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    Way too many to choose from
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  1. I wish Sting would SDD Greg or hit his mouth with a baseball bat!
  2. Dark,you're the only true pipi on this site!
  3. I bought the monter truck for Trevor and it says it got delivered but I don't see it at either safe house and so how do I access it?
  4. I had forgotten how much I hated the torture mission,Now's it's worse on the ps4 because of the controller vibrating like a heart beat..although that is kinda cool lol
  5. If happens to me a 2nd time..I quit!
  6. LuisTX85

    Skin Shininess?

    Body hair! I downloaded one but couldn't change the skin color.
  7. LuisTX85

    Skin Shininess?

    Caws are pretty shining and it really sucks we can't even make them without shine and add body hair. Makes caws look like realistic action figures or wax statues.
  8. Awesome thread. This is my created self and career guy,The face is a bit off because I couldn't get a good quality photo to upload and so I just used a face template and morphed but I think it looks a lot like in me face and body!
  9. Happened to me last night. It never happened to me before in any wrestling game but I know it was a common thing in recent years and seems to still be a thing. My deleted stuff wasn't much but still annoying and I pray it was the last time.
  10. I've seen an awesome one on ps4's cc
  11. My phone and iPad just don't take good quality photos it seems. I tried a bunch of times in different ways and lighting and it just seems grainy or not clear enough or shadows hitting my face. I give up!
  12. Well that does suck then and I don't know what could be a legitimate reason since customized superstars are used in slots like caws
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