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    Metal and Rock. i can tolerate some hip-hop but i'm not a big fan.
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  1. The way he was moving after it happened had me very worried that it was serious. Happy to see otherwise
  2. When they've got two matches for the millionth time (Street Profits vs Andrade/Garza and Bayley vs Nikki) I have no idea why an actual fresh match like Zelina vs Asuka has been bumped. Shows how much faith they have in her as an actual in ring performer.
  3. Im calling it somehow being possible for Mandy to use the contract, and Otis just giving it to her. Either that or cashing in for the tag titles
  4. I think WWE have delivered so far at the halfway point. Granted its not what it would have been with an arena of fans but they kept me entertained throughout the show even with the couple of duds. (Braun/Goldberg was short enough to zone out during). Also, i imagine that boneyard match was infinitely better than a Taker/AJ match in the ring would have been.
  5. Honestly this show was more good than bad.
  6. Could be one of my favourite Mania 'matches' of all time, this is brilliantly ridiculous lol
  7. What an awful way to win your first world title. Good for him though i guess? Deserves it more than Goldberg at least
  8. There are so many no-build matches on this card.. guess the battle royals gone meant they needed to let as many people have a payday as they can
  9. Mr. Carlton

    WWE Drama

    It does make his homophobia make a bit more sense, probably comes from a place of self-loathing. (doesn't excuse it at all ofc)
  10. Can't say that it really sold me on the tv show. (I only have seen a few clips of past AEW stuff so this is basically my first full show i've seen from them) A couple of matches that devolved into finisher-level move spamming, then the women's title match was a strange strange choice. Rose's size and beefiness made all of the veryyy small Riho's offense seem like nothing, and Rose seems very sloppy in the ring too. Neither came out of it looking great. The main event was fine, seemed to be just a showcase type of thing for the main eventers and top teams (I'm guessing) but was a bit of a mess. Swagger being positioned as a top guy doesn't resonate with me at all either but i haven't seen him since his WWE days so will reserve judgement there. Moxley definitely seems much better off out of WWE I was really hoping to see Luchasaurus as i see so many random things about him online, and have heard alot of good stuff about Lucha Brothers too, so was a bit disappointed they weren't in matches. All in all, can't say it made me an AEW fan, felt like they did nothing to help a new viewer understand what they have going on.That said, benefit of the doubt, Ill probably check out next week's show and flick through it.
  11. I feel like Truth & Maverick can now finish off their feud without the title. The crowd is into it enough for it to at least hit the preshow for a PPV, and the title can go onto others
  12. Watching through 1998 im learning just how structured modern WWE shows are. Half of the matches on these old ppvs have zero build, some are tag matches with people who have never teamed together. It all has much more of a flow to it, over the artificialness of today's weekly shows. Not sure if any of that made sense.
  13. lol same, he did a worked shoot promo in regular clothes, choke slammed half the roster in regular clothes Also notable was how uncomfortable he seemed in the promo. His voice was wavering and breaking the entire time. As someone who only ever saw ppvs from this era previously (so undertaker focused and working his best), it was bizarre
  14. Undertaker just sort of dropped his gimmick for a while before the Ministry days. (I've been binging the attitude era tv shows)
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