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  1. 3H's should give Cena a hell of a *censored*ing send off man. Dude's earned it.
  2. I got a bunch of death threats because I enjoy playing Starfield. I won't repeat what was said, but it was *censored*ing disgusting!!
  3. Testing out Starfield mods on the Xbox Series X. Just waiting for a mod that bypasses the rank requirements for perks, as I hate grinding. Yes I do.
  4. Finally got Fallout 4 working on the Xbox Series X. I uninstalled/reinstalled it. Before that, I couldn't get into Diamond City. Game kept crashing. Anyway....doing a playthrough as The Paladin. Downloaded the mod that has Danse take over The Brotherhood, looking forward to seeing how that goes as I've never done it.
  5. Their pathetic excuse that body morphing causes clipping is...well...pathetic. Because there are already clipping issues in the freekin' game lol. But yes, they NEED to put this back in next year.
  6. Starfield | Xbox Series X Loving the new update. The new maps look great. Also liking the new settings as well. However, I am NOT liking the -XP for editing things! It's a single player game for *Censored* sake! Not like I'm gaining an advantage. Oh well, whatever I guess.
  7. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...former World Heavywe....OH SHIT!!"
  8. Punk looks *censored*ing amazing!
  9. I got the mod that has Lucy's face preset, and have been playing the Fallout 4 PS5 upgrade as her. Can't believe that the PS5 version is MILES better than the XBSX version, I mean it's unplayable on the XBSX! I haven't had a single crash on the PS5, and I have been to downtown Boston to test how stable it is. Was the first thing on my list LOL Though, it was a pain in the *censored*ing ass re-downloading my mods. Thankfully I wrote 'em down.
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