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  1. You know, I would really love them to do it in the WWE building again. Or change the same boring ladder match to the triple cage from w c w
  2. dont think there a way to do that without it majorly clipping
  3. Haha it true tho how u qualified to speak on anythubt yes it js his daddy money he only owns one thing beside aew so yest most of it is his father's money
  4. if it finalized but will it if they keep siging big number contracts there currently almost 200 people signed to the company is aew not profitable because of that and they keep signing new talent no it bad sign most biz on average are profitable after 2 to 3 years 5 is a long time
  5. But I don't see. Him going good either. Considering AW is not profitable right now, I bet if they cut half the roster. They will be, but all these contracts. They keep pushing out with big money. It's true in any chance for profitr
  6. Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) leadership is looking to make further job reductions as a cost-cutting measure, according to a new report. WBD, which owns CNN, Max, TNT and a number of other media properties, is eyeing cuts to its budgets on streaming by hundreds of millions of dollars, Bloomberg reported. it is true u have to look at non wrestling sites to find it that why the cut a lot move and tv series production that were already green lit they were trying to save money before they lost NBA now they lost NBA they even in a worst position now right now the WB is 44 billion in debt
  7. it might be now that tnt and tbs lost the NBA that a lot of money gone
  8. I'm also surprised the what up isn't in
  9. Austin3035


    this cant be a real post
  10. yet no bubba top rope power bomb how have we not got that double team move
  11. Anyone else ecw pack buged on Xbox
  12. Actually has nothing to do with the song considering they could use it because they're not playing the song.But the actual quote whoop that trick is a registered trademark But the trade mark has been abandoned.But I don't know the legal east of obtaining abandoned a trademark or they will want to go to the hassle to do it
  13. loveing the new weapons really makes it feel like some mud show hardcore matchs
  14. did people really think we were going get enter sandman but to bad it not from the crowd
  15. not universe but add match types to belts hardcore belt will always but set to a falls count anywhere match on universe
  16. games do that all the time it fast and easier to disable and lock then having to remove and rewrite code
  17. have u thought maybe next makers have different tos then the game
  18. one is a violation the other is free speech that like saying all news agency r guilty of reporting a crime cuz it promotes the crime status when he got the game sign what pretty much biding contract agreement he broke it he got punish it pretty black and white
  19. you cant say they haven't got any repercussions or not but the truth his lot of status stuff sucked yeah creations r good but I had more crashes using his stuff then other created and his hack arenas sucked
  20. still obsess with me all these years that even more sad
  21. still sad and in the grand scale doesn't matter I have no problem with 2k doing this status new what he was doing what can happen u play with fire enough u will be burned
  22. That just sounds like a nightmare to begin with , and it's just great end of harassment
  23. You know it's sad when you think it's cool saying my friends on twitter
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