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  1. I bought the monter truck for Trevor and it says it got delivered but I don't see it at either safe house and so how do I access it?
  2. I had forgotten how much I hated the torture mission,Now's it's worse on the ps4 because of the controller vibrating like a heart beat..although that is kinda cool lol
  3. Can we store the monster truck in out garage or do we need to look for it somewhere each time?
  4. Oh shit,I forgot I made this thread lol but it's awesome that it's still going and you all have great screenahots. I got Madden and so I should take some screenshots of that but can't wait to do some for GTA V on PS4 and WWE2K15!
  5. From what I can remember,The map is fully unlocked early on when starting the game right? I remember we using vehicles and planes to clear the map hud from white stuff but am also pretty sure the map itself was fully open very early on.
  6. I'll mostly be sticking 3rd person view but it does look awesome and it's great to have the option!
  7. PC and returning players from last gen are getting a whole lot of Exclusive Content http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/28/returning-gta-5-players-on-ps4-xbox-one-and-pc-get-exclusive-content?watch=true I can't wait to try that Michael side story and drive a monster truck!
  8. Any chance GameStop will do a midnight release for the current gen versions? Would be cool to pick this and WWE2K15 up at midnight and I can play that all night then some GTA later in the day or something,
  9. More or less how long is the story? I forgot how long it took me and I want to know because I want to get through it as fast as possible when I get it for PS4.
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