Henry with his apology. *Censored* off. That's what I'd say if I were a Liverpool fan. But since I'm a Man Utd fan? *Censored* THE GLAZERS! GET THEM OUT! I will not forget the hell we fans have been put through the past 72 hours. These greedy bastards underestimated the power of the football fans, and boy did it come back to bite them in the ass!!
  9. Perez is a *censored*ing disgrace! Saving football? SAVING FOOTBALL?! Is he *Censored*! Football over the last year has been the one decent thing during this god awful pandemic. And now this?! I feel like my heart has been ripped out!
  10. Ok. That new commentator HAS TO *censored*ING GO! He's like my socks....LIFELESS!
  11. CAW'ing for me didn't really become a serious thing until 2009, after I saw The D/APM's tattoo sleeved Orton CAW for SVR 2009. That was what made me get into CAW'ing a lot more. Hell, they were the reason why I joined this forum.
  12. "A board member of one of the 'big 6' tells Sky Sports: "Our job is to maximise our revenues. The wider good of the game is a secondary concern." He also confirms the clubs don't care about the backlash." *censored*ing *Censored*!!
  13. If CAW Mode has had (which I expect) more improvements to how CAWs look etc? I'm not too bothered by who does/doesn't make the cut. Well I never did anyway as I'm a CAW guy, only play as CAWs.
  14. Knew this would happen. *censored*ing greed is ruining this sport! All the greats that have passed will be rolling in their graves at this!! Absolutely disgusted! It's time that fans put aside the club fan banter and unite against this shite!!
  15. It is going to take A LOT to win back our trust after 2K20. They have one shot, one opportunity, to win us back. If they *Censored* it up after 2 years working on 2K22? I..AM..DONE
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