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  1. that up to u how ur doing it but 50 guys from both company for attitude era is more then enough
  2. Don't like the cartoon models I w a s home more for a sim like game in terms of models
  3. i felt the story was really rushed even tho being super short story felt unsatisfied like how weak it was going after the gangs
  4. and nick fury was never black but samual jackson made it work and now i cant picture him being anything else
  5. if it true it a big red flag when the founders are leaving the company for the rival
  6. I wonder if he would been strip of the title if he wasnt Injured
  7. I think it's more evidence that shows Tony has no control of his backstage I think you want to be everyone's friend and not their boss
  8. my just drop the media scrum like what the point of it it not real sport
  9. According to Fightful, Young Bucks & Kenny Omega were extremely pissed off about Punk’s comments during All Out Media Scrum, and one talent that Fightful heard from claimed that the EVPs were threatening to leave the company. Bryan Alvarez also seeming confirmed that there was an physical altercation backstage: "Apparently there was an altercation after Punk left the press conference. He was obviously very mad, and we had multiple, multiple sources state that there was an altercation. I wasn’t there, I don’t know everything that happened, but many people said that there was an altercation with Punk and the Young Bucks. I don’t know who else was there, but it happened, and everybody knew about it, and a security guard did in fact go running out of the press conference."
  10. we just see the same matchs we seen as those same guys work with eachother mult times already
  11. i wonder if Brexit stop them from doing this sooner i wonder where they're going to step up shop i doubt it will be England again
  12. Miz was at Woodstock 99 is caught on cam in Netflix documentary
  13. Can we take a moment and appreciate how great outdoor stadiums are for wrestling
  14. my version of blood and guts 6 man tag team hell in the cell 30 min iron man match pin fall only in the rusted hell in the cell with only metal weapons
  15. it sad that tna does better barb wire matchs then aew
  16. we always had 100 honest u got enough space both 50 for both
  17. Congratulations to Jeff hardy first grand slam champ in aew he the only wrestler to be arrested working in wwe aew and tna
  18. Do they tho as wrestling fans we think they have it in the bubble universe of wrestling but in main stream world of entertainment that Carisma is the same as Lance storm
  19. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    and women have used older white man for money all the time to
  20. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Vince is a victim by the sounds he being blackmailed
  21. I wonder if the only reason they said anything was cu there working on a new TV deal with Warner and Warner ts them not to promote jeff
  22. Gang ware fare 4 on 4 no last man standing elimination
  23. Add to the fact Hikaru Shida wasn't told she was in an injure angle had to find out on twitter
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