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  1. Rematches Demanding title matches without earning Championship Contenders Matches But it's a 'New Era' though right? Lmfao.
  2. Just read that Walter Smith (former Rangers manager) has passed away. Will never forget his stint as our Manager in the 1990s. RIP Walter.
  3. Already called it. These *censored*s are trolling for the sake of it now. New Era with yet ANOTHER *censored*ing rematch!
  4. Sorry, meant Vice City. Well...guess you're right. Pain in the ass it is though.
  5. Oh god, just thought about something. That RC mission! Oh the nightmares of trying to complete that one!!
  6. Right. That's it. Ole needs to *censored*ing go! 0-5 at Old Trafford. PATHETIC!! 7th at the end of October. Unacceptable!
  7. Oh *Censored*! Not JR dammit! Hope he beats this.
  8. I agree with you about the opening segment, Brock F-5'd Pearce so bad his pants ripped! XD
  9. RK-Bro vs Styles and Omos on Raw in a Blood Money tag title rematch to start the new era. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. I will be getting this! GTA V controls is also a major plus too. Can't wait!! Oh and it'd be nice if they gave Bully an updated look. Still waiting for a sequel for that!!
  11. Blood Money was a good show for once. That's all I've gotta say about that.
  12. NGL. I would've liked Balor to win, but not against Woods being King though.
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