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  1. Good chance we're going to get to dudleyd
  2. It was more the fact that. Keep getting chances and keep screwing it up stupid and harsh assessment
  3. He was his own worst enemy another Jeff hardy
  4. if u look i posted that before is real death cause was announce why u care so much what i post
  5. I remember mick telling a story about a hen asking Terry If he was going to press charges For guy stabbing him. And Terry was like hell. No, I'm doing my job, he hates me So much He stabs Me A terrible activity as a greatest compliment.
  6. I'm starting to think after. He broke his hand at Madison Square Garden. He found out He had terminal cancer, Which is why he disappeared from public eye
  7. I can see them doing a Tribute show on smackdown
  8. Can't update wwe live so CC is gone for me
  9. so told u i call out the bs 3 years for this
  10. So it looks like that the mini games are also part Of story mode and leak pictures of stadium stampede. And it looks like we're getting a Battle. Pass fortnite style
  11. I really don't think that will bring anyone in If you're not a wrestling fan, you're probably not gonna pick up this up
  12. cuz i calling out bs when i see it the mini games were a waste if time that could put into the game we waited for what 3 years everything pretty much bare bones but they put time and effort in coding and building mini games no one wants in a wrestling game
  13. they had to make room for all thos mini games everyone wanted hahahahahhahaha
  14. Haha yet still mad the Tag team moves look cool but they also look choppy as hell
  15. haha stay angry it still was a dumb move for a play feature no one would really do and makes no sense for a wrestling game
  16. who dumb idea was to add mini games to a wrestling game maybe better use of the space would be full entrances for wrestlers
  17. so u think they announce the new wwe title on smackdown or after who ever has it after night of champs cuz i dont see them dropping one belt keeping the other and i dont see them keeping both belts
  18. Austin3035

    WWE Drama

    Former TNA Star Told She Can Move Forward With Lawsuit Against Dozens Of Defendants, Including WWE & Impact Personalities And The NWA, Among Others Former TNA and WWE developmental star Trenesha "Rhaka Khan" Biggers filed a lawsuit back in October 2022 before The U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, claiming a conspiracy against her in relation to an ongoing Texas criminal case listing, among others, as defendants: The Rock, WWE personalities The Miz and Maryse, current Impact Wrestling star Heath Miller, WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella, the late Chris Benoit, former WWE talent Mark Jindrak, the now-defunct Florida Championship Wrestling, Steve Keirn, The National Wrestling Alliance, NWA President Billy Corgan, the now-defunct Deep South Wrestling, Jim Cornette, Mick Foley, and countless others. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants all "conspired to kidnap plaintiff and her children." There had been no movement on the case for months, but court records now indicate that in February, Biggers was authorized to move forward with the lawsuit with pre-paying any court fees. Court records indicate she notified by mail of this developmental in March at a home address she lists in New York City on the lawsuit. The 48-page lawsuit shows Biggers seeking $3 billion in damages. The majority of the filing is a long list of defendants, some of whom are listed multiple times. Biggers had been posting videos to YouTube in relation to her criminal case, claiming her indictment was "fake" but later made the videos private. Truly a loaded case… Source: PWInsider -Lucha G Join our Discord Server for the latest Wrestling News & Live Chat! https://discord.gg/uWgAFqSzHv
  19. he may be in charge but really it endeavor who really has a final say in stuff it too soon to say who or what will happen but im excited see what route they take
  20. I think the fans ruined the post wrestlemania raw wwe did to in a way by embracing the fans and acknowledging it but the. Fans heightened up the post raw wrestlemania so much that it's just overplayed now and everyone's expects it. It's not natural feeling anymore
  21. so breaker debuting tonight
  22. i also love the fact it isnt the same game just remaster a lost of stuff was added and changed
  23. is there a list for wrestlers AI tendency
  24. The only thing I don't like about advance entrance is. How they have the pirates set up I really wish it was like the old games
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